yuqin liangYunnan UniversityEvent extraction
Hien Pham I intend to use FN data for my studies e.g., Vietnamese word sense disambiguation, polysemy and words alignment.
Ali HurEdith Cowan UniversityI will use Framenet data to train my own model for SRL.
Isobel HughesUniversity of EdinburghTo widen my understanding of Frame Semantics
Xingwei TanUniversity of WarwickWe are doing a research project about event understanding. We plan to explore using the FrameNet to generate semantic frames for additional information in event relation extraction. We might further explore the use of it in education dialogue generation (generate engaging response based on the semantic.

Zeyu XiBeijing University of TechnologyExtract some knowledge related to sports from the library for scientific research. My research direction is knowledge graph
JUAN E DAUGHERTYAmerican KybernetikJust exploring. Had longer comment but form complains.
Yutong ZhouUniversity of ChicagoI would like to use it for extracting the essential components (roles, parts) underlying the process or the state signified by basic words. I would use for translating English concepts into an artificial language that may be helpful for semantic processing.
Fatma IsmailHelwan UniversityI am working on a paper that is part of a larger project. The project is set to explore the intricate interrelationships of language, emotion and migration in Arab Anglophone fiction. I want to use Frame Semantics in detecting and classifying emotion terms in two novels. The two novels are part of a 2-million word corpus. I also teach Semantics for undergraduate students in Linguistics and Lexicology & Lexicography for MA students. I really interested in getting access to Frame Net data for research and teaching purposes. Thank you for your collaboration. I
Mokhar OunisUniversity of ToulonI am studying the use of figurative language in various types of discourse.

lee liUniversity of Shanghai for Science and TechnologyLinguistic form studies To solve infinite problems in a language with a finite grammar
Shubhan SopariwalaShrushti Digital MarketingI will use FrameNet data mainly for researching and will use its data in article or blogpost writing
Sebastian Rossel SalasUniversidad de La Serena discourse analysis purpose
MD NAYEM UDDINArizona State UniversityI plan to use Framenet dataset one of my going research project. We are working on event argument extraction using distant supervision. Our plan is to leverage the existing SRL data from Framenet.
fatemeh fazlollahialzahra university of tehranfor researching and comparing with persain databases of frame semantics
Pierre EpronUniversite de LorraineI work on different information extraction tasks. During a discussion with a teacher (Miguel Couceiro), he explained to me that they have similar issues on Framenet data and that I could try what I built for other tasks to solve them. He encouraged me to apply for access to Framenet data. To be more precise on the technique, I use: - Mask fill patterns. - Causal language models (specifically Double Heads) Sorry for english approximation, I hope it is understandable. Best regards, Pierre Epron
Philippe BrillaultSorbonne UniversiteI want to show the differences between Frame arguments and verbal arguments (mainly sell, buy pay) to understand the nature of the complements (within the verbal valence, outside the verbal valence but inside the semantic frame)
JY Gao Jilin University For schoolwork

Katharina StrakaUniversitaet HamburgI am writing my master thesis about lexical semantics and I am categorizing verbs according to the participants that take part in the event. I read in Croft (2022) Morphosyntax about the FrameNet and got curious.
Nicolas LazzariUniversity of BolognaLanguage model integration

Lindsay E PierceYale UniversityI am taking a class entitled Linguistic Meaning and Conceptual Structure LING 375 at Yale. We have mainly studied the structure of semantic meaning through LCS, or lexicoconceptual structure generation. We are all assigned final project, and my group is interested in how familial or relational descriptors might be analyzed via frame semantics. We intend to examine such data in FrameNet and perhaps conduct computational analyses.
Faceia HouTeachers College, Columbia UniversityTo understand meaning pattern of different frames
Misbah attaCOMSATS University IslamabadI am working on frame semantic analysis for the conceptualization of one year Pandemic news repots from three news papers of Pakistan I need frame net data for text annotation and word sense disambiguation specifically dependency parsing to identify semantic dependents to realize frame evoking semantic governors for text understanding
Walid SabaNortheastern UniversityAutomatic extraction of knowledge graph triples from unstructured text.

Stephan De SpiegeleireThe Hague Centre for Strategic StudiesWe have a number of large corpora with full-text scholarly publications on Russian foreign, security and defense policy that we are applying various NLP-tools to in order to build an open knowledge graph.

Muhammad FusenigUniversity of Maryland, College ParkMy previous work has been in developing intelligent tutoring systems. I still do work developing intelligent tutoring systems at, but I am beginning a PhD in Educational Psychology at UMD, College Park this coming Fall. I have been aware of FrameNet for the past few years, but have come upon it again via VerbNet. My current work involves leveraging semantic frames for conditional text generation in Large Language Models and the subsequent analysis of student writing. My intent is to use this for increasing steerability of intelligent tutoring systems, as well as fine-grained analysis of student writing. The desire is to combine recent advances in Deep Learning and previous contributions in linguistics to produce interprative educational systems.
Claudia MarangonETH ZurichInvestigate causal policy narratives
sondos krounaHigher Institut of Languages TunisI will use it to write a paper about applying FrameNet methodology in anlysing meaning in Arabic
Saurav DandekarSavitribai Phule Pune UniversityI would like to know more about FrameNet, frame semantics and explore this branch of linguistics. I would like to use the data to understand frame semantic terms and learn annotation. As I am completely new to this field and would like to do research in the same, I request you to provide access to the data.
Agung SuharjantoNoneI intend to use the FrameNet data to help with the development of the program that I am working on, which is based on metaphor analysis. Specifically, I will be using the FrameNet data to identify and analyze the underlying frames that are associated with specific metaphors. This will help me to better understand how different metaphors are used in everyday language and how they are related to specific frames or concepts. In addition, I will be using the FrameNet data to develop new metaphors that are based on existing frames or concepts. By analyzing the data, I hope to identify patterns and relationships between different frames, which can then be used to generate new metaphors that are both creative and relevant. Overall, the FrameNet data will be a valuable resource for my program, as it will provide a wealth of information about how different frames and metaphors are used in language. This information will help me to develop more accurate and effective tools for analyzing and generating metaphors, which can be applied in a variety of different settings.
rebecca buldriniUNIVERSITA ALMA MATER DI BOLOGNAIn order to learn new things, especially in my field.
Jacob GrayNoneI am designing a proof of concept for a simulation program similar in nature to TheSims. The scope would exceed any previously designed procedurally generated virtual world both in scope and detail. The FrameNet database will be used to seed Prompt messages to OpenAIs ChatGPT API which will be able to generate on the fly data used in constructing self consistent world, location, object, person, speech and activity attributes and parameters to be used in the virtual world. While the proof of concept will be restricted to generating tokens and text output, the goal is to harness other generative AI models to produce voice and graphic depictions to match the tokens described by the AI.
Qiaoyan linUniversity of Edinburgh for research

Kalliopi KakamoukaNational and Kapodistrian University of AthensI discovered FrameNet through a project that I have to work on this semester. More specifically, I have to hold a presentation about FrameNet and its use in the computational linguistic field. I have already worked on word annotation in the past (UDs) and also made myself familiar with digital dictionaries.

Matthew OngUniversity of California Berkeley and Ariel UniversityI am building a frame database for a corpus of Akkadian, as part of a project to build a metaphor detector (much as Eve Sweetser and her colleagues did a number of years ago). It would be helpful to base some of my frame data on FrameNet.

Patrick ChesterUniversity of California, San DiegoI wish to use its dictionaries as a benchmark for a novel machine learning algorithm that generates conceptual clusters of semantically-reated keywords.
Xuan ShuaiBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityI have read a Japanese paper about the word "saso-u". The paper has mentioned FrameNet as a tool to research the case in Japanese.
zhang weiBeijing Institute of TechnologyI intend to do research on automatic generation of event templates. Thank you!

Yangyi ChenUIUCI would like to incorporate knowledge in multi-modal pretraining. Specifically, I will utilize annotation in framenet to teach some structured knowledge hidden in the image to the vision-language foundation models.

esraa rascase western reserve universityAnalyzing mental health video bloggers narratives on YouTube.
Marco LaudacherNoneSearching for Frames and their connections in the network
Devin RozaPontifical Biblical Instituteanalyze words and phrases in the passages I am studying in light of frame semantics

Ivan MezentsevFederal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education Altai State Pedagogical UniversityI am woking on theoricatical question on representation of the concept dimension.
Stefan DollingerUniversity of British Columbia, VancouverWe are exploring the use of semantic-field driven creation of a headword list for a new Canadian dictionary of English

Andrey KlebanovUniversity of ViennaI intend to see if the frame semantics can be utilized to better understand some historical linguistic theories formulated in pre-modern South Asia.
yuru jiangBeijing Information Science and Technology Universityi am m lecture of natural language processing of postgraduate student. i want to introduce FrameNet to our students. i think they can use it in their work such as event identification or machine reading comprehension etc.
Harshita KhandelwalUCLAWe are currently trying to understand the style transfer for language generation in english to other low-resource languages. FrameNet is an important component for the same.

Maria StrizhakHSE University semantic framing
Abibet DestaGondar universityi need this data to know how to annotate event to event relation recognition to prepare dataset for amharic text
Geovani SouzaInstituto Federal de Santa CatarinaI expect to use FrameNet data to make automatic Semantic Role Labeling into my research corpus for educational purposes.

YONG QINHunan Normal UniversityThe FrameNet Data will be basically used for my researches in syntactic and semantic analyses. It will also be a guide for me to explore the frame semantics of the Chinese language. Currently, I am doing text analysis and for describing linguistic features, the FrameNet Data will be very helpful. Of course, using the license shall be lawfully used.

Mohamad ElzohbiUniversity of CalgaryTo detect/generate metaphors.
Babajide OwoyeleHasso Plattner Institute- To train a model from extracting Metaframes from a large corpus of website and tweet data

Maxime MelouxUniversite de LorraineI am looking into examples of semantic frames for an essay on lexical/radial networks for a Lexical Analysis class.
Imran AliBanaras Hindu UniversityI am research student and want to know how framenet data have been created and associated. My research topic is to develop wordnet for Bhojpuri.
Wale OgunyaleUniversity of Uyo, NigeriaI would like to apply it in teaching of English. I also want to make a class presentation on Frame Semantics.
Yufeng LiuUniversity of California BerkeleyFrameNet is quite related to metaphor analysis. FrameNet is a bit new to me. I am trying to learn what FrameNet is and how it can benefit my own metaphor research.

Peter KostaUniversity of PotsdamI would like to make research on lexical semantics and Syntax interface

Sandra KueblerIndiana UniversityWe are currently working on a multi-task parser for syntactic and semantic parsing (partly for a project in the IARPA HIATUS program ), but I assume we will use the data for future research as well.
Thar Tun HannoneI would like to know more about linguistics
Xunlong ZouAgency for Science, Technology and ResearchConversational semantic understanding, and topic segmentation by leveraging the power of framenet.

Qianhui XiangliTianjin Universityfor training a knowledge extraction system used in multi-modal event knowledge graph
Anastasiia StreltsovaSaint Petersburg State UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data for my PHD research.
Kilian EvangHeinrich Heine University DuesseldorfI am interested in coarse tagging of frames and semantic roles and want to investigate if the upper frames in the Framenet hierarchy can be used for such manual/automatic tagging.

Clement Levalloisemlyon business schoolI am writing a paper contributing a new lexicon for sentiment analysis in French and English. I am interested in benchmarking and evaluating my results with existing lexicons.

Kamyar JavanmardiUniversity of Bremenin the field of commonsense reasoning and knowledge representation, to limit verbs and to find the semantic roles of the grouped sentences that are collected for finding causal relationships between them.

Larissa CiriacoFederal University of Minas Gerais, BrazilI want to use FrameNet to do research in the fields of lexical semantics and argument structure constructions.
Riccardo TommasiniINSA LyonIngrate it into our knowledge graph

Eduardo Jose Jacinto GarciaUniversidad de CordobaFramenet is used to analyze verbs in specialized domains, especially their arguments.

Alfonso ArdoizUniversidad Complutense Madrid Use framenet data to use it in my semantic parsing research
luz martinezUniversity of BurgundyAs a teaching material

Tingli SongNanjing Normal UniversityI need finish my homework through the framework.
Cao ZiyangNanjng Normal UniversityThe teacher asked us to use this platform, experience, and write feelings. So, I just want to finish my homework.
Jie ZhangYili Normal UniversityI am planning to write a paper about the interpretation of the fix expressions.
Zhang XinmeiKunming University of Science and TechnologyIn order to know how it is formed and used it as a conference to my dissertation.
Tong ZhuSoochow UniversityWe would like to use the data for building robust Information Extraction systems, and study the intrinsic relations between frames and real world ontologies.

Alberto Galvan SantanaValencia Polytechnic UniversityMy current PhD project within the SLA research delves into the didactic properties of LKBs macrostructural arrangements from the point of view of Algorithmic Information Theory.
Ali Cem OzkaraBursa Uludah UniversityReseraching about NLP Products and papers. Testingg states of the art
Ekateirna KozachenkoUniversity of LorraineDoing research in using analogies in order to automatically annotate sentences
Cristian SantiniFIZ KarlsruheDomain-specific knowledge extraction (art text)

Deborah HebblewhiteMetropolitan State University - DenverFinal project for a Senior Level Semantics course.
Radovan MilovicUniversity of Santiago de CompostelaFor my thesis, I intend to create a Serbian FrameNet corpus and develop an algorithm for the automatic detection of syntagmatic lexical functions based on the collocational information provided in the corpus.
Bin ZhangUniversity of Cologne for research and teaching purposes (cognitive construction grammar and frame semantics)

Luis Antonio Lopez CastilloUniversidad Autonoma de Baja CaliforniaI want to have more resources for further research at my disposal.
Chang XUThe Chinese University of Hong KongUse as corpus to generate research data

Nilda Xolo Tlapanconational institute of astrophysics optics and electronicsI am doing an project for artificial intelligence where i am trying to clasiffiers text for books or notices in defined genres, but a im not find much information or data sets with keywords for each genre, so, if i have access to FrameNet would help me for complete my project.
Mandy CHENChinese University of Hong KongResearch in Lexical Semantics
Yuhong LiuNanjing Normal UniversityI am researching in cognitive linguistics, frame semantics is one of my favorites.
Polina ArtemyevaMoscow State UniversitySearching for different frame elements to analyse it
sabrina wongXian shiyou universityuse the framenet to solve the translation problem.
Ke LinGeorgetown UniversityI plan on using FrameNet data to look at combinatorial properties between verbs and prepositions.

Alejandro RenatoHospital Italiano de Buenos AiresI want to use FrameNet Data to apply to document information extraction in spanish medical documents.

qidi zhouBeihang universityI want to use the frameNet to extract information from the AMM( Aircraft maintenance manual) to make the machine understand the maintenance process.
Ziwen ChenStanford UniversityMeasure metaphors from unstructured text by identifying frames in metaphorical word pairs

he renhe ren institute of automation, CAI want to infer robot actions from a simple command based on spoken languge. Action and related roles need to be extracted by FrameNet.
Ana Ostroski AnicInstitute of Croatian Language and LinguisticsI am the PI of a research project within which we are building a database of semantic frames of aviation. Our plan is to develop a frame-based lexical resource for the Croatian language.
Esteban MarquerUniversite de Lorraine, CNRS, LORIA, F-54000, FranceWe intend to use framenet to mine semantic analogies and prepare a dataset to test and train models of analogy. The work will involve Masters students, and once the dataset is ready it will be made available on the Dorel data repository.

farzane bakhtiartiAlzahra university for educational purposes
Paulina Toro IsazaInternational Business MachinesOur team at IBM Research is creating an open-source tool for detecting social bias (such as gender or racial bias) in narrative stories. We extract events from narratives and would like to group them into common themes as provided by FrameNet. For example, we would like the tool to be able to group all verbs related to the event "cook" or all verbs related to the event "battle" so that we can quantify the differences in these events across male and female characters. For a look at our current build, see:
Liu YangHunan Normal University ChinaI am going to use it in my paper on meaning analysis of Chinese and Japanese homonyms
Carl MolnarUniversity of MinnesotaI intend to use FrameNet data to conduct research into NLU topics regarding knowledge representation. Specifically, I plan to build a database combining FrameNet, WordNet, and contextual document infomation for a downstream ML agent to process.

Paul PauwelsKU Leuvenin preparation of a publication

Julian TuazonUniversity of California, BerkeleyURAP Project
KE HUHankuk University of Foreign StudiesI am a graduate school student of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Now I am preparing my Phd Thesis and if I can use the FrameNet data, it will be much helpful to my work. Thank you!
Lorena GiusioUniversita degli Studi di TorinoI need FrameNet for my final paper. My idea is create a corpus with SRL apply to the italian language.
Elena TelitsynaChelyabinsk State UniversityTo analyze frame elements of the Second World War
cheng chenRenmin University of ChinaTo help annotate dialogue states data
Danzheng DanzhengcairangNoneBy referring to the frame structure in FramNet, this paper studies the related issues of Tibetan frame semantics.
Yuri HirsUNEDAs a philological student, I have the purpose of researching and complementing my work with FrameNet. This program was explained in my faculty so I would like to use it as a compliment for my en of degree proyect.

Li XiaofangJiangsu UniversityI intend to amplify dictionaries of second language teaching with the help of FrameNet

LuMing Wangcollegeto look for some lexical semantics of english words to write papers
Zheyuan SongJiangnan UniversityI would like to know if FrameNet can be used for relation extraction
zinuo zuoBeijing foreign studies universityfigure out the cognitive frame of some words
So-Woop ChungSungshin UniversityI would like to learn it first and try to apply it to my research.

Zou ZhenCentral China Normal UniversityI will use the FrameNet date to support my research in translation.
Susie ZhangUIBE, Chinacheck the frame and its elements
Axel-Cyrille Ngonga NgomoPaderborn UniversityExperiments in knowledge extraction in the area of robotics.
lili wangbeijing normal universityI want to understand the rules of using modified data, and then I can make some expansion in the field of Chinese education to reflect the online confidence ability of teachers.
Beatriz Vera-LopezUNAMTo disambiguate sentences in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Ajay Surya Senthilrajan SenthilrajanSri Krishna College of Engineering and TechnologyI am intending to use the framenet data to create a question answering bot with the help of FrameBert framework.
Tina GioroBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunicationreseach the format of the FrameNet data
Shudong MaZhongnan University of Economics and Lawfor research purpose
Xinyi WuCentral South UniversityTo write a research paper
f guenthnerLMU Muenchencompare framenet to our lexicon of elementary sentence constructions
Irina SporovaMoscow City UniversityIn research papers
KHUYAGBAATAR BATSURENNational University of MongoliaNot sure at the moment. Need to understand the data in more deep details

Chun Yen Chang-SundinUniversity at Albany SUNYI would like to use the data to train a semantic role labeling model. We would like to use this model to extract elements in curriculum descriptions and construct a knowledge graph for teacher and students. We are now focusing on a few standards in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) but need dataset for training models.
Fiona An Ting TanInstitute of Data Science, National University of SingaporeHi, I am a PhD Candidate studying the extraction of causal relations from text. I am using automatic semantic role labeling tools like OpenSESAME on text to construct baseline comparisons, and would love to have access to the latest version of FrameNet for better comparisons. Thank you.

Bhushan Milind BoroleTrinity College DublinI want to evaluate a model, which gives similarity between two texts. My dissertation topic is finding similarity between research papers, and to evaluate the model, I need access to this data so that I can find how closely correlated are the outputs of the data and that of my model.
Seiichi InoueTokyo Metropolitan UniversityWe are now developing a model for estimating the number of senses in the context of semantic change modeling. To evaluate this model, we need the sense-tagged data, so we request to use FrameNet database this time.

Federico BoschettiIstituto di Linguistica Computazionale A. Zampolli, CNRI study ancient Greek texts, in particular the Homeric poems. I intend to model relevant parts of the text by FrameNet (e.g. to model the battle scenes).
Cayden PierceWolfram Summer SchoolResearcher, engineer, hacker, and transhumanist working to understand, enhance, and interface with the human mind.

thum sheanghueiCentral University of Finance and Economicsfor learning my course
Takshshila RawatArizona State UniversityI am a graduate student planning to do a thesis in Natural Language Processing, specifically NLU. While reading some papers related to semantic role labeling, they cited FrameNet. I want to use this data for the research I am about to start.
Gwang-Jae Wonhallym universityi am learning and interested in argument mining. for machine learning, i need to analyse dataset and annotation. i want to analyse dataset and annotaion and then learn structure of dataset and method of annotation. thank you
Reetom BorkotokyTezpur UniversityTo refer to the English examples and its connection with other languages. To generalize the idea of frame semantics, in terms of embodied experience that is reflected in language.
Dr. Padma Shree R PRIESITo learn and help schools and children
Lina CarrenoUniversidad Nacional de ColombiaWe are aiming to explore new computational lingsuitics tools.
Zhang Rui JieShanghai Artificial Intelligence LaboratoryI can promise you we use these data only for academic research, and we will cite your article of course.
Wang ZhenpeiWuhan Institute of TechnologyI am a graduate student from Wuhan Institute of Technology. Our research group wants to study semantic annotation, filling and other related contents in the field of education, so we want to obtain Framenet data to help our research. The data acquired will only be used in our own research and will be identified if any results are published.
yu xiaopeng Wuhan Institute of Technology,Hubei,Chinatry some experiment
Zhang RuijieShanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.academic use
Haolin DengHarbin Institute of TechnologyWe construct a dataset and would like to investigate the coverage of our data in FrameNet
Lesli Ernesto NicaraguaUNICAAs an example for my Applied Linguistics classes.

Kevin JiangJilin UniversityI am researching in disciplinary discourse and academic writing, and interested in the way authorial stances build textual interaction in academic prose, so the FrameNet data and the semantic frames shaped by the epistemic and attitudinal stances can add to my understanding of the above relationship.

Andrew Blair-StanekUniversity of Maryland - BaltimoreMy goal is to help the IRS find loopholes in tax law before taxpayers do. I want to use FrameNet to identify the frames in tax-law cases, which might be used as building blocks to a tax loophole.

Marko AntolcicNoneI intend to use FrameNet for a cognitive science project to bind computer and human natural language understanding and generation. I am going to investigate frameNet potential in order to have a closer look at a human mind.

Kye WhitmoreUnion of Concerned Scientists I work on a clean energy campaign for en enviro nonprofit & am trying to come up with a strategy around engagement. I am looking for all frames With core and non-core FE of VICTIM
ruijie zhangShanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Reseash Semantic Parsing
Wudi shuiLanzhou University of TechnologyIn "corpus linguistics", an obligatory course for our graduate students.
Jean DelpechNoneDisambiguation of action verbs, in partial furtherance of the program outlined in my publication Unsupervised detection of diachronic word sense evolution, ArXiv 1805.11295v2

yisin lainational chengchi universityfor my semantic homework
Hao Yun ChuangNational Cheng Chi UniversityTo take a look how a fragment look like, and would like to use it to complete my final paper on the semantic course.
Nathan NguyenUniversity of CincinnatiMy team and I would like to have access to a downloadable version of the frame index, so we can use it to parse through sentences to get the main verbs and find if there are any matches to the index. If there are, we will output them for the user. This will be the main use of the FrameNet Data and is one of the tools we will be using in our research! Thank you so much!
David ChaninUniversity College LondonI want to build an open-source automatic semantic role labeling library using transformers

Ajay Surya SenthilrajanSri Krishna College of TechnologyTo understand how framenet works and to train the data to see the end to end results on framenet model.
Pranav JayachandUniversity of California, BerkeleyDiscourse connective "and" disambiguation with gesture
David Julian LeitnerLeopold-Franzens-Universitaet InnsbruckI am currently doing research on the topic of Frame Semantics.
Mehdi DaemiUniversity of BaselI want to to investigate the possiblity of alternative embodiments of language.
Renato De MoriMc Gill UniversitySpoken language understanding

Kira BoernerPhilipps-Universitat MarburgResearch for my master thesis. I m analysing emotional strategies in political texts during the corona pandemic.
Luma AboHamedThe Hashemite UniversityI am conducting research in frame semantics
Emma Hall Brigham Young UniversityI am in a senior seminar on language manipulation, a topic that is very involved with semantics and pragmatics. I need to use linguistic tools for my term paper and I would like to see how this could help me.

Michael KohlhaseFAU Erlangen-NuernbergI want to experiment with transforming it into a knowledge representation format in the MMT (see framework.

Ellen LiSouth China Normal UniversityTo know semantic net and teach lexical semantics
Tarrin WillsUniversity of CopenhagenWe are currently exploring ways of semantically annotating our dictionary of a historical language (which uses Danish and English as its target language).

Forest StuartUniversity of Colorado BoulderI want to use this data to do a semantic frame analysis of different English terms for my MA coursework & thesis.

Liang ChenPeking UniversityUse as training data

Mingge TianShanghai Institute of Tourism - Shanghai Normal University; former researcher at the research group TUDISTARI am writing a paper which includes finding terms associated with Inspiration from the data extracted from social media, so I need to use FrameNet as a reference. Thank you very much.
Hui HuangJilin UniversityI will use it to finish a course task asked by the teacher of Linguistics.
Yue ZhangJilin UniversityI use the FrameNet data to define the frames and to annotate sentences to show how the frame elements fit syntactically around the word that evokes the frame.
Yuanyuan LiJilin UniversityTo know more about the FrameNet data and understand cognitive linguistics better
Xuetian WangJilin university I want to get more information and use the data to do some research
Zoe ZhaoJilin University,ChinaFor cognitive linguistic learning
Liudmila RadchankavaUniversity of Mainz my doctoral work deals with complex prepositions in Spanish, Russian and German, I focus on the development of these prepositions in the period 1800 - 2000. I want to try how it works for my data.

Cindy YangJilin Universityto find some advanced information about the discipline of languages and data analysis, then to use them into my research, to develop the relevant content.
Jin LiJilin Universitylearn English
Wenting SunJilin UniversityMainly used in class and study, like cognitive frame, ICMs.
Tianlin Chi Jilin Universityuse it under the gidance of a course teacher
Guo JiantianSun Yat-sen UniversityI will use the FrameNet data to complete my bachelor dissertation.
Xinlong Cui Jilin Universityunder the guidance of a course teacher
Yaroslav KuklinRUSSIAN NATIONAL RESEARCH MEDICAL UNIVERSITY NAMED AFTER NI PIROGOV I am working on a scientific paper closely related to cognitive linguistics and it would be interesting for me to look at your project.
Imane IraouiAl Akhawyan University in IfraneFor my capstone project.
Alex MarquesNoneThis data will be the semantic foundation of an experimental constructed language (one of the most engaging ways to learn about linguistics).
Zhuoran JinInstitute of AutomationI want to use the data in event extration
KeChun Wuxiamen universityFor my NLU research
Keyu LuLancaster UniversityI want to look at some specific words and see what frame they belong to.
Tsong WangKorea UniversityBecause I am a student of linguistics and cognitive linguistics is one of most inportant part of linguostics. So I want to get some date in Frame Net
Seo ji suecollegereommendation
GangHui BianTsinghua UniversityLanguage Understanding in Interactive Robotics
Luan PhamGeorge Mason UniversityConsidering usage of the FrameNet Data for the FMP 2022 challenge.
Rajarajan KirubanandanVellore Institute of Technology Chennai India We are gonna use the framenet data for information extraction out of legal documents,
Youssra REBBOUDEURECOM Sophia AntipolisI want to test Bert causality model in Framenet

Nianwen XueBrandeis UniversityResearch on semantic role labeling

Pinelopi KikilintzaAristotle University of ThessalonikiApart from the literature review for which FrameNet is a crucial part as my PhD issertation focuses on Sentiment Analysis utilizing semantic information both on the lexical level and the intersentential level i.e. Lexical Conceptual Structures and Segmented Discourse Representaion Theory I intend to consult the semantic categories of FrameNet in correlation to Dorrs verb classes.
Etienne THERESENoneCreate poeme

Simon TseThe University of Hong KonghTo build a database on biomedical text based on the syntax of FrameNet Data and train customized Semantic Role Labelling classifier
Solomiia MukhaLviv Polytechnic National UniversityI would like to analyze tendencies of frames
Ira MonarchIndependent ConsultantProject at NIST exploring a semantic parser using FrameNet, currently Open-Sesame to build a schema for a hyper-relational database, currently focusing on TypeDB and TypeQL.
Xuefeng SuShanxi UniversityTo use Framenet to do some research for information extraction
Jordan BlatterBrandeis UniversityMyself and my team (2 other Brandeis students) would like to use the existing FrameNet data to capture information loss in verb arguments. We will be annotating elision of core frame elements within the dataset. Our goal is to create an annotated corpus of elision. We want to improve how FrameNet captures null arguments. We believe that this project has the potential to improve semantic role labeling and natural language understanding.
Mark SullivanCalifornia State University, Los AngelesI am unable to satisfy the requirement of this text box that only basic punctuation be used. It does not seem to recognize the comma or the period. I may use FrameNet to analyze L1 Chinese writing L2 English essays for comma splices and runon sentences and fragments.

Tino DidriksenOqaasileriffik, the Language Secretariat of GreenlandTo develop rule-based machine translation between English and Greenlandic. We already have a functional Danish-Greenlandic system ( ) and want to use a similar method for English-Greenlandic.

Duhyeon JinCNUFor my Research
Ahmed SaidFaculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence-BeniSuef UniversityLinking Data to WordNet and Other Arabic Resources
Takahiro YamadaCONOCIMISTAI would like to use the FrameNet data to create knowledge graphs that represent the specifications of complex systems such as spacecraft.
Yuteng ZhangBeijing University of Chinese MedicineI tried to contribute a model to format and represent Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge with frame.So try to gether some generalized frame data.
Longhui ZhangNortheastern UniversityStudy the Frame Semantic Parsing task
Azizbek MalikovBukhara State UniversityI am doing my masters degree about knowledge represention. i need diffirent kind of information.I am at the beggining of my project. And I am learning machine learning algorotihms
Vuong LongVietnam National University, Ha NoiIm interested in NLP and NLP s problems. Lately, I want to dig in to know more about linguistics ,so i chose Semantic Role Labeling to study. I really want my request will be accepted. Best regards.
Rike VoelzJohannes Gutenberg University MainzI intend to use FrameNet data for my research project in my linguistics class. I have to come up with an updated commerce frame regarding contemporary commercial practices.
Dahmani SamiNoneRepresent information
Kemal KurniawanUniversity of MelbourneTo run a SOTA FrameNet parser ( whose code requires access to the dataset.

Rajesh BaidyaUniversity of StuttgartI would like to create a model for Verb specific Automatic semantic Role labeling, so that it goes well with SWiG dataset.
Gleb FrankNoneI would like to use the data to train a machine learning model for semantic parsing/natural language understanding.
Cory PrickettUniversity of CincinnatiHello, I am requesting the FrameNet data for my Capstone project. We are researching potentially better ways to automate and improve traceability in regards to requirements engineering. Specifically, we are using HIPPA security policies and HIPPA breach reports and attempting to find effective ways to accurately trace between them. We are attempting to answer which Natural Language Processing techniques would be suitable for this task. And if not, can we offer insights into whether the formatting of these policies and reports can be altered/standardized to help accommodate some of these tools.
Shuo HanXinjiang University of Finance & EconomicsDesigning a Chinese event extraction framework.
Stephen AnthonyThe University of SydneyInvestigating the utility of resources such as FrameNet for applications in Consumer Research. For example, the automatic detection of deception from consumer interactions.
Felix RissKatholische Universitaet Eichstaett IngolstadtFor a in-class presentation on "What is a frame?".

Yanru CaiGuangdong University of Foreign StudiesI intend to use the FrameNet data to conduct a research on academic English words, especially to find out the pattern invovled in these words. To start with, I would like to find out the pattern of 100 academic English verbs. Also I hope that I can apply the findings into Academic English dictionary compilation. Thank you.

Carl DAIGuangdong University of Foreign StudiesTranslation studies and teaching
Joel Oduro-AfriyieUniversity of IdahoI am parsing natural language sentences for question answering, and I would like to utilize framenet for semantic understanding of the sentences that I parse.
Diego GaratUniversidad de la Republica, UruguayCurrently we are working with legal texts in spanish. We would like to explore the use and language adaptation of FrameNet to this domain.

Rocio Castro ChavesUniversidad de SevillaI try to find out if the most frequent collocations in a corpus are really leading to its frame.
shayun longjiangxi normal get what type of category can Semantic Parsing parse any text into? to categorize what kind of semantics type as to the vocabulary i am teaching ?

Julia WickFriedrich Schiller Universitaet JenaAnalysis of texts and teaching foreign languages.
Marjorie McShaneRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteWe want to experiment with using this data to seed learning by our natural language understanding system.

Wagner NunesUFU Universidade Federal de UberlandiaI am doing a master degree in corpus linguistics, my thesis will deal with metaphors,is it possible to use MetaNet to identify metaphors in journalistic texts in Spanish
Daria AndreevaHigher School of Economics, Moscow, RussiaFor my thesis. We are creating SRL parser for Russian language. Since it would have the original FrameNet structure and the russian version is not ready, I want to try my NN (BERT-based) on the original FrameNet.

Thora HagenUniversity of WuerzburgI would like to use FrameNet as part of my PhD thesis, specifically for enriching word embeddings with graph based data.
Katherine BratashLesia Ukrainka Volyn National UniversityTo make a frame analysis for my seminar
Sonia InsalacoUniversity of TurinI need the fire frame
Eva FucikovaCharles University, Czech RepublicAs links from SynSemClass (

Leo LibertiCNRS and Ecole Polytechniqueresearch about semantic text distance

abbas masoumitarbiat modares universityI want to use it in my cognitive studies.
Federico Jose Martin-PadronUniversity of La LagunaI am currently working on my PhD dissertation in English Linguistics. My intention is to use the FrameNet data in order to gather information on how a specific lexical domain is structured semantically for further analysis.
Isabella HinterleitnerRSA FG We intend to use FrameNet Data for an NLU understanding task for testing.

Zhao WeijieBeijing Normal University To get more information and data
Leo LibertiCNRS and Ecole PolytechniquePursue research in text similarity.
Medina BajtarevicUniversity of SarajevoI am researching antonymic relations among adjectives in WordNet and comparing it to FrameNet. I would like to explore the frames in which some adjectives appear and if adjectives have different antonyms depending on a frame.
qinxue ShenColledgeMy group want to use it analyze a specific context using framing theory
Yeong Su LeeUniBw MunichThank you for offering the data! I would like to use the data for extracting the predicate argument structure which is, in my opinion, the most essential information to further process the natural language in all fields like information extraction, machine translation, question answering system, and etc.
Mehmet KAYAALPNational Library of Medicine, National Institutes of HealthImprove clinical text de-identification processes implemented in NLM- Scrubber (

Ali SarmadiKharazmi Univ. Training a chatbot
Magali Lopez CortezUniversity at Buffalo, SUNYI am working on a final project for a course and I would like to build a semantic role classifier.
Dengqiang QiuNorth University of China I am a graduate student. My academic research direction is semantic role labeling. I hope to obtain frameset dataset for better labeling model training.
Suparak TechacharoenrungrueangChiang Mai UniversityI want to use it to assign a semantic frame of words.
Domitilla BauUniversita degli Studi di MilanoI am interested in the applicability of lexical semantics to Second Language Teaching and Learning. I would like to investigate the lexical semantics and syntax of the emotional and psychological vocabulary in order to expand students ability to efficiently learn and use emotional language.
ilman teguhtelkom universityMy Teacher tell me to know about Frma net. i can use api
Dmitry NikolaevInstitute for Natural Language Processing, University of StuttgartCreate new FrameNet parsers, analyise cross-lingual correspondences of frame systems.

Remi van TrijpSony Computer Science Laboratories ParisWe are working on a European research project called "MUHAI" (Meaning and Understanding in Human-Centric AI" ( One of our deliverables in this project is to release an open-source library of semantic frame extractors, which we will implement in Fluid Construction Grammar. For developing these frames, we would like to be coordinated with the FrameNet project as much as possible (in terms of terminology, lexical units, ...)
Aleksandra SalamurovicFriedrich Schiller University JenaI am interested in metonymy usage, particularly in political discourse. I would like to expand my research on metonymy by looking into frames in which specific metonymic instances occur (especially country-for-people-metonymy).

DAN DUANShanghai International Studies Universityto learn english

Marina TrindadeUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos - UnisinosI intend to use to write my final essay for my masters course.
Monika HanauskaKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyI would like to use FrameNet data in one of my seminars in which we explore the use of populistic language. Furthermore I would like to use the data in a Research Project on Science Communication about Artificial Intelligence

Ivan LeonRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteThere are two projects I would like to use FrameNet data on: the first is a knowledge grounded language generation system driven by a lexicon, ontology, and memory; and the second is an automatic language acquisition system to analyze corpus data and learn new lexical senses whose syntactic and semantic structures are grounded in the previously mentioned ontology.
Keyu LuLancaster UniversityTo collect some data from FrameNet for my course work assignment and final dissertation of the degree.
Li NingUniversity of Chinese Academy of ScienceI read an article about robot task planning which adopted the Frame Net as test database, and I intend to look into the implement of this work. Thus, I need Frame Net to help with building a task understanding system. Lu D,Feng W,Chen X.Understanding User Instructions by Utilizing Open Knowledge for Service Robots
Zejun YangInstitute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciencesdo research: Research on Robot Task Planning Method Based on Knowledge Graph
Haiqin YangInternational Digital Economy AcademyI plan to explore whether FrameNet is suitable for resolving the task of event extraction.
Evseeva AleksandraThe Saint-Petersburg State University of EconomicsI would like to research frame semantics and understand the whole concept
Shudong LuBeijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationUse it for my works on event extraction.
Li DongxingBeijing Normal Universitygithub
John GlassCollin CollegeTriangulate lexical data analysis with content and thematic analysis of texts
Cassandra JacobsUniversity at BuffaloI would like to show my students the raw representations of the schemas

Carl EdwardsUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignI want to use Framenet for semantic linking.
yongqi ChenShangHai UniversityI will be used to train and test the event relation extraction model.
Leonid MelkozerovHigher School of Economicsj

Md Tawkat Islam KhondakerThe University of British Columbia at VancouverI would like to use FrameNet data for the purpose of Semantic Role Labeling in my NLP Grad course project.
Dmitry MikheevSaint-Petersburg University of EconomicsIm going to use it to look into words and how they are used in the language, to see what frames the words are used.
Sakura ImaiWaseda UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data to create Japanese language resource for understanding semantic relationships between words or events. I have been using Japanese version of FrameNet. so I would like to try to use original FrameNet and compare them.

xinxin wangDalian University of technologyI saw it in Semantic Frame Induction using Masked Word Embeddings and Two-Step Clustering,a paper of ACL2021.
Tanmay ParekhUniversity of California Los AngelesWe plan to explore to use it as a dataset for improving models for the task of event extraction (EE).

Ziyan YangRice UniversityI want to extract related entities from given verbs and construct some descriptions for some images.
Javier GutierrezUNED - National University of Distance Education - SpainIn my final degree project, supervised by my tutor, I will throw some insights on the current issues in NLP and specifically, Word Sense Disambiguation, and real problems encountered by humans when interacting with assitant devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. My research will mainly focus on the current situation of these machines and how computational linguists are always trying to improve "real interaction" with human beings.
Kiyoko EguchiOsaka UniversityMy specialty is Hungarian linguistics, and I have been working on Hungarian preverbs for a long time. There are many preverbs and verbal compounds that cannot be explained by the traditional compositional approach. So I would like to try to see if I can explain them using FrameNet.

Zhengwei TaoPeking University1.I would like to enhance an information extraction strategy with FrameNet. 2.To acknowledge the well-known FrameNet as a way of learning.
L.P. ColadangeloKent State UniversityTo study the application of frame semantics to the analysis of poetry and semantic annotation of concepts in poetry.

Deeksha VarshneyIndian Institue of Technology, PatnaWill be enhanching the representation of text using features from framenet.

Wanqian BaoNoneWe are going to use FrameNet data in a traveling question and answer system mainly based on OWL. If we get enough multilingual data, the system will include several languages (we are looking for English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Dutch). It will be of great significance for cross border travellers.
Benjamin RotendahlUniversity of CopenhagenI am writing my masters thesis on bias in multi modal transformers. Part of my thesis is creating a tool for measuring bias in models. Inspired by the paper Men also like Shopping I want to use FrameNet to categorize words used to detect biases.
Ilya Kuleshanoneapproach to the understanding and description of the meanings of lexical items
Sal HagenUniversity of AmsterdamI intend to use FrameNet to extract ontological relations ("x is y", "z should be q") from large textual corpora of anonymous Web data.

Xiaohon SongNankai universityto learn more about semantics
Aditya KumarIndian Institute of Technology VaranasiI want to use it for a personal research project
Denis JAMETUniversity Jean Moulin Lyon 3Use it for my research and with my PhD students

Pruthwik MishraInternational Institute Of Technology, Hyderabadwe intend to use frame-net data to identify frames for question answering systems
Kenji KawauchiTakasaki City University of Economics.A study of compound word recognition
Michael WitbrockThe University of Auckland Waipapa Taumata RauAs a knowledge source to constrain the representations used by language-using systems

Bernardo MarquezInstituto Politecnico NacionalContent and Language Integrated Learning program for college professors.

Gede Boy Sistha Nanda DiprajaUdayana Universityi want to research about frame semantic in japanese languages
Chengyue JiangShanghaiTech UniversityFor research.

Homa HosseinmardiUniversity of PennsylvaniaStudy of bias in US news

Richard LianNational Taiwan UniversityApply FrameNet data to metaphor generation.
Giacomo FerrariUniversita del Piemonte OrientaleAs a material to teach frames and Fillmore frame semantics

Takuya InoueKindai UniversityI would like to use the FrameNet data as a descriptive tool of ecological semantics, the ecological approach to word meaning.

Phililp SumpterVereinigte Deutsche Missionshilfe; Missional UniveresityI would like to understand the theory and practice of case frame analysis and think about how to apply this to the study and teaching of Biblical Hebrew. I also speak German and Arabic and believe that the kind of analysis provided by this approach would be valuable to my facility with and teaching of these languages.

Pedro Penna VaroUniversidad Nacional Espannola a DistanciaI would like to do some researchs to help me in my studies of Language Science

Vesna DjokicUniversity of AmsterdamI became interested in a recent ACL publication Metaphor Generation with Conceptual Mappings and would like to understand more deeply how they used FrameNet to generate the metaphors. I would like to possibly use this eventually to explore the generation of multimodal metaphors.
Nishi AgarwalDeccan college to be deemed universityI intend to use the data to understand how lexicon is a semantic web and not just a mere list of wors, I wantb to be able to apply this knwledge in teaching and mastering a foreign language.
Rejane FerrazUnivesity of Juiz de ForaTo search for frames that are ambiguos
Mahdi LashkariSharif University of TechnologyI want to create a Knowledge Graph Embedding and I would integrate FrameNet with WordNet and then train a deep neural network to model a Graph Embedding.
Benjamin MuellerChristian-Albrechts-Universitaet kielI want to see if there is FrameNet Data on Climate Change
Shuaiyi LiKings College LondonI intend to use it for my MSc individual project.
Carolina Palmieri University of Bologna I intend to use the FrameNet data to explore how lexical semantics (and, more specifically, frames) may influence the relative prominence of an argument, determining which argument in a semantically biased transitive clause is processed as the optimal antecedent in intra- sentential anaphora.
Robert KretschmerTeachers College, Columbia UniversityTo aid in analysis of current research project on written editorials and opinion text in newspapers. Also to analyze other types of texts, such content oriented texts and literature written for children. Helping children with language difficulties, e.g. deaf and hard of hearing children, to understand/produce organized/framed text
Jinho ChoiEmory UniversityTo develop NLU framework using semantic parsing

Xiangming XiZhejiang LabTo extract the intentions of a multi-modal command and represent it uniformaly based on FrameNet.

Jiwon KimUniversity of StuttgartHi, I am Jiwon Kim, and currently in the 1st semester of my M.Sc at the University of Stuttgart. I have studied gender bias in machine translation, cross-lingual interpretation of machine translation, and word segmentation. You can see my author page here As part of the class attached above, my team and I build a model that performs the emotion classification task. Currently, we are planning to analyze whether the conditions in which specific emotions occur (Shaikh et al., 2009, p. 51) and rules based on that condition (Udochukwu and He, 2015) can be applied together with the machine learning model to improve performance and interpretability. One of the semantic/syntactic of our interest is information about the tense of an event, and we are going to extract that information using the FrameNet, expected to be provided by your institute. I am sincerely impressed with this data construction work, and we will do our best to contribute to this field.
Shaoshuai ShenHenan UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data in preparation for studies on collostruction analysis for classifying the verb lists obtained.
Muhammad IrfanSEECS, NUST Islamabad.I am a researcher and I need the dataset for lexical analysis and semantic parsing. I will use it for different tasks related to my thesis research.

Jean-Paul Van BelleUniversity of Cape TownNot sure yet - still exploring
Joseph FrantznoneI have a background in the literary arts (BA and MFA) and recently became interested in the idea of computer-generated poetry. This has led me to become interested in linguistics generally. With the FrameNet data I hope to a) learn more about computational semantics generally b) write software that generates poetry c) potentially create something impressive enough to include in a grad school application, since I will likely apply for a PhD
Rajan Kumar GangadhariNational Institute of Industrial EngineeringTo explore semantic relationships between the causal verbs

Marie TeichMax-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the SciencesI would like to use the FrameNet data for my Phd research on mathematical principles of constructional cognitive language processing
Michele IannelloAlma Mater Studiorum - Universita di BolognaThe assessment for the course of Knowledge Engineering in the Master Degree includes the provision of a project. My group is involved in translation coherence, meaning that we are combining resources such as corpora, machine readers and lexica to check for consistency across translations from/to different languages. I think that FrameNet could help our research!
KIHARA ARRIHARANUNIVERSITY OF LA LAGUNAIn order to elaborate my final degree project.

Odonchimeg TserentsogzolMongolian university of science and technologyI intend to used Frame net data for frames of some technical terms.
Yacong WangHenan UniversityI want to get a deep understanding of the emotion words, so that I can figure out the syntactic behaviors of these emotion words.

http://cognitive linguistics
Aleksandra SmolkaInstitute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei, TaiwanI want to see whether valence information (such as contained in FrameNet) can be used as additional information for learning joint representations in paraphrase identification tasks using machine learning which is related to my research.
Ryan CampbellUniversity of WisconsinMy goal in using FrameNet data is to incorporate it into an application that will, given user preferences, generate stories and prompts based on the worlds and characters of popular tabletop roleplaying games (Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, etc.).

Petra KanasugiFaculty of Arts, Charles UniversityI do not intend to use the data per se, I just want to have better idea, how the project works and explore.

Liam BlythingUniversity of LiverpoolI want a selection of verbs within a similar class that carry the same meaning (albeit, graded differences)
Michael Veleznonetraining my ibm watson assistant
Edison Gomes Jr.Universidade do Estado de Mato GrossoI am going to use it with play adaptation analysis: Hamlet
yan jefferyxidian universitystudy
Juan Manuel Batista VelasquezIMF Business SchoolAs a tool in order to complete my masters degree

James ZechTeachers College, Columbia UniversityI want to use it as a best-in-class example for a lab presentation on data pre-processing in NLP

Chenguang WangUniversity of California-BerkeleyWe will use the dataset in our project to benchmark different semantic role labeling models.

Runan JinBeijing Institute of TechnologyCurrently I am a student majoring in cognitive linguistics. Thus, FrameNet is very help for me because I also believe that people interact with the world through event, which in language world, is frames and constructions.
zheng ChenUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of ChinaAs data argument of event extraction.
liu leiCenter South Universityfor study
XIAOYU GUOBeihang UniversityBased on my current research, I intend to infuse frame semantic features into the neural model to address the reading comprehension task. In detail, my research aims to find a way combining the traditional features with deep learning methods. To my understanding, FrameNet data is a perfect choice and will help a lot to improve the model performance.
Doris HoehmannUniversity of Bolognaas a starting point for further research

Sven JanuszekETH ZurichDear FrameNet team I would like to use FrameNet to scientifically derive a definition for a theoretical concept I am studying (lean management). I intend to write a research article and get the research published. Of course, I will use FrameNet as a reference. I would be very glad about getting access to FrameNet and the necessary data. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards from Zurich Sven

Marjolein PoortvlietCharles UniversityI am researching semantic change of English verbs, and looking for the best possible way to model this change formally.
misbah attaNational university of Modern Languages,Data analysis
Nicholas RolliniUniversita degli studi di PaviaUniversity purpose
Aristotle TanMultimedia University, MalaysiaTo explore the feasibility to train automatic SRL parser using large pre-train models, such as T5 and GPT2 and fine-tune on downstream domain-specific tasks in market news domain that require annotated manually. The motivation is to build a SRL model that captures the intent of stock-market movement in financial news articles.

Sofiia BartnovskaNULPFor lesoons
Benedikt GreiplNoneI would like to use it to train a neural network to identify and determine meanings of words and phrases, up to whole sentences.
Sofiia BartnovskaNational Lviv Polytechnic UniversityFor finding frames of the words and comparing them to unrainian.
Satyam SubhashTechnical University of ViennaI will be using FrameNet data for my master thesis, which is based on Bias on Wikipedia content, how different languages presents same information in different way, what are the difference and why those differences occurs in those articles.
Fatih BozdagOsmaniye Korkut Ata UniversityI am willing to initialize the database for semantic tagging of learner corpora
Sabine BartschTU Darmstadt GermanyI intend to use the FrameNet data in preparation for a seminar on Frame Semantics in a Masters programme as well as in my research on lexical co-occurrence and collocation.
Chris LiuUniversity of TokyoIt specifies a lexicon of semantic FRAMES, each characterizing some type of event, relation, or entity. Each frame entry includes a list of semantic roles corresponding to the participants in the frame, which are assigned frame-specific textual labels like Experience or Effect. I would like to use it for my NLP research.
Lanli TongChina Academic of ArtWe would like to use the FrameNet to label the semantic roles of the history documents of China, to extract the key events, and to extract the key ideas and thoughts behind the events. The Semantic Role Labeling Theory of Professor Fillmore impressed us very much.
Manuel Maria Guerrero SerranoUniversidad Politecnica de MadridI am currently working on my Final Project, focused on recognizing metaphors in Spanish. I am currently using systems like BabelNet and BabelFy to obtain different relationships between the words involved in a potential metaphor, and I would like to enhance the system with relationships from framenet
Mia ZipperleUniversityI want to look at different Frames relating to money landering fpr my Bachelot Thesis. Im comparing the english metaphor to the german one so it would be very interesting to look at english data.
Wade BennettUniversity of RochesterI intend to pair FrameNet verb senses to verb senses in the TRIPS ontology for the final project of an NLP class. Ultimately, the hope is to use this to enable TRIPS to then pair verb senses with WordNet using corresponding FrameNet frames.
LEONARD STORCHSaint Johns UniversityI plan to use it to help with a machine translation conlang project.
Liudmila RadchankavaUniversity of MainzI work on complex prepositions in Russian, German und Spanish. I wuald like to see your corpus for english prepositions

Mauro MattosFURB - University of BlumenauWe are conducting a research that aims to translate database specifications in to readable documentation.
Mei LiaoBeijing Unniversity of TechnologyFor a textbook of Business English Writing for college students
Rozgar OmarSalahaddin University-ErbilI am a PhD candidate in Linguistics and my thesis is titled "Conceptual Metaphor in English and Kurdish Political Speeches", what I need FrameNet for is to analyze the conceptual metaphors semantically, how the metaphors are framed.

Beatriz CastroUNEDI would like to explore all its purposes.
Junxiang Huangnagoya universityTo use FrameNet data for my master degree paper.
Tim DominkaUniversity of Applied Sciences CologneI intend to use the data for machine learning research. I will try to train a natural language recognition system with annotated FrameNet-Data.
Bai LiUniversity of TorontoMy research is on probing Transformer language models like BERT for fine-grained semantic role knowledge.
Hanying WeiHKUST - Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyI am a graduate student in social science. I am currently studying the data of some newspapers for political research, and I am currently doing some work on event extraction. I need to use the FrameNet data to assist with some trigger words. I will ust the FrameNet data to process my news text and screen some trigger words together with the NLTK tool, so as to further perform the task of event extraction. Also I am interested in FrameNet data and I would like to be added into the mailing list of FrameNet, it would be great that I can get FrameNet data and help with my political science research! Thank you very much!

Rachel WicksJohns Hopkins UniversityWe are intending to use FrameNet to generate labelled data for a class project testing ways to improve semantic role labelling.
Mei LiaoBeijing University of TechnologyI am now working on disambiguating the meanings of English words for Chinese students for an English textbook Applied Business English Writing, which is due to publish next year.
Yusi ChengSoutheast UniversityI am now studying sentence similarity. I plan to use the FrameNet to define the metric of sentece similarity and facilitate the tagging work.
Rafael LemosUniversidade de FortalezaI am intending to use the FrameNet for my Masters degree. I will create a tool to datamine a WhatsApp convesation.
Kyle MahowaldUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraWe are interested in a fundamental linguistic research project seeking to understand the possible argument structures that would be licensed by optimal information-theoretic considerations.
Szymon PindurNoneAs data for the purpose of my phonosemantic research.
Mark AdamenkoMerced CollegeResearches of machine translation in low resource languages
Joe KulikSacramento State UniversityFormer Psychology graduate student seeks to continue his personal research.
Bhuvana basapurSan Jose State UniversityIntend to use for the project of generating captions for images
Marco Antonio StranisciUniversity of TurinMy objective is to convert writers biographies scraped from Wikipedia into Ontology Design Patterns expressing the conditions of a person who has been a migrant or an ethnic minority during her/his life.

Oksana TkachmanUniversity of British ColumbiaA reviewer of my manuscript suggested FrameNet

Artem ShkabrukUniversity of ZurichFor solving exercises
Joseph BruckerHarvardEvent, Entity Coref Research
Yang LiangjinNoneFor Analysis of the potential meanings in some masterpieces.(eg. The Old man and the sea)
FENGYU WANGTsinghua University I hope to segment the graph composed of the annotation of the relationship of words in FrameNet, so as to obtain the clustering information of words, further introduce knowledge into the classification task of words, improve the accuracy of classification, and finally apply the classification information to the pre training models.
Bogdan BabychHeidelberg UniversityMy colleagues and I are starting a research project on automatic argumentation identification. We would like to explore the frame semantics theoretical models and FrameNet resources for discovering argumentatively linked lexical items and textual connectors related to argumentation.

Alan FalzonUniversity of MaltaThe intention is to build SRL models using deep learning techniques. Such models would then potentially be used to extract "who did what to who" information from news articles.
Yilin WongNoneMy friend introduce it to me, who said it is a new way to understand the constitution of sentence, and I am intrigued.
Ovidia MartinezUniversity of AlicanteFor extracting vocabulary whose jargon is Aviation English.

Yincen QuXiI want to use it for the repetition of some papers experiment such as Jointly Predicting Predicates and Arguments in Neural Semantic Role Labeling and try to validate my idea about SRL. So it would be great help to me to have the dataset. Thanks!
BRUNA CARVALHAISUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisI would like to use it for a research conducted on the use of frames when teaching L2.
Gary GallagherGalway Language CentreI hope to use FrameNet to assist ESL students to parse the extended meanings of prepositions.
Carlo Romano Marcello Alessandro SantagiustinaCaI am doing a dissertation on the perception of risk and i would like to infer beliefs of causation from my corpus of text that is made of online discussions about risk, thankyou fro your attention, best regards, Carlo Santagiustina
yihan huangYunNan University I am a graduate student in library and information science, and I have recently been conducting research on similar case information retrieval systems in the judicial field, hoping to incorporate framework semantics theory to make the retrieval results more referential.
Daniel ParsonsInternational University of JapanI am working on a project that examines company mission statements. I will use Frame Net to tag the statements to help classify/distinguish the orientation of companies. I am also exploring the distribution of different senses of academic vocabulary to help develop EAP curricula.
Yuheng WangStony Brook UniversityUse FrameNet to assign roles to the texts, i.e. semantic parsing.

Anne EschenbruecherUniversity of WolverhamptonI would like to use the FrameNet data for my master s dissertation in computational linguistics. The topic of my dissertation is conceptual text simplification and the FrameNet data fits right into the first step of the pipeline which is complex concept identification.
Jooyoung LeePenn State UniversityI am trying to see what kind of personal information Reddit users disclose, and I will use FrameNet data for semantic role labeling.

Igor PolianskiUniversity of UlmI would like to find out more about the methodological approach. The aim is to develop a research project in the field of the history of medicine.

Wong SukiUniversity of Electronic Science and TechologyUse it to write my graduation thesis.
David BammanUC BerkeleyFor an assignment in my NLP course (INFO 159) on frame semantic parsing.

Nele OtsJohann Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt am MainTo prepare stimuli for the psycho-linguistic experiment

Nele OtsJohann Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt am MainTo generate appropriate stimuli for the psycho-linguistic experiment.

serkan kumyolHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyI will use FrameNet data to develop an automated NLU system for my research that makes benefit of frame semantic abstractions over the domains.
Hans-Christian HeineZuercher Hochschule fuer Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW, SwitzerlandBuilding a knowledge database (neo4j) to generate episodic units for the purpose of generating training data for GPT Tasks in identity verification and associative reasoning.
Liu LinlinShanxi Normal UniversityAnalyse the data and semantic frames of certain lexical items.
Sunkulp AnanthanarayanUniversity of Texas at AustinInitially largely for exploration to gain a better understanding as I learn and apply knowledge of lexical semantics. Eventually, I aim to use FrameNet in demonstrations and visualizations
Nina PerovicUniversity of Belgrade, Faculty of PhilologyFirst off, I cannot study frame semantics as a model in lexical semantics without having access to this data. I would like to explore this field so as to be able to make further research, write papers, do comparative analysis, and so forth. I think it is essential that the data be available to all young researchers anyhow interested in the field of lexical semantics.
Yanlu ZhangNorth China University of Water Resources and Electric PowerI am going to use the FrameNet data as the data in my ongoing research about a comparative on the cognition of motion verbs in English,Korean and Chinese.
Dominique DucardUniversity Paris-Est CreteilI use FrameNet data as a ressource for my research in semantics, also to teach.

HASSAN BOULALEHuniversite de parisinternet
Alexandra AlbuquerquePorto Polytechnic For terminological and translation research and education purposes.

Diana LininaUzbekistan State University of world languagesto create a scheme of the frame university
Rosio Molina-LanderosUniversidad Autonoma de Baja CaliforniaIn my Cognitive Linguistic Seminar
minhan xusoochow universityFind the specific word and the corresponding frame, get the embedding from the frame as the word embedding from a pretrained model.
Stephen DaviesArts University BournemouthResearch for project
Ekaterina TsvetkovaTrier UniversityI intend to extract data related to my research in word classes and frame semantics
Nicolas Araneda HinrichsUniversidad de Concepcion & Universitat LeipzigId like to crowd-source multilingual annotations linking semantic frames to natural semantic metalanguage and then run eye-tracker and eeg-based experiments for some psycholinguistic tasks based on the generated corpus.

Cliff OReillyCity University, LondonI am working on symbolic reasoning and neural networks and I would like to use FrameNet for language understanding. I have used Framenet many years ago and was impressed with it.

http://None yet.
Joshua SmithUniversity of DenverI am currently working on a dissertation chapter on cultural contexts behind the use of specific attributive ethnonyms in anonymous literature.
Manfred StedeUniversity of Potsdam, GermanyTest its applicability for argumentation mining

Maria Camila Buitrago CabreraUniversity of StuttgartI am interested in semantic roles and syntactic arguments taken by zero-derived nouns of the kind: to walk - a walk

Sara ZakiSungKyunKwan UniversityI would like to use it in my final year project if that is alright. I am still choosing a topic for my thesis and I think that this would be great due to my interest in your work. Thank you.
Marianne HundtUniversity of Zurich, SwitzerlandWe would like to explore how we could apply FrameNet data in the mapping of syntactic function onto semantic role for our project (prepositions in English argument structure - PEAS) for historical corpus data.

Yaghoub NazaralianIslamic Azad University of Sari,Research and education organizationI am researching on Cognitive Social Media Analysis. Then I hope to use the frame net data for my corpus. Best . Nazaralian
Nadezhda HristovaTechnical University - Varna, BulgariaTo help me create a conceptual ctegorization in the field of marine engineering and ship operation.
Sa ZaSungKyunKwan UniversityI intend to use it as a part of my project related to AMR, SRL, Framenet, and Propbank for robot language understanding.
Ivan VankovBulgarian Academy of SciencesI am working on a connectionist model of analogy-making. I searching for a way to automatically extract semantic relations from texts. The ultimate goal of the project is to be able to compare the structure of texts and establish corresponding entities.
Hector Rodolfo Montano JuarezUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoConsulting and checking word meanning and their syntactic contexts
zhang lanyunnan universityI want to use it for triggers identification. I want to match the nouns and verbs of sentence with verbs or nominal lexical units in FrameNet.If they are matched, I regard them as triggers.

http://I do not have a website for my research.
Mokhtar OunisUniversity of ToulonI will use in a paper.

Jason Toyjtoyresearch computational models of embodied cognition

shimin lifudan universityAs a tool of synonym generation for research
baixu ChenXiamen UniversityI am a cognitive linguistics student, so I know the theory of Frame Semantics, and FrameNet.
Xuri TangHuazhong University of Science and Technologymetaphor interpretation
Robert MontillanoneIn structuring dance movement.
Christopher KhooNanyang Technological UniversityTo develop an information extraction system to extract research results from research papers to populate a knowledge graph. Also to map/link semantic frames developed for representing research results (in research papers) to FrameNet.

saeed asadiansharif university of technologyI am interested in verb framenet and when I searched about it I found this framenet.
Lei HUANGCity University of Hong KongI will use the knowledge attention mechanism which utilize the FrameNet data to improve the performance of my model on biomedical information extraction.
TAI-TE CHUNational Taiwan UniversityLabel the FrameNet LU index and frame index to human activity description.
Parichehr AfzaliNorwegian University of Science and Technology NTNUI am going to work on Argument schemes.

matt buschmanMcDaniel CollegeI am studying decision making. How conversational language changes depending on our surroundings.
He ChuanInner Mongolia UniversityMy teacher wants me to do research on causality extraction, and I hope to use FrameNet data to provide some background information about causality.
Tong XiangGeorgetown universityUse it for my coursework project frame identification
Zheng ZhengNanjing Normal UniversityIn fact I do not have a specific plan yet. I became interested because I learned the information about it in the course. I want to understand it and try to find out what can I do with it, If I can get your permission and explore some new things, I will be very happy to let you know as soon as possible.
Mingze WangGeorgetown UniversityFor my course final project. I want to compare the FrameNet in different language and find some differences.
Eric ChenRose Hulman Institute of TechnologyI plan to use FrameNet Data as a training dataset for obtaining a more accurate model for event recognition and semantic role labeling which will be used to produce more accurate inference for Recognizing Textual Entailment task.

Natalia LogvinovaNational Research University Higher School of EconomicsI want to use the data of the FrameNate to build up the list of semantic frames for Russian Constructicon annotation.

Jake OPhilosophical Language GroupData will be used to generate a set of lexical items and case values for a constructed language based on semantic frames. Analogous roles for different frames will become cases, while whole frames will become lexical items.

Alfonso RasconUniversity of VilniusIn dictionary preparation

Anderson SacramentoUniversidade Federal da BahiaI am master student researching event extraction for the Portuguese language. As part of my project we intend to expand the annotation of a previously available corpus of events, TimeBankPT, to include information about the nature of the annotated events (event classification) and argument structure (event extraction). For doing so we plan on using the information of event frames and their lexical units as annotated in Frame Net in the following ways: defining event types to annotate event mentions in the TimeBankPT corpus; automatically searching for events using the lexical units to semi-automatically annotate not ambiguous examples.
Thitaree TeerapornnithiMahidol Universityto answer my instruction questions
xinyu zhaoThe Chinese University of Hong KongLearning and Researching
Prashant Kumar NagMaulana Azad National Institute of Technology - MANIT- BhopalI am trying to extract the emotions from the text.
Uday KiranNoneI am pursuing a personal hobby project using NLP for text understanding. The application is to build aa algorithm that understands voice commands on my computer and perform actions like opening or closing or editing different applications and programs on my computer.
nastaran divaniAlzahra UniversityI want to use the FrameNet data for a class project about Frame Semantics and Frame net.
Tomohiro NakamuraThe University of TokyoI want to use FrameNet as a research purpose. I plan to compare FrameNet with ATOMIC that is a commonsense knowledge graph. If I find any discovery, then I will write papers.
Eleonora Della BaldaAlma Mater StudiorumI want to use it for my semiotic exam

manish vatsaBITSGot to know about Framenet while exploring SRL. Need to understand the questions to generate appropriate answer from the Storage
Suzanne Kuchler Universite de LilleI intend to use the FrameNet data for my MA dissertation. I am working on gender biases in the use of lexical verbs in English and focus more specifically on the semantic biases so I would use the FrameNet data to help me find semantic labels and be able to code the data I have extracted from the BNC.
rafay mazharSan Francisco State Universityjust to pick out words for research paper
Markarit VARTAMPETIANUniversite Paris NanterreM2 assignements and possibly master thesis (not official yet)

Meikun MaTaiyuan University of Technologyresearch
Magali Nazzarro UNIVERSITE DE ROUENI intend to use the FrameNet data to compare frames in other corpus.
Hu ZhiweiShanxi university of ChinaI want use FrameNet to carry on semantic role labeling, besides,use the frame information to improve the performance of question answer.
Georgiana GoKeio UniversityResearch data for my class on Natural Language Processing.
zhuo ZHANGCity University of Hong KongI am study text difficulty of text books, and hope to get frames of verbs. I want to test if the using more frames would make text more difficulty.

Karina GarciaUniversidad Autonoma de QueretaroTo research data for scientific papers
Cecilea MunNone073 039 100 032 108 105 107 101 032 116 111 032 100 111 032 115 111 109 101 032 114 101 115 101 097 114 099 104 032 105 110 116 111 032 109 101 097 110 105 110 103 115 032 111 102 032 115 104 097 109 101 032 097 110 100 032 111 116 104 101 114 032 013 010 101 109 111 116 105 111 110 032 119 111 114 100 115 013 010

Igor DyatlovHigher School of Economics - National Research UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data to answer several questions which were given to me as a task. I want to understand the description of several lexemes from different frames, extract information and parse the elements of one particular frame (placing)
Pablo VilasUniversidade de VigoAt the moment, I will use it to research verb complementation patterns. More specifically, non-categorical variation.

Manex AgirrezabalUniversity of CopenhagenI would like to have access to FrameNet so that to be able to show more examples than the ones that appear in NLTK, as the framenet version in NLTK is somehow limited.

Victoria Huila CruzEl Colegio de MexicoPara investigaciones sobre la estructura interna de las frases adverbiales, que es una de mis lineas de investigacion
peng zichuncollegeAt first,I want to understand its data structure from FrameNet,if I can ,I want to apply it in my research.
Riccardo GinevraUniversity of CopenhagenWe would like to develop a similar database and we would like to use the FrameNet data as a reference.

Tan Mei YihUniversity of MalayaFor NLP research and dev
James FinchEmory UniversityApplications to chat-oriented dialogue setting. We plan to use a symbolic dialogue state representation and wish to base this representation partially on FrameNet.
Siba MohsenRheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet BonnFor my AI Lab, I want to extract entities and meanings from english sentences.

Souvick DasUniversity of CalcuttaI will use FrameNet data for finding relatedness in Natural Language Requirements documents.
Bruno Moreira-GuedesFederal University of Fronteira SulThe analysis of FrameNet data will help me to develop stimuli in a lexical semantics experiment, which is part of my dissertation.
Yoshitaka KozukaAichi University of EducationI would like to use this data to imorove my understanding of the concept of "frame".
Jonathan FontaineUniversity of Strasbourglearning to process bodies of text
Tiansi DongUniversity of BonnI would try to identify events in texts using FrameNet Knowledge.
Shashank RaghuvanshiSan Jose State UniversityI want to use frame net data, in combination with Neural Networks to improve the accuracy of Machine Reading Comprehension task, and test it on different types of available data sets.
Andrew DuffyThe Ohio State UniversityI am working on an undergraduate research project that will attempt to identify and resolve instances of zero anaphora in English-language cooking recipes.
Andrew GargettThe Open UniversityAutomatic acquisition of framenets, for a range of domains, and for different languages.
Ekaterina IsaevaPerm State UniversityI am doing the project on cognitive terminology and automation of mediation in crossdomain professional communication. I need a tool for automated tagging semantic roles to terms in their contexts. As part of the project would like to make an application for analizing the data that is in my database and retrieve semantic roles of the terms.

Michael BenderTechnische Universitaet DarmstadtIwould like to use the data for annotation experiments.

Chinmay ChoudharyNUI GalwayCross-lingual semantic role labelling
Jiahui YuBeijing Normal University-Hongkong Baptist University United international CollegeIn our final year project, we plan to build a open domain chatbot. And now, the natural language understanding part in our model is not working well(We used Bert and GRU for this part).We want to improve the performance of this part and start looking for solution. And recently, we saw a paper published in ACL 2020(A Frame-based Sentence Representation for Machine Reading Comprehension), Which sited the FrameNet project. We want to try to implement the model in the paper and try to improve our model based on that. So, we wonder if we could get the access to Framenet data and use it in our project.
Rohit MishraCase Western Reserve UniversityFor my Cognitives Science Class.
Sheung-Min OhSungkyul UniversityI will use these data for getting Super Terms for a foundation to find words belonging to Korean, Chinese, Japanese.
Yanan YouShanxi University School of Computer and Information Technology Hello, I want to do some work on identifying the lexical units that inspire the framework. I saw that one of the tasks of semeval 2007 task 19 is to extract the lexical units that inspire the framework. It use FrameNet1.3 , so I want to use Take a look at your data set. Hereby apply. Thank you.
safa sahnoununiversitE lumiERe lyon 2 for my personal researches for my phd in linguistics about french motion verbs and the alternation of their valency and syntactic schemes.
Chandrasekaran SubramaniamBharathiar University, INDIATo apply Frame Net for Poetic Tamil words so as to capture the ambiguity and vagueness of the poetic statements by the poet Bharathiar. The psychological and socio linguistic phrases are to be counted for their impact on the people with different frequency of utterances.
Yuyan LiangCity University of Hong KongI intend to use the FrameNet data for my research on lexical semantics as my data.
Thomas EfflandColumbia UniversityFor evaluating novel machine learning approaches to semantic role labeling
Yong ZhangCentral China Normal UniversityCurrently we conduct research on semantics in educational text and would like to learn more details about FrameNet. If possible, we wish we could use the FrameNet to represent the semantics of text in education, then apply the FrameNet Semantics to automatic question answering in education and help improve the teaching effectiveness in education.
Shirong ShenSoutheast UniversityUsing definition and LU in frame as event prior.
Teresa OrtegoUniversity of Valladolidto compare the results with the e-Dictionary I am developing.
LI QUTianjin Foreign Studies UniversityI teach English Writing, Linguistics and Lexicology in my university. The FrameNet data would be very useful in these courses. Furthermore, I intend to do research on lexical chunks with FrameNet data. Thank you so much!
trang tranHo Chi Minh city university of transporti want to use python pip nltk
Mohamadou OusmanouFaculty of ArtsI am looking for examples for my courses.

http://Universite de maroua
Marton TothUppsala universityI wish to do my PhD in linguistics, more precisely language typology from a frame semantic perspective. I am considering analyzing the tense/aspect systems of the languages I know well, namely Swedish, Hungarian, Japanese and English - therefore the Berkeley FrameNet would be a valuable resource for this purpose. I wish to do a pilot study through which I can form and test my own hypotheses, and once I get admitted to the PhD, I wish to use the FrameNet in my research.
Alan AvesMacquarie University, AustraliaMy Master of Research thesis draws on the conceptualization of frames by Charles J. Fillmore in Frame Semantics to analyse how selected Australian newspaper articles about China, including Australia China relations, etc., inform and evoke preferred perceptions and understandings of China.
Hee HwangUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstI would like to implement a neural model of formal semantics.

Manar ElshazlyCollege of Computer Science and Information system ,Helwan Universitytill now i do not know but may be it will help
Shruti PhadkeUniversity of Washington SeattleFinding meaningful phrase patterns by using frames from FrameNet annotations.

Felix AsselmannUniversity of ManchesterHey, in the framework of my master thesis I am looking for the identification of reoccuring activities in businesses. Business Model Patterns can be find in literature (describing reocurring activities). I want to apply FrameNet to find those in business related documents. FrameNet would me help a lot! Thanks in advance. Best Felix
Archana NairAmrita Vishwa VidyapeethamThe main idea of my project is to perform semantic role labelling. This data would be helpful to train the SRL model.
Franziska WeeberUniversity of KonstanzI will write my master thesis about automatic identification of bias frames in news articles using a machine learning approach and believe the FrameNet data will be a useful resource for training the classifier.
Zhihong JiangZhejiang Universityrun a Semantic Role Labelling tools called PathLSTM
vahid Asadiuniversity of Siena to analyse semantic structure
Farhan SamirUniversity of TorontoI intend to use the FrameNet data to understand a subset of gradable adjectives known as extreme adjectives. This is an open set of adjectives which spans many frames (for instance, Desirability, Usefulness, Stimulus focus, Temperature, and more), and is used frequently in American English. We wish to use the frames containing extreme adjectives to test a classification system for differentiating extreme adjectives from non-extreme adjectives. Since the aforementioned frames contain both extreme and non-extreme adjectives, they constitute a highly reliable test set.

Qi XiaoNoneI would like to get access to the data in Japanese FrameNet to compare collocations relative to face between Chinese and Japanese. I have analyzed Chinese data through zh/home.aspx, but I have no idea how to get access to the Japanese FrameNet. Hope to benefit a lot from your website. Thanks a lot.
Gladys WEIBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityI firstly want to just know about it. just want to know what can it offer. then i plan to use it to know the frame of some particular words partly for the sake of my term paper.
Jordan WilhelmUniversite Grenoble-AlpesI intend to use FrameNet to better understand the semantics of polysemic verbs, most notably the English verb GET.
Kiran DhakalAsian Institute of TechnologyI am starting with my thesis to convert natural language queries to SPARQL queries. I want to try FrameNet data for the purpose and compare the results with the translation done using dependency parsing.
Matthew StaveUniversite Lumiere Lyon 2Sociolinguistic research comparing FrameNet word senses with valence scores of English words in the ANEW sentiment lexicon.
Soumya GhoshJadavpur UniversityI want to build a cognitive parsing model of conversation. This data will help me to construct my research agenda.
Tiago AlmeidaUniversidade Federal de PernambucoTo research political discourse.
Mahsa FathiSharif University of TechnologyIm trying to create a chatbot which is going to answer academic questions. I want to use this dataset for semantic role labeling which is going to help me label my own dataset.
Elena del OlmoComplutense University of MadridTo formalize predicate structures in Spanish in an information extraction pipeline. for my thesis.

Longxu DouSocial Computing and Information Retrieve CenterTo attend the conll2020 shared task
Xiangbiao CaoHangzhou Dianzi UniversityEvent extraction is one of the subtasks of information extraction and has received much attention. However, only the Ace dataset is not complete. It is hoped that FrameNet can provide some template features and other characteristics to improve the performance of event extraction model.
Bernardo Javier Hernandez Marquez BolioInstituto Politecnico NacionalI intend to use it to analyze terminological documents both in English and Spanish for translation and glossary making purposes.

kem-laurin LubinUniversity of WaterlooI am a PhD Rhetoric Student with a focus on Computational Rhetoric. My area of study. also informed by my past roles as a Design Researcher, is on Computational Rhetoric and Artificial Intelligent bias. I am primarily interested in the space of non-Natural & Natural Language "digital" systems and environs where Machine Learnt bias is "baked in." Uncovering these biases and understanding their function is key. I am however a practicing design researcher and also interested in how this research can inform next level tools that understand the semantic frames in which language exist to help improved bias in Ai.

Natalia LoukachevitchLomonosov Moscow State UniversityWe plan to create Russian FrameNet. The first step is to link Russian lexical Units and synsets of RuWordNet to the FrameNet frames.
Damaris ZolaDrew UniversityI hope to evaluate FrameNet and its benefits in Word Sense Disambiguation. I want to learn from its approach.
Matthew PerlmanNone.I plan to use it to find word parts, connotations, and meaning of different words in a sentence in order to use them in a convolutional neural network.

safa sahnounUniversite Lumiere Lyon2 ecole doctorale 3LAI am working on the syntactic variation of motion verbs and need to use frameNet for my thesis as a database

Xiangbiao CaoHangzhou Dianzi UniversityEvent extraction is one of the subtasks of information extraction and has received much attention. However, only the Ace dataset is not complete. It is hoped that FrameNet can provide some template features and other characteristics to improve the event extraction models performance.
Seoho KimYonsei UniversityI will only use the data for my articles for academic journals with mentioning this website in quotation.
Weiming PengBeijing Normal UniversityAbstract examples for the NLP teaching.
Mengtian YINUniversity of Hong KongI would like to adopt FrameNet data in the field of construction industry. I want to develop a NLP-based query method for Building Information Modelling, which is an intelligent 3D model containing all the information in a construction project. I want to use FrameNet to conduct the semantic role labeling in a query sentence to reveal the relationship between each entity in the sentence. Hope I can have a chance to use FrameNet in my research!
Lamberto BastiUniversita di TorinoBuild a Java API library to access FrameNET
Alberto VidanoneExplore through the dataset and see how I can use it to get better at natural language processing.
Ryan FlemingUniversity of Winnipegsecondary research on George Lakoff framing theory
Takahashi TakeshiGraduate school, Kyoto University of Foreign Studiesfor Lexical semantic research

Sergio VelasquezIMF Business SchoolI intend to use it for educational purposes for my Masters Degree (Big Data and Business Analytics) course on Text Mining and Natural Language Processing. Initially I will need access to FrameNet to use it for a quiz as part of the course
rohola zandieUniversity of DenverI want to use FrameNet for Controlled Natural language Generation
Julin SongUniversity of California, Santa CruzWe are going to use FrameNet to simulate the flow of mutated information across an imperfect information network, as a placeholder for developing a communication protocol that has those properties.

Neda Afshinuniversidada nova de lisboaI was studying one of a Ph.D. student thesis. I saw how much this application is useful. I decided to use it to improve my research project.
Sihan LiUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignI would like to use it for an event extraction project.
Luis Miguel BonillaUnicaribeI would like to use it for the freebase name recognition
babou toureALASSANE OUATTARA UNIVERSITY OF BOUAKEi intend to complete my research thesis on the topic "language typology: a lexico-semantic analysis of human locomotion verbs in English and malinke"
Jeremy KwokShanxi UniversityHope to use FN1.5 data for Frame Identificationresearch
xueying linational university of defence technologyI want to use this tool to analyse some data. I heard this tool from my class and thought this tool would be useful for my
Belqis AimaqHamburg UniversityIn my Ph.D.-Project, I am working on a frame-based language lexicon German-Dari for german learners in Afghanistan. I want to have the permission to use the frame definition and frame-elements description, which I translate it in to Dari.

Kris CollinsUniversity of TuebingenI would like to use FrameNet for a common sense making task.
Enrico DagaThe Open UniversityResearch on knowledge extraction applied to news and social media

Thomas YauThe Chinese University of Hong KongThe FrameNet data will be used in my research on caused motion events.
Arthur MarquesUniversity of British ColumbiaWe seek to learn whether using frames defined for every-day English text accurately captures the meaning of text in software development artifacts (e.g., API documentation or bug reports). The presence of jargons or text specific to the software engineering domain (e.g., method signatures, stack traces, or command-line arguments) might affect the meaning of the frames identified and, if we can show that every-day English frames apply for text in software engineering, future research will use them for information extraction.

Leonora WollenhauptUniversity of LeipzigI am currently working n my PhD thesis. My work concentrates on translation of legal texts (Serbian/Albanian and English) and I am dealing with the discrepancies in legal terminology and comparison of concepts. one part of my work is dealing with the words like nationality, ethnicity, nation... in texts produced during EULEX in Kosovo. I need FrameNet in order to help me compare concepts and create Frames for hose concepts.
Keith BurghardtUniversity of Southern CaliforniaI want to understand how to automatically detect sudden changes in language frames of reference.

Yamen ZazaNTNUFrameNet data is needed to setup SEMAFOR which is an open source frame parser software that highlights the frames of a given text. This step is part of a bigger project called the Basic Text Pipeline which aims to process and tag scientific abstracts for easier analysis.
Ying ShengBeijing University of TechnologyI want to use FrameNet data for text mining experiment.
Arne RubehnUniverstity of TuebingenThe FrameNet database is currently covered in a seminar at our department, instructed by Prof. Erhard Hinrichs, the head of the section for General Linguistics/Computational Linguistics. For a project and a presentation I am working on in this seminar, I need to have access to all the annotation layers that are not represented in the web interface.

Xing SuZhejiang UniversityTest if the data can help us on developing a tool that understands construction report.

Simona Maria IgnatTrinity College DublinI am currently working on my thesis and I am planing to create a corpora of words and groups of words with bullying meaning, selected from social media. I am interested in seeing your approach on these words if they are in your database. For example, I have labeled the word "faggot" as Exclusion-bullying word. I would like to see if you have this word and what type of analysis or labeling have you done on it. If possible. Thank you very much. All my best, Simona

Hanouf Al Ghanmi The university of Birmingham I am going to use to extracts information for my research

Vince LiegeoisUniversite de Bourgogne I myself am currently working with framesemantics and would like to use FrameNet to contrast FrameNets data to my own.

Barbara JohnsonNoneI am a supply teacher interested in autism spectrum disorder.
Rizky WidiUniversitas Pendidikan IndonesiaFor research
Clinsen FardidiNoneto fulfill the duties of the lecturer, understand how framenet works
Daniel Ruiz GabarreUniversidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia UNED, SpainI intend to use it to compare data from Natural Language with the abstract explanations of language usage on my courses as a means to fully understand the mechanisms involved and the structure within.
Zhisong ZhangCarnegie Mellon UniversityWe would like to use the FrameNet data to explore semantic role labeling and event extraction.
Qinghong HanPeking Universityfor research
li shuaiFudan UniversityI mainly focus on semantic difference of synonym in various context.
Wenyue XiSmith CollegeI am a student developer for Google Summer of Code and contribute to Red Hen Lab My project focus on frame blends, and largely related to FrameNet.
Asher NadlerInterdisciplinary Center HerzliyaWe are looking for a database that we can use to create sentences that will help us start new research on the other side of context- how do older adults and young adults compare when they hear a sentence with an unexpected word at the end of the sentence.

Benjamin SpiegelBrown UniversityI intend to use FrameNet for a publication about playing text adventure videogames using knowledge from word ontologies.
Kapil GargNorthwestern UniversityWe plan to use the FrameNet data as part of a class project for a statistical language modeling seminar class ( We aim to explore the ability of vector space models of semantics to capture semantic frames of sentences. Vector space models have previously shown to effectively learn the semantic relationship between single words (word2vec) and between documents of arbitrary length (doc2vec). We hypothesize that the vector space generated using a doc2vec model on sentences in the FrameNet corpus may cluster sentences of the same frame together (such as "John sold a car to Mary" and "Mary bought a car from John") in an unsupervised model. The FrameNet data will be used for both training the vector space model and for evaluating its performance.

JI QIDong-A UniversityNow, I am preparing for my Phd Thesis. My interest is in the terminology and frame-based semantics. I expect to explore the analyze the termonology using the FrameNet Modal.
Jordan RoduUniversity of VirginiaI intend to use FrameNet data to investigate properties of word embeddings.

Dirk NeuhaeuserGoethe University FrankfurtTraining for preposition disambiguation
Zhengze SunPeking UniversityFrameNet was recommended as a great researching tool by my instructor.
Ekaterina NikulenkoNational Research Tomsk State UniversityI would like to use the FrameNet data for the chapter devoted to the research methods my dissertation is based on.
Paul ChiltonLancaster University and University of WarwickFor semantics research and text analysis.
Francisco ValdepenaCentro Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo TecnologicoImplementacion para un sistema de identificacion de emociones humanas
AJAY AGRAWALIndian Institute of Technology BombayI am working in the field of application of Natural Language Processing on Construction Contracts, for extraction of important information. The FrameNet data will help me in getting an understanding of how the FrameNet works. I want to use FrameNet for semantic understanding of contracts.
Dewi SuryaKarl Eberhard Universitaet TuebingenAs one of the biggest lexical of English corpus data, the FrameNet data will be very useful for our lexical semantics class where we will analyze the lexical data such as: parsing, lexical ambiguity, and translation. After this class, we hope that we will be able to carried out an research on lexical semantics using the lexical corpora.

Kasper WelbersVU University AmsterdamFor the current project, to analyze how suspect communities (i.e. communities associated by ethnicity with terrorist groups) as portrayed in the news.

Yiwei LuoStanford UniversityI would like to distinguish between different classes of verbs to assist in fine- grained dependency parsing.
Cosmina Cosma Babes Bolyai University, Romania I wish to see some examples to be able to do (maybe having Word Net as model) my personalized lexical field, necessary for my phd thesis.
Yu FuSchool of Foreign Languages I want to explore the application of Frame Net in lexical teaching and lexical understanding.
FATIMAH ALSAIARIUniversity of Leicesterto extract information from the newspapers and analyze semantic means
Erik LeyUniversitaet LeipzigI have been given the task to explore Frame Net data on a Frame of my choice and to familiarize myself with the idea of frames or the concepts of Frame Semantics. I dont plan to use the data in any publications as of now.
Petya OsenovaInstitute of Information and Communication TechnologiesWe are constructing a Knowledge Graph with colleagues from museums, historic institutes and libraries. We would like to use frames from the FrameNet to map the events that are important.
Chandan AkitiPennsylvania State UniverisityI am working on robust semantic role labeling techniques using Deep Learning. Therefore, I am requesting the data for the same.
Oleg HarlamovFriedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuernberg- Applying statistical analyses on FrameNet and inferring generic reference knowledge on unannotated data using FrameNet and compare to locally encoded knowledge of that very data using Topic Modelling / Embeddings. - Explore striking differences to infer diasystematically marked evolutions / deviations of frame-based text semantics

Paul Van EeckeVrije Universiteit BrusselLeveraging Framenet 1.7 data for building a computational construction grammar.

Lelia GlassGeorgia Institute of TechnologyI am doing a project about distributivity. (Alice and Bob smiled conveys that Alice smiled and Bob smiled.) I am interested in the role of lexical semantics in these inferences. I have tried to predict the distributivity of a VP from various hand-coded aspects of its lexical semantics (whether its causative, etc) but these codings are suspect because I did them myself. Thus, I am wondering if I can use FrameNets pre-existing lexical semantic information as an unbiased reference point. I am incredibly grateful to all of the researchers who built FrameNet, above all Charles Fillmore, whose work I have found inspirational. My official institutional email is at (but I prefer gmail)
han xiaoqiSHANXI university studentas a part of data to do some test
Peter ClarkAllen Institute for AIFor semantic interpretation of science questions. For example, like this: asMpSDraiTn0E4Wywl5QJhKk0/edit
Alexander BushHighland Park High SchoolI will be using it for NLP Semantic Search.
Jiale YuanBeijing Institute of TechnologyI would like to use FrameNet as linguistic resource to support our open-domain event extraction task. If it is possible, it would be sincerely grateful to gain English FrameNet and Chinese FrameNet.
Aikansh PriyamUniversity of Texas at DallasTo run the mateplus neural semantic labler for coursework in NLP
saivikas medaUniversity of texas at dallasTo work on a project.
Prakhar Agarwallthe University of Texas at DallasFor working on neural Symantic labeler
Li-Kang WengThe University of Texas at DallasTry to use a repo which requires this dataset ref.:
Miguel MartinezNoneI am a 69-year-old man and I am retired, but, I have enrolled again in University, in a degree in Lengua y literatura Espanola. Now I enroll in a course of Linguistic Theory
Greg McFallNoneDevelop a cognitive tutor that facilitates the construction of concept maps.
Xiaoke ZhouXingzhi College Zhejiang Normal UniversityStudy.
Phuong NguyenJapan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyDo the experiments with semantic parsing for general domain.
Nidhin AnishamUniversity of Texas at DallasI have been tasked to perform information extraction as part of a Natural Language Processing class. I intend to use FrameNet to aid in constructing the frames to extract the data. For example, one of the requirements is to extract the seller and buyer information from a piece of text, and FrameNet would help me in getting the context words for such a scenario.
Simone ConiaSapienza University of RomeWe have two main points of interest. First, we are interested in training a Semantic Role Labeling system on multiple resources (PropBank, VerbAtlas, FrameNet) at the same time, to check whether a system can automatically learn a mapping between any two resources and benefit from such mapping. Second, we are currently investigating AMR which strongly relies on PropBank and we are wondering whether a different formalism (such as FrameNet) would be a better fit for AMR.

TIAN LIUHuaqiao UniversityWe want to use the FrameNet data to testify my hypothesis,because we are doing a semantic research about the abstract meaning of Chinese directional verb.
Muhammad AbdoAin Shams University - Faculty of AlsunI am going to use FrameNet for linguistic-related research purposes.

Robert LoganUniversity of California, IrvineI am currently working on creating a dataset to evaluate what language models know about semantic phenomena in English, similar to how BLiMP tests knowledge of grammatical phenomena. One of the tests I would like to include is understanding of semantic roles. I would like to use FrameNet to construct minimal pairs from definitions of related sub-frames.

Alice BrownMissI would like to use the data to find the semantics of certain words. As one of my assignments is to look at the implications of language use in online newspaper article headlines. By using this data I am able to determine what the possible implications of the lexis chosen.
feng changminInstitute of automation, Chinese Academy of SciencesRecently, I am studying knowledge map, in which I want to use FrameNet data to assist the discovery of event trigger words when I label event data automatically.
Harshita RastogiThe University of Texas at DallasFor my Natural Language Processing project.
Laura ZanellaUniversite de LorraineThe main purpose of using the FrameNet data is the application of semantic role labeling for information and event extraction related to the medical domain, specifically applied in rare diseases. The objective is to be able to understand and extract entities concerning these diseases (such as symptoms, treatment, demography, etc.) and the different relationships between them, contained in the text of scientific publications, and thus, try to infer new relationships.

Ut Meng LeiBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityI want to do a research on cognitive linguistics about metaphor and metonymy. FrameNet would definitely help me collect the data, and guarantee the reliability of my paper.
Manuel GuimaraesInstituto Superior TecnicoI want to use the FrameNet Data to be able to recognise events from sentences. I want to be able to read a sentence, or a short story and recognise that "Once upon a time a princess lived in a Castle" and translate it into information the computer can use. That the princess is a person, whose location is in the castle and that this all happened some time ago. I want to make a tool that is able to talk to people and help them build a small story. It will be a dyadic interaction where each completes the others story. This is my objective for my PhD Thesis, create an intelligent agent that users can build a story with. Ideally, interactors would not be able to tell if the agent is really an agent or another person. In order to do that I want to use frame net to better understand stories, more specifically, the events within it so that I can both learn and understand the users input

Zhensheng HuGuangdong University of Finance and EconomicsTo do some researchs on Event Extraction with the help of this dataset.
Edward GarsonNoneI would like to make an app that teaches foreign speakers English. The app would take into account the interests of the user. I would like to see how FrameNet might help find sentences relevant to the users selected fields of interest.
Maria TrujilloUniversity of CordobaResearching for college works
Vedant ParikhDhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication TechnologyI performing research in Summarizing the Legal Judgements of Indian Supreme Court.
Man Parvesh Singh RandhawaThe University of Texas at DallasFor Natural Language Processing course project related to information extraction from unstructured text.
sara khanUniversity of Management and Technologythesis
Michael BilynskyIvan Franko Lviv National University, Lviv, UkraineFor reference and comparison with the data on a developed metric project of English

Subin KimKAISTI intend to use the FrameNet data for our school project. During the downloading the nltk with the anaconda, it seem to take so much time for downloading and unzipping framenet.
Adyasha MaharanaUniversity of North Carolina Chapel HillFor generation of social interactions

Emmaline RiceUniversiteit GentTo add to our research on semantic verb classes which participate in the anti-causative construction in English.

Harshita AryaKalinga Institute of industrial Technology, Bhubaneshwar, IndiaI was preparing for Google Summer of Code and there was a requirement to understand the Berkley Xml standard. So I was trying to understand it by downloading the data.
mahsa meymariiran university of science and technologyI am gonna use it for my final project my final project title is semantic labeling with deep learning methods
ehsan qasemiinformation sciences institutewe try to framenet to bridge the gap between concepts and classic knowledge graphs.

Hemilis RochaIFALAcademico
Roman RusinovFaculty of Arts at Charles UniversityThe resource was demonstrated on Lexical Semantics class. Seems to be quite powerful.
ola roenningNoneRetrofit co-occurrence matrix,

Caraza MariaUniversitatea din BucurestiSemantic Parsing on the Bible.
Pinkal ShahUniversity of BonnWe are working on metaphor mapping between source and target domain. Also developing and UI for similar words and their mapping on both sides of domain.
Manuel Pena ArocaUniversidad de CordobaI will use them for a semantic and pragmatic analysis of the English language. In a subject called "text and discourse" that deals with discourse analysis and understanding its meanings.
Isaac PersingUniversity of Texas at DallasWe are working on a project involving recognizing implicit discourse relations. We think semantic role labels might help us produce useful features for this task.
prathamesh avasaresavitribai phule collegei am just curious i want to see the cagagorizations and conceptualizations you guys have come up with so i can see how it applies in my daily life ,martin hilpert sent me here
Qinghua ChaiShanxi UniversityWe have a great interest in full-text annotation, and would like to conduct some research on the full-text-annotating discrepancy between Chinese and English.
Furong GuoUniversity of AmsterdamResearch on Multilingual Semantic Annotation Projection.
Rajkamal KareddulaNational Institute of Technology RaipurI am a Google Summer of Code 2020 aspirant and I want to use this FrameNet data to understand and design better solution for the "MultiLingual Semantic Annotation Projection" project by FrameNet Brasil.
Azusena Herrera Tapia Univeristy of Maryland, College ParkGather data about verbs
Korin ManThe University of MarylandUsing it for a project to learn the semantics of words, and the entails those that surround it.
Susan SuenWuhan UniversityExploit the data to learn word sense disambiguation
Jonathan MitchellUCLAI am trying to represent embedded textual data in a graphical representation to jointly learn language and graphical understanding and I want to see if framenet can encode an implicit representation of a corpus.

Anastasiia ArtemovaUral Federal UniversityTo make a research in linguistics
Chentong TianUniversity of Richmond087 101 032 097 114 101 032 100 101 116 101 099 116 105 110 103 032 098 105 097 115 032 105 110 032 106 117 100 105 099 105 097 108 032 111 112 105 110 105 111 110 115 046 032 087 101 032 115 116 097 114 116 032 102 114 111 109 032 108 101 120 105 099 111 110 045 098 097 115 101 100 032 115 101 110 116 105 109 101 110 116 032 013 010 097 110 097 108 121 115 105 115 046 032 013 010 067 117 114 114 101 110 116 032 108 101 120 105 099 111 110 115 032 102 111 114 032 115 111 099 105 097 108 032 109 101 100 105 097 032 111 114 032 102 105 110 097 110 099 105 097 108 032 110 101 119 115 032 099 097 110 110 111 116 032 100 105 115 099 101 114 110 032 101 109 111 116 105 111 110 032 111 102 032 013 010 106 117 100 103 101 115 044 032 111 114 032 112 114 101 100 105 099 116 032 112 101 114 099 101 112 116 105 111 110 032 111 102 032 116 104 101 105 114 032 101 109 111 116 105 111 110 032 097 102 116 101 114 032 114 101 097 100 105 110 103 032 111 112 105 110 105 111 110 115 046 032 065 032 013 010 099 111 109 112 114 101 104 101 110 115 105 118 101 032 097 110 100 032 112 114 101 099 105 115 101 032 108 101 120 105 099 111 110 032 110 101 101 100 115 032 101 120 112 101 114 116 105 115 101 032 097 110 100 032 116 101 097 109 119 111 114 107 046 032 077 121 032 013 010 107 110 111 119 108 101 100 103 101 032 102 097 108 108 115 032 098 101 108 111 119 032 116 104 101 032 116 104 114 101 115 104 111 108 100 059 032 115 111 032 105 115 032 109 121 032 097 117 116 104 111 114 105 116 121 046 032 084 104 117 115 032 119 101 032 116 117 114 110 032 013 010 116 111 194 160 105 110 116 101 110 116 105 111 110 097 108 032 100 101 112 108 111 121 109 101 110 116 032 111 102 032 102 114 097 109 105 110 103 032 101 102 102 101 099 116 115 046
Derel KoehlUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleWe are researching methods of word sense disambiguation to refine post-processing on information extraction results to better enable knowledge graph generation and information discovery.
Mohannad Mohammad Yousef Althawabeyeh Staffordshire universityI am a PhD candidate at Staffordshire university, I am about to start my dissertation and I am interested in Machine Transition specifically translating technical terminologies of computer. How can we collaborate to accomplish this task together? As this will be mutually beneficial. I am looking forward to hearing from you
Sumit KumarINDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KANPURI am currently implementing a paper titled as Exploring Sensorial Features for Metaphor Identification for which I need the FrameNet Dataset. Specifically, for generating Sensicon set.
Camilla Masullouniversity of PaviaI qould like to use Freamenet for a research about m ultilingual metaphoric expressions between english and spanish; I need to write the results for an exam.
Toufik MechoumaUniversite de Quebec a Montreal- Machine learning

Ilseyar AlimovaKazan Federal UniversityI want to conduct experiments with multilingual models for semantic role labeling in English and Russian. I am going to use FrameNet only for research purposes.

Robert St. AmantUnited States Army Research Laboratory(I apologize if this is a repeat request for a license; projects in my organization are in flux.) The goal of this research is to use structural relationships in FrameNet as a basis for an ontology of action for an embodied robot, more specifically to enable the robot to refine general queries into more specialized answerable ones by making implicit roles explicit. For example, "Is it possible to travel to Location X?" implies an agent, a starting location, and other context; different robots may produce different but still correct answers.
Gede Primahadi Wijaya RajegUniversitas Udayana, IndonesiaI am now working on the interaction of Indonesian verbal morphological patterns (e.g., voice morphology, and applicative/causative morphologies) and lexical-semantic of verbs (using corpus-linguistic method). In particular, I investigate morphologically related words (i.e., based on the same root) and analyse whether each morphological variant conveys similar meaning in usage (e.g., in relation to voice, the morphology is meaning-preserving) or different variant, such as voice morphology, shows distinct meaning (which may reflect the so-called morphological construction as in Construction Morphology (Booij)). In this respect, the FrameNet data is used to identify the semantic frame that each variant evokes and to annotate the corresponding roles expressed in the sentences containing the variant. My other research stream is analysing Indonesian metaphor from the perspective of Frame Semantics (my PhD thesis on HAPPINESS metaphors in Indonesian adopts the MetaNet approach).

Jinan ZouThe university of AdelaideMy research direction is Event Extraction in NLP. I will use the frameNet data to detect the triggers and arguments. FrameNet is a taxonomy of manually identified semantic frames for English, this is good for researchers to evaluate the model, and I will use it to test as well. I hope my request can be approved, thanks.
marco vannoliUniversita degli studi di Roma SapienzaI have to do a project relative to Task-Oriented SDS system based on Spoken Human Robot Interaction (SHRI) field for the subject Artificial Intelligence of my department.
Michael CohenUniversity of Northern ColoradoI would like to use FrameNet data to support my corpus-assisted studies of the use of certain lexical items in policy texts. I am hoping to find synonyms and near-synonyms of particular words in order to expand the list of search terms I use while examining corpora.

Silya BenammarUniversity of Haute-AlsaceI intend to use the data in order to see how applicable to Internet memes it may be. I am stduying figurative language in internet memes.
Ruixiang SongAuburn universityI intend to use FrameNet to build a NLP tool to enhance our understanding of business conversation.
Prishita RayVellore Institute of Technology, VelloreI would like to use the data for the GSoC 2020 project on a New Frame- Based Image and Video Annotation Pipeline for the FrameNet Brasil Web Annotation Tool.

Xudong ChenPeking UniversityReasearch Automatic Frame Identifying for full texts.
Stefano EspositoSapienza University of RomeI need to develop a pretty much simple chatbot as a project for the course of Artificial Intelligence that I am attending.
Nijat MursaliSapienza University of RomeI will be using that that for one project in AI in order to detect the speech with data.

Saurabh RaiGuru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New DelhiI am an aspirant for GSOC 2020 and I want to work on the Multilingual Semantic Annotation Projection Project.
Ciro EmmanuelUniversidad de Alcala de HenaresI intend to use FrameNet data to further advance in my undesrstanding of NLP, using it as a tool to practice with three very different languages: english, spanish (my own mother tongue), and chinese.
MUHAMMAD ELYAS MEGUELLATIUniversity of MalayaMy thesis is "Metonymy Resolution" so frameNet can be helpful in terms of specifying the context of the verb in a sentence and the thematic roles that are associated with it.
Hesham MohamedOctober university for modern sciences and artsi intend to use the FrameNet data to extract lexical semantics from a given text and try to generate a similar collection of lexical semantics that hopefully would allow me to generate a similar text to the given one.

Jeff TangAILabbyI am building NLU systems trying to simulate what a typical 3-6-year-old can understand and speak in terms of natural language. One key component is to build semantic representation of each NL sentence. I hope FrameNet can be used to represent NL text in Frame Semantics.
Weizhong YangThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University to search for categorizations of frame in metaphor research and teaching
Robin DebreuilNoneI am hoping to automatically animate visiospatial force semantics in snippets of communication. To do this I would like to use deep learning to try to fit the communication templates that words and expressions suggest. FrameNet semantics seem to fit well with my mental model of how this all should work.
Chenhao WangInstitute of Automation, China Academy of ScienceI am going to do research about bridging event instance data with FrameNet, and inquire into the possibility of combining FrameNet with other knowledge resources from web.
Joshua EisenbergArtie IncI am building a NLU for interactions between people and virtual characters. I am using PathLSTM semantic role labeler and I want to use framenet 1.7 with it. If you have any questions let me know. Also sorry for the double submission.
Saketh KurnoolUC BerkeleyFor Research purposes.
lu junSouthwestern University of Finance and EconomicsUse this data in conjunction with Freebase data to generate event extraction samples, mainly to reproduce "Automatically Labeled Data Generation for Large Scale Event Extraction"
Paulo CostanoneTrying to develop a role play where robotic animated forms use dialogs automatically generated by computers.
Christopher AthaideNoneI am not sure at this point. My goal is to build a semantic parser that can understand short stories and create a summary. I am not sure where this will lead.
Eric RosenJohn Hopkins UniversityI saw a reference to FrameNet in Ponkiya et al "Towards a Standardized Dataset for Noun Compound Interpretation", who used FrameNet for generating a dataset of noun compounds. I am interested in the possibility of doing similar research in noun compound interpretation and and looking for ways for generating databases of compound words in a similar manner to that reported by Ponkiya et al.

Muhao ChenUniversity of PennsylvaniaI am building a representation learning method for temporal reasoning of events. I would like to use FrameNet as the learning resource.
Paul NultyUniversity College DublinExperiments for legal text classification, need to replicate a couple of other open source papers that depend on and link to this data.
Ayush PancholyUniversity of California, BerkeleyInvolved in URAP project.
Allen MaoUC BerkeleyURAP
Rebekah KeelyUniversity of California, BerkeleyLooking for datasets to learn data science and linguistics. I am new to this industry and looking for ideas.
yu hanBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityI am doing a contrastive analysis on the framenet semantics of "heart" in English and Chinese
Jennifer DsouzaLeibniz Information Center for Science and TechnologyFor running the mateplus parser

Jianyun ZhouInstitute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking UniversityUse FrameNet as a framework to detect topics in an ongoing human-machine dialogue, which can be further utilized to guide the generation of responses with high variety of topics.
Arif SaeedBirkbeck University of LondonFor my Masters project, I am investigating how graph based data can be used to augment semantic role labelling, using Deep Neural Networks
Yoshimi SuzukiUniversity of YamanashiResearch on Metaphor Classification.
Yoshitaka SetoRitsumeikan UniversityI will study on the semantic relationship between conditional and main clauses of conditionals based on framenet.

Melanie XueNorthwestern UniversityI would like to use Framenet to detect frames in folklore motifs. The frames can then be used as labels. This will be a way to classify motifs.

Neele WitteUniversitaet TuebingenWe would like to use the database to construct a dataset of verb-noun phrases that can be automatically classified regarding their compatibility (e.g. use information about selectional preferences of the verb). We are using composition models for the automatic classification.

Erica LedermanNortheastern Illinois UniversityI am conducting research on metaphor for my MA thesis. Specifically how metaphor is used in media discussing personal finance.
Yufang HouIBM ResearchI would like to explore to use FrameNet to understand the planning problem.

JIn LuoChengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies UniversityI am very interested in cognitive linguistics, and want to learn more about this.I think maybe this will help my teaching and at the same time, it is beneficial to my understanding of English.

yanying zhengXiamen University, ChinaAs an MA student majoring in bilingual lexicography in Xiamen University, China, I take great deal of interest in frame semantics theory, and hope to look into some developed data by FrameNet to get a better understanding of the theory. I also want to check the frame element in the FrameNet to see the application of the theory and to further my own research.
Yana StrakatovaUniversity of TuebingenWe intend to use FrameNet data for semantic modelling of relations between the constituents of adjective-noun collocations.
Donna PavelescuUniversitatea din BucurestiI am interested in the frame for the concepts of LIFE and DEATH as I am currently carrying out some research on lexical instantiations of life and death in English and Romanian (a contrastive study). I am particularly interested in the conceptual metaphors hiding behind the idiomatic expressions related to life, death and dying.
kia chenZhijiang College of Zhejiang University of technology and scienceFor school assignment based on the frame semantics.
Nicolas OspinaUniversidad Camilo Jose CelaI try to use it to learn Natural Language Processing applying in different real problems.
Bhishm SharmaNoneI was trying to solve MPST tag prediction problem available on Kaggle. In the papers attached to it, they used FrameNet and SEMAFOR to obtain semantic feature. Here is link : To solve the problem in the way they did, i need FrameNet and SEMAFOR. Thanks.
Guo RitaHarbin Institute of TechnologyExtraction of frame data
Michael HatchUnversity of California, BerkeleyCurrently for a paper in my PS 124 class, but also generally interested especially in context of updating my thesaurus Hatchs Order of Magnitude published by F plus W 2007
Marion SchmidtGerman Centre for Higher Education Research and Science StudiesI would like to semantically categorize nouns

Christine Dr. GanslmayerFriedrich Alexander University, Erlangen lexical analysis of key words from the epistle of James (NT)

jiaxin ShiHeNan Normal University I hope to use FrameNet to finish my thesis on the anaysis of the kinship appellation comparation between chinese and English
Tomoya KandaUniversity of TokyoI am studying Japanese lexical Semantics now. I use the data to write my graduation thesis.
Nan Jiangdepartment of computer science, purdue unversityuse machine learning technique to train the a classifier that can work on the framenet.

Gong MinGuangxi Normal UniversityBeginners only
Hong ChengWuhan University of Science and Technologyi am going to do research about lexical semantics which will benefit my language teaching and my research project
Jiju Xusouthwest petroluem universityfirst : to learn the knowelege in this field second: to do some research in this field third: hopefully to apply what I learn to practice
Zheng Xin YongRed Hen LabUpdate the annotation system for Red Hen NewsScape dataset to FrameNet using Open-Sesame and Semafor parsers. Expand the lexical units, frames and frame-to-frame relations in FrameNet 1.7 using BabelNet and Deep Structured Semantic Models.

Irina WoehnlAugsburg UniversityI would like to take a look at the research data in order to get a better understanding of linguistic frames and linguistic framing in general.
Samuel MartinezPontificia Universidad Catolica de ChileMy teacher want to teach us with Frame Net

Piyush Kumar SoniNarsee Monji Institute of Management StudiesI am working on implicit aspect detection in sentiment analysis
Jessica WangInternational Computer Science InstituteI intend to use the FrameNet data as part of my tasks as a research assistant in annotating more data for FrameNet, lexicographically and potentially in semi-automatic full-text annoation.
Jeongmin ChaKorean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology( Im trying to replicate the result of PathLSTM by using FrameNet.
Cameron GibsonUniversity of Nevada, RenoI plan to use FrameNet to expand my understanding of Natural Language processing database resources in hopes that I might later use FrameNet data as to part of my personal research into the Jespersen Cycle.

Dario DemattiesUniversity of Buenos AiresAs a Ph. D. student at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in the University of Buenos Aires, I identify neuroanatomical and physiological features in mammalian cortical tissue that could leverage phonetic perception invariance and generalization in biologically inspired computational models. The model our group designed is called Cortical Spectro-Temporal Model (CSTM) and uses Self Organizing Maps (SOMs) neural networks for unsupervised clustering which returns phonetic features that improve the classification accuracy levels of the Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithm in word classification tasks. This improvement is achieved in the presence of certain disturbances such as white noise and reverberation and under pitch and voice variation conditions. I have a great interest in Biologically-inspired natural language understanding techniques such as Semantic Folding Theory by (Francisco De Sousa Webber) ( which uses Sparse Distributed Representations (SDRs) as semantic fingerprints. I am interested in incorporating grammatical knowledge to such representations. In fact, my computational approach uses SDRs in order to process information and introduces sequence learning capabilities with a structure of cortical columnar organization which could be tested for semantic clustering in future applications. Currently I am feeding my model with Word2Vec semantic multidimensional vectors, injecting such information in its proximal afferent dendrites. I want to incorporate more information--such as the semantic role of each word in a sentence--using your corpora. I assume your corpora is composed by a set of sentences (more than 15,000) and that each word in such sentences is labeled with its semantic role in the sentence.

Ganesh KatrapatiInternational Institute of Information TechnologyFor Constructicon Parsing
zhang yulinHarbin Engineering Universitydo some research about information extraction
Alexander WillichHeinrich Heine University DuesseldorfIn my doctoral thesis (supervisor: Alexander Ziem) I am developing a model to capture the meanings of grammatical constructions and the lexical units that instantiate them. To succeed, I am using FrameNet frames. More concretely, I am working on a "constructional semantics" which I apply to German corpus data.
Liu BaojuTsinghua UniversityI want to construct a more comprehensive Knowledge resource and do some tasks with it
Kasper WelbersVrije Universiteit AmsterdamIn combination with semantic parsing to analyze how certain entities in news texts are portrayed to act (see e.g., At present, specifically for analyzing whether/how Islamic communities are framed as suspect communities in the wake of terrorist events.

Douglas MilesNoneI am going to see if I can can use hte data to augment a chart parser to generate FOL statements
Ali BalaliUniversity of TehranUsing as training corpus in event extraction task by transfer learning approach.

JUAN DAUGHERTYNoneI wont use it all if it does not work to my satisfaction or there are too many hoops to justify its use.
Yannick NotzonHeinrich Heine UniversityI am writing a term paper about the history of frame-semantics and modern applications for lexicology. For this I require as much data as possible in order to create a research corpus that I can refer to in my paper.
Matvey SokolovskiyThe Higher School Of EconomicsThe final project research (as for now) is going to be about about the locative participant (which includes source, goal and location) and cases, when it can be profiled. This profiling gives birth to new verbs or just goes with help of certain derrivations. In some frames semantic locative can never appear in the position of DO. So the idea is to get a set of frame-situations and then investigate, how they are lexicalized in different languages (where the locative participant appears in the verb argument structure). So, i suppose, it would be great to have your original data to cut all frames containing locative participant. With respect to your work, Matvey PS. sorry, if my English is not perfect. the research is going to be in Russian.
NA YANGCenter for lexicographical studiesMy thesis are about the synonymy, I would like to base my research on account of the framenet.
Alina RatkeEast-China Normal UniversityI want to use lexical semantics data for my research on pronouns.
Agnes ViragCorvinus University of BudapestI studied Cognitive Linguistics where we heard about it.
Sonja VojvodicUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciencesmore sources, valency and semantics comprehension

Jennifer CoughlanUniversity of EdinburghI am writing a research essay on Frame Semantics and its role in understanding word meaning for one of my honours courses (Lexical Semantics).
Arjit YadavUniversity of Texas at DallasThrough an assignment given in a Natural Language Processing class.
kumar rohitThe university of texas at dallasI am trying to understand the FrameNet data to understand better the spans of the sentences correspond to the Frame Elements that are expressed in a sentence. also I am working on semantic role labeling and my professor suggested I try to understand the framNet better.
Aditya SinghThe University of Texas at DallasI want to use the neural semantic labeler operating based on FrameNet data
Vivek ParupudiThe University of Texas at DallasTo work on my homework problems
Uzair GhauriNUST-SEECSWe are doing a research project in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to develop domain-specific embedding
Manuel MarquezUniversidad Complutense de MadridTo create computational lexicons using the framework that FrameNet provides. Through the mark up of information, using Case Grammar of Fillmore, my interest is to create a corpus that helps to solve the disambiguation of meanings and clear up grammatical questions.

Yisong MiaoNational University of SingaporeUse FrameNet to find semantically related word pairs in natural texts.

Nikhil BishnoiInternational Institute of Information Technology, HyderabadI am working on a project with title "Generating questions from fables" I am trying an approach which needs semantic role labeling.
Tianhao ShenBeijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsI want to do some research about using freely available datasets to expand FrameNet.
Daniel FosterGoteborgs UniversitetI want to use the tool open-sesame on data from a domainspecific framenet, and I want to see how the tool behaves with the framenet data it was designed to use.

LE Ngoc LuyenIMT AtlantiqueI want know how to organize a framenet in the other language and build a semantic parsing application.

Nourine BERREKIAStrasbourg UniversityI would like to explore a corpus of emails at the aim of semantic analysis
Mei LiaoBeijing University of TechnologyTo assisst my work on a textbook about business writing in English for Chinese undergraduates.
Karan VohraCalifornia Institute of the ArtsI am interested in modeling patterns of order in entropic systems. My goal is to parse and understand large amounts of non linear data from various information sources. Once I have an understanding for linguistic pattern variations found across the internet, I would like to incorporate the data into a digital art installation.
Mikhail KhovrichevITMO UniversityI intend to use FrameNet datasets for exploring methods of unsupervised concept extraction.
Abhineet PandeyIndian Institute of Technology RoparIm working on paraphrasing.
tiexin WANGnanjing university of aeronautics and astronauticsresearch homework for my students
Geun-Seok LimKookmin UniversityRecently I have started to study on the FrameNet, and it seems very interesting to me. I have a long-term dream of building a Korean lexicon from pure linguistic point-of-view. I think the English FrameNet can serve me lots of information and fruitful ideas.
Angelica Isabel VillenaNational University of Jujuy - ArgentinaI am interested in interning in the investigations of frame semantics and to investigate about lexico in argentina.
Anvar SalehiAmirkabir University of technologyI want know what is the relationship between framenets

Yu-Hsiang TsengNational Taiwan UniversityWe are working on a project investigating how to describe the rich representation found in multi-word expression in Mandarin Chinese. In multi- word expressions, verbs play an important role on how those words in the expressions integrate with each other and determine a new meaning (literal/metaphorical). To that end, we are looking into resources (both in Chinese and English), such as Chinese WordNet and other well-established lexical resources for guidance. FrameNet is a well-known, rich and mature resources in this respect. We expect to find useful information and insights on how we could represent the compositionality of multi-word expression in Chinese.
Andreea RoscaUniversity of ValenciaI would like to use FrameNet data in order to identify the semantic frames of different word categories (e.g. verbs, nouns, adjectives) and be able to establish metaphorical patterns.
Yang LiNorthwestern Polytechnical UniversityTry to conduct some research about the sentence generation with it.
Lajos NagyLudwig-Maximilians-University MunichI would like to use FrameNet data to analyze metaphoric expressions of the TROUBLE concept in Chinese in corpus data.
Sandra Pena CervelUniversity of La RiojaI would like to use the data for research purposes. More specifically, I would like Framenet data to back up my findings empirically

Yu-Jung KoStony Brook UniversityUse it for understanding the framework and write a proposal for google summer of code 2019.

Sharad ChitlangiaBits Pilani K K Birla Goa CampusI aim to develop a machine translation metric as part of GSoC 2019.

Yo EharaShizuoka Institute of Science and TechnologyTo do research on seeking possible applications of FrameNet to the educatinal NLP field.
taylor smithCase Western Reserve UniversityWe are working with Redhen Labs on our Senior Project at Case Western Reserve University. We are creating a Twitter pipeline that ingests JSON files and creates well-formatted Redhen .twt data with metatagging which we plan on using Semafor/ open-Sesame to achieve. For this reason we need access to FrameNet in order to use these tools and achieve our Senior Project goals.
Edward MillsUniversity of ExeterStudying the XML markup language within which the FrameNet data is encoded, in the context of using Frame Semantics to process my own corpus of Anglo-Norman verbs of instruction.

Ida HoenigmannHigher Technical College HTLWould like to use FrameNet in a school project on automatic poetry generation. The results of my work will be publicly available.
Jeremiah HendrenLudwig Maximilian University of MunichI am interested in the ways in which frame semantics can inform methodologies of effective science communication.
Priyank ModiInternational Institute of Information Technology, HyderabadFor now, I only want to look at how well it works at assigning tags to different frames. I would like to work on making the frames more useful to other domains and refining them too.
Jakub NowakowskiNoneI have around 30 books on organized crime, Wikipedia and Wikidata. I am trying to make a knowledge base on organized crime. I will use frames to extract info from raw text, and then to organize it around people, organizations, events and places.
Benjamin SipeCollege of the OzarksMyself and a classmate are assigned the task of giving a presentation on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in our Artificial Intelligence Class. I was researching on wikipedia and came across this resource and would like to use it in our presentation.
Izabela SpisakWyzsza Szkola Bankowa w GdanskuI intend to use the FrameNet data in my project about the semantic frame of the term marketing.
Steven CenUniversity of California, BerkeleyAs someone who is looking forward to contributing to FrameNet particularly through the multilingual and the automatic semantic role labeling project, I want to have the FrameNet data to get a better sense of the data I am working with, and how it interfaces with tools like the corpus search and annotation tools.
Liu ShengnanNortheast UniversityReference
Seunghwan ShinNoneI d like to use FrameNet database for action recognition
hanning niNone1. plan to compare it with verb frame from wordnet. 2. plan to create story plot based on framenet and other resources.
peng chenbeijing university of language and culturefor learning and teaching

Luzita FrancisUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillUnderstanding this resource and its structure in general. Exploratory.
Victoria ZhukovskaZhytomyr Ivan Franko State Universityto find illustrative examples

mohammad shojaeiIran University of Science & TechnologyUse verbs for Persian language
Hong LinKunming UniversityUsed for translation.
Aleksandar NikolaevVeliko Tarnovo University St. Cyril and St. MethodiusI am planning to analyze the data,with the intent to better understand the frames of meaning,and to further use that understanding to try and make an analogy between linguistic frameworks and frameworks of perception.Perceptional frameworks refer to the process of orientating ones self in complex environment, through using a framework referring to the surrounding objects, or to be more precise: the surrounding object categories.
Robert B AllenCollege of Liberal Arts, Yonsei UniversityI plan to coordinate FrameNet data with the Art and Architecture Thesaurus to develop tool for rich semantic representation. This will extend my work on developing a Human Activity and Infrastructure Foundry: see
Viviana MarquezUniversity of San FranciscoI want to label data collected in Twitter to automatically detect emerging Malware names.
Noury BAKRIMILCS Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies MoroccoWorking on frame recognition from text testing
Salvador CastroUniversidad Camilo Jose CelaIn one of my tests in my current Big Data Masters Degree I have been asked to extract data from FrameNet

Lars EricsonCatskills Research CompanyTo process MQL queries with event frame constraints

Ghita AndreeaThe University of Transilvania, BrasovI am currently trying to show how Google Translate Neural Machine erroneously transfers semantic frames from the French language into Romanian. My thesis is entitled The semantic product of artificial intelligence in the translation of scientific popularization text.
Toke HoffmeisterUniversity of KielId like to investigate Frames correlated to the Concept of language. Im not sure yet whether to publish the results but I need them for further understanding of lay-linguistic concepts of language.
Ruediger GleimTTLab at Goethe University FrankfurtWe want to use this data to develop a classifier for detecting and annotating verb classes, which in turn will serve to improve semantic role labeling for German considerably beyond the status quo -- also with regard to historical texts.
Tomislav OstojichNoneI want to extend the Lojban language in order to make q better representation of thought and communication.
Jacqueline LawsUniversity of ReadingExtraction of semantic features of complex words
Simon KrekJozef Stefan InstituteIn the context of the EU H2020 project European Lexicographic Infrastructure (ELEXIS -

Xun ZhangRutgers UniversityI want to try out this library to extract relation of objects in an office building (e.g., people, items, and furniture appliances), and also the possible affordances among them.
Zoher KachwalaIndiana UniversityTo use framenet to create KG worthy triples from fact-checking data
xiyuan gaoKonstanz UniversityI want to use the FrameNet into a Q&A programme.
Aleksandra NefedovaNational Research University Higher School of EconomicsI intend to use FrameNet for my semantics course
Luigi FaticosoLa SapienzaTo create a task oriented sds
ARSLAN ARSHADSapienza University of RomeI am working on the project of Natural Language Processing our Professor mentioned Framenet website URL in his slides.

Lara GoebelUniversitaet MannheimIll use it for a paper
Olivia WaltersNewcastle University I am writing my dissertation on mapping semantic meaning in the DST method (Paul Chilton). I would like to incorporate FrameNet data somehow, my current thought is taking data of specific frames and mapping them using DST.
Bin LiBeijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsI am going to select frames of synonyms from this database to enrich my study on the discrimination of English synonyms from the perspective of Frame Semantics.
SeonHwa kimChonnam National Universityto learn the lexical semantics and natural language processing.
Kaysee CarrereOklahoma State UniversityI have recently begun studying construction grammar and frame semantics. I am newly studying this particular view of grammar. I am just trying to find resources to assist me in developing and checking my understanding and application of the subject.

Yining LiuKarlsruhe Institute of TechnologyI want use the annotated sentences in it to train a SVM classifier, to identify the semantical roles of the Lexical Units in the Corpus.
Kamilla RustamovaLudwig- Maximillian- University Munichfor study
John GraceNoneI am interested in building a program that can meaningfully process English language statements.
wenfan jinGuizhou UniversityI plan to use the data to do the comparison test.
BRIGIDA LOPEZUNEDDear Framenet Team, First of all, let me apologize if this is the second request you receive (I am not sure if I pressed "submit" the first time, so if that is the case, I am sorry). I was hoping I could use FrameNet to so some research I need about verbs (subject: Lexical Semantics). It is crucial for my research, really. Should you have any questions, please let me know. Many thanks. Best,
Ankan BansalUniversity of MarylandAs a source of information for frame-frame and object-frame relations for human activity recognition from images/videos
Danilo DessiUniversity of CagliariIt is required to employ PathLSTM
David BarbellaEarlham CollegeMy students and I are currently attempting to automatically detect analogies in text. We plan to use FrameNet to support our attempts to make stronger use of semantic features in our detection systems.
Phi NguyenEarlham CollegeWe are trying to detect analogies in English. We plan to use FrameNet to experiment with semantic representation when parsing the examined sentence.

Kartik KapurUniversity of California BerkeleyHaven on yet decided on the project that I will be working on for FrameNet research.
Shin JihoHandong Global UniversityI am trying to implement mateplus by Michael Roth and Kristian Woodsend.
Natia ZardiashviliIvane Javakhishili Tbilisi State UniversityI need FrameNet data for my thesis. I am writing dissertation about using emotion frames in public discourse.
Cui GuoweiUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaI use FrameNet to help translate natural language to formal representation that can be used for robot task planning.
Stuart RodgersChrist Church Viennamy group is exploring methods for applying natural language understanding systems to address a broad set of societal challenges such as loneliness, suicide, and others.
Isaev KimalNational Research Tomsk State UniversityTo machine learn dependencies between word, as sequence of symbols, and its role.
Xavier JuanolaUniversitat Pompeu FabraI want to do a chatbot that gives you recommendations for series and movies.

Merve GunduzManisa Celal Bayar UniversityI have found the website when I read an article about lexical semantics. I am currently writing my dissertation about Kansei engineering and I want to get detailed information about the words that we extract within our experiment.
Matthew TrostNoneResearching semantic parsing of literary corpora
Jiachen DuHarbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate SchoolWe want to do some researches on leveraging knowledge graph to improve performance of stance classification. The FrameNet will be combined with Wikidata to enhanced the capability of neural network for stance classification.
Yi Chun KONational Taiwan UniversityI would like to use FrameNet as a methodology for my research. The research in progress now is a discussion about the relation between verbs and Xialai/Qilai in Mandarin.
xi mingjieShanghai International Studies UniversityWriting a thesis
Liu YonghongBinzhou Party SchoolLearning recent artificial intelligence thoughts.Thanks.
Light StreamBeijing Institute of Technology Transfer learning with Chinese event extraction.Thanks.
Dong XiaoyuBeijing Institute of Technology Learn how to distinguish different events from the data.
Zelei LianHangzhou Yuhai Foreign Lanugage SchoolI wish to explore the possibility of making use of the Framenet to enrich our teaching programe
Wang ZhiFanXiang Tan universityuse the dataset for language generate
Binchen XuTongji UniversityData Augmentation for Question Answering competition SQUAD
Giulia RoggiolaniLa Sapienza University of RomeI would like to use the FrameNet data for an assignement of AI2 course. The requirement is a task oriented SDS. The work is only for the course exam, with no other intents.
Robert ThomasUniversity of GothenburgTo complete a tutorial on lexical semantics

Amandine JacobiUniversite de BourgogneI want to find an alternative to the BBI combinatory dictionary of English to write properly in English (not my native language)

Ryan ResoUp International SpainSimply put, I am just someone that has had my interest piqued by embodied linguistics for the past two years. With no intention to use the data for any purpose other than to browse it to satisfy my curiosity about how this kind of data is complied and what it contains. In the future, I am interested in pursuing research in linguistics. For now, my days are spent helping young Spanish children in a small pueblo improve their English. What most interests me is how this kind of research can be used to understand language learning, and how breaking constructions down into cognitive terms has real potential to shed light on the Herculean task of learning a language.
Kosuke TakanoKanagawa Institute of TechnologyWe will use the FrameNet data as a corpus for classifying sentences in requirement definition in software engineering.
Jeff SpiroNoneI am interested in understanding the various categories that FrameNet has identified for frames, templates, and others that are been organized to categorize the various topics of life and how they are communicated. I believe that these categories represent a very thoughtful way of dissecting how human beings see the world and share it with each other. I will only use the information for my own education. I will not use this understanding in my job or any material gain... it is more for my personal curiosity on how human beings work. Please let me know if you need any other information from me in order to get permission to access the content.
Rahul DasColumbia UniversityExperiment with it to study for my NLP course
Nubia Choconta PerezParis Sorbonne UniversityI am realizing a research about semantic roles
Irina PetrosyanMoscow State UniversityMostly for a deeper understanding the valency properties of English words.
Yi LinPeking UniversityI want to use FrameNet as the source of event, and base it to generate event sentence
Danilo CroceUniversity of Roma, Tor VergataDuring my PHD, I am studying machine learning approach for Natural Language Processing task. In particular I am interested in FrameNet based Automatic Semantic Role Labeling and I will use the FrameNet data to train a SRL system.
Yuliya BekreyevaMinsk State Linguistic UniversityI want to use it as an illustrative data for students on seminars on Lexicology. I also enable students to make a micro-research, picking up a verb with framenet info and analysing corpora examples according to the model. I use framenet as a source of information when writing articles for conference papers. The articles usually reveal uissues on Verb semantics.
Ozal CaparBilkent UniversityI am a student at Bilkent University. I am taking Artificial Intelligence course ( Our project is to solve NYTimes mini crossword puzzle. We are group of 5 people who want to use FrameNet data in order to train our AI and solve these crossword.
Yuanwen ChenAlgonquin CollegeOur teacher introduced us this website.
Robert HettenhausenHeinrich Heine Universitaet DuesseldorfFrame Analysis
John SundquistPurdue UniversityHistorical linguistics research on light verbs in the history of English

hadj ahmed bouararadr molay tahar university saida algeria i have a subject to do a work home
Xoan NguyenUniversity of Engineering and Technology, VNUI am use FrameNet data to develop a question-answering problem. It will use to measure lexical similarity between two text.
Paulo DomsUniversity of ViennaI want to gather derivational data for specific words.

Anna MinoiuTechnical University from Moldova As an educational scope, I need to parse these XML files, to find the number of marked sentence from each lexical unit.
David DouglassNoneTo analyze the formal relations among FrameNet data, in order to identify cyclic entailments among the concepts. The resulting annotations will tie FrameNet into the cybernetic learnability framework developed by my teacher, the late Dr. Gordon Pask. I will share my results with the FrameNet team as appropriate. I studied advanced English grammar under Dr. MAK Halliday, and served as the lead developer for the Logos machine-translation system. I have studied the Theory of Neural Group Selection, construction grammar, and stratificational grammar.
Moises Almela SanchezUniversidad de Murcia, SpainFor semantic analysis of collocational patterns extracted from corpora.

Dmitry UstalovUniversity of MannheimI plan to use FrameNet as a gold standard for evaluating word sense disambiguation and semantic frame induction methods.

TATIANA KLEPIKOVAState University of EconomicsTo teach students of the Master Programme in Translation (lexical semantics, corpus linguistics, linguistic typology) To do research in lexical semantics and applied linguistics (online lexical tutors and databases for lexical tutors)
Mehriniso RakhmatovaBukhara State UniversityTo understand and teach students
Weina ZhuNagoya UniversityI am writing a paper on the theme of "Seeing Differences of FangZhi(prevent) and BiMian(avoid) by Approaching of Frames of Undesirable Events". Therefore, I want to know how to build a frame net.
Lu JinchengZhejiang University Natural Language Processing InstituteTo improve my experiment by dealing the sparse of data. I am using neural network to solve the event detection problem.
xiaojing wangshandong universityI want to use it in my research that Natural Language Understanding.
Douglas ZHANGNortheast Normal UniversityI plans to borrow the help of the data to write my PhD thesis and at least one jounal article, I will put the data in reference. My planned research direction is semantics, and if possible, through the AMR style.I am also looking forward to build a concise Chinese data to carry out comparative study. Regards Douglas
Andres HohendahlFIUBAI am developing a NLP IA subsystem for conversation and machine understanding
Ananta TioSekolah Tinggi Teknik SurabayaI like to know about the FrameNet data in order to build a semantic role labeling parser from free text
Amera Ahmedcollege of arts I want to use it in the classification method to create a dictionary that matches the specifications of the Arabic language
Riza Batista-NavarroNational Centre for Text MiningI would like to explore the possibility of using the annotations provided for some of the lexical entries as gold standard data for concept extraction task.
Kristie DenlingerUniversity of Texas at AustinFor investigating argument structures of certain categories of denominal verbs.
Joel MortensenUniversite Paris SorbonneI m studying metaphors of mind.
Benedikt PerakUniversity Of Rijeka To integrate the data from FrameNet with syntactic-semantic data from corpus studies performed by our Lab. Metonymy, metaphor research, especially on emotions.
Jing LyuSouth China Agricultural UniversityI intend to use it as a valence dictionary as well as a device for discourse analysis in attempt to see how some ideologies are framed via language.
Mengxia YuPeking UniversityIn a course I was asked to introduce FrameNet to the class as a part of my homework.So I need to have a look into your data. Thanks very much.
Merete BommariusUniversity of BremenI intend to use it for University purposes. I Have a class named "Who framed the spaghetti?" A hands-on introduction to semantic role labelling in naturally occurring texts" tought by John Arnold Bateman and Robert Porzel. They recommended getting FrameNet for class.
Seongmin MunAjou universityI want to make some system that automatically analyze the sentence based several algorithms and showing the result with visualization.
Liu NaGuangdong international studies universityI intend to use it as a reference to my sudy on bilingual dictionary
Felipe PaulaFederal University of Rio Grande do SulI m doing my master s work on computational models of language acquisition. I d like to do a study modeling the acquisition of verb frames.
Ebrahim AnsariInstitute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences We want to use this dataset in our WSD applications. We want to check weather this data is useful in our word embedding structures or not. We plan to create a new sense embedding for English which considers more info in comparison with classical models.

Pedram HosseiniThe George Washington UniversityMy research is mainly on extracting cause-effect relations from text. Based on some of the papers that I read so far, I think FrameNet could potentially help me in my research. I use FrameNet only for my research and academic purposes and I will properly cite it in my research.
ChunHui SunSoochow UniversityI would like to learn about the structure of FrameNet as a reference to build another NLU system.
Rahul GuptaGeorgia TechUnderstanding of frame semantics
Peter UhrigUniversitaet OsnabrueckI would like to take a look at the dataset to systematically compare it to the Valency Dictionary of English.
Betty van DongenVrije Universiteit AmsterdamFor a programming assignment about subjectivity mining.
Bruna SchmittUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos SinosApply the FrameNet data in meaning extraction from medical texts
Flora SakketouUniversity of the AegeanI want to use FrameNet data in order to extract word similarities and syntactic relations.

http://Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
Einat KuzaiTel Aviv UniversityThe FrameNet data will aid me in my research on specific VP constructions. In this study I explore, among other issues, how semantic frames of verbs have influenced the evolution of VP constructs to phonologically filled constructions such as discourse markers and formulaic expressions.
Rongtao HuangSoochow UniversityResearch as a data set
Matteo FerrariUNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI PAVIAI have to access data in order to provide examples of semantic annotation for my Corpus linguistics class
gao yuanZhengzhou UniversityI am trying to use it in event extracting.
Gabor SimonEotvos Lorand University BudapestI would like to get frame data of lexical units, in order to solve word sense disambiguation problems, as well as explaining figures of speech, metaphor and metonymy, personification.
Richard SunSingapore University of Design and TechnologyI am doing researches related to target sentiment analysis, and your dataset can help me learn more about the structure of the contexts themself.
dong pingpeking universityI want to build Chinese FrameNet.
Senthil SaivamNoneI am individually trying to find a way to help students understand the language in their text books. I am hoping that frame semantic parse of the sentence can help in understanding complex sentences.
Bohus StaNoneI have just found your approach to natural language processing and understanding and I find it really unique and fascinating. I would like to experiment with it as I think it is really the right approach.
Reka BenczesCorvinus University of Budapestidentify frames associated with figurative words and expressions
Yunqi QiuInstitute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of SciencesI am working on Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs. I intend to learn automatic semantic parsing to harness the problem. I am also interested in Event Extraction.
Alex ChangUniversity of California, BerkeleyI intend on testing out and running ASRLs on Framenet data, then potentially implementing those ASRLs locally on servers
Danielle FaheyUniversity of South CarolinaI plan to use the data to organize my stimuli categorically for my dissertation experiment.

Francisco RodriguesUniversidade Federal do Pernambuco Semantic Parsing (Automatic Semantic Role Labeling).
Shizhu HeChinese Academy of SciencesI will develop frame-based semantic parsing models for question answering.
Willyan CordeiroUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisI want to you it to get how many arguments certain verbs demand. I need this for my final paper research.
Roemil FernandezNoneJust for self learning.
David DeFazioBinghamton UniversityThe ultimate goal is to extract semantic meaning from online messages, to incorporate into a broader model that detects whether a message is considered as cyberbullying.

Jamal Taha University of SulaimaniI want to use for research purposes like finding out Kurdish EFL problems in writing and spoken skills

Ivanka RajhZagreb School of Economics and ManagementI am a member of a research group studying frames for Croatian language, and my focus is marketing. I would like to see how you dealt with marketing concepts in FrameNet.

Edward GaoUniversity of California, BerkeleyIm working as an research apprentice on the ICSI FrameNet project itself, will be using the data to build ASRL packages and evaluate their performance.

Franca TanzerUniversity of Augsburg, GermanyI would like to learn more about Framing. At the moment I try to work out Gay Prides as a frame. Therefore, I would like to know how to frame a gay pride and what its specific lexical units are. With the result of such a linguistic process I would like do understand which problems might occur in terms of the exclusion of certain groups of the LGTBQ Community members, such as People of Color, or those who are handicapped. As well as e.g.homosexual persons who cannot identify with the fancy, always celebrating participants of gay prides.
Rui ZhangDepartment of Mathematics and Computer ScienceAs a lexicon to try a model for distinguish words.
Julian de MourguesUniversitaet StuttgartHello, I intend to write my Master Thesis about Text Generation based on simple attributes and stumbled upon your research of Framing. I found this approach to be very interesting and would like to extend the current state with my personal contribution. This will be mainly focused on the applicance of FrameNet on construction grammar and text generation. I would be glad to contribute on this topic! Best wishes, Julian de Mourgues
Daniel GallardoPeking UniversityI would like to find a way to classiffied Chinese words. I will take FrameNet as a reference.
Derek KoehlUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleWe are working at constructing NLP algorithms that will extract fully-formed semantic relationships from text.
Anna SkorobogatowaHeidelberg Universitysemantic roles for terminology maps
Viviane FoldenHillsborough Community CollegeI am working on a Chatbot project
Tetsuya KogusuriOsaka UniversityTo do research on lexical semantics in English
Cory TaylorCreighton UniversityFor research into non-named entity recognition.
Lang ChenNanyang Technological UniversityI am currently working on a project that tries to apply frame semantics to EAP analysis. In particular, this project aims to identify the dominant frames in research articles and their relations, and to generate a frame-based academic vocabulary list. This research will extend the application of FrameNet to genre analysis by adding to FrameNet some genre-specific frames if there are any and can potentially create a new direction of EAP studies by applying frame semantics to EAP. FrameNet will be used as a reference database to determine the frame-assignment of the LUs that are found to be significantly more frequent in my corpus of research articles than in any other genre. I have a working knowledge of handling relational database and processing linguistic data with Python, so I believe I could put FrameNet to good use. Thank you for your consideration!
Christian ChiarcosGoethe-Universitaet Frankfurt am MainDiscourse Parsing, (implicit) Semantic Role Labelling, semantic parsing (I was registered with my earlier affiliation at University Potsdam, please remove that one)
Pilar de BorbonBeijing Language and Culture UniversityI am writing my thesis about Motion Events expressions in Spanish and Chinese, and I need to compare verbs in motion domain in both languages.
Brian OliveNone now. Recent graduate of University of Central FloridaApplied research, incorporating FrameNet data into dynamic, interactive fiction applications/games. The FrameNet data will potentially provide the underlying framework for system parsing of user/player commands, in turn generating reasonable (semantically accurate) responses (answers to questions, modifying game environment description, etc.).
Shikhar VashishthIndian Institute of ScienceI want to use it for semantic role labeling for my recent project.

Alan RitterThe Ohio State UniversityExploratory Research
rabab boulouchgourENSIASAs a part of my master degree i am working on a project sentiment analysis related
Alison ReboudUniversity of CopenhagenFrame Semantic Parsing for legal cases
Maik HoltzmannHTW BerlinI would like to use the FrameNet data to train a semantic role labeler.

Guangyu LiuState University of New York at BinghamtonI plan to use FrameNet to extract frame semantics of text to help on analyzing the answers for questions.
Alexander ModellUniversity of BristolTo provide semantics for an NLP system fro cyber security unstructured data.
Phillip SandkuehlerHeinrich-Heine-University DuesseldorfIn strive to start a german framenet under supervision of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Ziem we would intend to translate the annotated FrameNet data to German using machine translation. The translated sentences then should be aligned with the source sentences for the purpose of projecting the English annotations to the German sentences.

Kyriakos LiteLa Sapienza University of RomeAnnotation of my data for the Thesis
Andrew HaltermanMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMy research involves extracting political events from text and linking these events with the locations where they occur. I have labeled a large amount of data to use in training statistical models to extract and link location information, and I would like to compare my data and model with FrameNet, since it is the best available data that is similar to mine.

Gilles JacobsGhent UniversityI inted to use it as a resource in event extraction in the economic newswire text domain. "Event Detection Using Frame-Semantic Parser" by Houvy et al. has shown good results in mapping the FrameNet and ACE ontology. Transfer and multitask learning show promising results.

Siddharth KailasamPES UniversityI would like to use it along with NLTK to remove the noise and stem/lexiconize each word (whichever is better), so I can proceed with my work of trying to extract important words from a text, for my project about classifying a given set of questions subject-wise.
Niels WeverUtrecht UniversityWith the Framenet data I intend to identify the different arguments that exist in userstories. With this data I want to generate new (creative) requirements.
Mehdi DaemiRoyan InstituteI want to model perceptual grounding of linguistic concepts.
ya wangBeijing Institute of TechnologyI want to use this data to help semantic role labeling.
Haibin WUThe Polytechnic University of Hong KongMy doctoral dissertation is about metaphorical expressions. I plan to use the FrameNet data to identify frame elements and syntactic patterns.
Zhiyi LuoShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityWe intend to use open-sesame to parse FrameNet frames from sentences, which requires the FrameNet data. Thus, I am writting this application form for requiring the FrameNet data. Looking forward to your reply.

Monica MontesanoUnivesita degli studi di FirenzeI would like to search elemnt connected with the security frame
Tan MinghuanSingapore Management UniversityUse the data to validate some recent models from NAACL 2018.
Laila MoustafaFaculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, EgyptUse frameNet for analyzing application store reviews.
nan shiNoneextract event from internet news

http://URL is still in construction
Premjith BAmrita Vishwa VidyapeethamFor identifying the verb class

Aditya JoshiCSIROWe are participating in a shared task in a workshop at EMNLP related to syndromic surveillance. We wish to use FrameNet as a knowledge base.
Petra SteinerSeminar fuer Deutsche PhilologieMy field of interest is at the interface of syntax and semantics, and largely influenced by Quantitative Linguistics. I am looking for data to test and validate quantitative hypotheses about linking frame structures to language use. One example: Hypotheses: The number of arguments (frame elements) in language use (texts) is inversely correlated to the number of arguments in the lexicon. Therefore, ommisions of obligarory frame elements (null instantiations) and the number of peripherals in use compared to the number of peripheral arguments within the lexicons are counted and compared. I highly appreciate the FrameNet data because it is solid and thorougly checked.
Silvia GarciaUniversity of VigoI would like to classify semantically the nouns in a lexicon I am creating for NLG purposes (people, animals, food, etc.).
Grzegorz A. KLEPARSKIUniversity of Rzeszow, PolandWritin a a monograph. Frame elements.

Alexander WebberUniversity of FloridaI would like to use the FrameNet data to model elementary school students dialogue for use in NLP/NLU tasks.
Barbara BohrHSR Hochschule fuer Technik Rapperswil, SwitzerlandIndividual queries to be used in my classes (communication for engineers)

Jamie LinertUniversity of MinnesotaMy current project investigates how lexical association and plausibility affect the processing of garden-path sentences like "While the man hunted the deer ran into the woods." Data from FrameNet would be used to quantify lexical relatedness in my test materials.
Zhang HengEast China Normal UniversitI want to use FrameNet to experiment with the repeatability of the question and answer system, and I hope to agree.
Meng-Chen WuNational Chengchi UniversityFor my academic research, i would like to build up a chinese semantic role label marker.
Shiping DuanZhongyuan University of TechnologyIntend to compare the frames of English and Chinese
Roger HartleySandia National LaboratoryMarrying a deep learning network to a symbolic reasoning system. The network will transform text material into symbolic structures sufficient to deep tasks like summarization and question answering.
Roeya salhiensiiegoogle
Mehrdad AlizadehUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoI want to use data in order to semantically parse questions in a Question Answering system.
Avijit ThawaniNortheastern UniversityI wish to use it as a knowledge base for retrofitting word embeddings for our ongoing research regarding debiasing embeddings. We work on online physician reviews, extracting relations between gender and other confounders.

Tuhin ChakrabartyColumbia UniversityTo be used for implicit emotion recognition
Daniel LoureiroUniversity of PortoWe arere exploring NLG through replacements on template sentences. One of the current challenges is identifying a set of template sentences, and we believe that the FrameNet dataset may be a useful source of such sentences. Our end goal is to obtain enriched SRL-based information extractions.
Xuhui ZhouSingapore University of Technology and DesignWe want to use FrameNet data to build a graph as common sense to fit in our model to enhance certain model predictive power.
Stella TamSouth China Normal UniversityTo finish my paper on NLP needs datas
Stefanie WegeleCatholic University of Eichstaett-IngolstadtI would like to use the FrameNet data for my Master thesis. I am analysing the newspaper coverage of the EU Referendum in the UK and would like to show that different newspapers tried to influence their readership by using certain words evoking certain frames.
Tamer AliNaamI want to make Arabic FameNet
Achint SharmaThe LNM Institute Of Information TechnologyI want to use it for my research project: Improving coreference resolution using knowledge embeddings
Simon TieThe Chinese University of Hong KongI intend to just use the lemmatization function for a small project that I am doing.
Steffen VanUniversity of CopenhagenTo use it for frame semantic parsing to find similarities in scientific papers.
Elena RomanenkoSaint Petersburg State UniversityThe main goal of the research project is to populate WordNet and RuWordNet resources with additional semantic links suggested in Text-Meaning Theory (by Melcuk I.A. and Zholkovsky A.K.). We suppose, that with the help of the FrameNet at least some of those links could be automatically extracted.
James LawThe University of Texas at AustinI am using frame semantic annotation to track historical semantic change, particularly the development of metonymic relations within frames.
Eugene Kimhankook univ. of foreign studies I am a linguistics researcher and student as a Ph.D course Dept. of linguistics and cognitive science in HUFS. Seoul. Korea. I want to get FrameNet data as a file. xml or sql. html whatever Now I am preparing for a thesis of my Ph.D The title is to construction and making Korean semantic parser for questions and answering system. I will construct of annotated data corpus with the frameNet style using a Frame elements following english sentences as a pair. I know the KAIST team tried to that project early but they did not service website for search a result anymore. and my purpose truly different from theirs. Also, I need English data not Korean one Using a sentence structure of frameNet style, making a analyzer of automatic semantic role labeling. Therefore, it would be possible to use in QA system for more exact sentence analyzing more humanlike. But, the using the data on the web, it only search for the each keywords and it is not good for research for see the whole data or a compare with keywords. Therefore, I ask the FrameNet data.
yifan xuUniversity of California, San DiegoWe try to train a critic model that can evaluate sentences correctness using framenet data in a reinforcement learning sitting.
Manuel Fernandez MendezUniversidade de Santiago de CompostelaTo have information about "transfer" verbs.
Hui ZhaoNanjing Normal UniversityI want to use it to assistant my graduation thesis. I would appreciate it if you can provide the FrameNet data.
Francois PLESSE PLESSECEA LISTI am working on detecting visual relationships on images. Relationship annotations are very incomplete and could be completed by annotating equivalent relationships, such as "man wears shirt" implies "man in shirt". Furthermore, many annotations are available in the form of unstructured natural language, parsing these in the form (subject, predicate, object) is a natural step to make use of this data and using a correspondence with frame allows to reduce noise and label roles of the relationship constituents.
Matthieu BachUniversite Bourgogne Franche ComteRegularly for my PhD works and related contributions

Suraj KelheLovely Professional UniversityI want to do reasearch
Haibing HuangPeking UniversityFor my homework: Studying Knowledge Base about Constructions Powered by FrameNet
Aliaksandr HuminskiInstitute of High Performance ComputingI am going to extract and analyze the semantic roles used in FrameNet

somayeh khodaieshahab danesh univercitymy project is design of contemporary architectural semantic rules of language games based on the aesthetic rules of the formation content in quran so i am interested to.
Mahdi NayebluInstitute of Humanities and Cultural Studies I want to use version 7 of FrammeNet.
fateme nayebluiInstitute for Humanities and Cultural Studieswe are making a framenet website like yours in Persian. we need your guide in developing that.
Igor MelcukUniversity of MonrealTo consult for comparison
yafeng zhanghuanghe science and technology collegedistinguish the fine difference of words in language teaching
Xi XiangyuPeking UniversityI work on SRL and wanna have a knowledge about FrameNet. Propbank and CPB is widly used but I think I should know about FrameNet
Andres CremisiniFlorida International UniversitySemantic similarity research.

Ivan WangShanghai University of finance and economicsUse framenet for verb WSD.
Luiza GhervasUNED, Universidad Nacional a DistanciaI pretend to use FrameNet data to develop my skills and to acquire a high level of the language. Thank you.
Vedic PartapIIT Kharagpurfor open-sesame
Hyung Ju SuhCalifornia Institute of TechnologyI would like to use it to parse semantic statements to LTL logic for the purpose of high-level robotic task planning.
Scott FleischmanNoneI intend to use it for personal research relating to analysis using construction grammar. In the short term, I intend to experiment using the data to analyze the text Alice in Wonderland. In the long term, I hope to use FrameNet data to aid in English translation from analyses of ancient texts in Greek, Hebrew and Latin analyzed in models such as Role and Reference Grammar.

li xueUniversity of International Business and EconomicsFor my final paper of the course Corpus Linguistics
Martino MensioPolitecnico di TorinoTrain and evaluate deep learning models for intent classification (find the correct type of frame) and slot filling (identify the frame elements)

Chao GuGraduate School of DesignUse FrameNet data to build a parser for semantic analysis as a final project for a class
Andre CamoesPolytechnic School of the University of Sao PauloExtracting linguistic features from Winograd Schemas, i.e., ambiguous sentences wherein a pronoum may refer to two or more possible antecedent nouns and whose solution depends on "real-world knowledge" and interpretation of the sentence. The implementation of the FrameNet feature will be as suggested by Altaf Rahman and Vincent Ng (2012) and then integrated into a machine learning algorithm in order to resolve the schemas as reliably as possible.
Richard StephensUniversity College LondonInterested in using FrameNet for a personal research project related to simulating semantic shifts in constructed languages.
Erika BellinghamSUNY at BuffaloI am developing a methodology to determine a distribution of themes/instruments with semantic frames, and I would like to incorporate data from Wordnet and from Framenet, particularly the relation between Lexical Units and Frames in Framenet. This is part of my PhD research: I am investigating the role of Fillmorean frame- type knowledge in production, with the particular goal of testing the hypothesis that speakers are more likely to use multiple predicate constructions to describe events that activate multiple event frames (i.e. some components of the scenario strongly activate one event frame, while other components strongly activate a different event frame). In particular I am considering events in which instruments and themes are strongly associated with distinct semantic frames.
Robert LeeUniversity of Central LancashireMy research is in relation to Sign (and Spoken) Language interpreters and how they perceive (and articulate) their role. In addition, I am interested in how interpreters (and other professionals) frame the concepts around Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and how this affects how CPD is discussed, delivered and explained.
Giacomo BergamiUniversity of BolognaQuery answering from full text, increase precision. Plus, graph query benchmark over large data

Gregory ObrebskiCity University of LondonHello, I am doing my final project in the Data Science MSc at City University in area of neural-symbolic integration. More specifically to solve a problem of common-sense reasoning in NLP. I am not sure if I will use the FrameNet but it is definitely interesting resource and might be useful for building a Knowledge Base in my project. thank you Best regards Gregory
Chris TannerBrown UniversityEvent Coreference Resolution
Gerardo GaliciaEscuela Superior de ComputoIt is a workteam compound of two students and two Phd professors aiming to generate examples of metonymic phrases, then train a classifier and finally test the results by comparing the correct labeled phrases with the human classification (having people labeling the same phrases with no knowledge of the generating and classifing processes).
Per MalmUppsala UniversityI intend to use it for comparative purposes in a presentation of the following tool that does automatic set comparisons:
CHEN GONGUniversity of International BUsiness and EconomicsTo inspire students to learn semantics from a new perspective.
Tongtao ZhangRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTo query some documents with the framenet unit words.
thyago pacherUTFPRDemonstrate how to show class activity
zequn zhanguniversity of sydneyTry to get crime words what i try to recognize the patterns of crime activity

http://the relationship between social media and crime
Alex CalderwoodColumbia University For a class project involving the inference of character relationships in narrative texts.
Yue ZhaoInstitute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciencestry to study the event structure.
vrindavan harrisonUniversity of California Santa CruzI intend to use FrameNet to perform Semantic Role Labeling as part of an Information Extraction - Language Generation pipeline.

moussa hadjerUniversity of Science and Technology of Oran for teaching
Rin SaikyTsinghua eduI intend to identify the synset of each word in a sentence.
eunji leenoneI want to extend the Lexical Units in Framenet
Lu KeZhiBeijing JiaoTong universityI want to use the FrameNet to train my model.
Alexander CalderwoodColumbia University Extracting frames to recreate this paper: 12

Tariq AlhindiColumbia universityClaim Identification in argumentation
IDRISSI ZainabUniversity Mohamed V- Faculty of Education- Rabat- MoroccoI am conducting a research on the acquisition of the polysemous senses of motion verbs. I would like to use the Framenet to capture the many senses of selected motion verbs.
Daniel NakhimovichThe Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and ArtI intend to use the FrameNet data for a project that will transform sentences between passive and active voice.
Lukasz AugustyniakWroclaw University of Science and TechnologyI want to use FrameNet in my sentiment analysis related PhD.
Angeles del Rio CampiUNEDit depends of how it fits with my interest
Biswanath BarikNorwegian Univetsity of Science and TechnologyFor semantic role labeling of event arguments in natural science scientific texts.

Anurag AcharyaFlorida International UniversityI want to use FrameNet data to build an event detection system using frame semantic parser.

Wonhong JangNoneI am preparing my doctoral dissertation, and the subject is building an ontology from text. I would like to use this data for my prototype system.
cheng qian shanghai normal universityWe would like to use the data for my study on analysis of chinese textbook. In general,we would use the linguistic data for searching the synomys of learning verbs and learning skills.And after that ,we evaluate the term frequency in each chapter. Finally,we adopt a algorithm for measuring the index of learning verbs and learning skills. We always pay our highest respect for the knowledge,and will never use the data improperly. Thanks for your time,we would be appreciate if you approve our request. Have a nice day!
Alessia AlbanoUniversity I am curious to discover FrameNet data since I am interested in lexicological and lexicographical topics. Morever I would like to learn how to use it for my linguistics exam
tai hoanguniversity of transport and communicationslearning
Agathe PiersonUniversite catholique de LouvainFirst, I want to extract the causal verbs that have an inherent causal meaning. Secondly, I would like to extract the aspectuo-temporal words. Thirdly, I will have to translate them in French and to see if the meanings match in both languages

Pradip PramanickJadavpur UniversityKnowledge ground for HRI
Paulina PotegaTHE UNIVERSITY OF RZESZoW Dear Sir / Madam, Would it be possible for you to either send or show where I can find the whole list of frame elements that are employed in FRame Net, such as: Time , Agent , Scheduled_time, Explanation etc ? Where can I find them ? Thank you very much Yours faithfully, Paulina Potega
Tal AugustUniversity of WashingtonI am interested in exploring how different frames affect participant engagement with online experiments.

Alban DelamarreFlorida International UniversityGeneration of affective paraphrases for NLP Final Project
Abiy MulugetaAAUtry to use to transfer the semantic relation to Amharic for Amharic Semantic Role Labeling system.
Ram AthreyaArizona State UniversityEntity Summarization
Alonzo SturgisTruckee Meadows Community CollegeAs a community college student, we have determined to shift our focus from occupational skill learning to major research like the study of human lexicon and communication. That is why our team is called Lexicon 2.0. We are intended to dig in many cutting edge lexicons that has been well established and widely used. We will create a curriculum as the team move on, which will be on lexicon and communication.
Eric BiggsCase Western Reserve UniversityI desire to use FrameNet in conjunction with research on Construction Grammar.
Valerie HanokaSorbonne Universites, ParisSee if it is possible to transfer Framenets in different languages in a graph database, in order to test it on some literature corpora.
Feng BojieChongqing UniversityUse it to study natural language processing
Leevi RantalaUniversity of OuluI am going to study it for my Masters Thesis in order to understand different ways of building corpori and lexicons.
Zhou YuUniversity of California, DavisWe intend to use it to help dialog understanding.
Tatiana PopkovaThe Higher School of Economics I need it to look at the distribution of mistakes in English between Italian learners of English and Russian learners of English and look at how Russian and Italian semantic frames affect English of these learners.

Eugene BannNoneWill be exploring how emotions behave, relative to frames. I hope to discover patterns based on what emotion words people say and the associated frames they are within.
Marina PozhidaevaRussian State University of HumanitiesI would like to learn more about frames / semantic labelling
Soo Hyun RyuState University of New Yorktrying to do research about how semantic factor affects human sentence processing (psychology research)
Hengruo ZhangCarnegie Mellon UniversityI plan to analyze the relationship between bitcoin and crime. I need a knowledge base to do some reasoning.
Riccardo PuggiolicollegeTo help my language studies
yu chenComputer Science Department, Shanxi universitybecome framenet more usefull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tanjeb TawhidBielefeld UniversityI am trying to run Frame-Semantic Role Labeling model by Michael Roth for my research purpose.
Chris KedzieColumbia UniversityExploring its use for controllable text generation.
Farhad ShakerinThe university of Texas at DallasTranslating Text to a logical representation like Answer Set Programming and then use it in common sense reasoning
Sai Chaithra AllalaFlorida International Universitya project i am working On requires extracting data from texts and give it as input to a flow chart for a class diagram
Marlene RummelInstitut fuer germanistische Linguistik und SprachgeschichteI am teaching a course in frame semantics for second-year students of German linguistics at our university next semester. I would be very happy to get access to the data in order to show my students how frame semantics can be applied and in which ways FrameNet differs from the German counterpart GermaNet.
Luke RobbinsCase Western Reserve UniersityTo generate a dataset in the Edge2 search engine with help from Red Hen Lab for my final project for my Cognition and Computation class with Mark Turner.
Tianwen JiangHarbin Institute of TechnologyI want to investigate to add background knowledge to relation extraction task, like FrameNet, to help the extraction process.
liao PENGHONG KONG CITY UNIVERSITYdistinguish the semantic roles
Pramati Sudhindra KalwadCarnegie Mellon UniversityWe would use FrameNet to train a model to obtain Subject Verb Object form for Corpus and Query to make an Ontology for a QA system being developed for QuestionAnswering course project.
Forrest GanChangSha CollegeResearch Paper
HARROUZ MouadUSTHBi think it s the best thing i can ever find
Olivier MesnardCEA-LISTWe intend to parse some software engineering domain specific text ( documentation, requirements) to identify predicates to be mapped to software model elements. We intend to use Framenet to build a "generic" SRL tool to perform a first annotation of textes. We plan to correct these annotations and learn the model of a new version of our SRL tool from this specific domain annotated corpus.
Wan SunWuhan UniversityI would like to work on capturing the semantic interaction of pairs of words across arguments and proper argument representation.

Christopher JohnsonNoneI want to compile a list of lexemes that allow DNI
Ayan DasIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, IndiaI am working on development of SRL resources for Indian languages. Since, no data is publicly available we are exploring cross-lingual transfer approaches from other resource rich languages. We reckon that the FrameNet data will be extremely helpful for our research work. We shall be highly obliged if you please let us use the FrameNet data.
Chihyung LiAnkara UniversityI would like to use Chinese FrameNet and Turkish FrameNet for analyzing the frequency and the constructions of the languages (related to motions).
Victor KaneLinguathonApplication to English Language Learning.
Karolina JagodzinskiUniversity of BonnAs a point of comparison for the framing effect of grammatical structures in event descriptions, i.e. event frames.

Daniel HromadaBerlin University of ArtsQuestion answering for an artistic performance.
Tetsumichi UmadaUniversity of Colorado, Boulderwork on hw
Graham MoreheadCloud MedxQuestion answering from medical data to prevent medical errors.
Maria PachecoPurdue UniversityPhD research work on Frame-Semantic Parsing.
Elmar SchafrothHeinrich-Heine-Universitaet DuesseldorfI am running a research project on Italian idioms which I describe according to the methods of Construction Grammar. FrameNet helps me ti better understand what frame elements might be possible. I try to transfer knowledge on frame elements from English to Italian.
Gijoo YangDongguk UniversityFor automatic semantic role labeling of Korean language
Michael McGuireIndiana University and Bucknell UniversityI intend to test FrameNet on a small test corpus of 18th century corpus of Moravian German to do semantic role labeling. Eventually, we hope to make a linguistic corpus available online, in addition to many other features. It is an ongoing project and we are currently in the process of digitizing handwritten text.
Barbara Lewandowska-TomaszczykState University of Applied Sciences in Konin, Polandin the analysis of cross-linguistic lexical and discourse questions
Nuette HeynsNorth West UniversityExpand FrameNet using WordNet
Mingzhi YuUniversity of PittsburghI am taking the Semantics Class and want to approach the task of Semantic slot filling. The state of art model of SF is RNN using the word embedding as the input. However, we do not consider the word embedding have much real semantic information. Therefore, we want to replace the word embedding with the information extracted from the FrameNet. This will let us see how the semantics help in the SF task and compare it the word2vec method.

http://None. Coming Soon
Beau AltenaarUniversity of AmsterdamI would like to use the FrameNet data to enable Semantic Parsing of the target text data of my MA thesis.
Thomas ConleyUniversity of Colorado Colorado SpringsClass work and possible dissertation ideas: Stance Detection, Entailment and Knowledge Representation in Natural Language.
Vladimir VasylenkoNoneAs a hobby, I am teaching myself about linguistics and natural language processing, with the aim of writing programs and designing data structures which can encode, in a language agnostic/neutral way, the semantics of sentences in various languages. I have an idea of how this can be done in an extensible and maintainable way.
Corinna R. KaiserUniversity of Goettingen, GermanyMultilingual, diachronic research of frames related to religion and education.

Damian JimenezThe University of Texas at ArlingtonTrain machine learning models with the intent to leverage frame net information regarding a sentence to classify factual statements and identify constituent parts to possibly answer or verify statements via a structured database of some sort.
Matthew WellsRyerson UniversityI am curious about developing a "lore" generator for digital role- playing games. I would like the game itself, with the assistance of the use, to create short histories, biographies, poems, etc. that reflect the game world.
Anca DumitracheVrije Universiteit Amsterdamcrowdsourcing frame disambiguation
Kate HUNoneI am interested in framenet, so I want to study some concrete examples showing how these sentences organized under frames.
qingfen FanHefei University of Technologyuse the semantic analysis of some words in FrameNet to do textual analysis
Maja GalkowskaUniversity of Szczecin, PolandFor my MA paper I need to identify and analyze frames adapted in online articles.
Alok RanjanRVCEFor labelling data

Maximilian LattkaFriedrich Alexander Universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg in GermanyBachelor Thesis, event extraction/recognition in historical documents
Santosh Kumarindian institute of technologycreating custom data.
Faith AylwardAston UniversityUsing Frame Net to get a better understanding of Frame net annotations and frame semantics in order to carry out my undergraduate dissertation
GUy van den BergNoneI am experimenting with interactive fiction. I will use framenet for language generation.
quanzhi Lialibabause frames and frame relation for event extraction
Dina ElikanUniversity of Lausanne, Switzerland, Faculty of business, department of Information Systemsthe aim is to build an upper-ontology (ie: DOLCE, Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering) And that would be a first step in order to design a visual inquiry tool for helping startup and SMEs All of these are for academic research purposes.
Fatma ArslanUniversity of Texas at ArlingtonTo build a semantic role labeling tool.
Manu BergerTU-ChemnitzEssay on newspaper analysis

Othmane BenkiraneMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyI would like to use it to extract important concepts from literature review and for opinion mining
Aminu ChikaUsmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto NigeriaI would like to teach students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) about Lexical semantics of academic writing.
Tian BaShanxiUniversityFor scientific research
Yong GuanShanxi University For academic research
Emi CesulaThe University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages I intend to study it and apply it to studying my native language: Albanian.
Li KongSoftware InstitutionI hope to see how the words are grouped according to their semantics. I want to do some research on how to extend the current data set within a category with the help of online dictionary. I also want to translate it into Chinese and try other parts of speech.
Miroslav CibulaSchool for Gifted Children and Grammar School in BratislavaTraining semantic parser for question answering
Hui ZhaoNanjing Normal UniversityFirstly,I tend to complete my homework by this programe.Next,I want to figure out the relationship between the word.

Yujuan FengSouthwest Minzu UniversityIn my research paper.
Sheng ChenSouth China Business College, Guangdong University of Foreign StudiesI would like to use it for finding some data for my teaching and research. I am especially interested in collocation.
Liu yihuan Arts Academyfor study
PENG LEIGuilin University of Electronic Technology, Guangxi, ChinaI plan to use it for parsing, and for sentiment analysis.
Florian Richterlimebit UG We aim to develop an algorithmic approach for literature analysis.
Lilla SzaboInstitute of Behavioural Sciences and Communication Theory, Corvinus University of Budapest I intend to explore the significance of the DEMONSTRATION IS WATER metaphor in the framing of the Womens March protest. I also wish to argue that the most relevant means of understanding framing in relation to the media is Frame Semantics as opposed to the countless framing theories that have come to light, i.e. that the mother of framing is on the word level.

Sarah MarkhamKingCollegeLondonTo test my prototype tool for the identification of analogies in clinical trial design.
hongkun liHunan Normal UniversityI want to use the data to learn about the fields of frame semantics so as to have a better understanding of the differences of such concepts as domain, frame, etc. in cognitive semantics. And I want to use the data to do some research in emotion, and I think the data will help me a lot in doing the research of emtotion in terms of frame semantics.
Jamed TuckerGeorg-August-Universitaet GoettingenI am currently working on ancient Semitic Texts, specifically the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran. In my doctoral research, I use Frame Semantics to analyze these texts in the hopes to discern the historical developments of legal language and frames in the Second Temple Era (500 BCE - 500 CE). This process is not only corpus based, that is, how language from the Hebrew Bible is used to evoke a frame, but how legal interpretation is involved in the process in the Qumran texts, and then to the Mishnah, and Talmud. So, my interest is to learn how the database is structured so I can then build my own database with my corpus.

Pietro SchenoneCivica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori Altiero SpinelliResearch about semantic frame. I also teach classes on Lexicology and on Lexicography at postgraduate level and I would like to give examples to my students.
Maja PejcicAristotle University of Thessaloniki, GreeceAs a reference point in Greek verb thematic structure research
Karin HarbuschUniversity of Koblenz-LandauI want to use it in the course "Intoduction to Computational Linguistics". Moreover, I might use in our Generation program that teaches German Grammar
Lei GaoTexas A&M UniversityUse as a feature in event relation
Mason WolffJohns Hopkins UniversityFinal project is a question answering system. Looking for semantic parsing techniques to improve results.
Jan GlorieuxCLL, language institute or schoolFor research, maybe leading to a different approach of language (vocabulary) teaching, or presentation of vocabulary...
Gabriel BrasilinoPontifical Catholic University of Rio de JaneiroI intend to use it for tracing the words, categories, discourses mobilized in the official discourse of Phillipine War on Drugs. I want to map the official discourses circulated in Philipinian media during Duterte electoral campaign in 2015-2016. To understand how the drug trafficker is constructed as enemy, threat for national security.
Xiao LiuBeijing Institute of TechnologyTo analysis how can I use FrameNet in information extraction research.
DENDI SUHUBDYUniversite de MontrealResearch
Pierre-Yves ModicomUniversite Bordeaux MontaigneI intend to use FrameNet (and German FrameNet) data first in order to have a modal to work with for my own research in lexical semantics from a discourse-analytical perspective, and second, in order to present concrete applications of Frame Semantics in my linguistics classes.
Quan YuanBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications I want to use the data to guide my model to learn about the event structure of my dataset so that I can search more event pattern via my model.
Natalie AhnUniversity of California, BerkeleyI am interested in incorporating FrameNet into an event extraction project for social science research.

Chris EcclesSt Andrews UniversityFrameNet will be used to assist a text classification program. It is hoped that FrameNet will help rectify the inadequacy of the word sense model.
yuanyuan qiBeijing University of Post and TelecommunicationI want to use it as baseline to analsis my clustering methods
Termi NemoNoneText mining in publications
Jeremy YangUniversity of New MexicoFormal representation of drug indications. This paper is relevant: Formalizing drug indications on the road to therapeutic intent, SJ Nelson et al., J Am Med Inform Assoc 2017, doi: 10.1093/jamia/ocx064.
Jennifer Chu-CarrollElemental CognitionWe hope to leverage FrameNet frames and annotated data to help with building semantic representations from natural language texts.
Pierluigi MiragliaVolley - volley.comInduce a concept graph model from text
Pooyan BalouchianUniversity of Central FloridaWorking on Sentiment Analysis and would like to access FrameNet to use the data for training my model.
Pablo SotresUniversidad Autonoma MetropolitanaResearch about semantics frame
Stefan DumitrescuResearch Institute for A.I.I intend to develop an Information Extraction system and I would like to evaluate FrameNet in its context.
Austin Kent MooreUniversidad de SevillaI am interested in how the frame evoked by a base can impact the productivity of certain affixes.
zhang hailongNonelearn
Sara Hernandez VieraUniversidad de Las Palmas de Gran CanariaI want to search for the definition of some Spray/Load verbs.
Niyati MazumderTCSText cluastering
Mitchell HarterThe Hartware Company, Inc.Using documents from known truthful sources create data sources that can be used to judge documents presented to it.

http://Under Construction.
Li ZhongyangHarbin Institute of TechnologyI want to expand the event triggers for in event extraction tasks on the ACE 2005 EE corpus.
William LakeGeorgia State UniversityMay I request the English and Spanish FrameNet data in a database or CSV format? A Georgia State University Spanish grammar researcher (by the name of Oscar Moreno) and I wish to perform research on the relative degree of verbs in English and Spanish that take direct objects. We hope to use the FrameNet data as an a priori source of data about all the verbs we can get before querying parallel corpora in both languages. With this data, we will be able to teach Spanish grammar more efficiently to our Spanish language learners. Thank you and have a good evening!
Lane LawleyUniversity of RochesterI am doing research that involves frame learning from various natural sources, and FrameNet provides good ground truth data about correct frames. I am also working on a course project that involves question answering, and I would like to use the FrameNet data to run experiments to hopefully improve the semantic parsing model used in SEMAFOR.

Amit RohanAbyeti TechnologyI am trying to build an AI bot at an beginner level. I would like to experiment with Speech Recognition so as to make the BOT feel as real as possible. Once this is done, will probably start with making modules to extend the functionality to both Software/Hardware needs
Michael JohnsonUniversity of Texas at Dallasderive knowledge from wikipedia articles
Ivelina StoyanovaInstitute for Bulgarian LanguageAlign with BulNet (Bulgarian Wordnet), use complex frame and thematic role information from multiple resources to model morphosemantic (derivational and semantic) relations; verb frame analyses for the purposes of syntactic parsing, etc.
Lee ChristensenUniversity of UtahI would like to explore the possibility of using FrameNet data as part of the knowledge used by our own semantic parser, Moonstone.

Zeng YiquanWuhan UniversityFor study and I want to know more about FrameNet data.
Wolfe OteUniversity of the Philippines MindanaoThis is for our research in language and how its meaning evolve through generation.
Evan KeatsVictoria UniversityInvestigating the use of semantic information for improving the accuracy of the centering algorithm for anaphora resolution.
Milica IoanAlexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, RomaniaI would like to receive permission to use the description of the frame Cooking_creation in a scientific article in order to compile a frame-based grammar of culinary recipes. More precisely, in culinary recipes, under the core element COOK, regardless of language, certain types of grammatical subjects are systematically being used: you, I, we. The non-core elements such as the INGREDIENTS usually reveal direct objects expressed by nouns, whereas other non-core elements reflect the circumstances of cooking: duration, time, place, and the cooking instruments used to prepare the food. In my opinion, the culinary recipes provide the adequate means to argue that the grammar of recipes unveils is cognitively driven, in the sense that it is guided by the frame that underlies the production of the text.

Johannes ZweimuellerUniversity ViennaI m working on a holistic model of cognitive online semantics and want to see, how much this could be grounded on the notation manner of the framenet.
Samuel LaferriereUniversite de MontrealFirst of all, I want to see the data for myself, to appreciate the work that was put into it and be even more in awe of Fillmores work. Other than this, I have 2 use cases in mind. The first is in the context of the NLG course I am currently taking (not sure yet how it could apply, so I want the data to play with it). The second is in the context of Patrick Winstons Genesis system. He is currently using the Katz START parser to parse simple english into case frames, and would like a more robust parser to deal with more complicated english sentences, so I am hoping that the FrameNet database could help me with this task.
alapan kuilaindian institute of technology kharagpurTo design a system for event extraction in Indian language To make a training corpus for event extraction for Indian language
Herli de MenezesUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJIintent to use FrameNet data in order to perform a semi automatic identification of text polarization from arguments of verbs
Thomas AndersonNaval Postgraduate SchoolTo inform a semantically described conceptual models.
su wangThe University of Texas at AustinResearch project in lexical semantics of action verbs.

Steve CormanArizona State UniversityEvaluate its usefulness for a project to detect framing (rhetorical, not linguistic) in unstructured text.

Shasha LiTongji UniversityI would like to use the data to extract information, do machine translation und natural language processing studies.
Katrien BeulsVrije Universiteit BrusselTo aid grammar development in the Fluid Construction Grammar framework.
Sutanu ChaudhuriGeorgia TechI am working on writing a bot which would be able to do wide range of smoke testing
King Ip LinBaylor University We want to explore automatically labelling sentences with framenet. Right now, there are example sentences for each frame, and we would like to use that data for learning and to develop a technique of using machine learning to assign various senetnece to various entries in a frame.
Bjorn SkagenUniversity of Bergen, NorwayI want to develop software within Natural Language Processing and Language teaching based on Frame Semantics.
Talal WehbeHoly Spirit University of Kaslik , USEKTo write XML files forEnglish, Arabic, and French. To translate, and do termonological research.
Cong ZhangBogoo Co.ltdDependency Data for the third-party tool.
Marnie WilliamsKent State University To complete required course work.

http://9698 Lisbon Rd
walter ianniniuniversita di Pisaon a project, trying to do sentiment analysis plus stance detection
Bofin BabuCloudSek InfoSecAt this point of time, for experimental purpose. I am trying out and understanding the CoNLL SRL task.

jinghua huaxinhua zhiyun companyevent extract from news
Peiying ZhangBeijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsI want to conduct a experiment in computing sentence similarity based on word similarity using FrameNet.
I-Ta LeePurdue UniversityDisambiguate word senses in my event embedding models.
Andrei SuiuIASI-AIDo research on potential usage in Question Answering systems

Breno William CarvalhoUniversidade Federal FluminenseFrameNet is a rich source of semantic abstraction that seem useful in Natural Language Understanding. I intend to explore this potential and find out how to use it in my ongoing research
wang jianAnhuijianzhu CollegeI am learning nature language processing and Information Extraction now I need a perfect data to train my study project
Garrett BoastNoneHobby project for understanding natural input from users via a chat bot, to facilitate information retrieval, via storing facts, object descriptions, modal logic, and other reasoning data within a graph database
John JoyNoneTesting out the feasibility of a hobby project Im currently working on
Hector MachorroSan Jose State UniversityOne of the assignments in my graduate program requires me to use semantic frame theory to analyze a set of English words. Access to FrameNet will help me determine what those frames are.
Eric EpsteinRochester Institute of TechnologyI intend to develop an algorithm to rewrite sentences based on syntactic features.
rosy wangNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronauticsit is related to my graduation thesis and I promise it would not be used for business purpose.
ADAN BELTRAN GOMEZUniversidad Autonoma Barcelona Validation of elements on norms, construction of corpus on norms in legal contexts

ALAIN POLGUEREATILF, CNRS, UNIVERSITE DE LORRAINE, NANCY, FRANCEI intend to use FrameNet data firstly as a resource for my MA NLP course "Lexical databases" (erasmus mundus international program). A second application with be in the context of my own research on large-scale lexical networks (called "Lexical Systems"). Soon to be moved to
Bi PengSchool of International Studies, Zhejiang UniversityI intend to study the acquisition process of word semantics for ESL students with the data.
Min SongYonsei Univ.Not sure yet. But want to use it for Text Mining projects.
Raunaq VohraCognitiveScaleExplore the dataset for a hobby NLP project
Kamal RahmaniUniversity of OtagoI conduct Corpus Linguistics using SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation. I need to feed the SAS software with dictionaries in order to define my variables according to group of words. I have used General Inquirer Dictionary several times, and now I am wondering if I can use your dictionary for this purpose as I need new groups of words that I cannot find in Inquirer. My methodology article has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Tourism Research (A plus level).
Mikhail SokolovIgor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic InstituteLong Short Term Memory networks for the Natural Language Understanding
Frank XuShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityUse it to do open domain event extraction as a external knowledge source.
Uliana StrelbitskaLviv University, UkraineBy an advice
Daniel KeefeStony Brook UniversityTo Whom it May Concern, I am working developing a statistical based deep approach to AI development for my research class. Using weighted values on similar frames will hopefully train the system to learn similarities. Any resources would be of use to my studies and I would greatly appreciate the Framenet data. Best, Daniel

http://1084 Russell Street
He TanJonkoping UniversityUse it as a lexicon to understand software requirements document
David GerdingWordbahn LLCWe are a startup working on reading apps.
Tom LaiIntralogueWe are trying to explore and research the possible solution in understand complex / multi questions conversation and would like to use FrameNet for automatic labelling of data.
Lisa FanNortheastern UniversityOur primary objective is abstractive summarization. We intend to use a multi- tasking framework with semantic parsing as the training task. We would like to use FrameNet as the semantic parsing dataset.
Adam FidlerBrigham Young UniversityCome to a greater understanding of natural language processing by investigating corpora.
Walid HassanAl-Alsun Faculty - Ain Shams universityto analyse web data and get out the frame of certain words in it.
MEIHAN TONGTsinghua UniversityI want to write a paper about Event Identification task.Thus,I would like to use this corpus to improve the performance of my model.This corpus has been proved quite useful by a paper published in ACL last year.
Andy GreenNoneTo automatically assign semantic roles to elements of a parsed utterance. For a demo of the working system using an old version of FrameNet, see
Ananjay Kumar SinghIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee IndiaI intend to use FrameNet data as labeled data for improving my Automatic Semantic Role Labeling algorithm.

Florent PerekUniversity of BirminghamOur project seeks to compare and match the valency information recorded in FrameNet with the COBUILD Grammar Patterns, focusing in particular on verbs. We aim to extract triplets of verb, semantic frame, and syntactic pattern from the FrameNet data, and match them to the patterns of Collins COBUILD Grammar Patterns 1: Verbs (Francis et al. 1996). We will look at quantitative information about the agreement between the two databases and their respective coverage. We will also investigate two ways in which these resources could complement and benefit each other. First, linking patterns to the FrameNet frames provides a convenient and theoretically motivated way of achieving the long-sought addition of a semantic dimension to the patterns of COBUILD. Conversely, some of the verb classes defined by their occurrence in the COBUILD patterns can help highlight relations between frames that are not recorded in FrameNet.
Peter VojtasCharles UniversityYou can see it best in work of my students, thesis I supervised, I intend to use your data in further thesis (main idea is to interact with -My PhD student Jan Dedek developed software czsem, see at -My master student Dominik Fiser developed software semanticAnotator, see at -My PhD student Ivo Lasek contributed to EU project LinkedTV, thesis on NEDisambiguation, see linkedin ivolasek
Daniel JachFriedrich Schiller University of JenaI would like to use FrameNet to annotate corpus data and then to compare type token frequency distributions of frame elements across my and FrameNet data.
Eric KrugerThe University of New MexicoI am interested in using FrameNet to understand compositional semantics in therapy (clinical psychology) sessions or responses related to therapy types of questions (i.e. open ended questions that invoke metaphor e.g. "what is your pain like?" This research would be part of my dissertation research. The research theory I used is called relational frame theory ( which appears similar to a computational linguistics understanding of language.
Omer ArshadUntangle solutionswe need to compare two sentences if they are semantically equal
Michael JamesUS Department of StateTo identify personality characteristics and decision framing from written language.
E. Dimitris KitisUniversity of the WitwatersrandI want to use the FrameNet data to classify a large amount of noun, verb and adjective collocates that I have collected according to semantic domains.

Li RuiliangCangzhou Computer Industry AssociationNatural Language Generation and natural Language Understanding.
Daniel HershcovichHebrew UniversityI intend to develop a FrameNet semantic role labeler
Kevin StoweUniversity of ColoradoIm using it to update our SemLink resource which provides mapping from VerbNet to FrameNet and PropBank. Our current resource maps from VN 3 2 to FN1 5 and both have new versions so it needs to be updated. I currently only have a download of FN 1 5. I can interface with 1 7 via NLTK but Ive noticed it doesnt strictly match the data available through the search on this site. Thanks Kevin Sorry for the grammar this text box wont let me include punctution
Younggyun HahmKAISTNow I am researching Korean FrameNet and parser. English FrameNet data would be a great resource for me and my research progress.
Kazuho KambaraKyoto UniversityI would like to use FrameNet data to see an interaction between verb-frame and noun
Dominic SchaeferFriedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-NurembergI want to examine the usefulness of Frame Semantics in depicting and teaching the meanings of polysemous words and compare frames to word fields in bilingual thematic dictionaries, which are widely used in higher years at school.
Thomas HaiderMax Planck Institute for Empirical AestheticsStudy on the distance of domains in source-target metaphors.

Polina SoninaNational Research University Higher School of EconomicsI intend to study the FrameNet xml standart for my term paper on developing such format for russian language data.
Ashvanth VPEC ChandigarhInterested in analyzing native language with the translations provided in English and the framenet support for it.
Richard BaxterBaxter AIFrame/semantics R&D
Matthew LewisMichigan Aerospace CorporationDeveloping a NIH-funded NLP system for answering specific, technical questions about medical texts.
Kudzai MundawararaSemanticWorksSemantic relation extraction.
Muhammad ArslanYildiz Technical Universitylearning Python.
Algirdas LaukaitisVilnius Gediminas Technical UniversityTry to map between FrameNet and SUMO ontology
shlok mishraBIT MesraFor semantic role labeling.
Kirk RobertsUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonWe are planning to build a medical FrameNet and would like to reference the original FrameNet for help in design.

Carina JimenezUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoI will add a few credited examples to my thesis work.
Shi NancyJiangnan UniversityI would like to use the Framenet data to provide a technical support for my thesis.
Carlo AlvaPontificia Universidad Catolica del PeruTry to use yo identify a word in spanish in my spell-checker
Aakash SaxenaUniversity of ColoradoInvestigating FrameNet project for association among different frames.
Andrew EdmondsDr Andys IP LtdI want to understand how this data might be used to improve the creation free form Bots and simplify the editing process. This is purely speculative at this stage, but your resource looks likely to be useful as a reference in the bot creation process.
Yaocheng GuiSoutheast University, Nanjing, ChinaWe intend to use the lexical units as the seeds of a relation extraction system.
Noah AllaireThe University of New MexicoI intend to use the data to investigate research questions and to develop curriculum on lexical semantics.

Ricardo LimaEscola superior de desenho industrial. ESDI UERJI am researching the uses o the concept of frames in my doctorate on conceptual metaphors in infographics.
marinos giannoukakisde montfort universitynatural language processing in real time performance environments. description and representation of scenes for narrative generation.
Li SongNanjing Normal UniversityThe FrameNet data will be used as a reference for analysis of Chinese Predicate Frame.
Lidong BingTencent Inc.I have a plan of building a Chinese version of FrameNet, and share it to this research community. Although some researchers are doing similar thing, I have not seen any released data for downloading to the researchers in this community. In addition, I may thoroughly extend some specific domain, say commerce_buy to buying activity of E-commerce users. By doing this, this version of FrameNet will have much wider utilization scenarios.
Chien-Lin HuangNoneIt is new and popular knowledge database. Thank you.

Nanjiang JiangStanford UniversityI am trying to find the objects for each sense of transitive verbs from the example sentences.

Fred LamNoneTry to test if it may be used in developing non-profit religious chatbot
Vishnu MohanNational Institute of Technology, CalicutI wish to develop a framework for the processing of natural language, with the added component of emotional filtering, to replicate the human thinking process, within a digital system. FrameNet data in specific, would help me to get a layout for the arrangement and structuring of predicate variables, within any sentence of the language, i wish to process.
Fernanda ChapadoLeibniz University of HannoverI am researching for a term paper on Semantics, more specifically Frame Semantics. I am studying the different occurrences of the term "friend" in everyday, colloquial usage.
Safdar HussainInnovative SolutionsI will use FramNet for question and answer type detection
Joscef TrinidadDe La Salle UniversityInformation Extraction relating to PCI DSS.
Geetanjali AgarwalMIT ManipalI am looking at premon ontology for my interest in RDF. I am trying to use premonitor for which i require this data.
ChangHwa LeeKorea Advanced Institution of Science and TechnologyI am trying to build knowledge extraction module with FrameNet data.
Hitesh GolchhaIndian Institute of Technology PatnaFor Coreference Resolution
Nathan FosseHarvard UniversityI aim to use FrameNet to improve on the classification of large-scale text in the social sciences. Typically sociologists have used topical analysis to classify verbatim text (what was literally said) while our social scientific aim is to understand and to classify what is "actually" said (the implicit meaning). Sociology, influenced by Irving Goffman, has used the construct of "frames" in ethnographic research, but to my knowledge, no sociologist has applied linguistic FrameNet analysis to the analysis of in-depth interviews. Using a unique sample of 357 transcripts of interviews with American teenagers, I examine the degree of belief in God using FrameNet analysis. Before using these data, I aim to use the FrameNet Data and documents to learn and to fully implement these techniques. The manuscript (based on a book of the same interviews) will be submitted for publication in a major sociological journal, contributing to longstanding critiques by participant observers that qualitative, in-depth interviews cannot yield implicit assumptions and tacit knowledge.
paras kut dallastrain Ml for info extraction
Dina DjurdjevicThe University Of Philologyto study for the exam
Gessica MartiniDurham UniversityI would like to use the frame theory for the analysis of folktales. Specifically, I like to select potential frames in the folktales texts and looking for potential frames relations. The finality of using FrameNet data is bringing new insight into my PhD thesis.

Ayush BankaZscoreParsing
Chen Chong RuNation Taiwan Normal University do research
Jordan BrownUniversteit van AmsterdamMy masters thesis involves using NLP and corpus linguistics to look for narrative elements within a narrative text, then transforming the text in certain ways based on those found narrative elements. If I would be able to use the FrameNet data, I enrich the text more than anything Ive worked with so far, given the extent of the documentation.
Lalit Mohan sanagavarapuInternational Institute of Information TechnologyWe plan to use it for testing completeness of StackExchange Q&A

Lucas DalUniversidade Estadual de CampinasI intend to use for my reasearch about pregress topic on discourse of alzheimer patient

Blanda MelloUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos SinosPara analise de vinculacao textual em textos medicos
Diego PinheiroUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos SinosTecnologias de processamento de linguagem natural como apoio ao diagnostico clinico.
Dmitrii PavlolvMoscow State University of TeachingSearch frame material
Ali SeyfiGeorge Washington UniversityAs part of feature engineering for event detection
Gorky AbrolNoneTo try creating a learning chatbot.
Loic BoizouVytautas Magnus UniversityAdapt semi-automatically FrameNet for languages of different Northern Europe families and compare main relations between cases and frame elements.
Fatima Zohra DahaUniversity of HoustonI would like to explore the format of FrameNet data to understand the output provided by SEMAFOR, since this later has been trained by frameNet data.
Alexander PanchenkoUniversity of HamburgFor evaluations of frame induction.

HaiXiang ZhanGuangdong Ocean UniversityI would like to use your data to develop a dependency parser.As a fan of Natural Language Understanding,I just want to use Frame Semantics to study Natural Language Understanding.
Meltem AYABAKANAnkara UniversityI am a doctoral student of linguistics department in Ankara University. I study collocation for my phd dissertation so I want to use FrameNet in my works.
Zainab HabasTelecom ParisTechFor our final year project, we are going to use machine learning to associate natural language to gestures. We intend to use the FrameNet data and extract frames using SEMFOR (a parser), algorithms of clustering and obtain image scheams.
Thomas LakeAmazonPure research.
CHRISTOPHER LINESNONETo browse the data for curiosity
Yaninyan SrunavasSavitribai Phule Pune University To build a Hindi corpus with frame semantic annotations for the domain of bio-medical and healthcare
Yash PatelIIIT H, IndiaFor generating Synthetic dataset for images.
Ben EyalBen Gurion University of the NegevAs part of my thesis, I intend to use it with Michael Roth s PathLSTM tool to run frame SRL on English sentences, and use the results to help derive a frame SRL tool for Hebrew.
Kathrin Dr. SteyerInstitut fuer Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, GermanyI would like to lern something about the Frame Entries for our corpus-based investigaton of multi-word patterns and collocations and corpus-based lexicography.
Jaap MurreUniversity of AmsterdamWe want to use it in de development of a ChatBot that is directed towards the elderly, in the ELCID Project ( ELCID stands for ELderly Centered Interactive Device. It is a research project at the University of Amsterdam by Prof. Jaap Murre and Prof. Richard Ridderinkhof. ELCID will be a speech-based platform intended to support elderly people in various ways. The system will also be able to monitor cognitive aging and implement interventions to counteract cognitive decline.
tal baumelBen Gurion UniversityI want to run PathLSTM
Pedro AmericanoEscola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao PauloWe plan to use FrameNet on the scope of the Winograd Schema Challenge. The research me and my colleague are doing intends to create an algorithm capable of understanding and differentiating the so called twin phrases, on which two nearly-identical sentences, both with an ambiguous pronoun (meaning its identity cannot be attributed by mere correspondence on degree and gender), only differ on the identity of the pronoun. The goal is that the machine will be able to correctly identify said identity. For this, one of the methods on the literature consists of performing a query on which the subject and the object of the action are substituted by the linguistic subject and object of the verb. For instance, in the phrase John killed Jim because he was angry, the correct identity of the ambiguous pronoun he is John (John was angry) and we would use your tool to automatically substitute John and Jim for the murder and the victim, respectively. For the sake of completeness, one example of twin phrases we would need to treat is: 1) Google bought Motorola because they rich, and 2) Google bought Motorola because they are smaller. We would them use your tool to substitute google for buyer and Motorola for product, or any other correspondence that your API could offer us.
Natalia FrancoFederal University of PernambucoI want to model children vocabulary to build a semantic parser.
Matt SiegelmanMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyI am working on a poetry generator

Maria CruzUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisI intend to use it for personal purposes in extracting information about the English language that could help my understanding of English.
Prashant BhushanAdi Shankara Institute Of Engineering & Technology Build a customer support chat agent
Priscilla Goncalves LancaFEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF MINAS GERAISI am going to use it for semantic activities at college
Juyeon KangPROMETILIn a framework of a R&D project, we try to automatically extract semantic role of each element from the technical requirements written in Natural Languages.
Paul RinckensTechnische Universitat BerlinFor my Master s Thesis in the field of Ontology Learning
Gunther KaltenboeckUniversity of Vienna, AustriaFinding out more about the theory and application of FrameNet and extracting sample data.

Francesco Del DuchettoSapienza, University of RomeI want to use it in order to extract relations btw objects and subject in sentences and be able to understand the type of relation

http://NLP course final project
mahmoud hossein zadehhacettepe university I use the data for categorization of social media behavior. for example, information dissemination is a social media behavior. we will try to detect this by FrameNet.
Mario Magued MinaUniversidad Complutense de MadridI intend to use it for the purposes of automatic metaphor detection.
Laly Bar-IlanInspire A.I.I want to use frame information as features for learning algorithms doing NER and other labeling tasks.
Oliver CzuloUniversity of LeipzigCreate an annotation instance in WebAnno to annotate multilingual data with frames.
Cecilia SilvaifspI intend to use the FrameNet as a semantic object of study.
Jeremy DohmannHarvard UniversityUse it to generate natural language texts using Systemic Functional Grammar
Lucy AtienoNoneFor research in environmental communication
Enrico TorreNone, previously Lancaster Universitycorpus analysis

http://lancaster.academia/edu/Enrico Torre
Natia ZardiashviliTbilisi State UniversityCurrently I am working on my MA thesis about Socio-cultural and political frame analysis. FrameNet data can provide a great help for my research.

http://nutsubidze plateu IV
Lingling XuHuaqiao UniversityI will use the data in my paper writing, which concerns more about the research on linguistics.
Evangelia SpiliopoulouCarnegie Mellon UniversityIn my research project for Event Detection
DAYSE KAMIKAWACHIDayse Simon Landim KamikawachiI intend to use framenet as a resource in the development of chatbot
Nicholas FitzGeraldUniversity of WashingtonI am working on the Frame Semantic Parsing.
Yunyan ZhangUniversity of Chinese Academy of SciencesUse the FrameNet data to improve the performance of event detection task in ACE.
Salirick AndresUniversity of the PhilippinesI want to learn more about Frame Net. I encountered frame semantics in my Language and Cognition course and I became very much interested.
N MhnprstOlum o tahghighatI want to use the framenet data for writting my thesis.
Jona SassenhagenUniversity of Frankfurt, GermanyI intend to compare FrameNet to WordNet and W2V in the context of online sentence processing.
Stephen EmetBrown UniversityFor my dissertation I am researching Null Complement Anaphora, and looking for corpus examples involving "definite null instantiation" as it is tagged in FrameNet.
Normunds GruzitisUniversity of LatviaWe are using FrameNet frames and FEs in the development of Latvian FrameNet.
Joseph ZhangZhejiang universityDoing research on social behavior analysis based on social media data
atit toppoxabier college ranchito learn more about the work of this field
Dorothy SlaterUniversity of Louisiana at LafayetteComing from a background in linguistics, I am conducting research into the beliefs of differing groups of educational stakeholders, and want to use FrameNet to explicate the possible opposition of frames in use between these groups which may be contributing to administrative failures. This research may also elucidate the nature of educational power hierarchies as it relates to race, class, and gender, and help educational leaders and policy makers in the future, especially as it relates to marginalized populations.
Ian-Woo KimUpHere, Inc.We want to extract event information from news data for financial industry and classify entities and event types for further information processing. Semantic role labeling will be crucial for this process. and FrameNet will be a great basis for our task.
zahra hosseiniIslamic azad universty, science and research branchwe would like to use FrameNET in our PHD program on Persian-English MT system to improve NER and WSD. Thanks in advance.
Mark TurnerCase Western Reserve UniversityWe use FrameNet for many purposes, as documented at . We have obtained a license before (see "steen" on the Users page on your site) but do not know how to demonstrate that we have such a license. Do you keep an official list of those who hold a license? Do you send some official email? Thanks! Best regards, Mark Turner, Co-director, Red Hen Lab Chair, International Advisory Board, NewsScape Library of International Television News Institute Professor and Professor of Cognitive Science 607 Crawford Hall 10900 Euclid Avenue Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH 44106 216-744-0571
Patrick CameronGraduate of the University of Waikato, New ZealandHello, and thank you for this opportunity. I have created a computer program that will serve as the means to explore artificial intelligence through concept creation. The program already uses rudimentary frames to identify subjects and patterns in discourse, and then launches another algorithm based upon the pattern detected. When frames are detected a table is created, this table is then used as a unique identifier via a score, forming a concept signature in my concept schema. Ultimately I would like to be able to distinguish and compare concepts in a meaningful manner. I think the data in FrameNet will be most valuable to me if I can integrate that into my application. I look forward to receiving the source code if available, and data for your program. I am using visual c plus plus express 2005 with the 2003 Microsoft SDK, and SQL. I have currently successfully integrated Wordnet and Link Grammar with my program and I am hoping and quite sure that FrameNet will add the further dimension it requires for concept creation and word sense disambiguation.

Darko PuflovicFaculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis, SerbiaTo apply a new approach for detecting similarity in sentences.
Katherine TysonSt Antonys College, University of OxfordTaking a class on this with Oxford and they are teaching us frame net, so this is to be determined depending on how the data is kept
Fang LiChinese Academy of Sciences, National Science LibraryI am doing research on semantic relation extraction in biomedical field. I would like to use the FrameNet data to acquire some synonyms and support the role of predicates features. Thanks a lot.
Hirofumi SakaiKyoto UniversityIn my research, when I want to know the verb frame, I utilize this Net.
Agnes BatoUniversity if Szeged, Faculty of ArtsAs a graduate student of Early Modern English Literature, I am interested in the use of mirror, glass and looking glass as metaphors that relatte to cognition and the formation of subjectivity. As opposed to the resemblance-based understanding of the metaphor (including the idea of relflection), I am interested in exploring and describing the aspect of mutual interrelatedness of subject and inner/outher reality, that defines mirror as a mind tool of the extended mind, epitomizing the embeddedness of mental operations. I would like to use FrameNet to search for the frames and data relating to cognition and subjectivity, and I would also like to contribute to the building of the database if I can as creating a framework for intersubjectivity. I have been dealing with describibg the mirror as a meta-metaphor, a framework for metaphorical thinking on the basis of the cognitive metaphor theory of Lakoff and Johnson (1980) and Kovecses (2002). I have accessed several times MetaNet as well, and I would like to contribute to that too.
Davide GentileAlma mater studiorum University of BolognaI intend to use the FrameNet data for academic purposes. My final bachelors thesis is a report on FrameNet.
Senthil NathanLangscapeHi, We are a translation company in India and currently in the process of setting up an NLP lab to develop machine translation tools for English to Indian languages, to be used for both commercial and non-commercial basis in the future. We like to use FrameNet as a part of the development process. Please send us the download links and other documents. Also, guide us if any commercial use of FrameNet breaches any copyright. I have the license, yet wanted to confirm that we can use it for commercial purpose.
hussain alawyCollege of Computer Science and Information TechnologyI need it to use it in my program for Retrieval Models.
xuan shengxiangenxwaygive AI as a human psychology performance. first I want use this in a video game.after that it will apply in BIG_DATA analysis.
Nathan MoserIndiana Wesleyan UniversityI read Biblical Frame Semantics by Shead.
Bo-Goran BernheimNoneMy quest is to design a general metamodel. Previously, I have created conceptual models by concepts analysis of Scientific theory and Mathematics. The third challenge is Language. I have been searching for an approach that I had in mind, and FrameNet seem to be the closest to that that I have found. Maybe FrameNet will give me a readymade model, otherwise I will try to make one. From these three models, and some readymade as the ABC Ontology and the Frisco framework, I will try to create a general metamodel. I received the error below even if I did not use anything else. Please use only ASCII characters and basic punctuation
Christina ShindinaMoscow State Linguistic UniversityThis project will be useful for my research in the field of construction grammar. I would like to study the flexibility of various constructions in English.
Ida SalernoUniversityI want to use the FrameNet data to deepen the Italian Framenet studies
Varsha JoshiUniversity of California Santa CruzI am working on a project which deals with dialogue coherence. Our focus is on sentence generation models. We aim to use FrameNet data along with other dialogue datasets to check coherence of the generated response.
Nishant ShuklaUniversity of California, Los AngelesWe are researching ways to ground visual input into language for robotics. We want to see if FrameNet can help bootstrap common sense contextual information for scene understanding. Specifically, we want to develop a Learning from Demonstration (LfD) solution using language and vision jointly.
ROHIT MISHRAIndian Institute of Information Technology AllahabadFrame net needed for Information extraction in Dialogue System

Steffi MonteiroTSEC, bandraI intent to find frames to use that for ontology population project for my M.E. project.
Yuguang MengShenyang Aerospace University,ChinaTo do a SRL
Bryan BuschnerPennsylvania State UniversityI am investigating the recruitment websites of various companies starting with Japanese companies who hire foreign workers to teach English. I became interested in frame semantics through interaction with Dr. Ning Yu, a researcher on conceptual metaphors in English and Chinese. I am interested in how your databases set up frames for business and recruitment interactions as well as virtual interactions.
Adhiguna KuncoroCarnegie Mellon UniversityI would like to investigate how we can do natural language generation and language modeling by grounding on the semantic frames.
Guo-Hao QiuNational Cheng Kung University I am going to use the data to build a semantic parser. Trying to automatically label the semantic role and build a knowledge based, both of them are helpful for me to build a precisely Natural Language Understanding bot.

http://Natural Language Processing
Anca MargineanTechnical Universit of Cluj-NapocaI want to use them with Mateplus for SRL.
Joao Carlos GoncalvesUniversity of CoimbraUse frames to mold conceptual blending processes.

Raghavendra chInternational Institute of Information Technology HyderabadTo understand entities and relationships in biomedical literature.
Ashutosh RanjanInternational Institute of Information Technology, HyderabadI intend to use it to form similar constructions for Hindi.
Teodora CenanUniversitatea Tehnica Cluj-NapocaFor my diploma to do a demonstration of sentiment extraction from reviews.
MEGHA JAININTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HYDERABADI want to work with frame net construction using tool CxN viewer.For that purpose I need this data to check different constructions.
Michael CharyNew York PresbyerianTo determine whether words in a large corpus could relate to side effects of medication.
shagneet aroraPEC University of TechnologyFor projects in natural language understanding

Yolanda CaoGuangxi Universitymetaphor interpretation and making an language understanding system.
Akanksha MishraIndraprastha Institute of Information TechnologyI would like to see the structure of framenet data so that I can write code to extract frame elements and relationship among frames on my given scenario.
Chenxi XiaHuazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.As a train set of CNN
James KnoxPublic Health Agency of CanadaWe are developing a knowledge base of events about public health threats detected in the global open-source media. A similar project, NewsReader,, as well as other research projects in the field use FrameNet. We would like to investigate how FrameNet would be useful for research into building news storylines for GPHIN
Ulrike GuentherUniversitaet MarburgFrom this website:
Gede Primahadi Wijaya RajegMonash University, Australia; Universitas Udayana, IndonesiaMy PhD project looks at the interaction and variation of metaphorical conceptualisation across near-synonyms of HAPPINESS in Indonesian using a corpus-based approach. I became interested in the recent development of MetaNet project, which adopts FrameNet and ECG formalism in the representation of metaphorical mappings and the extraction of metaphorical constructions from natural language data. I intend to use frameNet data to guide my data analysis in determining what source domain frames, and their elements, are evoked by metaphorical collocation of the HAPPINESS synonyms, and in representing the metaphorical mappings between the source and target domain frames. In this way, FrameNet can provide a more replicable and reliable resource for annotating the source domain frames and their mapping onto the target domain frames, rather than fully relying on intuition.

Phuong Le-HongVietnam National University, HanoiI am building distributed word representations of syntactic structures. The FrameNet data would be an ideal linguistic resources for evaluation of our models.
THOM NGUYENUniversity of salernostudy
Jaihyun ChungCollege of Humanities, Chungbuk National Universityinformation extraction
Hojjat EmamiTabriz UniversityTo extract verb frames
Vanessa JulouxEcole Pratique des Hautes EtudesI will use it for one for my analytical taxonomies: "objective variables". Just click on the URL provided previously and click on the link at the bottom of the page "XML-TEI and R guidelines", then click on "Objective variables".
bo chenInstitute of Software Chinese Academy of SciencesI want to use frames from FrameNet to help semantic parsing.
Olga BlancoUniversidad de Cordoba. SpainI intend to use FrameNet data for research purposes and for contrastive analysis of English and Spanish languages with regards to some specific frames (Perception, Cognition, Violence) (page 5)
xiaoyun lishanxi universityBy making a project with Framenet to build a correspondence, learn Framenet resources
Lobna KhaledFaculty of Al Alsun, Ain Shams UniversityI am working on my MA thesis, political discourse field. I am trying to analyse newspapers headlines.
Prafulla kumar ChoubeyTexas A&M University, College StationStudy verb semantics for identifying relation between evens
Richard SearsTsinghua UniversityTeaching an introductory course on Computational Linguistics
Kyoko OharaKeio UniversityI would like to use the FrameNet data to build Japanese FrameNet
DANA MOORELeidosWe would like to augment the open source visualisation recommendation engine cited at the github website above. Framenet will NOT be used in a commercial way. Should there become a later commercial use beyond this research, a new request will be made

Frosina KocevaUniversity of GenoaI work on a system that assist the teacher during the instructional design which upon building an Educational Concept Map provides automatic generation of learning paths. Currently the Educational Concept Map (a graph of relevant subject matter concept correlated with propaedeutic relations based on a schema defined by our model) is build manually. We are working on the possibility to extract such prerequisite structure from books, or external knowledge. I would like to try to apply frames in order to build subset of the relations between the concepts.
Angrosh MandyaUniversity of LiverpoolExplore FrameNet for Relation Extraction
nagababu avulaThe George Washington UniversityCreating a comparison tool with alchemy
Gim Sng YeoEducation Institute of University of Hong KongAll the features to facilitate my research study.
Paduraru GeorgianaUniversitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, IasiI intend to use the FrameNet data, for my researches in a project about semantics and parsing sematics. I need to do this project for mai final grade, and semantic is the theme i chose.
Alex HeckUniversity of Mainz, GermanyI am working on a Semantic Role Labeling Project and would like to use FrameNet Data in this Project.
Paul HaleyAutomata, Inc.I have previously registered (years ago) and am curious as to improvements. Thank you! Paul P.S. with regard to public disclosure, per the following checkbox: Leverage case frame structure, semantic types, and roles to facilitate abductive interpretation and question answering.
Rafik Naccachefekr technologiesI will use it to train a Viterbi Model so I have a POS-Tagger which I rely upon to generate parsers for natural language. See the repo I provided for more explanation:

Wee Sian WongUniversiti Malaysia SarawakI would like to use the FrameNet for research work in Intelligent Essay Scoring (IES), for automation of essay assessment. In the task of essay scoring , FrameNet (or in general frame semantics) may be appropriate to be employed in the task of evaluating text coherence, and determining off-topic of an essay.
an hangBeijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsRTE
An HangBeijing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsUse the FrameNet datat to recognise the relation of textual entailment.
ZinMar KyuUniversity of Computer Studies, Mandalay, MyanmarI am the Ph.D student of University of Computer Studies, Mandalay, Myanmar. I want to use the FrameNet data for my research. My research is plagiarism detection using Semantic Role Labeling for Myanmar Documents. I want to develop a natural language corpus with semantic information based on FrameNet guidelines as a model. Could you send me the FramNet data? I am looking forward to your kindness.
Chen LuPeking UniversityI am preparing my thesis of postgraduate degree.My thesis is about a translation of finance material, and I need use FrameNet to figure out problems of lexical semantics.Thank you so much for your offering.
Savitha JayasankarRITsarcasm detection in twitter text
alex neubeckerUniversity of Geneva, SwitzerlandI intend to us it as a reference list to search for existing words in various languages and return their meaning.
Barry SheltonUniversity of GeorgiaI would like to compare frequencies for all lexical units within the same frame across several corpora--for example, which verbs within the Self_motion frame occur more frequently in COCA vs Reddit.
Neelamadhav GantayatIBM ResearchWanted to experiment with SRL parsing to identify alternate questions.
SANDRO COELHOKILT Group AKSW First of all: thank you for the this great project. I have been working in an open source project called DBpedia Spotlight ( // spotlight/dbpedia-spotlight). This tool makes automatic annotations providing a free solution for linking unstructured information sources to the DBpedia Linked Open Data cloud. I intend to develop a new approach in this that merges data from FrameNet and Wikipedia/DBpedia, bringing rich annotations from these two worlds.
Seiji KoideNational Institute of InformaticsComparison to WordNet
Carolina Sanchez SuarezUNED National university at distance Spain I have an exercise to do that consists on search for a word, for instance say and once the information turn out, I have to say its possible application according to semantics.
Arush KharbandaNoneI am trying to implement Multi-predicate SRL ( ). To learn about the current state of SRL. And possible scopes of improvements.
santosh Kumarindian institute of technologyTo parse English sentences semantically.
Balachandhran VenugopalanNoneAm not sure how exactly it might be consumed, but I will be eventually looking to see if I can integrate FrameNet, WordNet and perhaps Spacy or some such software to be able to answer questions from a document.
Christophe BechetUniversity of LiegeI would like to see how phrases introduced by complex prepositions are treated in FrameNet in order to get a semantic representation of sentences in which complex prepositions occur.
Chao XUpeking universityto creat a concept system used for commonsense reasoning
Akhila JosyulaM S Ramaiah Institute of TechnologyTowards research, to do better semantic analysis.
Nandini ParimiVision Service PlanLearn more about semantic role labeling
Ines RehbeinLeibniz ScienceCampus, affiliated with Heidelberg UniversityTraining data for SRL
Patricia Angeles UNAMLinguistics Phd. Research
Mary YakoUppsala Uni.I would like to take a deeper look into the data.
stefano faralliUniversity of Mannheimapplication of NLP approaches to automatic induction of frames
santosh Barnwaljawahar Lal Nehru UniversityI am trying to identify the semantic function of entities using role annotation.
Lam TranUniversity of GlasgowI am doing an essay about how the use of corpora has revolutionized the work of lexicographer. I want to look at your data in order to deepen my understanding of the impact of corpora on the making of dictionary.
Marat YavrumyanYerevan State UniversityAt YSU we have the project "The Armenian Treebank and Dependency Parser" and the FrameNet data can be helpful for this project. The Armenian Treebank and Dependency Parser project aims to create a treebank of Eastern Armenian texts compatible with Universal Dependencies framework and develop an automated part of speech tagger and a dependency parser using the state-of-the-art neural network based algorithms. As of today there have been various unified efforts to create openly accessible annotated sets in order to allow a large number of researchers to focus on different natural language processing tasks. However, not all the languages are equally represented and, therefore, accessible to the research groups potentially interested in such research. Therefore, the main goal of the Armenian Treebank and Dependency Parser (ArmTDP) project is to involve the Armenian language in the research conducted in natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Integrating Armenian into the UD platform is one step towards this goal as it will introduce yet another openly accessible language to the researchers interested in the domain. On the other hand, significant theoretical and experimental knowledge has been accumulated as a result of the extensive research conducted using the UD platform. By applying this valuable knowledge to the Armenian language, we also aim at paving a way for new research opportunities and developments for the Armenian linguistics. Moreover, the expected results and ongoing solutions of this project will be a great base for the development of Digital Lexicology and Lexicography for Armenian.
Andrew MattesonKorea UniversityHello, I am requesting English FrameNet data in an attempt to induce a Korean FrameNet by using bilingual word embedding. Korean FrameNet data is not widely available. Regards, Andrew Matteson Brain-Neuro Language Processing Lab, Korea University
Zhengzhong LiuCarnegie Mellon UniversityWe would like to automatically find relations between events, including temporal, logical ones. Such relations might be hierarchical and complex. However, these relations resemble a lot with FrameNet relations, we would like to use FrameNet data as the source, or the annotated relations for evaluation.
Hallvard StemshaugNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyWe are a group of students that plan to use it for our project in software development. We plan to develop program which compares questions asked by students with previous answered questions, and delivering the answer if its a match.
Timm LehmbergHamburg Centre for Language CorporaEvaluate if it is possibly to apply frame semantics to multilingual lexical data that is gained from several Samojedic Languages.

Elizabeth GeorgeInternational institute of information technology HyderabadTo disambiguate for projects
Alireza AmraeeUniversity of Isfahan, IranIn my dissertation I am developing a Persian frame-net (called PerFraNet). I intend to link PerFraNet with the English FrameNet. I am also planning to develop an interface for the English FrameNet in VB.NET.
Roberto AguirreUniversidad de la RepublicaWell. At first, my aim is to test its utility on researching cognitive metaphor at lexical level. I share the hypothesis that the lexical membership to a semantic net is ruled, partially, by some kind of conceptual mechanisms as metaphor.
Samuel SteadyUniversity of California, BerkeleyTo build a lightweight annotation tool for FrameNet.

Prasika LMepco Schlenk Engineering college I need to understand the the semantic relationship between words and within words. I need FrameNet data for semantic Role Labelling

Toshiko KigoshiKeio UniversityI would like to use the Frame Net data to improve Japanese Frame Net data.
HENNIE van der vlietVrije Universiteiteducation and research
Jack ParkTopicQuests FoundationI am building an "open source Watson". See I will be giving a second talk to the same group on 11 Jan 2017; those slides will be online at just after that. As of today, our website is in draft mode here: Within a few days or weeks, it will be at The NLP component in my platform uses a possibly novel PredicateCentric parser, thus the interest in FrameNet

http://See below
Ade RomadhonyInstitute of Technology BandungI will use the FrameNet data as the external knowledge base for extracting event template.
Daniel FleischerAmobeeWe develop sentiment detection systems. We study various approaches and we want to study how semantic analysis of verbs can help in a better sentiment detection.
Antonio BarcelonaUniversidad de Cordoba, SpainAs a source of reliable data for my research on metonymy and for my teaching of lexical semantics.
Julien KrywyklogiCellsThe goal of my R&D team is to build a system able to represent knowledge from natural language to graph representation. We need the predicates of verbs and nouns that are used in the following work. We would like to use the data for testing and using the work of Michael Roth :
Brian KoloNoneSemantic parsing to assist in generalizing sentences. I am exploring generalized sentences and mapping these to graphs and using graph invariants as a query language to perform concept-based search of text.
David WilliamsonAir Force Research LaboratorySpoken dialog research related to verbal control of remotely piloted aircraft
HAE JU PARKKOREA, YONSEI UNIVERSITYfor pseudo-disambiguation task
Thomas HoffmannCatholic University of Eichstaett-IngolstadtAnnotate corpus-linguistic data
Adrian BarbPenn StateI am not sure yet, I would like to associate text to concepts using graphs.
Jeremy HofmannNoneI am building a non-commercial chatbot application and will explore ways to put the dataset in DocumentDB in Azure. Will report back on findings if I can get it working.
Hongyan ZhaoShanxi University ,in China.I am interested in semantic role labeling ,and intend to make experiment on framenet data.
Claire BonialU.S. Army Research LabI am working on an event ontology that provides a conceptual backbone for querying and interpreting NLP lexical resources, including VerbNet, FrameNet, and the Entities Relations and Events project. This work is primarily a collaboration with Dr. Martha Palmer of the University of Colorado Boulder. We have created a (flat) owl representation for FrameNet, which we are linking to our conceptual ontology. We have created similar owl models for VerbNet and ERE, and each has a linking model connecting it with the conceptual event ontology. We would like users to be able to use the ontology to gain a better understanding of what lemmas can be indicators of certain events (as indicated across all of these resources), and to gain insight into interpreting the semantics of event mentions (including similar events, but also temporally and causally related events). In the FrameNet owl model, I would like to include the LUs as individuals so that it is clear what LUs are potential references to a particular event.

Ran BadanesTel-Aviv UniversityI want to work with mateplus
Brandon KingPragmatic ForesightPart of a larger model for extracting meaning from sentences. It is a Research and Development project.
Chandler BingNanjing University of Science and TechnologyI want to calculate the similarity between words with the help of framenet and wordnet.
Leo KimUniversity of Colorado BoulderUpdating VerbNet to FrameNet mappings to be consistent with changes to FrameNet v1.7
Melanie SubbiahWilliams CollegeI am doing a thesis on open narrative generation. I will use the FrameNet data to annotate sentences in class literature and learn narrative events from these works. These learned events will then be analyzed and recombined to produce original fictional plots.
Deep DavidNoneUse this database in conjunction with Wordnet database
Pablo Gomez PerezJohannes Kepler UniversityAs a part of a knowledge framework, graph based. To perform metaphor extraction out of different text sources either general or domain specific. With a final goal of assisting a speaker in the speech construction.
Luca GilardiICSI, International Computer Science InstituteWe are trying to learn ECG (Embodied Construction Grammar) constructions from framenet data.
Vijay SaraswatIBM Corporationevaluate for applicability in professional question answering in deep domains.
Sin Yi FamNoneStudy and confirm how it works, how to use it by actually looking from the perspective of a software tool
ian leeSoochow universitySentiment analysis
Silvia BrambillaUniversity of BolognaFor my postgraduate thesis I will work on the possible development of a FrameNet for Italian. I will work with Fabio Tamburini (University of Bologna) as a supervisor.
James O NeillNUI GalwayDesign a semantic role labeller for annotated frames
Sean TrottInternational Computer Science InstituteA new project in the AI group at ICSI involves using Embodied Construction Grammar and the ECG Analyzer to generate semantic parses of a set of pre-processed sentences involving commercial event transactions (purchases, etc.). We would like to use the FrameNet data to determine the semantics of different lexical units and the grammatical constructions/frames they appear in. ECG uses semantic schemas (similar to frames) and grammatical constructions to generate semantic parses of input text; we will use the frames as the basis for schema development, and valence information as the basis for construction development. If necessary, we may attempt to automate this process, but for the start, manual development should suffice.
Alan AkbikIBM ResearchUse FrameNet data to build an automated semantic role labeler.
Emanuel Souza de QuadrosYale UniversityI intend to use it as training data for semantic role labeling.
Dryden BouamalayNetworked InsightsMy objective is to investigate related implementations to Using Frame Semantics for Knowledge Extraction from Twitter (Sogaard et al). as part of my company research. I am planning to use FrameNet data as a dependency for a github project ( Depending on the results of that project, I may create my own implementation (using FrameNet) to reproduce the results of the paper.
Sam HardwickUniversity of HelsinkiI want to evaluate a method for defining concepts by having it discover the lexical units for frames.
Hai Leong ChieuDSO National LaboratoriesAs a knowledge base for research in IE.
Josef RuppenhoferInstitute for German LanguageFor research on predicate-argument structure constructions sentiment analysis
Isa MaksVU university Amsterdamwe are currently annotating Dutch texts with frame information
Piek VossenVU University AmsterdamWe are working on semantic parsing and developing a Dutch FrameNet for which we are annotating a Dutch corpus with frames and elements.
Pradeep KumarAnna UniversityResearch on Information Extraction
Dharmendra SinghGeorgia Institute of TechnologyTo design a chat tool which can understand the human response and interact with him.
Alexandre KabbachKEIO UniversityI will study the FrameNet during my research intership in KEIO university concerning more precisely the Japanese FrameNet project.
raymond doctorNoneAs above, I have retired but am still keenly interested in the area and would really be thankful if I could get the database for personal research. Publication, if any, would naturally acknowledge FrameNet.
Christian Hogan LemieuxNorth Side Incbuilding a frame based semantic network
Buchana QueryChina South West JiaoTong UniversityAs the leader of our study group of NLP, I have learned POS, NER, and DEPARSE. For semantic analysis, we plan to study the FrameNet to fetch the predicate, subject and object, to catch the meaning of sentences. And answer questions.
George BillsBluegrass Community and Technical College and university of KentuckyI am currently doing research on the coal industry in Appalachia and have a corpus of over 800 newspaper stories I am analyzing. My larger methodological goal is to develop a method for extracting various social networks from news data.
LE HUNGComputer Software Technology JSCto develop Vietnamese FrameNet
Ahsan AzizFAST-NU, Karachi, PakistanDocument Clustering using FrameNet & WordNet.
Yufei WangThe University of New South WalesWe try to link frame concept with information extraction, hoping to bring as much semantic during the extraction and we believe that once we can analysis sentence based on frame concept, we can connect it to higher level application
Yadong XiZhejiang UniversityI would like to use FrameNet data to learn the new kinds of representation emdedding.
Sam ThomsonCarnegie Mellon UniversityFor training and evaluating automatic semantic role labeling systems.
ren zhiyuanNCUTI will use the FrameNet data in study.
Arun KumarSINNONTEQWe are conducting a research on AI and its implementation for retail. NLP is an integral part of it. We would like to explore the options of integrating Framenet data for Nature Language Interpretation and Question answering.
Michael RothSaarland UniversitySee my previous request form. :)
Jan RuedigerUniversitaet KasselCurrently only for testing.
Pooja RaniBirla Institute of Technology and Science-Pilani, PilaniGroup of 3 students are working on a research project regarding Question answering System- Syntatic and Shallow semantic kernels to improve Random Walks
Yiru GaoIowa State UniversityCombine it with my n-gram dictionary to do word suggestion for argumented conversation app.
Hui-Ching LinNorthumbria University, UKI would like to use the FrameNet data to design worksheets as English language teaching and learning materials in the EFL context.

Amir TamrakarSRI InternationalFor gesture understanding in the context of verbal utterances.
sunil barhateCollege of Engineering PuneTo explore the FrameNet data manually to find the semantic categories for sentiment analysis pupose
WEI LIUniversity of Chinese Academy of SciencesI want to use the frameNet data to help event information extraction and event relation prediction. Since most frames can be mapped to event types, the frame structure can help extract event information, especially the event arguments. The frame-to-frame relations are also helpful for event relation prediction and event coreference resolution.
Enxu YanCarnegie Mellon UniversityWe use FrameNet data for testing a large-scale structural SVM training algorithm.
Gianluca GiorgoloCooperativa Sociale Aida OnlusAida is a small company developing assistive technologies for users with different types of disabilities. At the moment we are considering working on an application for users with severe linguistic impairments, specifically by improving current augmentative and alternative communication technologies. We would like to investigate the possibility of using FrameNet data as a way to bootstrap a first implementation that should cover the most communicative needs of our customers.
Jiri MotejlekTechnical University of LiberecWould like to try out whether it can be used in conjunction with SyntaxNet for intention extraction.
marc hadfieldVital AI, LLCTraining machine learning models for natural language understanding and natural language generation as part of an A.I. assistant.
Pradeep KumarAnna UniversityUnderstand text to Extract semantic relationship and query back the data in a Reverse Engineered way.
Mukund V8KMiles Software Services Ltd.Compare Stanford, Google & IBM Alchemy parsers for japanese langguate
Edmund AckerEGAResearch on metaphor identification in free text.
Aseh Fidelis MusiKU Eichstatt-IngolstadtTo guide part of my analysis in my ongoing PhD project on Political Discourse Analysis.
Rao FuShanghaitech UniversityTry to reproduce the experiment described in automatic labelling of semantic roles (Daniel Gildea and Daniel Jurafsky), then I plan to build a semantic role labeling system using neural network.
Chantal van SonVrije Universiteit Amsterdamannotation of Dutch texts with frame information
Noelia Carrancio PasilioUniversidad de Buenos AiresTo analysis Spanish data.
Ruihong HuangTexas A&M Universityevent extraction research
Udai BhardwajIndian Institute of Technology KharagpurI intend to use the data as part of my research for my Bachelor Thesis Project. The topic of my research is information extraction from text, event extraction in particular.
Neha AggarwalIndian Institute of Technology , KharagpurMy research work is to find news in the web related to one event. For example- Natural Disaster, so i can get all the news on the web related to natural disaster.
Todd PierceNoneForm Not working -Todd Pierce
Dongyeop KangCarnegie Mellon UniversityI will use FrameNet for detecting causality from text
Adar NegevBen Gurion University of the Negev, IsraelWe are Building a small software for comparison of graphs and a semi- automatic mechanism for combining graphs together (hopfully in the near future it will become a full automatic mechanism). We would like to use frameNet as our lexicographic database.
Heejae KimLinguistics and Information Dear FrameNet, Our recent project is to look through the advanced corpus in US and UK in order to develop Korean language in corpus area. The FrameNet data will give us a good guideline studying more about constructing corpus in many areas. Thank you for your concern. Sincerely, Heejae Kim

Adam PrzepiorkowskiPolish Academy of Sciences and University of WarsawFor research on the Argument-Adjunct Distinction and on the idea of dependency dictionaries (where, unlike in case of more traditional valency dictionaries, one does not need to make the Argument-Adjunct Distinction). Incidentally, the form does not allow me to enter my real surname, which contains a "non-ASCII" character...
Prodromos KolyvakisEcole polytechnique federale de LausanneI would like to employ machine learning on FrameNet in order to check the performance enhancing on Disambiguation.
Mark KeatonNoneI was doing Total Physical Response to teach my children Ancient Greek, but I got tired of making up example sentences for comprehensible input. So I wrote a sentence generator in Python, but I started to realize that I needed to know more about the semantic roles and the case frames of the words that I wanted to generate. So I gave up on that project. I used to do Greek Word Sense Disambiguation for the Bible Sense Lexicon, and one of my former coworkers thought very highly of FrameNet. I think I could use the Frames to build a lesson plan using the semantic roles and frames of the vocabulary that I want to introduce. In summary, I want to gradually introduce vocabulary as part of a Total Physical Response curriculum, generating more and more example TPR sentences with a Python program as the lessons increase. As I add vocabulary, I will utilize the semantic roles and frames to generate accurate sentences. That is my idea at least.
Martin TutekUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and ComputinEvent detection in news articles, details (dataset ...) not yet sure.
Jongmin BaekUniversity of California, BerkeleyI want to use FrameNet for machine reading of poetry

http://2320 Warring Street
Olga LyashevskayaNational Research University Higher School of EconomicsTeaching NLP, and in a project on Linked Data.

Tseng-Hung ChenNational Tsing Hua UniversityFor modeling object co-occurrence and relation in image captioning dataset.

Atsunobu KotaniBrown UniversityCompare with Propbank and see which is better for context matching. "I went to bed early" and "I slept early" have the same meaning, but due to different forms of expression, it is hard for machines to figure out they are same. I will use FrameNet to see if it helps my algorithm to understand the text better.
Nade SritanyaratanaNoneI want to demonstrate examples for NLTK

william shawHuazhong University of Science & TechnologyReference English results, apply to Chinese
amit nagarkotiIndian Institute of Technology KanpurCurrently i am trying to build document graphs using relations provided by framenet
Benedikt PerakFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of RijekaDear sirs, I intent to use the data as a part of the projects that I am involved in as well as an ongoing preparation for Conceptual network of the linguistic expression of emotions and affective states EmoCNET, a project which includes scholars from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Informatics Department of the University of Rijeka. Our main interest is to have structured and comprehensive set of semantic roles that we would like to combine with an ontological model of lexical concepts and constructions that would enable figurative classification of the constructions and description of the pragmatic inferential structures. I would be also interested in translating the data into Croatian. Best regards, Benedikt Perak
Malavika RamakrishnanSASTRA UniversityI am coming up with a system wherein rewriting of a given sentence without changing its semantic meaning would be made possible for which I need access to FrameNet data.
Ranjan AkarshST.Thomas SchoolI have been researching on FrameNet, and want to show my students how NLP is evolving. FrameNet is the perfect solution for this, and I hope my students will get to learn a lot from FrameNet.
B.A. EssamNoneDear Sir or Madam, I am building a lexicon of pornography in order to be used for psycholinguistic purposes. Given the unavaliability of frames which may directly address the theme of pornography or erotica in FrameNet, I used WordNet and Web mining to extract the seeding words to which I linked the lexical units of other frames (e.g., meet specifications, stimulus focus, ..etc) using a mapping algorithm. There, I could bootstrap around 1,070 headwords and could postulate frame relations of pornography. Non-core elements were also proposed. My work is now under review of a specialized journal (with high impact factor). Irrespective of the validity of the final lexicon, I would like to integrate efforts should you choose to add new frames to your project. If you are currently developing pertinent frames, I would like to request their data. Regards, B.A. Essam
Nathaniel StevensNoneI am working to develop methods to create procedurally generated narratives.
Ravi BarreiraUniversidade de Fortaleza - UNIFORI want to use the frames to try to identify criminal activity in text messages in cell phones. Use expert knowledge to identity the frames that can be useful to identify the criminal activity, and then find the frames in the conversation to help reduce the time of cell phone forensic investigations, highlighting the parts of interest.
Dang TranUIT university I intend to use FrameNet data to study experiment about Semantic Parsing of Das et al.
Sisi GENGPeking UniversityUse it to support my collocation research.
Milton HuangNoneDynamically create samples of semantically appropriate and inappropriate sentences.
Cigdem CavdarogluKocSistem Information and Communication TechnologiesGoogle search
Rupinder Paul KhandpurVirginia TechEvent Extraction
Yun PanNewcastle UniversityI am using Frame Net data as a valence dictionary for detailed evidence of properties of English vocabulary in use. Specifically, I am looking at frames and framing behaviors in academic spoken discourse concerning how framing works in a cognitive interaction dimension when disciplinary concepts are discussed and meaning constructed.
Ravisekhar RajasekharIndian Institute of Technology, Madras, IndiaUse framenet for natural language understanding in dialogue systems
Guru GorantlaUniversity of California San DiegoI want to build a system that can understand the sentences in a research paper and give out key points out of the research paper. This can be useful in Medical discussion board, on what people are talking about in a particular blog without reading the whole blog. It is more like Summary of a paper extraction
Philipp MartinRheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule AachenI am writing a seminar paper based on the work of the 2015 paper "Automated Generation of Plausible Agent Object Interactions" by Balint and Allbeck. WordNet and FrameNet are used to automatically generate connections between actions of autonomous agents in a virtual environment and objects in the same.

Chaerul IsmiNoneI will use it as a guideline to create FrameNet for Indonesian Langauge.
Yadong XiZhejiang UniversityBeing in a stage to learn NLP, I intend to construct a model to run MCTest with FrameNet for practice.
Manuel GentileNational Research Council of ItalyI will use FrameNet as a tool to support serious game design.
Bernd LudwigUniversity RegensburgThe intended use of the data is to provide semantic information about verbs expected to occur in chats about healthy nutrition, physical exercise and health-related conversation about everyday activities.
Magnus NisselJustus Liebig University GiessenI research adjective constructions in West African newspaper texts (e.g. synthetic vs analytic construction of comparatives) for my PhD thesis. A few or the variables that will become relevant for the multifactorial analysis require some level of semantic knowledge (e.g. of the adjectivs and the modified NP. Since I am working with a 30 million word corpus, hence why I hope that I can write some code around FrameNet to create some level of automated annotation prior to going through the lists manually. I am also interested in NLP in general, especially with regards to the automatability of (sentiment, subjectivity, etc.) analysis of texts.
Jason ChoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignI am planning on investigating FrameNet in online health forum domain.
Matteo FerranteUniversitaI m currently researching the semantic field of perception verbs in italian. Framenet data are useful to me as a model for the formalization of semantic relations linked to perceprion verbs
James GibbsUniversity College London This research will use FrameNet to identify the occurrence of frames related to observed and graded levels of human performance during evaluation exercises. The corpus used in the research are the text records of these evaluation sessions.
Su ZhuShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityI want to do a research about Natural Language Understanding in open- domain by FrameNet. Additionally, I would like to use this data to help build a Chinese FrameNet.
Marie-Claude LUniversite de Montr3alOur objective is to carried out a comparative analysis of annotations in FrameNet to the ones contained in a terminological database with terms related to the environment. We already have a 2010 XML version of the data. We hope there is an updated version.
Ramesh ManuvinakurikeUniversity of Southern CaliforniaSpoken dialogue systems when conversing with real users in image search/reference resolution domain need to enrich small amount of information input to these systems. I intend to use the framenet data in an existing spoken dialogue system to better the performance. The NLU and dialogue policy units will benefit form the use of framenet.
Douglas ClarkEnso AssociatesWe are submitting a proposal to NSF for an SBIR grant to Ingest a large, public domain corpus of business-like data into an open source, machine learning technology Using sentence boundary detection, syntactic parsing and semantic parsing, semantically match the corpus sentences Implement an approach that organizes these matchsets or lexemes into a graph based on a model of co-use Implement an approach that classifies graph nodes with sequence Implement an open source, chatbot as an end user interface. This technology is intended to give workers the ability to forecast what comes next in their intangible work. Input a sentence, and ask, what comes next? Or ask, what are the top trending ideas? What ideas are related to this idea?
Samhith KIIT KHARAGPURTry to apply FrameNet methods to the Hindi Language
Aishwary GuptaInternational Institute Of Information Technology - Hyderabad, IndiaI want to FrameNet 1.5 full release annotated data to perform SRL using my system and compare it with the existing state-of-the-art systems.
Stefan OlafssonNortheastern UniversityWe are working towards a computational model of topic development and the FrameNet data can serve as a means for the system to realize the relations between and within topics. Knowing what to say next, and how to say it, is the object of our work and we see semantic frames as a key component.
Adam PoliakJohns Hopkins UniversityI intended to use FrameNet data to help with semantic role labeling
Isaac Jojo EsselKyungpook National UniversityWorking a text summarization task as my graduation thesis. There is a sentence named Entity sub-task which only using Stanford NER package is not offering good results so the FrameNet data was suggested by one of the references. We are going to couple FrameNet data and Stanford NER package to complete that section so as to obtain good results especially in the retrieval of unidentified type of information.
Nisheeth JoshiBanasthali University IndiaI wish to use FrameNet for development of a semantic parser for Hindi and Urdu and explain my students the use of lexical semantics.

Matt KennedyMKAB Financialnot sure yet, more just curious as to what the data set contains
Gregory FinleyUniversity of MinnesotaMy current interest is in evaluating computational semantic models and their ability to represent associations between terms and concepts. I intend to use FrameNet as a machine-readable dictionary to extract associations between terms and automatically generate sets of associated terms and of SAT-style analogies, which can be used as test data for unsupervised distributional models of lexical semantics (word co- occurrence models, neural word embeddings, etc.).

Esra AbdelzaherAin Shams University, Cairo, EgyptTo semantically annotate an English corpus in order to identify the percentage and kind of the violence-expressing words. If it proved to be successful in constructing a lexicon of violence, the same method would be applied to a parallel Arabic corpus.
Donghyeon KimKorea University1. To analyze web contents from news media and reddit 2. To find relations between entities Have a nice day.
Elena LloretUniversity of AlicanteI need the data as an intermediare step for running the Mateplus tool ( I would like to perform abstractive summarization using predicate argument extraction.
Alan ScotPopulation Alert translation and QAIntegrate with WORDNET on a MYSQL database and provide intelligent Question and Answering.
Amarnath GuptaUniversity of California San DiegoI run a database research lab at SDSC called the the Advanced Query Processing Lab, where we are researching on the problem of answering complex queries from text data. To this end, we use a graph-based representation of text data. The construction of these graphs benefits from the use of VerbNet and PropBank, but so far we have not used FrameNet. We would like to understand whether and how adding FrameNet to our current system gives us any additional leverage in processing queries without increasing the indexing and evaluation overhead significantly.
Linwei YangBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityI will use the precious data for two purposes. I am researching the classic case grammar theory and its development. Then I will use this precious data in my pilot study on automatic annotating of the Chinese learners writings. My personal website
Shrikant MalviyaIndian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad IndiaFrameNet will give immense idea about utilizing semantic frame based language understanding and parsing. Basically, the work is to implement a language understanding for an SDS.
Dario Di MauroUniversity of Naples Federico III study Human-Computer Interaction in a multi-context situation. I would use FrameNet data to exploit a standard context representation.
Sz-rung ShiangCarnegie Mellon UniversityCourse project for Natural Language Processing.
Derry WijayaCarnegie Mellon UniversityI would like to use FrameNet data to study the relationships between verbs and relations in Knowledge Bases such as YAGO, DBPedia, NELL
Ashraful IslamAston UniversityConcept extraction from text data. Try to develope automatic Text understanding.
Hameed EssaDamanhur UniversityI am working on a paper about Arabic lexicography and how to improve it. FrameNet represents the core of my study.
Girish SrinivasUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaWe are using the framenet data to extract the Valence information of a given verb sense which is added as a feature for the PPAttach project.
Andrea Giovanni NuzzoleseISTC-CNRFew years ago we produced an RDF/OWL version (1) of FrameNet. We would like to update such a version. (1)
Naoki KiyamaOsaka UniversityI would like to tag my data to calculate semantic similarity based on Frame-specific argument structure.
Ruobing LiNoneI want to use it into phrase2vec algorithms.
pengfei wangFUDAN UniversityUse FrameNet data to do the RTE
farida younessAl-Azhar University, College of Engineeringuse it to summarize text as feature
farida younessfaculty of engineering i want use it in summarization
Ariel RaoCarnegie Mellon UniversityPredicate disambiguation and classification
Kyoungrok JangKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyI will try to extract the frame like information from raw corpus, than embed it into single word embedding.
Chen GuandanInstitute of Automation Chinese Academy of SciencesHi, I am doing event extraction recently. I think FrameNet as a very good resource for this task. It will be very kind of you to make me access to FrameNet.
Theo ZourzouvilysJiveresearch.
Piotr FrankowskiSamsung Electronics Poland R&DReview number of data which are need to train reasonable SRL engine.
Wojciech LukasiewiczFree University of BerlinWe would like to match the output from the semafor semantic parser with an existing ontology
Vincenzo CannellaUniversity of PalermoI am trying to investigate on automatic semantic role labelling of Italian texts. My research is focused on the role of verbs in the sentence. At this moment, after 12 years at the University of Palermo as Phd student as Post-doc, I am employed at the Municipality of Rome. At Rome my job with the Palermo is going on. For more details you can contact Prof. Roberto Pirrone, at DICGIM.
Corrado LoglisciDepartment of Computer ScienceWe are interested in using Framenet as knowledge base of semantic role labeling tool.
Feng QiliangnoneI intend to use the FrameNet data in coreference resolution task.
Rik Koncel-KedziorskiUniversity of WashingtonStory Generation
Grace LeeNoneI came across FrameNet in a research that I read regarding corpus linguistics and would like to know more about how FrameNet can be used in relation to frame semantics. By obtaining data, I hope to explore and understand how frame semantics theory can be used to explain different words.
Ahmed Mohamed Ain shamsTraining dataset
Michael LeeNoneI am building an application that will extract news articles from RSS feeds and build a data warehouse of the parsed news articles.
Denis AraujoUniversidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos - UNISINOSI will use it on my doctoral thesis. My thesis will be about word sense disambiguation or semantica parsing. I will use FrameNet data to help a classification algorithm in semantic role labeling. My research started at 2015/2 a must be conluded to 2017/2. Please, let me know if there are any doubts about my work.
Sourav MandalHaldia Institute of TechnologyWant to use this for semantic role labeling and verb categorization.
Antonis AntoniouUniversity of CyprusI am going to study the data structure and define if is the appropriate so it can be used for sentiment analysis.
Andras KornaiBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsCompare systematically to the representations we now use. For an idea, see my paper The algebra of lexical semantics in Ebert, Jaeger, Michaelis (eds) Proc. MOL 11, Springer LNAI 6149 (2010)
Teresa GruberLudwigs-Maximilian-Universitaet MuenchenResearch on metaphors, constructions and frames.
Andrew ShafferNimbleMachineNLP Research
Olivier MichalonAix-Marseille UniversityI want to do some experiments on parsing semantics and using those automatic results.
Agnieszka LawrynowiczPoznan University of TechnologyI plan to extend FrameNET to a new domain in computer science.
Laure SardaNational center of scientific research, FranceI would like to explore how far we can use motion verbs in the figurative and non figurative meaning. I mainly work on French, but would be interested in looking at other Romances and at English. I am interested in transitive intransitive alternation, in argument adjunct distinction, in null instantiation, in unaccusative constructions, in existential sentences.
Jim HieronymusInternational Computer Science InstituteUse framenet as a platform for spoken language semantics.
Ryoungsun ParkWayne State Universityinformation extraction and assessing students performance through automatic answer grading system. generation of feedback based on students answer to quiz to enhance their understanding of material
Wasim KaraniUserwors TechnologiesI am trying Semafor for which I need Framenet Data
David SchlangenBielefeld University, GermanyNLG / NLU in a human/robot dialogue system.
Kanan LuceFrameNetAcquaint myself with the data so as to fulfill internship duties.
Bruce-Robert Fenn PocockNoneConversational dialog parsing and generation
Harvey SiyUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaWe wish to use Framenet to analyze natural language regulatory text (e.g., HIPAA, FISMA, etc.) and map these to structured formal models.
Eric EpplernoneUsing to learn Spanish. Would write more but I keep getting text rejection. Thank you very much.
Arpit SharmaArizona State UniversityI have been working on development of a Semantic Parser (K-Parser, available at I need this data to evaluate the Semantic Role Labeling aspect of K-Parser.
Mark HanselMinnesota State University MooreadTo facilitate analysis of popular cultural products (news articles, magazine essays, perhaps a few novels) written before and after periods of major transitions in criminal punishment policies. Professional literature changes orientations during these periods, but that does not account for the acceptability of, say, rehabilitation or proposals to abolish capital punishment. I am looking for evidence that the distribution of a few conceptualizations of crime and criminal justice shifts, perhaps subtly, during these periods. The major conceptualizations can be characterized by a few readily accessible metaphors, enemy, "sick," rational action and "sin" (or evil, wicked and other negative ethical words).
Bishan YangCarnegie Mellon UniversityUse it as prior knowledge to improve information extraction tasks.
Oana GageaAlexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Faculty of Computer ScienceI will use the date to create an application that will have as main purpose an analysis regarding the common topics in two different languages. I will get as input some list of verbs, that i will parse and translate into Romanian language. I will use those words to make different queries on Google and I will try to make a statistics regarding the importance that have in our country.
Alejandro RenatoInstituto PASCAL - University of San MartinI would like to use in the context of project about Twitter.
Karin HedbergUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenI aim to automate the semantic processing of non-lexicalized Swedish compounds. The hypothesis is that we can transfer the semantic relationships that hold in the sentences in SweFN onto the constituents of compounds. For instance, consider the compound nouns polismisshandel (polis.misshandel -- Abuser.LU) "police abuse" and barnmisshandel (barn.misshandel -- Victim.LU) "child abuse". In the former, the first element refers to the Abuser or Agent -- the police -- while in the latter; the first element refers to the Victim or Patient -- the child. Now, imagine any NLP system stumbling upon a non-lexicalized and potentially unseen compound such as elefantryttare (elefant.ryttare -- Patient.LU) "elephant rider". I already have access to the Swedish FrameNet (SweFN), but in order to abstract away from specific FEs such as Abuser and Victim in the example above, I would need the data that show the semantic inheritance relationships between frames/elements in the English FrameNet.
Lasha AbzianidzeTilburg UniversityIn my thesis, I want to give real examples from FordNet how PPs are treated as arguments or adjuncts in FrameNet annotation.

Behrang QasemiZadehInstitute of Linguistic and Information, Duesseldorf UniversityStudy of linguistic evidences for frame structures and relations using data-driven methods
Simon WangCity University of Hong KongI am interested in researching into the teaching and learning of vocabulary of L2 students in the context of second language writing. In particular, I am interested in looking at how lexical words are used in the essays written by L2 students and how the words fit into the frames and the frequencies of different frames used in the learner corpus. With a better understanding of the students use of vocabulary, I can then use FrameNet to develop tools to help students explore other lexical resources that may be useful for them to write more effectively.
dongcai luuniversity of science and technology of chinaI intend to use FrameNet data for training a distributed word representation for robotic tasks.
Sammy SbitiUniversity of GeorgiaPersonal research in text abstraction and semantic deduction.
Joseph WI LamThe University of Hong KongExploring Network Analysis on Frame Semantics.
Basma HassanFayoum UniversityMy PhD research in Semantic Textual Similarity and FrameNet data will help me for my research.
GyuHyeon ChoiKorean Institute of Advanced Science TechnologyCourse project about SRL. We need data corpus to practice SRL.
Arijit LahaInfosys LtdFor entity, role and event recognition.
Diana TrandabatUniversity Alexandru Ioan Cuza of Iasi, RomaniaThe Natural Language Processing Group at the Faculty of Computer Science develops language resources for English and Romanian. Most of them are offered as web services from our webpage (, in an attempt to contribute to the digitization of the Romanian language. In this context, we intend to use FrameNet data to train a semantic role labeling platform which can allow us to include semantics in our research, building intelligent systems for semantics-based question answering. ======================= I intend to use the FrameNet data in order to create a Romanian version of the FrameNet. I have started this process, but only on a limited number of FN annotated sentences. I also intend to develop a semantic role labeling system for English to include in our Question Answering system, with which we have participated at QA@CLEF competition.
Alexander PokrovskyNoneTo be used for helping with development of a question answering system.
Lucy LinUniversity of WashingtonExperimenting with training a frame-semantic parser (SEMAFOR).
Kei SakaguchiUniversity of TokyoI am researching into semantics of adjectives. I would love to use FrameNet data to grasp the argument structures of English adjectives and I will compare with those of Japanese adjectives. By doing so, I want to make it clearer what are the argument structures of Japanese adjectives like.
Liping ZhaoUniversity of ManchesterRequirements Engineering
KRISHNAPRASAD P GUPTHAGovernment Engineering College, Sreekrishnapuram palakkad, Kerala,IndiaFor SRL
Valerio BasileInriaIn the context of the European Project ALOOF ( we are developing a natural language understanding and entity linking pipeline following the Learning by Reading paradigm. The system uses deep semantic analysis based on Discourse Representation Theory, together with the Babelfy Word Sense disambiguation and Entity Linking engine to build a knowledge base of common knowledge about domestic environments (e.g. the spoon is found in the kitchen and used to eat the soup). Currently the analysis provides the entities and their roles in events encoded as WordNet senses. By linking such events to proper frames in FrameNet we can automatically extract instances of frames found in real world scenarios and thus enrich our knowledge base to a great deal.
Alexander KuhnleUniversity of CambridgeFor now, I want to use the data for a project on automatic question generation to given propositional sentences, for which it would help to generate reasonable specific questions.
John PateThe State University of New York, The University at BuffaloI primarily expect to use it in my corpus linguistics course, and to have it available for graduate students who are doing corpus research. I also have some ideas for using FrameNet to explore how unsupervised grammar induction systems learn different kinds of verbs.
Iuditha BalintUniversity of MannheimIn my doctoral thesis, I intend to analyse "work" as an epistemic phenomenon. Therefore, I refer to the concept of "work" as a frame.
askender leeanwenfor QA resource

Haojun HuangPeking UniversityDo semantic parsing research, will be cited by my recently paper.
Jacob BuckmanCarnegie Mellon UniversityI intend to parse it into a representation compatible with my knowledge representation system, which will then be used as a component in a semantic role assignment algorithm.
Engels RajangamPSG College of TechnologyI am currently doing research on text based question answering system using graph representations. For processing natural language into correct representational graph forms, I need to use FrameNet data.
Gongbo TangBeijing Language and Culture Universityexplore the application in word representation.
Danushka BollegalaUniversity of LiverpoolWe will be using this data to evaluate semantic parsers.
William WuPentedge Software Inc. Ltd.Explore the possibility of populating Logist system with FrameNet data and publishing Logist data via FrameNet system.

akhilesh damarajuFrroleI would like to you understand the context of social media data using framenet data.
Andrew AnastasiadesGeorgia Institute of TechnologyI would like to use the data to develop "intuitive" AI, modeling after human intuition.

Angrosh MandyaUniversity of LiverpoolWe would like to explore the use of FrameNet for Information Extraction.
Quan LiuUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaI am now conducting research works in lexical semantics and language understanding. The goal of my works is to construct a language understanding system with the help of frame semantics. Specifically, my works are focused on solving the text inference/entailment problem by machine learning techniques. FrameNet as a famous dataset in the NLP community would be a very suitable resources for me. Therefore, I want to apply for the FrameNet data and I promise that this dataset would only be used for research purposes.
Paul AllenAllen Upper Canada SundriesI am developing an ontology of public service - building upon research relating primarily to Service-Dominant Logic, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Unified Service Description Language. The FrameNet data will be useful especially in mapping Service-Dominant Logic models to formal description.
Eric BlaggNoneI am experimenting with creating programs to "self learn" specified topics by utilizing web scraping and other data gathering tools. The end goal would be to create an IBM Watson type analytical program that can become a subject matter expert to answer questions on specific topics. The key to creating this is in having the program "learn" and build upon prior learning by understanding the data it gathers to structure in a format that can be presented and interpreted to people to enable making quick and informed decisions. Ideally, those decisions could ultimately be made by the software itself.
Sandra LeonOutside Intelligence IncWe intend to use it as training set
Robert ClouthNoneI indent to use the FrameNet data to form the base for a collorative online story game, that uses frames and their relations for creating the plot. Users will be able to add to the frames Wiki style, possibly benefitting FrameNet with added LUs and frames and relations. There will be an option to create different universes which could have fictional frames and relations, for example based on the Harry Potter universe. FrameNet would form the core net. Each player would be given a set of frames and relations, which they combine and connect to those of other players to solve the task at hand.
Shuxue sunBeijing Normal University1 to understand the FrameNet, to Compare FrameNet and ChineseFrameNet (made byShanxi University ) 2 to classified Chinese basic vocabulary (about 3000 verbs) into the corresponding framework 3 using FrameNet to compare the synonyms in a dictionary. 4 try to describe a few frames in detail

Baris GuvercinMiddle East Technical UniversityI want to use the FrameNet data for semantic labeling of Turkish texts. There are very few Turkish language resources and if it is possible (actually it is), I want to use the FrameNet data to construct a Turkish FrameNet. Kindly regards.
QINGFENG GANSHANGHAI UNIVERSITY & UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTINFrameNet data will be of the materials for comparing and contrasting between English and Chinese in semantic gap and syntactic/grammatical realizations.
Alexander HuberUniversity of OxfordI am hoping to use the LTH system, which requires the FrameNet data.
Patrick ConnorsUniversity of Wollongong, AustraliaPrototyping software for parsing particular fields within electronic forms relating to compliance activities in health care situations. This is some ahead-of-time experimentation before a research project next year.
Scott denningUniversity of Colorado at Colorado SpringsI am building an intelligent dialoging agent for home automation. I believe FrameNet will greatly help in distilling the meaning and intentions of the words spoken for interaction with the controller.
Emilia Confortiuniversity of PrishtinaI would like to apply FrameNet to Italian language.
Caroline BarriereCentre de Recherche Informatique de MontrealI want to do research on automatic semantic role labeling, using the annotated texts to link to dependency rules, as well as the available semantic types for disambiguation. I also wish to explore automatic expansion of lexical entries for various semantic types.
maria cariaUniversity of CalabriaInstalling the software for the student in laboratory for computational linguistic course.
Flora KoleciUniversity of TiranaMy approach is aimed at exploiting as much as possible the theoretical backbone of the English FrameNet, and to find ways in order to refine and implement this model for Albanian. My goal is to demonstrate the applicability of such approaches, to Albanian in our experiments but could be potentially extended to other less-resourced languages.
Ireti FakinledeAthabasca UniversityUse frames as part of similarity measurement in word sense disambiguation.
oliver queenNoneI just want to try out some codes i am writting.FrameNet data will be used for testing.
HIMANGSHU SARMAUniversity of BremenUsing Stanford parser
Uri SchildBar Ilan UniversityApplying NLP methods to problems in AI and Law
Ritwik BoseUniversity of RochesterExplore possibilities for using FrameNet in common sense based Word Sense Disambiguation
Salama UIndian Institute of Technology, GuwahatiTo use semantic relational information and to create graph out of it to do further experiments on the relational graph.
Somayyeh KaramiUniversity of Isfahan, IranTo write an article comparing the "English Framenet" and "Syntactic Valency Lexicon" for Persian Verbs of perception.
Yousuf Abo-AmerArabic department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo UniversityIn my PhD, I attempt to design an instance of the the FrameNet Project for Arabic.
Nishu tayalCognizant Technology SolutionsWe need to extract the information from the natural text along with semantic parsing and word sense disambiguation for Question Answering application. I feel the frame elements can help us to reach upto some success
Sergio Martinez PortelaEveris Spain S.L.U.Model training for machine learning algorithms intended for entity extraction and question answering.
Christopher HartLancaster UniversityTogether with Framenet Frames - The LTH System for Frame-Semantic Structure Extraction - to conduct comparative analysis of media event-frames. Specifically, the way political protests, demonstrations etc. are dealt with by different media.
Marc Ortega GilAutonomous University of BarcelonaSpanish FrameNet Development
Bimalka AlwisNoneI will analyse text data and identify frame indicating predicates and then use them together with a dependency parser to generated distributed vector representations, Finally theses vectors will be used to identify the correct frames. I am planning to use this approach to develop a semantic parser. This will be a non-commercial project just to build up experience in this area.
Gerard CasamayorUniversitat Pompeu FabraIt will be used as part of an automatic text analysis pipeline developed for the MULTISENSOR project: It will also be used to support manual and semi-automatic annotation of n-ary relations with the Brat tool.
Pierre-Yves ThomasPythagoriaWord Sense Disambiguation testing
Alfonso LopezSchool of Computer Science of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid SPAINI need to identify correctly the main action of a sentence. That is, Framenet could help with my work by giving a better understanding about the model or schema of a sentence.
Michael GrangerNoneI want to experiment with using FrameNet data to structure game world systems for a story-centric online multiuser role-playing game. I plan to use a combination of FrameNet and a few other tools to build the objects in the game so they have some built-in awareness of what relationships they have with other objects, what actions are possible with them, and so they can be used to construct in-game and out-of-game stories out of game experiences.
Hatem Mousselly SergiehTechnical University DarmstadtMy goal is to investigate new methods for integrating FameNet with Knowledge Bases. The advatages of this is to incraese the coverage of FN on the one hand and enriching KBs with lingusitic information on the second hand.

Geonmin KimKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyLarge enough dataset to understand text from scratch
Samuel ThomsonCarnegie Mellon UniversityTraining and evaluating automatic semantic role labeling models.
nassim mehriBu-ali Sina universityfor annotate my questions.
Ondrej PlatekInstitute of formal and applied linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in PragueI want to use semlink and explore possibility to do large scale semantic parsing for conversational systems.

Zhibo XiaoNanyang Technological UniversityI want to use FrameNet data to parse sentences in order to perform causal relation extraction.
Francis SteenUCLAWe will use FrameNet and its scriptable NLTK interface to understand and annotate the UCLA NewsScape corpus of international television news.
Josef RuppenhoferUniversitaet HildesheimI am trying to produce a customized version FN for sentiment analysis.
Eugene JosephNorth Side We plan to use FrameNet data as part of our Natural Language Understanding (and Generation) pipeline that includes semantic parsing, disambiguation, co-reference resolution, reasoning, and conducts multi-turn dialogue with clarification under supervision of a dialog manager. Our first-generation NLU pipeline is used in the Bot Colony game, available from Valve/Steam. We are currently working on a new generation pipeline for semantic language processing that implements precise role-labelling (Frame Element labelling for FrameNet with financial extensions) for the vertical financial domain.
Gabor BerendUniversity of SzegedI would like to use the FrameNet data for question answering.
Tiago TorrentUniversidade Federal de Juiz de ForaI intend to expand it into Brazilian Portuguese.
Yanan CaoInstitute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of SciencesI am studying on event causality extraction from large scale corpus. Event argument analysis is very important in this procedure. I am eager to try to use FrameNet to assist event extraction and predicate-argument analysis.
Michael RothThe University of EdinburghDevelopment and evaluation of new semantic role labeling techniques
jasti venkat ram bhoopalnonelearning and research
Daniel BauerColumbia UniversityWe would like to update our corpus of FrameNet annotations merged with automatic dependency parses. I am also working on a universal semantic parser into graph based representations. I am planning to test this tool on a "graph converted" version of FrameNet.
Haikun HongPeking UniversityI want to do semantic parsing for the query dataset of Search Engine(like google, bing) under the linguistic constraints of FrameNet.
Swabha SwayamdiptaCarnegie Mellon UniversityI want to extend the work on automatic frame-semantic parsing done by researchers in CMU.
Nathan SchneiderUniversity of EdinburghEnthusiastically! For frame-semantic parsing and computational lexical semantics generally.
Zhipeng XieFudan UniversiyUse FrameNet to annotate texts and then implement a QA system
Wim PetersUniversity of Sheffield, UKI want to look into using FrameNet data for information extraction from legal texts, in combination with a parser and other lexical resources such as VerbNet and WordNet. The links between elements from these resources wil be obtained from Uby.
Ran Zhao Carnegie Mellon UniversityI want to use FrameNet data for natural language generation.
Nausheen FatmaInternational Institute of Information Technology-HyderabadFor natural language understanding in Question Answering system.
Chulaka GunasekaraSyracuse UniversityAs a part of my research I am developing a system which can detect causality from unstructured natural language text. I would like to use the Framenet data as my training corpus.

Sushanth KodaliRollioI will be using it to build my own automatic SRL to carry out a layer in my information extraction algorithm
Vetrivel VedachalamT.V.VetrivelFor making an language understanding system.
Mario CrespoUniversidad de CadizDisambiaguation and Stylometry
Ian PereraUniversity of RochesterWe would like to use the FrameNet full text annotations to improve the performance of our TRIPS parser, either as a pre-annotation for our semantic role labeling, or used as-is to check for required additions of rules or adjustment of probabilities. We also plan to incorporate the Frame index into our existing ontology.
RAJA SEKHAR PULA VENKATATECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DARMSTADTI want to know how the data is structured in FrameNet. My intention is to covert the data of another resource into the form represented in FrameNet.
Bill ChiuAsusTek Computer IncLearning and evaluation for possible applications
robin simonnonechatterbot, desktop agent all only for personal useage
Spandana GellaUniversity of EdinburghTo know word senses and frames
Nasrin AsadiIran Telecom Reseach Instituefor text summarization
Joseph Wai-ip LamThe University of Hong KongI teach and study Chinese Language Education. I am conducting research in Network Analysis on Language Data. It is quite usual using "Network" as metaphor in Cognitive Linguistics to describe Language System such as Lexical Relation. Viewing and analyzing Language in format of Network Data would be a good way to develop methodology for Cognitive Linguistic approach on Lexical Semantics. For example, network analysis always converts 2-mode network data to 1-mode network data for analysis. Frame Semantics is actually a kind of 2-mode network data: "Lexical entry to Frame". It can be convert to 1-mode data by using information from Frame: "Lexical entry to Lexical Entry". Converting this 2-mode data to 1-mode data would yield a lot of research agenda. For example, if the result of conversion fits idea from semantic field theory? Network Analysis would be a way to integrate theory of Frame & Field. And, of course, one of main points is that it is interesting.
Minh LeVU University Amsterdam I am going to train my model of SRL.
Pokey RuleElur, LLCProvide interface to guide schema construction for graphical knowledge representation system.

Nelson FordnoneI have been told that FrameNet is similar to my project. If it is very similar, I could abandon my own efforts. From what I can see online, that would not be the case; therefore I would like to see what I can learn from it.
Paramita MirzaUniversity of TrentoAs semantic features in the extraction models.
Cornel-Paul AcatrineiUniversity Alexandru Ioan Cuza from Iasi, RomaniaI am involved in ImageClef Annotation competion ( and I want to use FrameNet Data to generate sentences that describes images.
Chinedu UchechukwuNnamdi Azikiwe University, AwkaFor the demonstration of the role of FRAMES in lexical semantics.

Masoud NaroueiUniversity of North TexasI am going to use Framenet to extract access control policy elements from text.
jasti venkatnonegain knowledge on semantic frames
Katherine MetcalfIndiana University, BloomingtonI intend to use the FrameNet data to reason about social action verbs as a means by which to develop a formal language for representing and reasoning about social actions.
Jason S. ChangNational Tsing Hua UniversityWe intend to use FrameNet to extract semantic version of Pattern Grammar to assist learners in academic writing in an interaction writing environment (e.g.,
Suhkyung KimData Mining and Information Systems Lab, Korea UniversityI am trying to build a biomedical q&a system. It is not for the commercial use, but only for my own project.
Abhishek MishraConstellation Software & Consulting Pvt LtdHi, I am trying to build a Question Answering system and have been able to create a semantic graph out of it. See From this point, I want to label my Verbs based on Framenet data. While most of the work is in early research stage, we do intent to use the product commercially. I agree to Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License and am willing to cite Framenet under section. Thanks, Abhishek Mishra
Lucas SargentNoneLooking into creating a program that writes randomized short stories.
Yizhou WangPeking UniversityI would like to study the underlying relationship between images and associated text and apply research results to computer vision and multimedia applications, such as image-to-text.
Eduardo ZamudioConsejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y TecnicasI am trying to use FrameNet as a requirement for The LTH System for Frame-Semantic Structure Extraction. The aim of my work is to extract some frames from texts of an specific domain.
Andreas MaringNoneI want to use FrameNet for Semantic Parsing in my project work and bachelor thesis. It is about the automated generation of Event- driven Process Chains from natural language text.

Miikka SilfverbergUniversity of HelsinkiI would like to conduct experiments on semantic frame extraction.
Nur Avesina MustariGadjah Mada UniversityI want use FrameNet to my research about Case Based Reasoning which use Natural Language to know similar Case
Felix SonntagTechnische Universitaet MuenchenCheck if FrameNet data can be used for this project:
Peratham WiriyathammabhumUniversity of Maryland, College ParkI want to use it for the information extraction project I have. I will use it as a concept knowledge base for extracting visual/action relevant information from social media data for robotics.
Timothy FlynnNoneI intend to use the FrameNet data to enhance my knowledge of the English lexicon. I am aspiring novelist. I believe this data will be helpful in developing my writing skills.
mosab alrasheedneelain universityto utilize the semantic and ontology of the frame net and associate arabic language terms with their equivalent terms in the framenet
Keshav DhandhaniaEagerPanda Inc.At the moment, we are exploring FrameNet as a way of understanding the content that people will put on the EagerPanda platform. This will (hopefully) help us to more deeply understand the content and show it to relevant people. Sorry that I could not give you a URL, since there is no functioning URL at the moment.
Alfred WongNoneI would like to explore some ideas on the semantics of natural languages.
Albert ZhuangNational Taiwan University, Republic of ChinaTo attend the Entrance Exam track of QA Lab in CLEF 2015. This is a reading comprehension test that our system has to read a short story, around 300 words in English, and some questions, then for each question to select a most suitable answer among the given four. I intend to use FrameNet to train and SRL system so as to extract semantic frames from story and then form some RDF-like triples. This will help us to distinguish whether an option answer is correct or not.
Roman YangarberUniversity of Helsinkiuse as training data for supervised learning on tasks similar to semantic role labeling
Qikai ChengWuhan UniversityUsed for Information Extraction as supporting data.
Kushwanth Naga GouthamInternational Institute of Information Technology, HyderabadTo build a Knowledge base for Question Answering
Kenneth ReedNoneTo translate text written on cards in an online collectible card game into instructions to a game simulator.
Oana DavidUniversity of California BerkeleyI will categorize uses of the DNI/INI/CNI tagging relative to a frame role categories developed in ECG and elsewhere.
Han XiaoUniversity of HelsinkiThe whole project is out of pure interest&curiosity. I would like to implement a semantic role labeller based on this paper: To evaluate the tool, we need FrameNet data.
Cinta Diez DauderUniversitat de Barcelonawe want to create a semantic network based on the implications between verbs. we will work on trade domain
Karan SinglaInternational Institute of Information Technology, HyderabadI am using it to get my hand on the FrameNet Database. As I am planning to work on porting SemaFor for Spanish FrameNet with Red Hen Labs
Denis GriffisThe Ohio State UniversityI intend to create a dataset of word categories and word pairs participating in specific relationships to evaluate the consistency of a semantic model. I am also interested in obtaining FrameNet for the general use of my lab: we are expanding our NLP work and FrameNet would be an extremely useful resource to have on hand as we explore new research venues.
Vishnu VyasNoneAs an exploration of some ideas about semantics in natural language.
yinglin wangShanghai University of Finance and EconomicsWe want to train models via the Framenet data, and then use these models to extract semantic roles of free text. After that, we will try to use the models to analyse text in other specific domains, such as the software requirement domain.
Hardik ValaMcGill UniversityWe intend to use the data to mine social interactions between characters in literary texts. More specifically, We are looking to obtain a list of action or interacting verbs from FrameNet data to help determine whether a given sentence or phrase contains an interaction.
Guofu LiUniversity College DublinFor metaphor identification and interpretation.
Tuan DoBrandeis UniversityI intend to use Framenet annotated sentences in each lexical units in a research in distributional semantics for testing purpose.
Linda Tompkins ReddickKnowledge Management Consultants, IncSemantic Role Labeling/Parsing/Linguistic Data Analysis

http://Independent Consulting/Research
Rada MihalceaUniversity of MichiganJoint exploration of language and vision.
Aaron GodoyThe University of Texas at AustinI am interested in natural language processing (NLP) and intend to use the FrameNet data alongside other modules to practice building a NLP application in Python. This project is for personal academic use only as a means of exploring concepts I learned in a computational linguistics course last fall.
Aniruddha GhoshUniversity College DublinWe would like to use frame structure to perform sentiment analysis. We are trying to explore complex situation for sentiment analysis.

Andy AlexanderBalloon Industries, LLCI intend to create a system that can take large datasets and turn this into meaningful text for human consumption.
Hector Martinez AlonsoUniversity of CopenhagenTeaching, alternative strategies to framenet parsing, feature generation for other NLP tasks
Zeeshan ShahidQuaid-e-Azam UniversityI have used neuro-fuzzy system to generate frame like structure to represent a concept that is ordered. I need frame net data for evaluation of frames generated by my system.
Sanjay MeenaIndian Institute of TechnologyI would like to use it for semantic role labeling.
Johannes FaehndrichTechnische Universitaet BerlinImplementing a token passing in a automatically generated semantic network.
Maryam MirabolghasemiShahid Beheshti UniversityI am doing research on textual entailment recognition. I want to use FrameNet to find semantically related terms in sentence.
Ritesh ShahUniversite de Joseph FourierTo train an MT system.
Monika PodsiadloKingI intend to use FrameNet for research on cross-lingual semantic role projection. Specifically, I will be investigating how FrameNet can be used for semantic analysis of Polish.
Panchali MukherjeeSaarland UniversityAs a basis to work on my thesis.
Davide PulizzottoUQAM, University of Quebec at MontrealI am working on Computational Model for Narrative, and I would like to test a model with yours data. In specific, I will use yours date to learn an algorithm to recognize Frame in a non fictional text corpora.
Lei ShaMicrosoft Research AsiaDo SRL
praveen sbrcogknitam going to use this framenet data for our sentiment analysis project as well as for nlp
Ross HartmannSongwriting TheoryI intend to look at which words are related to which other words based on their frame and then suggest to the songwriting words that they may find interesting.

Wesner MoiseSoftPerson, LLCI am building a natural language processor that can paraphrase sentences and fit text from a template. For instance, business planning software and legal writing software.
John SolomonUniversity of North TexasI want to use the FrameNet data to train a system that predicts the semantic plausibility of a verb/relation/noun (v,r,n) combination. For example: The carrot eats apples. This sentence contains two (v,r,n) combinations. One is plausible, the other is not. 1.)(eat,eater/agent,carrot) - The carrot eats (Not Plausible) 2.)(eat,eater/theme,apple) - The apple is eaten (Plausible). I am already doing this with Propbank, but I would like to see how performance varies when I train the system using FrameNet. For related work in this area see the paper ... Erk, Pado, Pado (2007). Flexible, Corpus-Based Modelling of Human Plausibility Judgements
Remy XieFudan University, Shanghai, ChinaUse it as the last step of our graph entity explanation framework, conceptualization and mapping.

Shilong ZhouUniversity of Chinese Academy of SciencesFor the research of our lab. Recently, we tend to explore a new method in SRL. FrameNet is recognized as the high quality dataset for the research. We sincerely hope to get the dataset.
Antoine TremblayDalhousie UniversityWe are developing second language teaching curricula and FrameNet would help us determine what frame the words we intend to teach are part of and ultimately how to best to teach these words.
Roman KutlakUniversity of AberdeenI am implementing a general library for NLG systems in python. I would like to explore the data available in framenet to determine whether it would be useful to include it in the library.
Eduardo EscalanteUniversidad Nacional de Cuyo, ArgentinaTo create law ontologies
Takahiro SaToTohoku UniversityWe research the method to extract the Event Causality from documents. To do this, we must define the type of events. We intend to use the FrameNet data for gathering deverbal nouns as nominal predicates and those nouns is useful to build events.
Wouter SmetNoneI want to see how I could use parts of the data to see how they would fit in my own chatbot data model. I also expect to learn tremendously from exploring the data programmatically, beyond the interfaces offered on the Framenet web site. Given the size of framenet, if somehow you also have a subset of the data that consists just of, say, the 10 000 most used words in English, a bit like wordnet has - that would be potentially even more useful for me. Kind regards and of course congrats on the amazing work on Framenet, a truly exciting project. Wouter from Belgium
Nebijan HebibullaMinzu University of ChinaI am using Levins verb classes to study Uyghur language,and I realy want to use your Framenet date to make it more better.
meishan zhangSingapore University of Technology and DesignWe will do some research work on the dataset. Currently, we want to reproduce the work of Das et al. (2014) and Hermann et al. (2014).
Nicola BovaThe University of EdinburghI would like to employ FrameNet data within a system to solve Winograd schemas, a modern alternative to the Turing test. The system I am researching will make use of several sources of knowledge - including, hopefully, FrameNet - to appropriately solve Winograd Schemas.

Jon ClementPanamantis Inc.Graph based similarity algorithm for disambiguation.
Eli DrummUniversity of AmsterdamFor a project in our Natural Language Processing course, I and two other students are attempting to write a program to recognize semantic frames from data. We are interested in using the FrameNet data to gauge our program-performance and help us figure out with greater clarity what it is doing.
roshidi yaakubUniMAPmy final year project is using a FrameNet. so i need to know more detail about FrameNet
Raffaele PalmieriEustemaFor testing of some Information Extraction procedures for English Language. The final target is building a set of templates for extracting informations about reputational analysis of people, companies from available sources on Internet(news, articles, etc.).
Scott MalecUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonComputational Narratology as it applies to both folk narrative and clinical narrative.
David CaswellStructured StoriesI use FrameNet as the semantic basis of journalistic event definitions, which are used to construct structured narratives in a journalism domain.
Sathya VijayanNoneResearching Information Extraction Techniques
Wad GhabanUniversity of BirminghamMy supervisor suggest it to me
Simon MilleUniversitat Pompeu Fabra BarcelonaWe are currently interested in multilingual asbtract summarization; given a set of text and video documents in different languages, the system should produce a summary of these documents in a chosen language. For this, we are going to go from text/video to ontology, and then apply a pipeline of NLG techniques in order to produce a written summary. We want to evaluate to what extent we can use FrameNet-based structures as intermediate deep representations between text and ontologies in a way that we can use the data for posterior statistical and rule-based NLG.
Raksha SharmaIndian Institute of Technology BombayStudy purpose
Margaret MagnusNoneNaming app. I have tried to add more detail, but get blocked.
Irene CastellonUniversitat de BarcelonaTo explore lexical relations in a massive way for developing a linguistic research about role implications and factuality.
kevin cohencenter for computational pharmacology, university of colorado school of medicineI am doing some annotation of natural language texts with respect to argument structure. To do the annotations, I need predicate-argument structures. As much as possible, I am using third-party PAS as my annotation target. I would like to use FrameNet as one of my sources of semantic representations.
Aaron SorensonUniversity of California at BerkeleyI did my BA in linguistics at UH-Manoa and my MA in South and Southeast Asian Studies at UC-Berkeley, where I took classes with G. Lakoff and J. Feldman. My interest in Framenet is in relation to an interactive art installation that I want to design and build, in which a participant enters (or says) phrases that are parsed for metaphors and metonymies. The data is then used to create visualizations in 3D space through projection mapping on moving panels.
David GerrardLoughborough UniversityTrying to find evidence of the inspiration that museums cause within public social media, to see if social media can provide a genuinely effective source of information for people curating events for, managing and funding museums. I have come across the Subjective_Influence frame and would like to use it as a starting point for a model with which to classify and filter data from Twitter about users and their museum-related Tweets, and potentially data from other social media sources, too.
Kellie WebsterUniversity of Sydneycoreference resolution research
Fernando CartwrightPolymetrika InternationalThe FrameNet data provide a base language model that will be used to represent target corpi, which include written material corresponding to elements of a performance rubric. Each corpus represents a specific category in the rubric, and the written material may include exemplars and/or detailed descriptions of each element. After training, a classifier will calculate the conditional probability of new texts belonging to each category.
Amit PooniaUniversity of StuttgartI am trying to integrate Framenet with information extraction tool like ReVerb, and trying to improve ASLR with SEMAFOR by experimenting with my hypothesis.
Richard PratherThinking TextDoing research on lexical units mapped to frames.
Mariana DamovaMozaika1) To see how to build a Framenet for Bulgarian language. 2) To see how applicable Framenet is in the context of Multilingual retrieval interface for structured data from the Web
Remi van TrijpSony Computer Science Laboratory ParisI am one of the chief developers of Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG), an open source computational grammar formalism for bidirectional language processing, learning and evolution. I am interested in the interface between semantics and grammar, and would like to use FrameNet data for exploring these issues. More specifically, I want to translate the lexical database into lexical constructions that can fit in an FCG grammar. Even though I work for a private company, our laboratory engages in fundamental science and publishes its language technologies as open source software. My objectives are scientific: to use the FrameNet data for developing formally explicit processing models of construction grammar, grounded in data of attested language usage.
Denis ShirokovInstitute of refrigeration, cryotechnology and ecoenergetics named after V. S. MartynovskyIm doing research about machine learning and natural language
Nora GrossmanCollege of CharlestonI am looking for a lexicon to use in a prototype English-Spanish machine translator I will be building, to be used exclusively for research purposes.
Amol PatwardhanLouisiana State UniversityWe have a semantic analysis class project to demonstrate how to use framenet.
Andre DittrichInstitute of Photogrammetry and Remote SensingI want to have a closer look into the different senses of prepositions and the accompanying examples, to investigate if it is possible to elaborate specific definitions or patterns of metaphorical use cases of prepositions (in contrast to their literal spatial sense).
Ashequl QadirUniversity of UtahUtilize the dictionary of lexical units mapped to frames
Nick Hayden1994I have been learning a lot about relational databases and programming lately via SQL lessons, and it keeps reminding me of the every-day relationships we give our data (all sorts) and how it interacts with each other. This subject has always been very interesting to me; from my first etymology class in middle school to advanced literature courses in college. No longer able (or maybe, have had the opportunity) to pursue that full time, I now try to maintain a on-going study/hobby of this. I continually ask myself: what is one way to say something vs. another way? Which is more clear? What would be another way to say that? That is what I am after: access to a database of, basically, phrase-synonyms. I want to continue to explore ways which I (and others) can easily access this information and expand in its application, through every day use. The idea of working towards a way which others can continue to communicate better with one another, I think, is an awesome one. One that I hope I can cultivate.
Pum-Mo RyuElectronics and Telecommunications Research InstituteI intend to use the FrameNet data as a basic framework for Korean language understanding.
Ghassen HamrounivneuronIntegrate it to our Text Mining Engine.
Aaron SanchezUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de MexicoPresent the FrameNet proyect to a group where we are reseaching frame semantics and lexical semantics.
Peter SchuellerMarmara UniversityNatural Language Understanding in a way similar to the proposal of "Interpretation as Abduction" by Jerry Hobbs. See also the TACITUS/Mini-TACITUS/ADP-pipeline projects. Syntactic disambiguation using semantic information as sketched in one of my papers (Towards a Tight Integration of Syntactic Parsing with Semantic Disambiguation by means of Declarative Programming, IWCS).
Robert AllenYonsei University Extend the research in: Allen, R.B., Frame-based Models of Communities and their History. Histoinformatics 2013, Kyoto. LNCS 8359, 2014, 110-119, If possible, I would like a tar ball of the all of the Frame Index and Lexical Unit Index.
Rob ZinkovIndiana UniversityWe are building a probabilistic programming language for making machine learning easier to do. Having large datasets shows that our algorithms can handle real use cases.
Akihiro KamedaResearch Organization of Information and SystemsTo survey papers related to Semantic Role Labeling, I want to see actual data of FrameNet.
ROBERT AMSLERNoneI wish to map FrameNet Lexical Units into a Roget Hierarchy and into WordNet synsets to determine the extent of coverage provided and not provided.
Liming Liuthe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityI would like to use FrameNet as a reference tool for deciding on the semantic domain of verbs in student academic writing.
Alex JudeaHeidelberg Institute for Theoretical StudiesI intend to use FrameNet to improve performance of an information extraction system.
Tony VealeUniversity College DublinGenerating novel metaphors. See the MetaphorMagnet Twitter bot.
Holly RussoGeorge Mason UniversityI would like to test out the various semantic parsing tools that work with FrameNet
Seungree KimHankuk University of Foreign Studies73, 32, 119, 97, 110, 116, 32, 116, 111, 32, 117, 115, 101, 32, 116, 104, 101, 32, 70, 114, 97, 109, 101, 78, 101, 116, 32, 102, 111, 114, 32, 109, 121, 32, 109, 97, 115, 116, 101, 114, 115, 32, 116, 104, 101, 115, 105, 115, 46, 32, 73, 32, 97, 109, 32, 105, 110, 116, 101, 114, 101, 115, 116, 101, 100, 32, 105, 110, 32, 116, 104, 101, 32, 114, 111, 108, 101, 32, 108, 97, 98, 101, 108, 105, 110, 103, 32, 115, 121, 115, 116, 101, 109, 32, 111, 102, 32, 116, 104, 101, 32, 70, 114, 97, 109, 101, 78, 101, 116, 46, 32, 73, 32, 119, 105, 108, 108, 32, 97, 110, 97, 108, 121, 122, 101, 32, 116, 104, 101, 32, 115, 116, 114, 117, 99, 116, 117, 114, 101, 44, 32, 97, 110, 100, 32, 119, 97, 110, 116, 32, 116, 111, 32, 100, 101, 118, 101, 108, 111, 112, 32, 97, 108, 103, 111, 114, 105, 116, 104, 109, 115, 32, 102, 111, 114, 32, 112, 97, 114, 97, 112, 104, 114, 97, 115, 101, 32, 115, 121, 115, 116, 101, 109, 115, 32, 119, 104, 105, 99, 104, 32, 99, 111, 117, 108, 100, 32, 98, 101, 32, 117, 115, 101, 100, 32, 102, 111, 114, 32, 109, 97, 99, 104, 105, 110, 101, 32, 116, 114, 97, 110, 115, 108, 97, 116, 105, 111, 110, 44, 32, 97, 117, 116, 111, 109, 97, 116, 105, 99, 32, 115, 99, 111, 114, 105, 110, 103, 44, 32, 97, 110, 100, 32, 101, 116, 99, 46
Abey RoseMegatrendsSemantic Parsing trainig
Vazgen AyrapetyanNoneIm building a match-making engine using NLP
Zongru ShaoStevens Institute of TechnologyI am now using NLTK to extract features and values from text. I want to have a try with FrameNet Data, to see what more FrameNet would be able to provide. Thank you!
Pelumi AboluwarinUniversity of BristolI want to use it for Automatic Semantic Role Labelling
Grace GeeHarvard Frame Identification and Argument Identification for senior theses work.
Fernando AguilarMexico Autonomous Institute of TechnologyHi Our team is working in a research project concerning topic detection in news articles published in magazines, newspapers and Internet newspapers. Also, it is necessary to identify the main subject of the news article. In order to accomplish our project goals, we planned to do a POS Tagging algorithm with a Hidden Markov Model. So, we are asking for access to the Spanish corpus of FrameNet for training the Markov Model and build the Tagger. Thanks for your attention.
Marvin AbisrrorUniversidade Federal de VicosaI am in a research on the use of supervised machine learning for automatic annotation of ontologies and i would like to have the FrameNet data annotated as based of my investigation.
Rinke HoekstraVU University AmsterdamUnderstanding how to best integrate FrameNet data with Semantic Web/Linked Data technology, in particular annotations of texts.
Anthony EkehATrillion-SemantixI have written an Entity-Relation-based Natural Language Agent which now needs to be augmented with Semantic intelligence. I am researching different frameworks for adding this level of intel and FrameNet was an option, having worked with it as a grad school student in Computational Linguistics, SUNY Buffalo, 2003 - 2006. An example of the engine can be found at http://www.atrillion- Currently the agent is something similar to an Eliza program, using grammatical transformations with rules in order to decide how to respond to actuation. A true control policy requires semantic roles or frames and I can think of no better a framework than FrameNet to begin researching that process.
Mohammad Sadegh RasooliColumbia UniversityUse as feature for parsing
Valera VlasyukNoneIm building a text reader that creates document images and can generate humanly understandable description of different subjects that were collected from document.
Nakul SharmaK L UniversityHelp in getting the necessary understanding at the sentences and at the paragrah level.
David BeanNoneFor a personal project, initially, in human cognition emulation. You know, general AI. But I may want to commercialize it so tell me if thats outside the boundaries of this project.
Eugene WangHarvard UniversityI would like to explore more machine learning methods for automatic SRL (classifying to the right frames and frame entities), trained on the FrameNet database. If the automatic SRL is promising, I would also like to build a FrameNet database specifically for legal documents and explore the efficacy of techniques such as bootstrapping to build the database from a small number of hand tagged sentences initially. This work is primary for my senior thesis for my BA at Harvard and I am working with the Harvard government and computer science department on this. Thanks so much!
Tom KwiatkowskiAllen Institute for Artificial IntelligenceWe are developing systems capable of extracting information from textbooks and using this information to answer exam questions. Framenet appears to have decent coverage in some of the domains of interest (e.g. Forces and Motion). We intend to investigate information extraction and semantic parsing into the FrameNet schema.
Stefan HartmannUniversity of Mainz, GermanyApart from my PhD research on German word-formation, one of my main research areas is the role of so-called construal operations as defined in Cognitive Linguistics, most importantly perspectivation, in language acquisition and change. The frames defined in FrameNet might provide an ideal basis for pursuing this idea further.
Ben NyeUniversity of PennsylvaniaFor my masters thesis on evaluation of semantic content of newspaper articles compared to their manually generated summaries.
Matias Guzman NaranjoUniversitaet LeipzigMy work focuses on alternations. I intend to use framenet to parse and analyze semantic features of the words occurring in the alternations I am working on. This will help me, among other things, to add (frame) semantic predictors to the statistical models, and to better understand the properties of the predicates occurring in these alternations.
Russ RobbinsSusquehanna UniversityColleagues at UT-Austin and Rensselaer Polytechnic and I are studying values and their relation to decision making and attempting to model this cognitively and linguistically.

http://No current website other than faculty page
Kartik GoyalCarnegie Mellon UniversityStudy the overlap between framenet and syntactic parses
Orin HargravesUniversity of ColoradoHi Colin and Miriam, I would like to (re-)download FN as a preliminary to an annotation project I will be working on with Silvana Hartmann and Iryna Gurevych at UKP. The project involves annotation of data against FrameNet frames at the FE level, mostly of verbs. I will also be hiring up to four annotators for this project who will also need the stable downloadable version of FN and it would be great if I could either provide them a copy of my download, or enable them to download themselves without formality. I will appreciate your advice about the best way to proceed with this. Many thanks, Orin
Patrick CassidyMICRA, Inc.I am building a foundation ontology (COSMO, see based on semantic primitives, and want to map to other lexical/ontological resources. A necessary experiment is to verify that concepts that are not primitive can be represented by the primitive concepts represented in COSMO. FrameNet will be a good test case, and potentially useful because of its frequent use in NLP programs.
Ben NyeUniversity of PennsylvaniaFor my masters thesis (classification of event importance).
paul kisambiraUganda Christian UnivesityI am trying to build Real estate dialog system
Akshay DesaleSchool of Computer Science, I want to use framenet for further reasearch on Semantic Parsing since I am now working on Semantic Parsing on LTAG, this data will aid a lot in my research.
Mohamed EldosukyMansoura UniversityWord Sense Disambiguation
Gleki ArxokunaThe Logical Language GroupI want to use that data to construct an uppar ontology with the help of Lojban language and project in particular. It is important for me to know what valencies are available for most common predicates.
Xianchao WuBaidu order to investigate the application of the data to frame-semantic parsing and semantic role labeling systems

Michael DoumaIDEA.orgPossible inclusion of FrameNet data as one of many sources (e.g., WN, VerbNet, and various other thesauri) for a reference app for iOS mobile.
Mariana DamovaMozaikaAt first - as data source for image annotation algorithm
Tim vor der BrueckGoethe University Frankfurt am Main, GermanyWe are currently working on creating an English lexicon by merging several lexical resources similar to UBY and make it freely available for download. We would very much like to integrate the lexical information contained in FrameNet. You can take a look on the websites shown above and the publication Tim vor der Brueck, Alexander Mehler and Md. Zahurul Islam (2014). ColLex.en: Automatically Generating and Evaluating a Full-form Lexicon for English. Proceedings of LREC 2014. Reykjavik, Iceland. (accepted) Of course the licenses of our input lexicons will be respected. Each lexical item will be annotated with its source and its license.
Ben KybartasDelft University of TechnologyI am interested in the potential application of frame net data to create a semantic understanding of certain actions with the intent of representing these actions within a virtual world. I am interested in attempting to extract semantic information from the Semlink project and would be interested in also including the FrameNet data

Orphee De ClercqGhent UniversityI would like to investigate whether frames can help to improve a content-based recommender system.
Daniele LoconsoleUniversita degli studi di BariI would like to use the data for my thesis. In particular, following the instructions of ttp://,are the two required files "you need two files: frames.xml and frRelation.xml." may i have the link for the download? Best Regards, Daniele Loconsole
Eustace EbhotemhenSaarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany.I want to train an automatic semantic role labeler which would then be used for other NLP tasks like Question anwering and dialogue systems.
Florent PerekPrinceton UniversityI intend to use FrameNet to manually annotate corpus data, in particular to enrich corpus hits with information about verb meaning. To facilitate annotation, I designed an interactive program that allows to rapidly pick the relevant sense in a list provided by an electronic dictionary (or similar); I cannot the web interface for that purpose, so this is why I need the XML data. Among other things, I intend to compare verb groupings based on FrameNet vs. WordNet. I would very much appreciate if you could give me access to the data.

Kelvin KhooPeking UniversityI intend to use FrameNet data as a referential dictionary in distinguishing words meaning. Also the frame-frame structure in FrameNet will help me memorize new words in an organized way.
Jose Antonio Pena CruzInstituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de MonterreyI want to use FrameNet data in order to make a research paper with the purpose of explaining Natural Language Processing, showing specific details on Natural Language Generation, Machine Translation and Lexical Semantics. I would like to see the data as a whole as well to get a real glympse as to how it can be integrated into programs to further explain the advantages and possible paths this project could take.
Dino DolovicUniversity of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and ComputingI am currently exploring FrameNet for my seminar. Afterwards, for my thesis, I will have to develop most common frames in sports in Croatian and develop automatic semantic role parser.
Kapil ThadaniColumbia University in the City of New YorkI intend to use the data to incorporate inference over frame-semantic representations in a text-to-text generation (compression, fusion, paraphrasing, etc) system.
Elan Hourticolon-RetzlerJohns Hopkins UniversityFor a final project I am attempting to do information extraction/ (limited) automated ontology building from wikipedia using SEMAFOR/FrameNet.

Baolin PengBeihang UniversityWe want to conduct and experiment on FrameNet dataset to test the performance of our proposed model, which is a language understanding model.
Shayani DebUniversity of Texas at AustinWe intend to extend the work by Das et al in Frame Semantic Parsing and the SEMAFOR system ( We are requesting the FrameNet data set to be able to recreate their work as well as compare our extension to their work. This research is part of a course by Prof. Mooney at the Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin (CS 388 : Natural Language Processing).
Lance PollardNoneI am building a JavaScript API for natural language processing, which is based on the Embodied Construction Grammar and theses from Dodge, Chang, and Bryant, as well as the previous work from Lakoff and related, who was my professor as an undergraduate :)
Peter CampbellUniversity of CambridgeTo be used to gain an insight into semantic areas of specifically tweets from political campaigns previously marked with negative sentiment.
Madhavi YemmelaArtificial Perception Technologies, Inc.We are involved in natural language processing research and are interested in exploring already existing repositories of machine readable annotated language content. We are for profit company, however the primary goal of our commercial activities is to fund our research.
Geoff NixonNoneI tried to say here but it says Please use only ASCII characters and basic punctuation and I am doing so. Read linked thread. t=2073720 p=14248707
Rudra Dev MandalChrist UniversityI want to disambiguate meaning of words in a specific context in relation with how human mind thinks to do it.
Jesse DodgeCarnegie Mellon UniversityI am hoping to use FrameNet in a class project. We are hoping to use FrameNet to improve the quality of word vectors. Specifically, we are hoping to improve already-learned word vectors using FrameNet. Also, you have a bug in your ASCII character-checking code for these text boxes.
Si MengshiXinjiang University1.Framenet is supported by rich lexical databases 2.Learning how to build semantic framenet work 3.Research and construction of Uighur semantic framework Thanks!
Katia ShutovaInternational Computer Science InstituteEvaluation of automatic frame induction systems
hasan zafariislamic azad university malayer branchcoreference resolution
Fatma ImamogluHelen Wills Neuroscience InstituteI will apply models based on FrameNet to neuroimaging data.
Fernando Martinez SantiagoUniversity of Jaenmainly to develop an ontology which is intended in order to implement a semantic grammar for a controlled vocabulary for a Augmentative and Adaptative Communicator
Benjamin Chu Min XianMIMOS BerhadWord Sense Disambiguation
rajdeo singhOrkash services.In research of NLP using sentiment analysis and for verb relation extraction and disambiguation of sentiment.
Felipe LeaoUniversidade Federal do Estado do Rio de JaneiroI need to test Lundt University LTH system, an automatic semantic role labeler that depends on Framenet.
rajdeo singhI am Research student working in NLP Assignement In research for Word Sense Disambiguation approach using framenet and

http://I am Research student working in NLP Assignement
Sola BabalolaStellenbosch UniversityTo find out as many words as possible that are used when describing image or graphic -related entities. A number of research focus on understanding diagrams using text found around the locality of the image within the document. Seeking to develop this association further.
Kenichi SudoSudo IT Consultant Officeresearch
Ismail El MaaroufUniversity of WolverhamptonI want to use it in my own research on semantic parsing.
Peter GabelHeadspace Sprockets, LLC.Primarily as a lexical resource and reference. I have had an account in the past (as username Peter.Gabel.peter.gabel (at) which appears to no longer be valid. At the time it was granted (August 2011) I was able to download FrameNet data.
Shanshan ZhuSoochow University,ChinaI want to use the FrameNet to improve our performance of implicit relation inference system. And it is important for our further research.
Afsaneh FazlyVerticalScopeWe would like to use FrameNet to help us with the semantic tagging of documents. In particular, we would like to be able to extract semantic information about certain named entities, as expressed in a collection of documents.
Cristian Cosmin NandreanTechnical University of Cluj NapocaI want to use FrameNet for my Bachelor degree: Natural Language Understanding, using DRT and FrameNet.
Ganesa Thandavam PonnurajStony Brook UniversityTo analyze the results given by SEMAFOR - CMUs semantic parser.
Krishnendu GhoshIndian Institute of Technology KharagpurTo check its sustainability for specific domains
Blaine SnowSaint Martins UniversityMostly as a reference for better understanding how meaning is generated through and by framing I am also interested in culture and language differences in the construction of frames say how Sanskrit or Chinese framing differ from English and Indo-European languages
Jeong-won ChaChangwon National UniversityWe would like to develop a frame parser for Korean.
Marek HoscalekGERMI will generate a hash tree of numbered FrameNet lexical units from the annotated continuous texts based on frequency. Later I will try to use this hash tree for automatic corpora tagging of new unstructured texts with the FN lexical units.
Bin LiNanjing Normal UniversityI want to develop a Chinese semantic dependency graphbank, so I need to use the frames and frame elements in English framenet. If you can mail me all the data, it would be very useful. Thanks!
Ganesh PachpindVellore Institutte of technologySemantic Role labeling in Court judgment data.
Manish ShrivastavaIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, IndiaWe are in the process of building a framenet development tool for Indian Languages. We need the framenet data to learn the specifics of FrameNet
Gabriel StanovskyBar Ilan University in IsraelCurrently exploring semantic annotation and openIE representations, interested in examining the structure of framenets, number of arguments, etc.
David HallUniversity of California, BerkeleyWe re looking at semantic change, and we need a good set of relationships between words.
Xiaoye WuUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstJoint training (bootstrapping) of dependency parsing and semantic role labeling
Bishan YangCornell UniversityI want to use FrameNet 1.5 in my experiments of semantic frame parsing, and to compare with previous results on this data.

Epameinondas SouflerosUniversity of AthensTo annotate scripts produced by English learners in the Writing module of the KPG exam (Greek state exam in English).
Stefan EvertUniversity of Erlangen-NurembergTeaching in a computational / corpus linguistics programme. (Unfunded) research project on content analysis and formal knowledge representation of ad- hoc announcements made by public companies.
Mike HaddadService ParadigmBuild automatic rules for the processing of text and acquiring knowledge.
Sebastien MamessierGeorgia Institute of TechnologyI would like to build a support system for pilots, allowing queries in natural language. In order to make sens of the natural queries, I need SRL and therefore I would need access to the FrameNet data. I would prefer the OWL format.
Jungsoo KimUniversity of Texas at AustinI intend to use the FrameNet data for research on the interaction between construction alternations and word senses.
S.A. BenzenbergRadboud University NijmegenI intend to use the data to help design a pedagogical approach informed by lexical constructions.
Marlon QuadrosPontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do SulFor creating agents Dialogue.
Dhon RocafortNoneNatural Language understanding and Word Matching algorithm understanding
Joseph EzekielECWA Theological Seminary, I want to use the FrameNet data to analyze my thesis into frames.
Gozde Gul IsguderIstanbul Technical UniversityWe want to build a Turkish FrameNet. In order to investigate and understand the structure of FrameNet deeply, having data would help us a lot. Any help is appreciated.
Agoston TothUniversity of DebrecenI am doing research on LU induction using distritubed semantics. I also use FN for teaching computational linguistics (lexical databases, semantics).
Travis WolfeJohns Hopkins UniversityI want to train a Framenet parser (like SEMAPHOR).
Rogan CreswickGalois, Inc.I would like to investigate approaches to map unconstrained natural language to controlled natural language, as well as improving open information extraction techniques.
Wilfred OdoyoGraduate School of Chosun UniversityResearch and develop a Natural Language generation from Continuous Speech Recognition device through NLP
Dennis PayonkNone or Payonk.comI am trying to research creating a bot that has discourse with a human being in a more casual way, using terms and grammar more casual to 1 on 1 discourse.
Kyungtae LimKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyThe purpose is machine learning for semafor . We try to modify FD corpus for batter semafor result.
Ali SafariHazrat -e Masoumeh UniversityI can use it in machine translation of English to Persian or vice- versa.
fawzia zakiSystems Engineering and Computing University of Al-AzharI intend to use FrameNet in semantic analysis .
Vladimir LyashenkoNoneI hope it will help me in my research and development of practical NLP systems.
Onder AcikgozTrakya UniversityWe are trying to build a system that will use the framenet data in a lattice-structured model. Our aim is to create a system that will enable us to parse natural language sentences semantically and then determine the sentences that can be visualized. The reason we want to visualize basic sentences which are necessary in everyday use is that we want this project to be helpful for children with autistm spectrum. Thank you in advance, Onder Acikgoz
May ThuUniversity of Computer StudiesI will use framnet data to expand for my native language...And use these data for automatic semantic labelling.
Efeoghene ThomasUniversity of BolognaWe are treating a study-case in relation to Subjectivity Analysis. An d I would like to try the potentials of FrameNet in the area of subjectivity. Thomas
Enrique ManjavacasFreie Universitaet BerlinCurrently I am working on a seminar paper in the field of semantic role annotation based on german material from the SALSA Corpus, for the sake of comparison I would appreciate to be able to look inside the structure of the FrameNet Corpus, which has been the main inspiration in the construction of the corpus we aim to analyze. Further I would like to carry out some exploratory investiagtion on frame related metaphorical patterns in both the german and the english corpus.
Chen haifeiStandalone researcherUse it in my QA system
Kyoung Rok JangKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyConstruct Korean FrameNet by utilizing Wiktionary as an aligning corpus
Jacobo RoucesAalborg UniversityBuilding a knowledge base.
wang chaoDalian University of LanguagesU s e i t t o g e t s o m e c o r p u s d a t a a b o u t t h e c o m p a r i s o n b e t w e e n C h i n e s e " k a n " a n d E n g l i s h " s e e " ------------------ 85,115,101,32,105,116,32,116,111,32,103,101,116,32,115,111,109,101,32,9 9,111,114,112,117,115,32,100,97,116,97,97,98,111,117,116,32,116,104,101 ,32,99,111,109,112,97,114,105,115,111,110,32,98,101,116,119,101,101,110 ,32,67,104,105,110,101,115,101,32,13,10,34,107,97,110,34,32,97,110,100, 32,69,110,103,108,105,115,104,34,115,101,101,34,-24143,98,97,115,101,10 0,32,111,110,32,102,114,97,109,101,32,115,101,109,97,110,116,105,99,115 ,32,116,104,101,111,114,121,46
Karl-Johan AlmKungliga Tekniska HogskolanA project in a language engineering course. I need the Japanese FrameNet. I hope I get that included as well?
Hassan KianAmir Kabir Universityfor sNLP course project I need to implement paper on Semantic Parsing. I have to run some algorithm on FrameNet 1.3 and FrameNet 1.5 release thanks in advance.
Robert SavageNoneI am interested in intellectually exploring the use of FN for QA in natural dialogue.
Kristina Strkalj DespotInstitute of Croatian Language and Linguistics CroLLOD project will primarily build on ideas encountered in the FrameNet and TIGER SALTO model and GOLD powl ontology. Development of the CroLLOD system and activities in it will include 1.Adjusting the DocMARK, system for image annotation 2. Expansion of the TEIMark, indexing text documents, 3. network system with full morphology of the Croatian language 4. Program for generalized concordance which includes the possibility of searching by grammatical forms, 5. a program for syntactic and semantic analysis, 6. generalized n-gram tagger, 7. Building LOD data base TripleState related data, 8. building a search interface with SPARQL commands, 9. Print and save information and data visualization.
qi dong wangNoneTo help doing sentiment analysis with Economic News. FrameNet data will help to make the positive and negative more accurate.
Oleksandr PolozovUniversity of WashingtonWe are working on automatic generation of mathematical word problems for elementary and middle school (and beyond) using answer-set programming and NLG techniques. Our current prototype can generate simple problems that satisfy given mathematical requirements (e.g. "use distributive law of multiplication") in a given setting (e.g. "use these characters in a fantasy world"). In our prototype we use a small set of facts, types and relations that were manually annotated, but they are perhaps inapplicable for a general case. We believe that FrameNet would work best as a core of our type system for plot and math generation of a typical word problem.
Sathyanarayanan KuppusamiUniversitat HamburgTo understand and prepare my seminar paper
Nawaf AlsallamiIowa State UniversityI am planning to use FrameNet for research purpose.
Le Khanh HungNational Institute for Technological Progressfor developing Multilingual machine readable dictionary
Minsu KoKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyI am a student, studying natural language processing and semantic role labeling. FrameNet is very good resource to give us a vision to have a big step to close semantics and frame.
Justin RichardsCUNY Graduate CenterWe are conducting a course project titled "Missing Information Discovery." The goal is a system which can identify a set of frame attributes that should be present in a context, determine which are missing, and generate questions as an editor or reviewer would.
Prashanth RaoSaarland UniversityTrying to determine word sense more reliably than Wordnet
li qiannational scientific libraryverb semantic role labeling
Gerold HintzTechnical University DarmstadtI am researching frame semantic parsing for a Masters thesis.
Jennifer SealeAmplifyWe might be interested in using this data to determine how similar student paraphrases are to a target.
Rodica AlbuAlexandru Ioan Cuza University of IasiI intend to encourage the undergraduate students that attend my course of lectures in Semantics and Pragmatics to explore FrameNet as a resource for natural language understanding and for teaching-learning lexical semantics.
Ruben TsuiNoneI am a freelance translator doing mainly Chinese-to-English translation work. I plan to use FrameNet to help me fine-tune the English text translated from Chinese (as Chinese often has a very different point of view from English when describing a particular event). I am also currently planning to apply to a graduate Linguistics program, and I intend to use FrameNet (along with other resources such as WordNet and several corpora, as well as software tools such as NLTK) to produce a research paper required for the program admission process. Thank you. Ruben Tsui Taipei, Taiwan
Chris CollinsIntuit, Inc.To facilitate in query modulation and eventually in Q andA systems. Primarily to aid in tax filing but also with small businesses. It maybe further used for philanthropic activities as part of Intuits "we care and give back" program.
Divyakumar MenghaniUC BerkeleyUse it in a project
Uday NathIIT BombayI want to study Automatic Semantic Role Labeling in case of light verbs, and try to improve the accuracy if possible.
Hugues de MazancourtEptica SASCheck FrameNet approach and compatibility wrt Eptica-Lingway Semantic Network
Wouter van AtteveldtVU University AmsterdamI want to study framing of conflict in newspaper articles, e.g. understand whether the ossetian conflict is framed from a pro-russian or pro-georgian perspective. To this end, I want to use the frame roles for frames such as attack to analyse automatic parses (see e.g. sheafer et al, forthcoming, from
Antoni OliverUniversitat Oberta de CatalunyaI would like to explore the possibility to generate Spanish and Catalan FrameNet from the English version, mainly by machine translation of the English sentences.
Partha PakrayNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyI want to use this data for QA.
QIN DAITohoku UniversityI am going to use FrameNet data to extract deverbal noun and its corresponding verb, such as "abandon" and "abandonment".
Normunds GruzitisInstitute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of LatviaCurrently I am experimenting with the development of a frame-semantic (i.e. FrameNet) abstraction layer to GF ( Resource Grammar Library.
Zhengzhong LiuCarnegie Mellon UniversityI am investigating the relation between events in a document, while FrameNet annotation provide a lot of relations between frames and the frame elements can provide information for event attributes.
John RaffertyGeorgia Institute of TechnologyI plan on using FrameNet to help turn a sentence into a visual representation in a 3D world. I have a limited number of actions that I want to apply to a 3D model and I need a way to choose the best fitting action from the verb in the sentence I receive. I want to use the Lexical Unit index to help choose the most closely related action.
Ricky TairaUniversity of California, Los AngelesSemantic Parsing
Jennifer EdrosoDe La Salle UniversityI want to use it as a method in Semantic Frame Analysis
Dana RubinsteinHebrew University of JerusalemI intend to use it as training data for the automatic semantic role labeling task, on which I focus in my masters thesis.
MIN XIAOTemple UniversityFor research only.
Jonatan UppstroemDepartment of SwedishUse it to aid in working with the Swedish FrameNet (and its linking to FrameNet).
Jean MarkSan Diego State UniversityUsed in sentiment tagging and preparation of training corpus.
Yevgen MatusevychTilburg UniversityIn my PhD project I am using a computational model of language acquisition that needs input data consisting of argument structure frames, which include a number of features. Although FrameNet does not contain all the necessary features, it can be a good base for building the input data I need.
Rafael MelloFederal University of PernambucoI will use it to perform the Automatic Semantic Role Labeling. My application is in automatic text summarization.
Timothy JordanNoneI am attempting to create a personal chatbot, that can understand and converse in natural language.
shefali sharmainstituto cervantes i desire this wonderful creation because i think ,it is going to improve my understanding of English as a language and i believe, it might speed up the process of acquiring another language which is not my mother touching. i am learning Spanish and i intend to learn Japanese soon.
Marcin SkowronAustrian Research Institute for Artificial IntelligenceFrameNet will be adapted to extend the Perception Layer of the Affective Dialogue System ( and to provide a set of conceptual categories to the developed natural language annotation framework (
Madhuri TayalShri Ramdeobaba College of eng, NagpurFor text summarization
David BrodbeckUniversity of WashingtonProviding as a resource for several students/researchers -- can put you in contact with individuals if needed.
Mohsen SayedINRIA lab -NANCY-FRANCEI need to use the FrameNet for Semantic Role Labelling task for a medical texts analysis.
Fabian CabaUniversidad del Norte, ColombiaFramenet would be useful for understanding and grounding a language for visual action understanding.
Ilja MuraskoNone The aim is of the project is to mine popular pharases with combinatorial properties, to make on their basis interactive language learning games.
Heri MaryantoUniversity of Birmingham, UKThe basic idea is to broaden the information retrieval query with high relevancy. At the first step, I will try to integrate the FrameNet with Apache SOLR.

http://It is for my final project dissertation to get my Master degree.
qiang liuMIMOS malaysiaresearch on WSD
Theodore MylenbuschNoneFrame semantic parsing, logic processing, and question answering for nursing students and practicing nurses. Eventually for use on handheld phones and tablet devices (Android and iPhone) as a decision support for practicing nurses. I have already accomplished enough skill in HTML, JavaScript, Eclipse, Java, C plus plus, C sharp, MySQL, MSSQL, MS Office, open source statistics, and MS Visual Studio to develop the user interface. This is not a profit maximization endeavor but rather a service to attempt a "give back" to nurses and the nursing profession.

http://None yet.
Andrew GambardellaUC BerkeleyUnderstanding and generating legal arguments
Vinit Kumar UpadhyayHT mediaAs a training set for my perceptron.
Yang YangNational University of SingaporeI would like to employ FrameNet for enhancing multimedia applications.
Alex DodgeSan Diego State UniversityI am starting work on an information extraction problem, trying to extract sourced opinion statements from unstructured text. I am hoping that I can use FrameNet to abstract things I might discover about a particular verb to other, semantically related, verbs. e.g. If I decide I can extract a certain relation from "believe", I can try to abstract that to other words in the Opinion frame.
aamir khanUniversity of PeshawarWant to learn how to make FrameNet in local languages spoken in my country.
bitvox khanuniversity of peshawarfor learning
Walter GressDrexel UniversityI will be using the FrameNet data, if it is in .sql MySQL scripts or XML format, in an experimental software that attempts to create a universal Rosetta stone by using advanced graph-to-graph matching algorithms and general-purpose matching.
Daria DzendzikSaint-Petersburg State University I need a corpus to check my Event Extraction System. And I going to use annotation information for describing new type of events in my system.
Mikhail DykovVolgograd State Technical UniversityI want to use FrameNet for news messages similarity and entailment calculation in Twitter
tai yangShanXi Medical UniversityI want to use FN semantics and relations to find the semantics in tags of folksonomy system.
Ryan OmizoMichigan State UniversityI plan to use FrameNet to help create an ontology that will disambiguate topic modeling results.
Julian RiedigerRecommind IncWe want to evaluate in how far semantic parsing using FrameNet data can help us to understand information coded in sentences in the context of information extraction.
Mohamed YahyaMax Planck Institute for InformaticsAs linguistic knowledge source for a question answering system. Mainly for matching phrases to relations in a knowledge base.
Cristian CardellinoUniversidad Nacional de Cordoba. Argentina.I am working on a project to combine the lexical resources FrameNet, VerbNet, Propbank and WordNet to the tasks of Question Answering and Information Extraction. Particularly, right now, I am interesting in the QALD3 lab of the CLEF, trying to work on Question Answering over the DBPedia.
Varun MittalJaypee University of Information TechnologyI would like to experiment with FrameNet in order to build an automated system for knowledge parsing and analysis.
Benammar MohammedParis sorbonneUse it to understand how it works and then try to implement a french version
Andras LorinczEotvos Lorand UniversityI am to develop a dialogue system for people using Augmentative and Alternative Communication solutions, like PCS or Widgit. The goal is to create intelligible sentences from a set of images. I would like to explore FrameNet in this application since it is focusing on verbs.
Antonio Moreno OrtizUniversity of MalagaI intend to evaluate the possibilities to use it for a word-sense disambiguation experiment, which would involve creating some tool to access the XML data.

Ganapathi Raju NadimpalliGOKARAJU RANGARAJU INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGYMy Research topic is Information extraction and paraphrasing. While reading the paper titled "The FrameNet Database and Software T ools", i need to use FrameNet for my work. So please provide necessary help for providing FrameNet data.
Adam CarstensenStrayer UniversityI am creating a statistical probability engine for a project I have been working on in my spare time. My intent is to use it as a masters thesis. I am using machine learning, along with entity extraction and lexical semantic text evaluation in order to extract entities, their properties, events, and hopefully even sentiment. After entities are established and populated, I hope to determine the strength and nature of relationships between entities in order to create a dynamic and living entity relationship diagram.
Marie Claude LHommeUniversite de MontrealThe idea is to access FrameNet data and compare it with the descriptive work we do here. For some applications, it would be easier to use the data in this format than to look up date online.
Qiaoling WangBeijing Vocational College of AgricultureI will use it in my English teaching.
Meihua LuBeijing Vocational College of AgricultureI will use it in my English teaching.
Patricia FrancaUniversidade do MinhoII want to use FrameNet to link some frames to patterns of lexical units (verbs) extracted from corpora.
Lucsgate WildeBeijing Vocational College of AgricultureIn my English teaching
Ravi RanjanIndian Institute of Technology, KanpurTo do the project on Knowledge Discovery
dongdong zhangBeijing Forestry UniversityMainly the study framenet the relevant knowledge. My professional semantic analysis of natural language processing, would like to know more about the Semantic Web framework.thanks again
Shandong Linscience college, China University of Petroleum, Beijingtest my model
Michael FosterUniversity of WashingtonSemantic role labeling for question/candidate answer pairs in a QA system.
Jan Christian KrauseUniversity of HamburgResearch in literature
Mo YuHarbin Institute of TechnologyMy Ph.D. proposal is about semi-supervised structured learning. Now I have met the requirements for graduation of my school, so I want to try something more difficult but also related to my Ph.D. research, e.g. semi-supervised learning for SRL or Sementic Parsing.
Thomas CorcoranUniversity of California, Santa CruzI want to automatically classify narrative clause types described in Labov and Waltezky 1967 based in part on their linguistic features.
Michael TitoneUniversity of California, Santa CruzMy colleague and I are running a psycholinguistics experiment involving the processing of causative and inchoative verbs in ellipsis constructions, and we need to know the relative frequencies and properties of verbs in their different forms, as these could have an impact on our data.
Li BingLanzhou Commercial CollegeI am studying the formal semantic of mathematical text in Chinese. There are articles talking about Chinese FrameNet database, but their data is inaccessible. FrameNet data here is original and then is helpful.
Dong DuDalian University of Technology, ChinaI would like to improve the dependency parseing accuracy by incorpating FrameNet information into it.
Wencan LuoUniversity of Pittsburgh- Used to do Natural Language Understanding - Measure the similarity of two words
Jason KumpfUniversity of CincinnatiI am interested in trying to use it to compare content in language form that is similar and test out trying to get a machine to interpret these relationships the same way. It ultimately would be used for our small research group in parsing through large document sets and not used much once I complete my research in the next 1-1.5 yrs.
Giuseppe VettigliNational Research Council, ItalyWe want to build a new model for Automatic Semantic Role Labeling.
huaxing shiNoneUsing LTH tools with Framnet.
Xiaofeng Zhangsouth east university,nanjing,Chinarelation extraction,NLP,KDD
Joshua JohansonSystranI want to use frames to aid in machine translation. Specifically, I hope I can use the frames to guide what type of relationships I can expect with each verb. I hope to use English as a base to assist in translating from Farsi to English.
Jia-Siang GaoNational Taichung University Of EducationI would like to compare the data with word problems which is in Mathematics.
Sanjoy GhoshApple Inc.Company Confidential
Tarek MohamedCairo university, faculty of engineering I need it for my graduation project, its in Arabic natural language processing, i need to use Frame Net data to extract semantic roles for Arabic. I wont use Frame Net data for a commercial purpose.
rik kedziorskiUniversity of WashingtonI am developing a mapping between Minimal Recursion Semantics and FrameNet. I especially need the Lexical Item index and Frame index in order to do this.
Claude VogelNoneI would like to have a machine readable version of the frame index to run some experiments, like syntactic patterns distribution. This is research oriented, but the intellectual result will eventually find its way in commercial products.
imri heppnerben gurion universitywe would like to try to use framNet in order to create Hebrew version of the project. the idea would be to use the Desktop software and the data in order to translate it into Hebrew and than start defining the frames and annotating the sentences.
Ivan SysoevGeorgia Institute of TechnologyNatural Language Processing for Biologically Inspired Design is a project for extracting data about structure, behaviour and functions of biological systems for biological articles to facilitate search for biological analogy for engineers. We plan to try out the applicability of FrameNet for this project. We plan to use FrameNet for semantic-driven parsing.
Lingjia DengUniversity of PittsburghCurrently I need to pick up a class of words which has a beneficiary or victim role of the patient. The FrameNet is a wonderful resources containing such data.
Jonathan ReeveNew York UniversityId like to use FrameNet to analyze literary texts in order to determine subject matter or genre.
chao zhangHarbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate SchoolTo do some semantic research.
Emily ModerPrinceton UniversityWe are designing an interactive text-based game for a machine translation class project which interprets actions expressed by the user and responds accordingly.
Haodi LeeHarbin Instruction Technology UniversityI want know how it work and build chinese FrameNet
Ajit NarayananInvention LabsI want to understand if FrameNet can assist me in further developing our product, Avaz, for children with autism to communicate. I am investigating the possibilities of enhancing prediction using FrameNet data.
Theo TrouillonINRIA : French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and ControlWe intend to use FrameNet data to do Semantic Role Labeling on video annotations that describes visual content in order to combine both video and textual features for action recognition and indexing.

Herman BeyerUniversity of NamibiaI would like to use the FrameNet model for studying word sense and synonym disambiguation in Afrikaans dictionaries and to consider the possibility of starting a FrameNet project for Afrikaans.
Thanh Son TranUniversity of Science, HCM cityI intend to use the FrameNet data for my assignment in master course.
Gang TianThe University of SydneyI need to use FrameNet data and tools to discover the semantic part in a long sentence. To find all the aspects of a given verb as well.
Chen yadongSoochow Univercity, ChinaI am intended to perform a research on Event Extraction and the Relation between Events.
Hatem NoamanFaculty of Computers and Information- Building Arabic Corpus - build NLP Arabic Systems
Patrick PerrinPRD LabsSemantic analysis for recognition of events and relations
Surabhi India LtdWe are trying to get sentiments about people from news data.
Ghassen HamrouniIP-TechI intend to use the FrameNet data as a lexical database for an NLP software.
Rommel GarciaNoneI would like to use FrameNet data to mine Twitter feeds and understand what business value I can get out of it that I can then build upon to create a company essentially selling BI data.
YAN HUANGZhejiang UniversityIntend to use it as a knowledge base upon which an inference machine could be designed to extract inferential information from text. Then sentences of inferential information can be generated
Johannes CastnerColumbia University in the City of New YorkAs part of my dissertation at Columbia, I am building an open source tool to detect and capture causal assertions from spoken and transcribed English. In particular, I am seeking to capture the causal assertions of politicians in the very large text that is the US Congressional Record. Once I am able to capture the asserted causal relationships and the relevant concepts from this text, I will arrange them in labeled directed graphs that are to represent the Senators belief systems mathematically in order to build measures of cognitive diversity, cognitive dissonance and diversity of values for each party over time and to relate them to voting outcomes.
shubhashis senguptaAccentureUnderstand semantic parsing and frames in textual requirement documents.
Zachary WemlingerWashington State University, Pullman WA USAI am investigating the use of FrameNet to improve activity prediction and resident interaction in a smart environment.
Krister LindenUniversity of HelsinkiWe intend to create a FrameNet for Finnish. Based on Princeton Wordnet, we have created a parallel Finnish-English bilingual WordNet ( which is bigger than the Princeton Wordnet 3.1. We will use the FrameNet resource to create a Finnish FrameNet leveraging our Finnish Wordnet, our Finnish National corpora ( and the Finite-State Technology ( that we have developed.
Morgan LefebvreSchool of informatiqueI would like to create a chat robot oriented on long term relationship. It would learn from a given person, not a large group and then will be able to provide oriented conversations based on the accumulated knowledge and the previous discussions.
Martin GleizeUniversite Paris-Sud 11I intend to use FrameNet to assist the extraction of frames in the context of a textual entailment and question answering system. Im producing variants of sentences, and I need to precisely identify frame elements so that they have the same roles in all variants.
Constantine NakosPrinceton UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data as part of a natural language generation program I am designing for an independent work project.
An NguyenKeio University - Japanto try to generate sentence and extract information
Nan ZhangPeking University, ChinaThe theme of my postgraduate essay is about the stucturing of semantics-based cognitive dictionary for translators. It is essential I find some semantic networks or mapping for reference and I was glad the Framenet Element on Framenet serves this point well. My extent of use of the Framenet data is completely for academic purpose, specifically for my essay, so no dissemination nor commercial use.
Eran GaliliBar Ilan UniversityResearch into the applicability of FrameNet to the implementation of NLP techniques for the analysis of evidence-based reasoning in the legal domain.
Seongsoon KimKorea UniversityI am going to use FrameNet data for analyzing online customer review corpus.
Zoran VujovicPubsonicWe are building free to use search engine for biomedical literature. We intend to use FrameNet for data mining and research in the field of semantic analysis.
Ruslan BilalovKazan Federal UniversityI use them to study framenet.
vivek datlauniversity of memphissrl
Alaeddine DEHIMIUniversity Charles de Gaulle at the moment I am working on a research paper for lexical processing action verbs in a corpus of specialized football. I am interested in dmaine of natural language processing. Also, the semantics of frames is part of my research and I want to eventually invest in a PhD.
Amitava DasSamsung Research indiaEvent
Eman AbbasAl-Azhar University -Faculty Of Engineering -EgyptI will make an automated Answer checking system this includes text (Answer)processing extract frames and frame elements then comparing it to the model answer .and giving scores .I will need frame net as data base of semantics .I will also use it in machine learning step.
Steve LawrenceNoneI am personally interested in cognitive semantics, machine learning and natural language processing. I am working on a personal project to read and determine affect from news and stories. Currently i am using WordNet, OpenNLP and some other projects. (website currently offline for development) What i produce will not be sold and is likely to become open source - if i can achieve what i would like. I will respect the licence and terms of use. Thank you Steve
Philippe MullerUniversite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, Francewithin a project to create a comparable semantics resource for French. (Asfalda
Yuanfei ZhuShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityUse as automatic role labeling data.
Joseph IrwinNara Institute of Science and TechnologyI am extracting FrameNet frames from news articles (using SEMAFOR: and I want to access information about the frames from FrameNet. My purpose is to model information about events in narratives.
Soha KhazaeliLouisiana State UniversityI want to convert text sentences to First-Order-Logic Clauses in part of my dissertation. I think I need FrameNet to define the predicates and their argument.
Giuliano LancioniRoma Tre UniversityI am mostly interested in computer linguistics applied to Arabic data. FrameNet is an important source of inspiration for related work in different linguistic domains.
Troy KelleyU.S. Army Research LaboratoryTo characterize robotic events, so that a robot can use and learn from similar events, in order to generalize across events. This will help to reduce the load of the programmer, so that each event does not have to be programmed individually.
Bastian EntrupUniversitaet GiessenFor now, i want to use it for semantic role labeling. I might also be looking into it for educational purposes.
Fabrizio Lo ScudoUniversity of CalabriaInformation Retrieval
Weiwei GuoColumbia UniversityAlign it with WordNet.
David Martins de MatosINESC ID LisboaWe are interested in studying its usefulness in NLU applied in the context of spoken dialogues with physical robots.
Sameer KulkarniUniversity of MinnesotaI intend to use FrameNet data for Semantic Role Labeling. I am working on my thesis that is focused on exploring Question Answering techniques for non-factoid questions. I am claiming that different text representations such as semantic role labels give more information about a sentence and that this information can be used to extract features and then generate answers. Such inherently rich information will give tremendous performance increase over the simple textual content. I am using other text representations as well, but semantic role labels is one of them.
Ruzanna MarkaryanPyatigorsk State Linguistic UniversityI would like to use the results of the analusis in my thesis.
Zhou FangPeking UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data in my research on making a new bilingual Chinese English dictionary for translation purpose. This new type of bilingual Chinese English Dictionary is different from tradiontal ones because it is based on frame semantics.
Pieter WellensVrije Universiteit BrusselI intend to use it to create lexical and (the beginning of) grammatical constructions in Fluid Construction Grammar.
Martin SiefkesUniversita IUAV di VeneziaI want to integrate Frame Semantics into a Discourse linguistic approach (based on Asher & Lascarides: Logics of Conversation, 2003).
Karl SladeUniversity of TorontoI am a Software Engineer with a Linguistics degree. I am researching Machine Translation and Machine Language Understanding, and FrameNet provides the data architecture I was looking for. I would like to download the database to research further in this subject. Thanks.
Chao PanShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityFocus on my research.
Adriano ZanetteUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do SulI will use framenet as a gold standard to my subcategorization frames aquisition system
chuan-gang zhaobeijing forestry universityresearch for unsupervised for semantic parsing
Filipa PelejaUniversidade Nova de Lisboa Faculdade de Ciencias e TecnologiaPerform a sentiment analysis with semantic knowledge. FrameNet data was brought to my attention after reading Kim and Hovy work (2006, "Extracting Opinions, Opinion Holders, and Topics Expressed in Online News Media Text") .
Diana McCarthyUniversity of CambridgeInitially comparing frame membership with VerbNet classes
Yong-Wook YoonKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyI am applying them in the applications which solve various natural language processing problems, especially those that require semantic analysis.
Avishek DanIndian Institute of Technology BombayI am working on machine learning techniques for meaning extraction and representation using UNL. I intend to use Framenet as a standard for evaluation of my system and for getting linguistic insights into the problem.
Detmar MeurersUniversity of Tuebingen, GermanyWe plan to use FrameNet in the context of our approach comparing the meaning of answers to reading comprehension questions (cf. our project Comparing Meaning in Context ). This research is essentially a contextualized, real-life task version of Recognizing Textual Entailment (perhaps that field of interest would be useful to add to the checkboxes above?)
dheeraj rajagopalNational University of SingaporeI would like to use the framenet data as a resource to enhance the knowledge base we are building and to reason from the knowledge base.
Sachin PawarIndian Institute of Technology BombayI want to analyse benefits of semantics in various Information Extraction tasks.
Mohammad NASIRUDDINUniversity of GrenobleFor my word sense disambiguation research purpose only.
Mirajigul RazakThe XinJiang University I am very interisting the Automatic Semantic Role Labolling. Refer the English Frame Net I would like to do Uyghur Frame Net.
Alkesh PatelCarnegie Mellon UniversityImprove the performance of question answering system
Thomas RuedelMarvinSoft Thomas RuedelI want to explore the possibility of linking our frames to FrameNet.
Shalini GhoshSRI International, formerly, the Stanford Research InstituteWe are working on a project that involves semantic parsing, where we convert requirement documents in natural language to logical formula, for formal analysis. For this purpose, we would like to explore the use of the FrameNet ontology, to create a local domain-specific ontology. Hence, it will be very useful if we can get access to the FrameNet data. Thanks, Shalini Ghosh.
Jagan VeeraraghavanAarthananData Visualization
Alexis NASRAix Marseille University - FRANCEWe are interesting in developping a semantic parser. We are interested by the full text annotation for training a parser that will do both syntactic and semantic parsing We are also interested by the lexicon in order to fight against sparsity.
Cody BennettCompanyResearch the use of Frames tied with WordNet as a hybrid with other statistical IR methods. Use of graph distance and random / other network semantic representation in eDiscovery context.
Mohammad Fazleh ElahiSpatial Cognition, University of BremenFor Natural Language Understanding in situated dialogues
Yetian HuangUniversity of Texas at DallasI would like to use FrameNet to extract features for event coreference resolution task.
Ansheng GeInstitute of Automation Chinese Academy of SciencesUsing for my research about Action Knowledge Extraction
Robert AllenVictoria University of Wellington Tagging corpora.
wu zhiping Xiamen university , China I am a rookie to Natural Language Processing,so I just use it to do researching,such as metaphor recognition and comprehension.I hope the FrameNet will help me a lot in my future.
Cliff OEssex UniversityIncorporation into computational models.
Omid BakhshandehUniversity of RochesterI want use our ontology to find the query and its relation to the drames.
Aleksey VasilevGeoLytics, Inc.For a number of years, we have been working on an automated system for answering questions about demographic data (answering such questions is a significant part of our daily routine). The software in question uses the FrameNet 1.3 that we requested from you and received in the year of 2010. At this stage of the development, we believe that upgrading to the FrameNet 1.5 will improve the functionality of our software.
Lucian VeleaVELEA LUCIAN PFAI want to provide better usage examples.
Maxime DionNorth Side Inc.Disambiguation at first, but we will probably find other uses for QA and NLU.
Weidong ZhanPeking UniversityI intend to use FrameNet for teaching in classroom and to take it as a reference for developping machine readable Chinese semantic lexicon.
Jae-Hoon KimKorea Maritime UniversityNow I want to use FrameNet for education. In the future, our group can apply it to WSD.

saley dareNational Institut of Statistics and Applied Economicsi want to do a presentation
ali koyuncuTrakya UniverstyI intend to use the frameNet data for turkish framenet.
Karl WiegandNortheastern UniversityExploring the use of FrameNet to assist in semantic disambiguation of intended utterances during message construction when the order of input words is of unusual or awkward syntax (e.g. non-syntactic or unordered)
Andreas H. DreschernoneI want to transpose FrameNet to my ethical sozial logic seen above
Chi-Hsin YuNational Taiwan UniversityUse FrameNet in CMU ClueWeb09 dataset for representing concepts
Suresh ManianConversation CompanyI would like to use Framenet data as an api in my application, to parse user text input and generate images that are relevant to what the user entered.

Marija ZlatkovskaSs. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Philology, Skopje, MacedoniaI have been doing extensive research on Agentive Nominals in English and Macedonian and have already annotated around 5,000 lexical units in each language based on frame semantics, suitable for automatic processing. It would be an exceptional challenge to compare my data with the FrameNet data.
Hans HusmanNyfiken vitalI intend to use as a possible measuremtn for quality assurance regarding typing of a large ontology during vrsion handling together with a few other things not used otherwise for redundans such as verbnet, Conceptspace, Wordnet and so on. I could perhaps also write an article about it. Nyfiken vital is in Swedish but quite big here with around 5000 everyday from Google.
Sylvain KahaneModycoWe plan to develop a French FrameNet (projects Asfalda, Marie Candito)
Jonathan GuerreroUniversity of Nebraska at OmahaWe are trying to create a tool which can decide entailment. This means deciding whether some text entails a hypothesis. The FrameNet data is a possibility for helping to generate a logic form from the text to apply some type of theorem solver to decide entailment. Some tools from the Automatic Semantic Role Labeling section of this site require the FrameNet data.
Emilio MontiNoneInitially, with:
Rinaldo LimaFederal University of PernambucoI intend to use FrameNet in a preprocessing step on theprototype of my Phd thesis about semantic annotation of English texts.
Xuefeng YangNanyang Technological Universityuse it as a resource to extract features. the features will be used for some machine learning.
Peng LiTsinghua University, ChinaWe want to build a semi-supervised semantic parser, and to use FrameNet to induce predicates from FrameNet data.
Stefania DegaetanoSaarland UniversityAnnotate a corpus of scientific writing with semantic roles to detect e.g. evaluative language within scientific domains.
Jordan Boyd-GraberUniversity of MarylandAs a feature in a classifier to detect whether a statement is a "spoiler" or not.
You-shan ChungAcademia Sinica, TaiwanI would like to find out how to determine the meaning of noun-noun compound by checking the frames of the events where the components head FEs against each other.
Kirimgeray KirimliNew York UniversityI am trying to write a program that can store texts in an ontological form and easily generate new texts from it.
Li JunjieInstitute of Automation ,Chinese Academy of Sciences.Use FrameNet data to analysis sentiment
chfans yangInstitute of Automation, Chinese Academy of SciencesI want to use FrameNet to Sematic Parsing and then create a translation model on semantic level.
yang haitongInstitute of Automation,Chinese Academy of SciencesUse FrameNet to semantic parseing and Machine Translation.
Jin-woo ParkPohang University of Science and TechnologyDevising a new semantic parser using FrameNet data.
Yidong ChenXiamen UniversityI would like to use this data in my research work, and try to propose a new NLU/MT model.
Miguel Agustin AbateFacultad de Ingenieria de la Universidad de Buenos AiresI intend to use Framenet in a Tesis about temporal information extraction using state-of-the-art algorithms such as semi-CRF.
Dan StefanescuResearch Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Romanian AcademySemantic role labeling.
Phiradet BangcharoensapKasetsart UniverisityI want to use FramNet for my Lexical Simplification project. My project aims to assist non-native English learners to practice reading comprehension.
Sylvain MuraSUPINFOChatterBot based on Neural Network
Ronen FeldmanHebrew UniversityWe want to use it inside our relation learning system
Ray Dos SantosVirginia TechApply to unstructured documents to extract entities, relate them with frames, and query them spatially.
Lucie BarqueUniversity Paris 13 FranceI would like to get the FrameNet data to study how polysemy is treated in the resource
Tom MitchellCarnegie Mellon UniversityWe would like to use this as part of our Never-Ending Language Learning (NELL - project.
Jinfei Fancarleton Universityevaluation of sentence similarity
Karam HammoudehDamascus UniversityI would like to start a research on Arabic FrameNet, so I need to check each aspect of the English FrameNet.
xie chaohuichina beijing hkgt
Ugan YasavurFlorida International UniversityI am developing a dialogue system for counseling in behavior change domain. I use Stanford parser, I want to use FrameNet to disambiguate word senses which extracted from the Stanford dependencies. I believe FrameNet may help to improve accuracy of language understanding.
Nilay ParikhNoneI am researching on prospect of text raw data mining
Yiping JinNational University of SingaporeI am working on a project of mining definition and terms in scientific papers and I plan to use the data to train the system to understand semantic roles
michelangelo de sarroLa Sapienza - University of RomeSecret Project
Olivier MillsCAWST, Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation TechnologySmart Knowledge Base for our non-profit
Keun Chang LeeHankuk University of Foreign StudiesMy main interest is to find out and analyze constructions from raw sentences in Natural Language Processing. Especially, in Sentiment Analysis, frames based on FrameNet data are very helpful to avoid ambiguities in analyzing sentences and provide exact polarities. I will compare the words of raw sentences with lexical units of FrameNet. If there are many data from FrameNet as many as possible, it can be possible to expand the usage of FrameNet in NLP.
Kevin EllisMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyWe intend to use the FrameNet data as part of a more general natural-language generation framework that builds upon STARTs existing NLG capabilities.
maryam Eshraghiunivecity putra malayaall possible actions would be beneficial for me
Allan Conselvan de OliveiraITAThe purpose is use frame net data to train a constructuor of relationships(structural and of behaviour), based on texts used to describe requirements and results of analysis, to implement a SysML model generator based on natural language system descriptors. Satrting from a set of written documents in natural language, the software must translate the documetns into SysML models, that will compound a knowledge base of system engineering.
Jesse DunietzCarnegie Mellon UniversityI am working on improving an existing system for semantic role labelling. I will be using FrameNet as a database of frame and frame elements, as well as training data.
Fabrizio NenciUniversity of Rome La SapienzaI am in a group for a teamwork. We have a corpus of sentences that are commands for moving in a certain environment (E.G. "go along the road and take the first right"). We have been asked to select a subset of Framenet frames, associate these frames to the above sentences, and train a system to teach it to automatically do that. After that, we also have to build a generator that produces similar sentences, given a tagged map of another environment.
Maria MarkovaNovosibirsk State University, RussiaI want to create realization for solving word sense disambigauation problem using an integration of the FrameNet and the WordNet and their mappings.
Todd PierceNoneI have written software to utilize the FrameNet data to do semantically enabled parsing for a question answering system. This has worked out very very well. Ultimately, this will be used to drive a science and engineering simulation platform. However, the FrameNet data I have is corrupt now and it would be helpful to have an update. This software I am developing is not meant for commercial use or sale, by the way.
Richard WeyhrauchIBUKI IBUKI has a major project involved with NLP. This is a preliminary examination of Framenet to determine if there is any way we can enhance of work using Framenet.
Piyush KumarIndian Institute of Technology, BombayI would like to use the Framenet data and annotations to understand the "actor", "receiver" and "action" in a given sentence using learning algorithm.
uday vir singhjaypee university of information technology , solan , himachal pardesh , indiai have a 2 project. one based on word sense diambuigion for online web crawlers. the other on a robot capable to interact using natural language . i would like to use some data from your frame-net for that purpose
Camilo ThorneKRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and DataI am involved in a IE project whose goal is to extract careflows from clinical practice guidelines. We plan to experiment with semantic role labeling and shallow semantic parsers based on FrameNet.
Laura LuseNoneCheck its capability by translating some text, comparing it with publicly accessible online translation providers (Google translate etc.) and use the results in my upcoming research paper.
Ireti FakinledeAthabasca UniversityWithin the context of a conversational agent
Rohit AlekarIndiana UniversityFor Semantic Role Labeling for my Research Project.
zhang dongnanWEST CHINA UNIVERSITYI am writing my gradute paper on applying semantic frame theory to vacabulary teaching,so i need to find sth as guidance for my study.I hope i can find sth here which can illuminating my thinking.
Joachim MichaelisNoneCreating pseudo-poetry for the more surreal parts of my homepage (which is entirely non-profit btw.) I do not intend to spread the contents of the database directly or create anything commercial out of this.
David JacksonNonePrimarily, I just want to understand it. I will chart and analyze the frames and categories and use it to improve my understanding of meaning and computational semantics. I do not have a specific application in mind.
ping zhangBeijing UniversityProduction of an information extraction system
Abujannaat-Abdulla Elhineinonefor personal use. To make myself a better writer. I might probably write informative articles on subjects of interest in the future.

http://none - for personal use - not for commercial use
John CampbellNoneI would like to use FrameNet to build a question answering system. After trying some other approaches, FrameNet seems the most appealing direction and I am excited to see what it can do.
Ke Wangcomputational linguisticsAbout four years ago, I did a research about classification of verbs. I found Event Verbs are always with TIME, PLACE, etc. and Action Verbs are always with MEANS, TOOLS, WAYS, and so on. It is just an intuition. So, I need to do a statistical investigation. This is a very critical part of my thesis.

Murhaf FaresUniversity of OsloIn a research project about SRL.
Umit Deniz TuranAnadolu UniversityI intend to use it in my research on lexical semantics, as well as analyzing Famenet as a source for language teaching. Thank you very much indeed.

Aaron GerowTrinity College DublinWith Shalmaneser
Onur SavasIntelligent Automation, Inc.We have recently received an ONR research grant, where the Program Manager strongly suggested us to use FrameNet. Our preliminary analysis found out that FrameNet could indeed be useful for our project.
Egor LakomkinOpen Skolkovo University, Moscow, RussiaI plan to use FrameNet data to improve information extraction performance for my project which aims to achieve automatic materials gathering for educational courses.

http://University web-page : I am planning to host my research page at web-site. Research page is in progress
Michael LevkoffNoneTo evaluate the FrameNet data in context of other existing web ontology frameworks.
Lena AndersenUniversity of CopenhagenI want to see how it works. And if possible compare with the words I am analysing (Danish dialect words for dairy production).
Fumiyo FukumotoUniv. of YamanashiI am going to use the FrameNet data for multi-document summarization.
norwati mohd zainNorthern Univercity of Malaysialexical semantics
Sameer GuptaIndian institute of technology BombayExtracted informative features will not be linear combinations of the original features, but rather logical combinations, referred to as propositional features,represented in disjunctive normal form (DNF).such features will not only be advantageous to case representation (alleviating sparsity), but will be understandable to human users, too.
Sreekanth Doppalapuditraining instituteTrying to extract relations between words to split sentences into sub-sentences.
Arijul HaqueCognizant Technology SolutionsFor analyzing the sense of an ambiguous word in a sentence.
Edmon BegoliUniversity of TennesseeStudy of semantic role of affect words in sentences and phrases

JOSE BERENGUERESUAEU medialabfor a automatic socore of student essay
Jaspreet bhatiaIIT-DI am working on a Research project to automatically detect ambiguities from Natural Language Requirements document. I will use FrameNet to Semantically parse the NL text.
Carmen KlaussnerUniversity of Nancy 2, France1) for a presentation on Framenet 2) in a different context, for comparison for a project in Coreference Annotation
Pham SonUniversity of Infomation Technology Ho Chi Minh CityIt is good.
Aesun YoonPusan National University, Rep. of KoreaTo enrich Korean WordNet (alias, KorLex) with argument structures and selectional restrictions of FrameNet via Princeton WordNet
satria bagushigh schoolneed it, order from my teacher
Jason S. ChangNational Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, TaiwanI intend to use FrameNet to classify collocations.
tae kunisawaThe University of New MexicoI do not know about that yet.
Svitlana MartinekIvan Franko National University of LvivI am going to compare the data obtained via the associative experiment with data presented in FrameNet
Nikolay ShamraevRostov Southern Federal UniversityI need to develop similar semantic classificator for Russian language. My research field is in speech recognition, syntax analysis for Russian language, composing more complicated language model than N-gram lanquage model
Rachada KongkachandraThammasat UniversityTry to find semantic information for my research.
Clifton McFatethe University of Texas at AustinI am hoping to use frame tagged data to assist in training a system to automatically detect figurative usages of verbs. I am also interested in using the data to discover analogical dialogue acts in instructional text for automatic knowledge acquisition.
Mustafa NuralThe University of GeorgiaI am trying to build an argumentation detection system and investigating how Frame-semantics would be useful for identifying similar arguments.
Ely MatosUniversidade Federal de Juiz de Fora - UFJF - BrasilI begun my work with Prof. Maria Margarida Salomao at UFJF PhD Linguistics Program. I will mainly work at FrameCup 2014 Project. Presently, my focus is studying the interaction/integration of OWL (and other Semantic Web tecnologies) with FrameNet data. I read that FrameNet data is available as OWL ontology besides XML. At first step I will research how to express the data of FrameNet Brazil using OWL and how we can merge other upper level ontologies.
ivonne kellnerhu-berlinrecherching
Rolee SinhaArizona State UniversityAs a part of course in Natural Language Understanding we are doing a class project and intent to use the FrameNet data for it.
sudip chakrabortyITM Business SchoolAcademic Research - Doing a project on usage of Hinglish(eng-hindi combined) words by youth in India on Social Media
Frederique BoulandNoneI intend to try a new approach for Semantic Role Labelling on the Framenet Data. I also would like to try the FramenetSQL tool to access your data. Another goal I am trying to achieve is to incorporate automatically some semantic knowledge within a Dialogue System.
Satoru UchidaTokyo University of Foreign StudiesFor my research. My topic is: Frame semantic approach to the meaning of connectives.
Eugeniu CostetchiUniversity of BremenAs intermediate structure for inducing a conceptual representation of the utterance.
Abraham SiNoneI want to see if it can be used by Neural network for natural language understanding.

http://None yet
Peter BartoloUniversity of MaltaI would like to use FrameNet and create an Ontology by converting verb frames into subject, predicate, object triples. The data from FrameNet is essential in order to bootstrap the ontology. The ontology will be further augmented by parsing text and automatically extract relations from it.
Liu ShuyuanOcean University of ChinaI want to use the data to do the Semantic Role Labeling
Liu FengOcean University of Chinato do Semantic Role Labeling
thi ngoc quynh douniversity of Lorrainefor my master thesis. using semantic roles to describe texts as graph, then classify them
Amr BakryRutgers universityI am working in a computer vision project. I want to use the hierarchical relationships between frames and lexical units in FrameNet, which hopefully can give impression on how verbs/actions are related to each other.
Nick ChekhoffAlmaty University of Power Engineering and TelecommunicationsCreating a new type of machine translation system based on FrameNet.
Thomas MuellerUniversity of StuttgartI want to use it together with the Salsa 2.0 corpus to evaluate semantic verb clusters.
Rajagopal VThe Conversation CompanyI intend to use FrameNet data to construct a Semantic distribution between any two words. By this, what I mean is to identify words that lie in the intersection of two words and result in a relevant predicate. For instance, the Semantic Distribution between Electro- Magnetism and Mating rituals will throw words like attraction and repulsion as nodes in the Semantic Distribution.
Hongzhi XuNoneIncorporate Lexical Semantic Resources for improving Syntactic Parsing.
Aline VillavicencioFederal University of Rio Grande do SulMy research interests are in the cognitive computational investigation of language acquisition and FrameNet would be extremely useful in this research.
Omar AlharbiZarqa Universityin transforming chunks into semantic representation that represented by predicate argukment structure.
Jakub MarecekThe University of EdinburghI am experimenting with integer programming for semantic role labelling.
Xiaolin WangShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityAt present, I am exploring the techniques of natural language understanding and semantic parsing. I plan to build some baseline systems with FrameNet data. I have been working on document retrieval for several years. In the future, I plan to incorporate semantic parsing into document retrieval, which might be kind of a question answer system.
Karin McConnellUniversity of Colorado at BoulderI am working on a research project to understand difference in how consumer and business users conceptualize social media. I plan to collect text from these two user groups and compare the frames utilized by them when discussing social media.
Michelle HiongUniversity Malaysia SarawakTo analyse verb type relation to help understand a text.
Chris SchooleyNoneTo assess its applicability in computer-assisted creative writing. Specifically, to prototype methods in which an automated system could, based on previous input, suggest or inform further input based on semantics, verse structure, and other metrics.
Zhenbin JiaSuzhou Vocational UniversityI am studing semantic relations between sentences, so I need the FrameNet data. Tnanks!
Nicola VitucciPolitecnico di MilanoI would use FrameNet data for helping the parsing process of a sentence and possibly preventing parsing errors.
Chan LeeInfo-CastExperiment semantic parsing
Miriam SanzPolytechnic University of MadridI am working in my Final Thesis, which is intended to cover FrameNet Spanish project. I am interested in acquiring the applications tools and software that are needed for all the process, so that I could use them with personal corpus.
Hemanth Sagar BayyarapuIIIT HyderabadSemantic Parsing
Chen NanBeijing Institute of TechnologyI want to do some research about inference rules extraction from large corpus. I think would be useful.
WenHan ChaoBeihang UniversityTo use the FrameNet to improve the quality of machine transaltion.
Jie hangHuawei TechUsing FrameNet to do the semantic parsing work for information extraction purpose. Integrate SRL and IE together on web scale.
zina pozenUniversity of WashingtonPreliminary research and prototyping for my MS thesis
Smith MaxShenYang Aerospace UniversityI intend to create Chinese Verb Framenet Datebase.
adrians filipsUniversityjust good old basic search
Waqas BaigInnovative SolutionCurrely i m using wordnet lexical dictionary and and its not fulfilling my requirement. I want to use frame net on a project name AI chatbot . I will be happy if u provide me a sql copy of frame net b/c i am using MYSQl as a backend databse
Zlatko VeselinovKiril and metodius macedoniaSemantic Parsing of sentences

http://machine translation
Slimane OussaidParis Diderot UniversityFor my work experience, I need to work on the FEs with a laboratory in Paris.
Suzette StoutenburgMITRE CorporationWe would like to see how FrameNet could help in information extraction tasks.
Fernando CallejonUBAI am just trying stuff, not sure yet.
Rui Miguel ForteNational Technical University of AthensMy research interests are in the field of machine learning approaches to natural language processing problems. I am currently interested in using FrameNet data to design a novel system for automated semantic role labeling.
Kanchan KumbhareArizona state universityI have to do in-depth study of FrameNet for my class project on Natural Language processing and Question Answering.
Charles OchoaSimon Bolivar UniversityMy actual research is about Question Answering System, and I am trying to build this system applied to Why questions. Until now I am planing to use FrameNet to analyze the question, and to generate variations of the question, making different questions with the same meaning, and also to have grammatical information that it can be used to retrieve the answer
Shu-Fen ChenNational Tsing Hua University, TaiwanI would like to see how different frames are used, and compared them with Chinese data.
Junfeng PanShanghai Jiao Tong UniversityI want to use the FrameNet as a resource to build a Chinese Relation Knowledge Base (something like Chinese FrameNet)
Folgert KarsdorpMeertens Instituut, AmsterdamAnnotation of folktales.
Francois LareauMacquarie UniversityWe would like to use frames in our bilingual NLG system, and map them to LFG f-structures for realisation.
Xuhui LiWuhan UniversityTo study how the FrameNet is designed and the data is organized.
Raj ChimmalgiLouisiana State UniversityEvent/Entity detection, information extraction from blog/article posts.
Yao ShujieNatural Language Processing LabUse for Shellow Semantic Parsing research
Ahamd YazjiDamascus UniversityMaster Research, Structuring The Unstructured Data Using Semantic Web Techniques
Kino CourseyDaxtron LabsExamine relation between FrameNet and RoboFrameNet
hamed abutorabiShahed University, Tehran, IranI had written a procedure on WordNet database, which performs a traverse on WordNet to avoid word sense ambiguity. but it is inefficient, and I think it is because of lack of syntagmatic relations in WordNet. I think FrameNet may be helpfull, I should test it. thanks alot for all of your assist.
Daniele NardiSapienza University of RomaFrame Net is used to do Semantic Parsing and Dialogue Management in the context of speech interfaces for Robotic Systems. EU Project ECHORD, Experiment Speaky for Robots.
Xiaorui JiangInstitute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCurrently, I am doing research in understanding the evolution of a topic-specific knowledge community by analyzing the publications or documents created by this community through exlporing natural language semantics. I am going to use FrameNet to ficilitate such semantics-rich research.
Farzaneh MohammadiNone I intend to adjust specific Persian words to the framenet . in this regard, I need to adjust the core elements of words in Persian combinations in comparison to English ones . and finally I will decide to what extent they are similar.I have previously requested the frame net and was successful enough to get it for 6 days ; to complete my research I need it again for at least one month , please let me receive you kindness again .
Phil GoochCity University, London, UKTo assist in word sense disambiguation of clinical guideline texts.
Jiongkun XieUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaI would like use the data for the Natural Language Understanding in human-robot dialogue. These data would be great helpful in WSD and the extraction of information from the dialogue.
Francesco AsaroUniversity of PisaMy goal is to extend the semantic annotation to italian legal terminology
Runqing WangDalian University of TechnologyI want to use the FrameNet data in the Opinion Extraction problem.
Shengjian NiNLP lab group, Computer School, Wuhan UniversityI will use the FrameNet data to study Chinese lexicon.
Josu GomezBitext Innovations SLWe are interested in Chinese FrameNet data for exploring the design of a Sentiment Analysis system for Chinese using our NaturalOpinions technology.
Saeed MehrabiIndiana UniversityWe are going to create a Medical literature corpus with Treebank and semantic role labeling so something similar to PropBank! i am looking into frames created by both PropBank and FrameNet to reuse as is or modify some of them or create my own frames!
Tao YuXuzhou Normal UniversityI get to know it through the articles published.
Nasibu MusaSanata Dharama UniversityI want to use frameNet data for lexical semantics studies and research.
sumathi veerappanSri Ramakrishna Engineering College, CoimbatoreI am doing my M.E project in the area semantics. so for my project i use frame semantics concept. for further implementation i need frameNet lexical databases
Saurav SahaySiemens Corporate ResearchSemantic Parsing of medical text books and articles.
Jakub MarecekMasaryk University;jazyk=en
Goran GlavasFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of ZagrebWe intend to use it for research purposes exclusively. The research will be conducted in the field of Information Extraction.
Xiqin LiSchool of Foreign LanguagesI take part in a research project of lexicography. I think FrameNet is very useful. I would be very grateful if I could be allowed to use your data.
xuewei tangPeking University, institute of computer science and technologyi am focusing on Question answering research. I intend to use FrameNet as corpus to make semantic role labeling in qusetions and answers as well.
Peteris PaikensUniversity of Latvia1) Research options of integrating FrameNet within tools, to parse/generate semantic content 2) Attempt to use machine translation to map English FrameNet data to features and lexical units in Latvian language
Karin Friberg HeppinUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenThe goal of the SweFN project is to build an open-content i.e., freely available and modifiable, integrated lexical resource for Swedish to be used as a basic infrastructural component in Swedish language technology research and in the development of LT applications for Swedish.
Akira UshiodaNara Institute of Science and TechnologyI am interested in the use of FrameNet for the research task of Question Answering.
Nadine WeissFriedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, GERMANYI intend to use it to prepare myself for my final exams. I am having my final exams soon and want to prepare them properly. One of my subjects is semantics and one is valency. When researching these topics I often come across the FrameNet idea and thus would like to have a look at the complete version of it.
Theodore LeeUniversity of California, IrvineTo explore more fully how semantic roles can be automatically generated with non-annotated data.
Aylin CaliskanDrexel UniversityMy research focuses on authorship attribution on machine translation. I want to use semantic frames and function frames to classify authors, therefore I need your data.

gareth williamsskyscanner ltdinterested in whether and ways to combine with wordnet
Chen LiUniversity of IllinoisI plan on using FrameNet data in my own current research project. This is a project that involves the design of an system that automatically extracts social network information from text data (such as a historical novel), with relevant temporal information, to form a graph theoretic representation of the change of the social network over time.
Neelmani VisputeUniversity of Texas at DallasI want to study implied semantic parsing.
Harald WahlUniversity of Applied Sciences Technikum WienWe research in developping an Intellient Integrated Computer Assisted Language Learning (iiCALL) platform (see Publications on personal web site) Therefore, we would like to evaluate the possibilities to include FrameNet Data.
Shohei HidakaJapan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyI would like to use the Framenet in order to build the semantic network and extract its properties so that we can compare it with semantic development of children.
Kristoffe ZehrRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteAs a personal project, I am developing an interactive storytelling engine. The FrameNet data will be extremely useful for generating dialog.
Ling ZhaoWuhan Universityuse the data as the reference for a comparison study
Fatemeh AliakbarianAmirkabir University of Technologymy research interest is natural language processing and I am working on Persian word sense disambiguation. in the knowledge based approaches of word sense disambiguation I need semantic relation and so I guess that FrameNet could be useful.
Jose BermejoUniversity of Puerto Rico in MayaguezWorking on my thesis to identify Semantic Entailment on Natural Language.
Annie LouisUniversity of PennsylvaniaWe want to analyze how frames are distributed in different types of news articles. We hope to uncover differences in writing style in this way.
Adam PeaseRearden CommerceCreate an auto-complete style interface that uses the structure of FrameNet to generate templatized logical expressions in higher-order logic with SUMO terms. This will be open source code, like the rest of SUMO.
Isaac JulienPrinceton UniversityI am doing my senior thesis on topic detection and analysis and would like to use FrameNet to help.
Mark FugateNoneI am interested in semantic classification of natural language discourse. I have been building a speech understanding system for some years and am always interested in what others may have to help me with my pursuit. I hope to gather more data to help me with semantic classification of discourse.
xiaopei zhouSoochow University of ChinaAt present, i want to investigate the proper verb to express the relation between two adjacent NERs.
amal benabdellahINSEAi have a research in these subject
Godwin MushayabasaNorth West UniversityI intend to use FrameNet data for my doctoral thesis in which I am attempting to use the theory of frame semantics to characterise the Peshitta translation to Ezekiel.
Eduardo Basterrechea MolinaUniversidad Complutense de Madridlearning the structure to know if it is applicable to my research
Hae-Yun LeeHankuk University of Foreign Studies, KoreaWe plan to construct Korean FrameNet, so we need the FrameNet data.
Martha PalmerUniversity of Colorado at BoulderI intend to use it for teaching and NLP applications. In addition I am interested in providing mappings from entries in PropBank and VerbNet to FrameNet entries. Finally, I would like to evaluate WSJ FrameNet annotation that has been produced semi-automatically and hand-corrected against Gold Standard FrameNet annotation.
Nancy IdeDepartment of Computer Science, Vassar CollegeI would like to get the FrameNet data so that I can see if we can use the event frame information in a small project we have to develop an annotated corpus of materials from the FD Roosevelt Library.
Altaf RahmanThe University of Texas at DallasI will try to improve coreference resolution.
Juri GanitkevitchJohns Hopkins UniversityI am interested in exploring the use of FrameNet data as a supervised seed resource for work I am planning to do on an data driven semantical parsing and entailment detection model.
Pedro MotaInstituto Superior Tecnico, Alameda, PortugalI am devoloping a system for NLU using machine learning. I would like to have a corpus whith a labelling scheme based on frames.
aliraza salehiislamic azad university khorasgan branchmy thesis bas is the application of farmenet. and i need to enf my thesis
Mahmoud maleki universityI am researcher for language.
Marina GoncharukChernivtsi National University, UkraineThe topic of my research is "Emotional Concepts in CMC". On the current stage of my investigation i need to classify emotions into groups. I think FrameNet data will be of great help for this purpose. Thank you
Matej KorvasUniversity of MelbourneThe only concrete task for now is analysis of descriptions of visual information provided by human annotators. Further uses of FrameNet are expected.
Andrew TomiciPolytechnic University of TimsoaraI intend to use the FrameNet data to improve the semantics analysis of texts and pushing them into the appropriate topic.
shin-ae yoonYonsei universitydatabase for semantic
CHEN Taowuyi universityI intend to learn how the FrameNet identifies the role in a sentence. Currently at Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing, Institute of Computing Technology,CAS,Beijing P.R.China
Brian NicholsonPowermatic Associates, LlcInterpret .pdf and .DWG, .DXF drawings
Ronald DoveDovestech, LLCWe are researching FrameNets approach so that we can understand other methods to build relationships between sentences and words from multiple structured unstructured pieces of text non-text data.
Tamar SovranTel Aviv Univeristy IsraelI would like to look at certain enteies such as - similarity - in the contexts of my research on abstraction mechanisms
raul MunozUNEDTo provide me information in my field of studies.
Dan CorletteKnowledge Based SystemsInitially to help gain an understanding on current approaches to extract semantics at the sentence level. KBSI is a commercial company, but we would have no problems contributing back to the FrameNet effort either financially or information. -Dan
Daniel HugheseBitsi LtdWe are researching a number of Web 3.0 technologies that we feel will have a play a vital role in the next generation of web applications. Presently we are researching and developing some systems that will extensively use NLP, NLU and semantic association for use within the eBitsi services that we offer. We believe that FrameNet data would be a valuable tool with regard to this research and allow us to further our efforts towards our goal. Best Regards Dan Hughes CEO eBitsi
Dina WonseverUniversidad de la Republica- now, for teaching purposes - later, for semantic parsing of events participants
Jihee LeeYonsei universityin study of collocation
Yoav GoldbergBen Gurion UniversityI want to familiarize myself with the resource. I would like to eventually try to incorporate framenet data into syntactic parsing.
Pingfang yuLudong University, ChinaI would like to know how FrameNet can help in dictionary-making,and besides, I am eager to see to what degree a word can be explained semantically and syntactically by the teachers in class if she or he gets access to a database.
khairullah khanuniversiti TEKNOLOGI PETRONAS MALYSIATo extract groups of features from multi-topic documents.
Hadi Abdi GhavidelSharif University of TechnologyI want to work on Persian and Turkish texts to conduct a research on automatic detection of metaphor and metonymy as my thesis. Framenet Frames facilitate identifying the metaphorical mappings that underlie particular metaphorical expressions. I want to use it as a tool in machine translation for improving the translation ability for rendering metaphorical and metonymic expressions.
Ehsan HessamiIslamic Azad Universityi will want combine this data by wordnet and test my implementation. also i convert wordnet 3 in the SQLSERVER 2000. so i will want convert the Framenet in SQLSERVER so i need this data by XML Format i hope you allow me to download.
Piek VossenVU University AmsterdamWe want to use framenet for constructing narratives from text and we want to develop a Dutch framenet
Chuanxi liChinese Academy of SciencesI want to used it for relation extraction from free text
deng benyangHaerbin Institute of TechnologyAs referenced in "Coreference Resolution withWorld Knowledge(Altaf Rahman and Vincent Ng)", the FrameNet can deal with coreference resolution.
Benjamin KeilBusiness Semantics, IncOur work includes recognition of syntactic patterns indicative of various types of business events, e.g., product launches, product deployments, new hires, downsizing, mergers, acquisitions. Our intent is to use the FrameNet data to give more semantic structure to our events, primarily with the goal of determining when two events are the "same event." If, for example, two events can be both be identified as "Employment_start" events and the "Employer", "Employee", and "Position" elements are the same, then we can conclude that the events are the same. We already have our own lists of roles and events types, but we hope that if we can use some centrally recognized catalog of event types and roles then we can better interoperate with potential partners who would want to use the information that we collect.
YURI DABAGHIANRice UniversityI will attempt to apply certain methods of geometric analysis to the database.
Sayane GourouberaUACfor research purposes
Kyle LeimetterNoneI intend to use FrameNet data to understand more about NLP, and possibly leverage this body of data in Question-Answering logic. not published yet
Emil TanevOsaka UniversityI am doing research on Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics). I intend to use FrameNet as a model for delimiting frames in Japanese with the help of Japanese dictionaries, as well as disambiguating the meaning of the frame elements with a view to describing their pragmatic role in the overall structure of the discourse.
Hans ChalupskyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUse as a background knowledge resource for semantic role labeling and machine reading.
Peter GabelArity CorporationI intend to review FrameNet as a possible basis or model for semantic representation by an information extraction system.
Mariana DamovaOntotext. ADTo try to tie the Frames of FraemNet to Upper level ontologies for semantic annotation and other enrichment services related to the semantic web technologies
Richard JohanssonUniversity of TrentoTrain semantic role labelers, develop Framenet data for new languages
Jason UttUniversity of StuttgartModeling and extraction of lexical semantic features for the disambiguation of non-overt events in verb-object relations.
Marc LexisUniversity of TrierI would (maybe) like to use FrameNet as a source for my prototype in my Diploma Thesis. The Idea is an enrichment of Information into the the NLP-Prototype. The main Thesis is about integration of Natural Language Software in Software-development processes.
Jimmy DuanShanghai yunsou net technology co.,Ltd.We plan to develop one Chinese answer engine and want to establish one Chinese frame net in e-commerce field, Your achievements is the best guide for us to set up the Chinese one
Orin HargravesUniversity of Colorado BoulderI currently have an older release of FrameNet on my computer; I want to get a newer one to demonstrate to my students and others its usefulness in lexicography.

Hemanth SagarInternational Institute of Information Technology , Hyderabad,IndiaI would like to use FrameNet to develop CCG grammar with semantics.I would like to use the CCG grammar as a realizer for an NLG system.
Robinson FarrarMcGill UniversityI intend to use FrameNet as a translation service between human generated content and machine parsing and understanding, with the goal of creating intelligent (and eventually sentient) machine life. This is not for any part of my academic education or research, but purely for my own passions and interests.
Hajar Abdul RahimUniversiti Sains MalaysiaTo compare with my analysis of the words best and terror in non native English context.
Nathan GilbertUniversity of UtahFor coreference resolution research, incorporating real world knowledge.
Forrest HiggsBrosis InnovationsI am interested in preliminarily surveying to possibilities of Frame Net.
Elisa CostanteEindhoven University of TechnologyI would like to use the frameNet data to understand, translate and evaluate privacy policy written in natural language
lee sukeuichungnam national universityby studying frame semantics and semantic networks
Ehsan HessamiIslamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch, Qazvin, IranI want combine Wordnet And Framnet for build the new ontology for WSD. for this work I use Unsupervised Graph-base methods.
Mark FinlaysonMITWould like to build you an annotation tool.
Junyu ZengBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications I am a student major in NLP in BUPT, China, currently our team is preparing for the Recognizing Textual Entailment (RTE) online test, and from the former description we thought FrameNet will be very helpful for the test. Thank you very much for providing the resource!
Hee Sook BaeChonbuk National UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data for a PHD research.
Ramon WottonNoneI would like to combine your data with Wordnet to create a prolog parser for the English language. I would truly appreciate having access to your data. Thank You and Have a Great Day! Ray Wotton
Yavor ParvanovET AnivasI am working on Russian-Bulgarian Comparative Dictionary EAD. New concepts have been introduced: combined lemma, chains of correspondences, node pairs, combination of semantic fields, etc. EAD is a frame based Dictionary. I would be very interested to compare the data provided by FrameNet.
Yaping ZhangEECS of Peking UniversityUse Framenet to help Natural language understanding.
dongmei wangLianyungang Technical CollegeI want to use the FrameNet data to do some research in teaching English words and expressions.
Mukda SuktarachanKasetsart UniversityI would like to construct Thai FrameNet for applying in Question Answering system in Agricultural and Tourism domain.
nick koudasuniversity of torontouse to examine the list of frames and elements in order to see if the level of detail is consistent with a new research project i wish to start
Yan XuBeihang universtiyusing the FrameNet data to mine the data from discharge summaries
Jintae LeeUniversity of ColoradoWould like to use it to examine cultural differences between organizations or nations.
Sadiq SaniRobert Gordon UniversityI intend to used FrameNet for research purposes
Volha PetukhovaVicomtech Research Centreto train semantic role classifier
Ana LucicUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignI would like to see if I can incorporate the information from FrameNet data with other data that I am extracting from texts for my CAS final project. My final project deals with an authorship attribution problem.
Ya ZhuNorth Dakota State UniversityUse FrameNet data for word sense disambiguation.
Ya ZhuNorth Dakota State UniversityUse the FrameNet in natural language understanding.
Liu ZhiqiangBeijing Institute of TechnologyI want to use this data to optimize the machine translation module of our software.
Valeria de PaivaRearden CommerceI want to decide on a larger set of role names than the ones provided by VerbNet in a project to do reasoning based on language in Portuguese.
Lucas CarstensImperial College, LondonFor my final MSc project I intend to build feature vectors describing n-grams of text from which I will train a classifier for Sentiment Analysis
Samuel OhNoneI am a retired businessman, but I studied linguistics in my college days, earning an MA in liguistics.
yelda firattrakya university engineering faculty and computer engineeringSince I want to make turkish framenet I intent to learn framenet. After I will use this work in my thesis.
Alexandre Monette MartinEcole Polytechnique de MontrealI intend to use the description of self-motion verbs to generate a small subset of predefined behaviors able to generate an adequate behavior for each defined self-motion verb.
yelda ozkancanakkale onsekiz mart university canakkale turkeyI want to compare framenet 1.5 with wordnet.
Agnieszka GaszczUniversity of WarsawI do research in metaphors in Chaucer The Canterbury tales. I hope your FrameNet will be conducive to clarifying their grounding.
Alexandra MoreiraUniversidade Federal de Juiz de ForaOntological analysis of the framenet data
David McDonaldworking at home 
Matt GagnonHintWe are using several different things to parse word intent and meaning. I thought FrameNet would be useful in what we are building. You can see what we are building in the link provided ( Thanks, Matt Gagnon
Amanda StentAT&T Labs - ResearchWe are trying to connect FrameNet with SimpleNLG to improve the way SimpleNLG does surface realization.
Bui HungJapan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyI want to exploit deep semantics for legal text domain
Renato CaponeLa Sapienza, University of RomeTo make a project about Natural Language Processing
Madan RaoNoneI would like to explore using it as a possible NLP system integrating with SNOMED CT and SPECIALIST LEXICON.
Scott FahlmanCarnegie Mellon UniversityFor now, examine it and see what effort would be required to translate the data into the format used by Scone.
Adrian SennrichUniversity of Basle, SwitzerlandI am trying to write a paper about the nature of semantics. In line with this project I hope to gain new insights in this topic on base of the FrameNet. I havent figured out the exact method or architecture of the paper yet.
Peter SchulamCarnegie Mellon UniversityI am working on an independent project. I am investigating relationships identified in free word association data.
Maxime LefrancoisInstitut National de Recherche en Informatique et AutomatiqueI want to use the FrameNet data to the desing of an interlingual lexical ontology, based on semantic web formalism, and compliant with the meaning text theory.
Ian PereraUniversity of PennsylvaniaWe plan to use FrameNet for semantic role labeling of natural language commands and queries given to a virtual agent. The semantic roles in FrameNet will allow us to translate the command into an action representation, which will then used to change the behavior of the agent.
Miklos SzotsApplied Logic laboratoryWe work on developing a semantic information retrieval system. The query is given in a controlled language, is parsed, and a representation of meaning is generated. In the process of retrieval text segments are looked for, which may have the same (or similar) meaning representation. Both for the generation of the meaning representation, and for looking for text segments, we need not only the SynSets of the words, but we also have to correlate the syntactic dependency relations to semantic relations and vice verse. We have surveyed the resources, and have realised that FrameNet fits best to our vision of our semantic lexicon. Therefore we would like to test how to use your data in our technology, and later we may modify it with data and relations we need.
paola velardiSapienza University of RomaClassifying robots commands
Peter HussamiCentral European UniversityI intend to use it for creating sentence meaning representations built on top of syntactically structured sentences. The main use of FrameNet would be to identify roles, and connect not only synonyms, but antonyms and other related types as well.
Remi RonfardINRIAI am specifically interested in visual action recognition. I would like to investigate the use of frame-based action representations for using visual examples "weakly" labeled with natural language descriptions such as movie scripts or transcripts.
fan zhangzhengjidai love do this
Charles CurtisUniversity of WashingtonIn a class where we are implementing a QA system using TREC data.
peter hussamicentral european universityUse it for constructing a semantic representation for the immediate surroundings of verbs.
Benjamin ChuMIMOSDisambiguation of the senses for each word; provide extra semantics for text understanding
Khue HuynhUniversity of Information Technology - VietNam national UniversityMe and my friend are working on a way to respond to questions in English. We recently have used Jess language during their studies. But with Jess we can not answer difficult questions. We get a hint from the teacher is using Framenet.I think Framenet will help us solve our problem.

Antoine BordesCNRS - Universite de Technologie de CompiegneWith Bengio lab at Universite de Montreal, we are working on a project aiming at learning jointly Open Text Semantic Parsing and All Words WSD with deep neural networks. We already use WordNet and Wikipedia data. FrameNet would be a great resource to improve our systems. Contact me by email if you need more information.

Adrian StaceyNone.As a metric to evaluate patterns of information extraction and understanding obtained from biblical texts. My initial use of the FrameNet data may be superficial, depending on how appropriate it turns out to be as I look into this further.
qin pengfeiUniversity of Science and Technology of Chinasemantic role labeling
Brian ThomasBrown UniversityI am looking into using FrameNet for robotics research particularly for verb grounding. My hope is that I can use the semantic frames therein as some sort of basis for robot action.
Cuong LamUniversity of Information Technology - VietNam national UniversityI am working answering the question in English.

Chen YanNanjing Normal Universityto find solutions to the teaching of words in senior high school
Lee ChristensenUniversity of UtahI am the main architect of a medical language understanding system, "Onyx". Onyx is currently used in research projects at the VA, at Group Health in Seattle, and in the departments of dental informatics and biomedical informatics at the University of Pittsburgh. While Onyx currently uses semantic reasoning based on Bayesian networks, with hand-entered training set, I would experiment with extending is semantic model with Framenet.
praveen gudhiVIGNAN NIRULA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCEfor opinion recognition system
YA SUNSchool of International StudiesI will use the FrameNet data as an aid in metaphor research, esp. locating the source and target domain.
Andrea WesterinenCA TechnologiesAs part of research into extracting obligation and permission policies from NL text and legislation.
Malcolm DoeringMichigan State UniversityI intend to use the frame net data to find features to train a semantic role labeler. This is for the final project in a Natural Language Processing class I am taking.
Soojong LimElectronics and Telecommunication Research InstitutionFor Semantic Role Labeling Research
Thuy Chu ThiUniversity of Engineering and Technology - Vietnam National University, Hanoi- Extracting MANNER relations
Marc TomlinsonLanguage Computer CorporationNominalized event detection
Thuy Chu ThiUniversity of Engineering and Technology - Vietnam National University, Hanoi- Extracting manner relation
Mirajul HaqueTata Consultancy ServicesTo extract event, actors the kind of event etc. This is current focus, but once I understand and start working, I am sure, will extend the use in many other areas.
Mark MerrittPhysical Sciences IncAdvanced tools for document search, and automatic detection of overlap between analyst interests in a particular corpus
Na-Young RyuHankuk University of Foreign StudiesI plan to use the FrameNet data for my research. I need to write a term paper for my construction grammar class at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. This data will be helpful for my work. Thank you in advance.
dhwaj rajIndian Institute of Technology, DelhiI need to use the framenet data for feature extraction towards a text classification task.
ali alibradford universitydoing my research
Arnaud RachezCentrale Marseille & Keio UniversitySemantic roles labeling. Training database.
liming huangguizhou normal schoolreaseach
James AllenUniversity of RochesterWe have for many years used Framenet as a core inspiration for the ontology used in the TRIPS understanding system. At this stage, however, we are many years out date. We plan a reintegration in a major update of our ontology/lexicon this summer.
Shi LnlinHunan University of Science and Technology, ChinaI would like to use it for studying collocation.
Michelangelo ConoscentiUniverisyt of Turin, ItalyI plan to pair these data with those I extracted from a corpus of Press Conferences and Press Releases of 1.000.000 tokens and verify some hypothesis (my main field of research is corpus based analysis of political discourse and related language engineering processes).
Mohammad Sadegh RasooliIran University of Science and TechnologyI need it to compare its data to Persian Language in a cross-language manner

Lakhfif AbdelazizUFAS University Algeriaas an language-independent representation (Interlingua) to interpret the overall semantics of a sentence (Arabic Language).
VINODH KUMAR RAJENDRANThe University of Texas at AustinHi, I am comparing the performance of different semantic tools available and trying to build an ensemble of all the tools to get the best of all the techniques. thanks, -Vinodh
Milos HusakFaculty of Informatics, Masaryk UniversityExperiments with matching name phrases to frame slots.
patrick paroubekCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueTo perform experiments about Opinion mining, in particular to see how to complete parsing with semantic information.
John HaleCornell UniversityStudent project in our class ling4485 uses Frame information to decide between alternative parses. This work applies Framenet to examples originally studied by Gilboy, Sopena, Clifton and Frazier 1995 (Cognition volume 54, issue 2). In replying, I would be very grateful if you could also notify Colton McEntee cjm328 at since he can immediately make use of the FrameNet frames.
Barend BeekhuizenLeiden UniversityI would like to use the data in the first place to develop models of unsupervised language learning where the meaning of grammatical patterns is induced.

Dustin SmithMITMy plan is to use FrameNet to index English goal descriptions, after they have been parsed using the SEMAFOR parser. I am also the new maintainer of the Python-FrameNet wrapper and would like to update it to the FrameNet 1.5: Dustin
Jingxiang CaoDalian University of TechnologyI want to do mannual semantic annotation of some parallel texts of English, Chinese and Russian. I wish I could adapt the annotation format of FrameNet to my annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to compare the three languages.
torea foissotteNoneUse the data to work on natural language interface for computer as a personal project
Tim GilmanovLouisiana State UniversityI would like to use it for my homework assignment in Semantic Analysis course. We are supposed to write an API for accessing FrameNet from .NET environment. I wanted to make it work with Matt Gerbers C-sharp implementation first, and then go from there.
Rajaram KaliyaperumalLinkoping UniversityMy thesis work is associated with FN so I would like to view the XML and XSLT data to see how it works
ARIANNA PIPITONEUniversity of Study of Palermo, ItalyI intend to obtain the different ways to syntactically define a concept (the frames for the concept).
wu weikangnonestudying,researching,and developing, if possible
Vyas SundarrajanThe University of Texas at DallasI wish to use Framenet as means to perform semantic parsing including implicit arguements.
Giang NguyenDien Dinh My master thesis is about reranking the n-best result of English- Vietnamese translation by Google Translate. I intend to use FrameNet in order to make it be a feature to rerank the results.
Dimoklis DespotakisUniversity of Leeds, United KingdomFrameNet data will be used for within an Ontology Based Information Extraction (OBIE) approach to extract semantics from textual comments. We aim to develop a model of domain specific activity and investigate the aspects that affect this domain.
John MylordisAesoftFor research into appropriate means to parse and represent knowledge in a general business context.
David VaughnNorth Carolina State UniversityTrying to create a "semantic kernel function" to measure the semantic similarity of two texts
Daniel NygaTechnische Universitaet MuenchenOur research focuses on autonomous, cognitive robotics. We want to endow our robots with the capability to autonomously acquire new high -level skills by querying web pages such as or, which provide step-by-step instructions for everyday human-scale manipulation tasks. For understanding these natural-language instructions, the FrameNet data might be a valuable contribution for training and evaluating our models.
Wolfgang KotowskiUniversity of ZurichFirst of all, I would like to discover it and identify possibilities. Second, as being new to it, I need to find software that uses FrameNet.
Ashutosh NiralaIndian Institute of Technology BombayCurrently I am in first year of My MTech, I need framenet data to prepare for my seminar (Semantic Extraction and Knowledge Networks) and my own understanding. I need to use it for my MTech Project (next year) which will most likely be something like (PAR)Parameterized Action Representation (planing and natural language understanding part).
Albert MurungiMakerere University kampalaAs a testing and learning platform for my research in NLP
Nada MostafaAmerican University in CairoTopic Identification
Julia CamposInstituto Federal de Educacao Ciencia e Tecnologia do Sudeste de Minas Gerais Campus Rio PombaI am master degree in Information Science, when I studied semantic relations in ontologies. Now I am interested in semantic relations between frames.
Tan Kien Weng LukeNanyang Technological University SingaporeI would be studying the semantic meaning of word frames to extract phrase sentiment polarity.
watshara shoombuatongchiang mai universityTo study about related ML techniques
Thomas YaleLincoln Land Community CollegeIn a synthesis of Wordnet data, conceptual dependency and symbolic logic to create a system with which to represent, make logical conclusions and infer implications regarding real-world events.
Boris BulyuktovnoI develop the semantic dictionary
Chengbo LiuShanghai Jiao Tong UniveristyI intend to use FrameNet data to analyze evaluative language, especially the language of attitude,on the basis of Bednarek (2008) Emotion Talk across Corpora.
Adi AndreinoneI would like to see if FrameNet idea can be adapted at working with dreams, identifying unusual situations and creating a framework of menaing for dream and psychological work.
Rania Al-SabbaghUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignI am doing research on sentiment analysis and opinion mining and I am interested in the semantic frames of evaluative lexis. My research is intended for my qualifying papers.
Glenn J. BinghamRowan University1. Instruction resource for Introduction to Linguistics course. 2. Integrate with research involving phrasal verbs syntax and semantics.
Vineet ChaitanyaInternational Institute Of Information Technology, Hyderabad, AP, IndiaWe hope to use FrameNet data to make arbitrary English texts accessible to Hindi speakers.
Anselmo PenasUniversidad Nacional de Educacion a DistanciaI want to know better the links between the frames and the eamples.
Smruthi MukundState university of NY at BuffaloMPQA website
Harshit MittalIndian Institute of Technology, Bombay, INDIARight now, I will try to see the FrameNet Data for my project. The project essentially tries to summarize text from a lot of unstructured data by making use of lot of redundancy (repeated information). It will try to make multiple relations between the items present in the data. I intend to use FrameNet for studying this data and generating relations out of the text using its ideas.
Antonio FernandezUniversidad de Matanzas Camilo Cienfuegosto improve textual entailment recognition
Alena Witzlack-MakarevichUinversity of Leipzigin a project on semantic role clustering
Roosewelt LinsFederal University of MaranhaoWe use FrameNet data in cultural heritage domain.
Ping XiaoUniversitat Pompeu Fabrause FrameNet in commonsense reasoning tasks for creative language generation, e.g. hyperbole
Pekka PosioUniversity of Helsinki and Hermann Paul School of Language SciencesI am using the descripitions of events and their participants for the analysis of my data (cf. the description of the project on my web page).
Vaijanath RaiNoneTrying to build an Semantic Role Labeling using the framenet data.
felix heNonedata visualization...
Yang ZhihaiGeographical institutionAt present,I do not how to use the framenet data,because i am just studying it.
shan yuannoneI want to deeply know the FrameNet!
thilaga raniPeriyar Maniammai Universitydoing M.E so i need it for my project
won-kyoung yuKorea universityI am studing how to translate Koean sentences into English sentences. The main objective of my research is to give korean students easy steps to learn English. I intend to use your data for these goals.
vasanthakumar MohanAdaikalamatha collegei like to recive article and some sample program to learn myself
Sarbartha SenguptaIndian Institute of Technology, BombayI would like to understand the structure and use it.
John RangiNoneHooking up to Matt Gerbers API and testing.
Jeff StevensFlorida Atlantic UniversityMy dissertation involves a text analysis of news articles. I was hoping FrameNet could be used for the analysis.
Gerasimos GalatisAthens Information TechnologyUse them on my thesis which has to do with Business Intelligence. A chapter of it is about Opinion Mining
adah cipresKyungwon UniversityI am currently working on an Open Translation Project within a non-profit organization dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. As part of my thesis, FrameNet data will be of great help in analyzing the talks and the process underlying the translation of it.
Sallyanne PaytonUniversity of MichiganI am exploring the uses of metaphor in legal reasoning.
Fabio Martinesuniversita di trentocognitive models of memory. coniugate framenet data with Lakoff methaphor theory and its metaphors collection. but for Italian language.
Paul HaleyAutomata IncTo inform and assist in the formulation of case-frame models for knowledge acquisition and ontology building such as in Vulcans Project Halo or as in Oracle Expert Rules.
Vinay ShuklaUniversity of TrentoI want to use this for my research purpose and comparison for the other web corpus for my research purpose.
Yuri LevchukBoeingLook at the structure and types of questions associated with different frame categories and try to devise the automated question generation
Rocco DragonettiUniversita degli studi di BariIn order to better understand the use of words. I am preparing an exam about Harris and I want to see in a practical way what I am studying theoretically.
NORA AGUILARUNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONAI would like to do some research on selectional preferences.
Anshuman SaxenaEcole Polytechnique FederalInformation extraction for the purpose of understanding value creation processes.
Bohyun JunoneI want to study verbs relation.
Inderjeet ManiNonex.
Jack ParkThe Open University UKsee my thesis proposal includes link to my thesis proposal
Ray XuPioneer Suntec Electronic Technology Co LtdI plan to study the FrameNet and WordNet for personal interest.
Jason ShawUniversity of WashingtonI am embarking on an MA thesis, and I intend to construct a system which can transfer semantic frame annotations from English to another language.
Tatu YlonenClausal Computing LtdIdeas for knowledge representation; possibly basis for aspects of the knowledge representation system.
Jonathan YiuDe La Salle University ManilaI am planning to develop a QA system using FrameNet and test how much FrameNet will help with the accuracy of the QA system. The project will be part of my thesis dissertation for my MS degree.
Alexandra BagashevaSofia University Saint Kliment OhrdiskiI intend to check whether there is any correlation and dependency between productive analogical patterns for the creation of compound verbs in English and peculiarities in the frames of the head verbs involved in the compounds. I intend to refer these to McGregor 2002 hypothesis of subclassification as opposed to superclassification of the verbal lexicon in languages. I am writing a research paper on compound verbs.
David DennisGeorgetown UniversityFinding negation

http://None - Just starting this semester
Richard EsmondNoneI will be attending the HIMMS conference in six weeks and I hope to attract interest in funding an OpenSource effort to build a Medical NLP platform.
Ezzatollah RoustazadehIsfahan University ofTechnologyI will use FrameNet data as a model in writing frames for Persian cognition verbs.
Haijing LiuSchool of Computer and Information TechnologyI would like to study FN data for research.
Tom CostelloStanford UniversiryI teach a course in knowledge representation occasionaly and I want to look at the framenet data to be better informed as to its scope.
Badriya Al FarsiThe University of SouthamptonI will use FrameNet to extract and identify a word sense so that I can compile some words with their senses to be used in my study that I am going to conduct for my PhD project.
tiansi dongFernUniversity HagenMy main work is to find background knowledge required for understanding sentences. I plan to compare FrameNet with Cyc, to see through which framework we can approach to background knowledge easily.
farzaneh mohammadiNoneI am going to start the persian versian of the framenet with persian verbs during 3 next months .
Pierre-Etienne GenestUniversite de MontrealI am hoping to use FrameNet for a project in automatic text summarization. In particular, I would like to try doing semantic analysis in order to extract information from text for the purpose of summarization.
Naested MoolmanXContent Software SolutionsInvestigate the applicability of FrameNet data when applied to Technical Document Text and Language and if not what additions or modifications need to be made whereby automated schema and taxonomies associations can be enabled
Qiangbin DaiNoneTo evaluate different automatic semantic role labeling algorithms.
Stanislav Ambartsumovbridge quest labsI am planning to check if it is possible to use the FrameNet as a rule extractor for semantic search purposes
Odnopozov BorisTel Aviv UniversityI am working on automatic summ of several texts into one/two short sentences. I want to use the data to learn how to properly generate a sentence using different layers of FEs.
ravi kumarVVCE MysoreI want use for text mining for opinion of customer
Ingrid LiuUC BerkeleyExplained in separate e-mail.
Janara ChristensenUniversity of WashingtonWe plan to train a CRF on FrameNet data to detect argument boundaries in relation extraction.
Gerard de MeloUniversitaet des Saarlandes in SaarbrueckenI am investigating multilingual extensions of WordNet and FrameNet
Fattaneh JabbariSharif university of technologyI want to use FrameNet for testing my thesis.
Geert DevosMIIATECH BELGIUMenhance our concept meaning tree for improving our natural language based semantic search eninge.

Johnny ChungAntares Solutionswe are looking at using it to help us in identifying semantic role.
Chao-Lin LiuUniversity of MichiganTo use the data in my NLP research, which may include English-Chinese translation and cross language information retrieval
Yuan ZhuXian Jiaotong UniversityI am presently working on a research paper about contrastive study of the perception verbs in English and Chinese and needs to see how perception verbs is framed.
Algirdas SaudargasEuropean ParliamentTo compare senses of Lithuanian verbs with FameNet data and the like
Ken MansonPayap University, ThailandI wish to use the inforation in a grammar class to show how predictable the grammar of a verb is based on its semantics. I also want to show this tool to other members of the department.
Randolph Valentine You guys kindly allowed me to download FrameNet some time ago, but I have been busy with other projects and misplaced the info on getting it. I am working on a bilingual lexicon of the American Indian language Nishnaabemwin (a variety of Ojibwe) and want to use FrameNet to help me in the articulation of semantic properties of Ojibwe lexical items. You allowed this as a legitimate interest previously :-), and asked me to let you know of any findings. I certainly will, and apologies for re-submitting. Thanks.
Mahmoud GhoneimColumbia UniversityWe intend to use FrameNet among other lexical semantic resources to enhance SMT.
lee ylnonelearning it
Megha GoreUniversity of TexasFor my research.
Sara TonelliFondazione Bruno KesslerExploit FrameNet information for relation extraction and deep semantic analysis.
Chris Irwin DavisUniversity of Texas at DallasI am working to develop a language independent framework to facilitate mapping FrameNet to other languages.
louis luNanjing University of Information Science and TechnologyI intend use it to select headwords for a meteorology dictionary and to construct the conceptual relationship.
frank liangBeijing Foreign Studies UniversityI am just going to give it a try. Nothing really.
hou libinSOOCHOW universityI want to use this data for my papers.
Michael BrownSkillsNETI believe FN will be helpful with our research to align the European Skills and Competency Dictionary,DISCO, terms to work verbs and education context. thank you.
ming liuBeijing Institute of Technologysemantic represent for question
surya sumpenoinstitut teknologi sepuluh nopember surabayaintelligent tutoring system, variation sentences
Joong Jin KimChonbuk National UniversityI want to write a thesis on using FrameNet in the educational field, so I would really like to download FrameNet Data Release 1.5 and apply it to design teaching plan. Please allow me to download it... Thank you so much!
Sabino MirandaCentro de Investigacion en ComputacionBuilding Semantic representation of the text as Graph to do operations on that representation.
Vladimir KoroteyevevText IncEvaluate applicability to automatic sentence meaning denotation
James JohnsonADB ConsultingInvestigate use of FrameNet in ongoing research for extracting entities of interest across law enforcement documents
Alessandro OltramariCarnegie Mellon UniversityLooking at basic action frames.
Ming-Shun LinDepartment of Computer Science and Information EngineeringTo mine relationships between entities
Stuart RodgersAGS Analytics LLCTo add to the propositional content of the Synthetic Teammate projects knowledge base.
Nitin KhandelwalGerminait Solutions Pvt LimitedTo evaluate the tool and do some R & D on NLP.
nataraj thangamuthuisclorsoftsolutionsfrom ieee magazines
sudabeh Mohammadiuniversity of Tehrani use these data for my semantic summarization system.
Cesar ObachGurulab dot orgtraining an ai agent
Jurgen RiedelThe Science InstituteDevelopment of a Q&A system
Ernest ArendarenkoUniversity of Eastern FinlandResearch in semantic web; benchmark of NLP algorithms; human-annotation vs machine processing.
Andrew GargettSaarland UniversityAs a resource for developing conceptual schemas.
kwanghee parkKorea Advanced Institute Science and Technologytraining data for rule-based event extraction
Andy SohnKyungpook national Universityi am working on natural language generation. i thought framenet can be used not only as the frame for sentence generation but also as generating the context information in which each sentence is generated. for this reason i want to check the structure of framenet and the possibility of further using in this area.
Xun WangInstitute of Computational LinguisticsFor text understanding and improvement for summarization.
A SmithSimon Fraser UniversityPhD research
Hapnes TobaUniversity of IndonesiaDomain and context identification in question answering
Xiaoxi HuangZhejiang UniversityI am interesting in metaphor understanding, and I want to refer to the methology used in FrameNet. It may be a valuable reference for Chinese metaphor corpus annotation.
Bensiin BorukhovBrandeis UniversityI am trying to find examples of unacceptable uses of change of location metaphors in corpora for a research project for a Pragmatics course. The pattern of acceptability I am looking for is based on Asher and Lascarides 1997 paper Metaphor in Discourse which posits that metaphorical uses of change of location verbs are unacceptable when the second argument of the metaphor cannot fulfill the source path and goal requirements of the lexical entry for the literal use of the verb. I would like to use the FrameNet data as the basis for a program that will search for change of location verbs in a corpus and return examples whose second argument cannot have an appropriate source path and goal if such examples exist.
Cong CaoInstitute Of Conputing TechnologyI am a new graduate student.I am very interested in FrameNet so I would like to know more information about it.
Yejin ChoiStony Brook Universityresearch
Rainer OsswaldUniversity of DuesseldorfFinding corpus examples of valency patterns. Exploring lexical semantic fields.
Mahisorn WongphatiKeio UniversityInitial research possibility survey
Josef RuppenhoferSaarland Universitystudy how it differs from 1.3; update tools that so far work only with 1.3
neha yadavOrkash services pvt ltdfor mapping two concepts after information extracted from text.
SIVA BHAVANI JDRDOI am working in common sense knowledge representation schemes. I am exploring available knowledge representation schemes using natural language. Towards this goal I would like to learn and understand frame net.
xuan ruobingthe Pekin universityMy major ia Russian.
Dany AmiotUniversity of Lille 3 FranceI intend to use FrameNet for my research in morphology and phraseology and for teaching
Li jihogShanxi University of ChinaTo build the Chinese FrameNet, reseach on semantic role labeling and Chinese reading comprehention
Eylon YogevTel Aviv UniversityI want to create a relation finder between different concepts. I want to know how two concept are connected in the graph and how far apart are they. I also want to explain the connection in simple English and provide it as a free API.
Yee Seng ChanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignFor research purposes
Maofu LiuWuhan University of Science and Technologywe want to use FN in event semantic analysis and computation, and then use the parsing results to application areas, including IE, summarization, QA and so on.
kingkong linnoneWrite a book.
Gordon TuckerCardiff UniversityI am interested in tightening up the Participant Role analysis used in Systemic Functional Grammar and the FrameNet data and analyses would be very useful in this respect
Achraf OthmanResearch Laboratory of Technologies of Information and CommunicationAutomatic translation and cognitive structure extraction
Xiaodan LiNortheast Normal UniversityI am preparing my dissertaion for a Master Degree in linguistics. I want to use the Framenet to do the analysis in lexical meaning in my dessertation.
Warren SackUniversity of California, Santa CruzOver the past ten years I have developed a series of news analysis programs that attempt to facilitate a George Lakoff-style analysis of the news. I am curious to discover if such an endeavor is more feasible given a database of frames.
claude pasquierCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueFrameNet may be used to structure information in a research project involving the analysis of scientific papers
Jeff SiegelNoneI am creating a net art project called DANTON at the behest of an author friend whose work pertains mainly to the problems of interpretation, and their tendency towards panic or stasis. DANTON will read in a text and create an interpretation of it based on a number of different schemes, and possibly mood, to add some randomness to the proceedings. The object is not to come up with an interpretation with which a reader might agree, but one which would attempt to convince by a sense of certainty and finality. FrameNet, from what I have read about it, seems like it might be a very interesting system to look into for a project like this. I look forward to hearing back.
Hiroaki Satosenshu universityI will make search tools for them.
Benjamin Van DurmeJohns Hopkins UniversityI would like both FrameNet 1.5 and 1.2, for work in paraphrase acquisition.
Scott MackayGlasgow Caledonian UniversityTo study emotions in lyrics
russell richardsonpotomac fusion Incto support semantic queries within our cloud architectures. We are building a global distributed cloud architecture where each cloud houses petabytes of data. We need to have precision search capability to support cloud-to-cloud interactions. we are focused on achieving the precision via applying higher level semantics vs "bag of word" type searches - framenet will help in that process.
diego bianchiMBB Open Solutions srlEsplorazione di tassonomie in ambito normativo con particolare interesse verso la normativa bancaria
Tuukka RuotsaloHelsinki University of Technology and UCBInformation retrieval and access using frame semantics on the domain of cultural heritage.
Yoram MayronTel Aviv University Tel Aviv IsraelI use the FrameNet as a basis for abstract concepts hierarchy.The frame of RELATION to be more specific. trying to describe it as a conceptual category.
shen songMalaysian Institute Of Microelectronic SystemsIn my current research work, I am intending to develop a Word Sense Disambiguation engine with the help of FrameNet. I would be appreciate if the FrameNet database can be provided. Thanks in advance!
Florian KuhlmannNeofonie GmbHEvaluation of Semantic Role Labeling techniques in NLP and Ontology modelling.
Altaf RahmanUniversity of Texas at DallasI have an idea to use FrameNet data in Coreference Resolution task.
Parisa SaeediUniversity of Tehranthe structure of it can helpful in producing such a resource in other languages for example Farsi
Joong Jin Kimchonbuk national university in south KoreaI want to write a thesis on the effective vocabulary learning strategy through a frame-based approach and corpus studies. I am deeply interested in Framenet, so I want to apply Framenet to the classroom guideline and instruction only for an educational purpose. I would really like to have an updated framenet data and know everything on the field...
Dipanjan DasCarnegie Mellon UniversityI want to train a better frame-semantic parser that we have developed in house.
Marie CanditoUniversity Paris DiderotI would like to study the resource, and study the possibility to map it to French lexical items.
Debarghya majumdarIIT BombayI am working on Text Entailment. Since I saw many researcher has used framenet data in the past I will also do the same.
saisindhu bandaruGVP College of Engineeringi am going to prepare a new semantic role labler. for that i need frame net database.
Bin ChenNational University of SingaporeSince i am doing event coreference resolution I am planning to use FrameNet as a knowledge source for event frames. To be more specific, previously i am doing shallow matching for event frame regardless which attribute is matched. I am planning to use framenet to provide an in detail knowledge for event frame matching.

http://www DOT comp DOT nus DOT edu DOT sg SLASH TILDE chenbin SLASH research SLASH Event HYPHEN Anaphora DOT html
Kyoko OharaKeio UniversityI will use it for building Japanese FrameNet.
Aldo GangemiInstitute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology of Italian National Research CouncilOWL version of FrameNet, as agreed with Colin Baker
annie zaenenPARC Inc.Evaluate whether it would help for disambiguation in our knowledge representation system
Allan BerrocalUniversidad de Costa RicaStudy NL statements describing an engineering systems for aircraft applications.
Shan HeUniversity of RochesterAutomatic SRL, Lexical generalization for semantic role labeling.
Vivek SinghDA-IICT, GandhinagarI intend to use the FrameNet data for training a system for Predicate Argument Classification to be used in automatic text abstraction task.
Tom EskridgeUniversity of West Florida - Institute for Human and Machine Cognition 
Francis RealUPCI want to use the knowledge of FrameNet for the selectional preference extraction. FrameNet will be more helpful to select the most similar meanings for the synsets and the relation with other words. This experiment will be done in my PHD work.
Suzan VerberneDepartment of Language & Speech, University of Nijmegen, the NetherlandsFor distinguishing between semantic types of verbs and nouns (e.g. nouns denoting humans, volitional verbs, etc)
Francois MairesseUniversity of SheffieldTo find different ways to express the same content by looking at the relations between the frames and the surface realizations.
Alistair KennedyUniversity of OttawaAssist in finding kinds of semantic relationships between terms and how to automatically discover those relationships.
Jui-Feng Yehfar east collegeI think it is one of the right semenctic interpreters. I have very similar to the WordNet and HowNet, I want to know more about the FrameNet. thanks your help.
WonJong CHOINatural Language Processing Lab. Korea University, SEOUL/Korea 
Steve ColeUniversity of South CarolinaI am working under Dr. Michael Huhns and Dr. Marco Valtorta (see With a research grant from the NSF, we are attempting to construct Bayesian networks from many different sources of text. We hope to use Framenet to syntactically parse that text in order to help with the heuristics required to build a meaningful Bayesian network.
Elisabet ComellesUniversitat Politècnica de CatalunyaFor Romance FrameNet
Takeshi Kondomeiji universityI study Word Sense Disambiguation for information retrieval. I intend to use FrameNet to solve it.
Patrick JeuniauxUniversity of MemphisI have already explained that !
sourabh niyogimitclustering analysis
Wu LiangpingShanghai Normal University, Shanghai, ChinaTo explore to what extent can lexical semantics contribute to the language awareness of English students in China
Lorna KaneUniversity College DublinDiscourse Analysis / Lexical Cohesion mesurement / Information Retrieval Applications
Eni MustafarajUniversity of MarburgI would like to test some machine learning algorithms for information extraction and semantic parsing.
R MohantyIndian Institute of TechnologyI intend to use it for semantics parsing (such as UNL generation).
Edward GarrettEastern Michigan UniversityWe are working to develop a syntactic chunker for Tibetan by exploiting (a) bilingual Tibetan-English resources, and (b) monolingual English language resources. We hope that FrameNet will help us to identify and tag predicate arguments in Tibetan clauses. The result will be Tibetan text whose major constituents are chunked and tagged by both syntactic category and semantic role. This should be a useful resource for Tibetan language learning, information extraction, and machine translation.
chinnappa guggillaIIIT-Hyderabad Yes , there is need of using framenet to find semantic relations for compound words.
Vincenzo PallottaSwiss Federal Institute of TechnologyI intend to use FrameNet data for: - generation of meeting summaries by using annotated sentences for frames related to "discussions" as templates. - combine FN frames with UNL knowledge base and find mappings. - teaching Lexical Semantics in an undergraduate NLP course at EPFL.
Stephen HilderbrandUniversity of Texas at AustinI would like to build a semantic parser to assist in visualizations of discourse analysis for my graduate studies. This will probably lead into my thesis work.
Matthew StoneRutgersBuilding models of reference to actions and events in discourse.
Yekaterina PetrovaCornell Universitycomputational linguistics experiments for strictly academic purposes
Bahadorreza OfoghiUniversity of BallaratI am using the data for Question Answering in the stage of answer extraction.
Javier NavarroUniversidad de AntioquiaEstoy realizando un proyecto en el que necesito los roles semanticos de los sustantivos. Pretendo observar como utilizan esta información en el FrameNet.
Minlie Huang We want use it to do semantic parsing, which may be helpful to the information extraction tasks such as relation extraction.
Matt VossUniversity of Georgiaparsing, sentence complexity analysis
Yitao ZhangUniversity of SydneyI want to use it as a lexical database on paraphrasing and entailment.
Shady ShehataUniversity of WaterlooI intend to use the FrameNet data in a Semantic Text Understanding Framework.
Roberto GarciaUniversitat Pompeu FabraWe intend to generate an actions ontology. We would then use it to, among other things, complement an Intellectual Property Rights Ontology (Copyright) in order to provide an account of the kinds of actions that can be performed on Intellectual Property.
steven middletonroyal melbourne institute of technologyI`m building a fairly large conversational agent in a virtual storytelling application for my PhD project. The agent is made for reasons that are entirely artistic.
Terry CopeckUniversity of OttawaImpossible to say prior to looking at the data. As a general lexical semantic resourse.
Xinyu DaiNanjing UniversityUse for case frame extraction of some words.
Ecaterina RascuUniversity of the SaarlandI would like to use the FrameNet data in a project dealing with cross-linguistic representation of particular constructions.
Alexis PalmerUT Austin Dept. of LinguisticsFor linguistic research: for now, looking at the potential application of frames to English NPs.
Christoph BiehlUniversity of TrierFor a examination paper on lexical semantics.
István SzakadátBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsUsing as a checking opportunity for buiding an ontology
Harsh JainIndian Institute of Technology, BombayCan a model trained using FrameNet data, on line of Jurafsky and Gildea model, be scaled to Web in contrast to the pattern based technique applied by KnowItAll.
David Wright  
Rakesh DhandhukiyaM S University Baroda,Gujarat(INDIA)It will be useful in Natural Language Understanding.
Daniel WhaleyUniversity of EdinburghExperiment with using it for gathering frame semantics for use in a Construction Grammar based parser.
Bellengier EmmanuelLaboratoire Costech 
Dan Cristea"Al.I.Cuza" University of Iasi - Faculty of Computer ScienceWe have a project with students in Computational Linguistics aiming at transmating, aligning and porting the English FrameNet tags to Romanian.
Torsten ZeschChemnitz University of TechnologyI want to use the FrameNet data in my Diploma Thesis. The aim of my work is to investigate how conceptual information could be used for text classification. The FrameNet data is used to assign conceptual information to the text.
Jinming MinInstitute of Software, Chinese Academy of ScienciesI will use the framenet in my research about WSD.
Alessandro OLTRAMARILaboratory for Applied Ontology (CNR)I intend to use frames as meta-information to be attached to wordnet synset
mateus mendesEscola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Oliveira do Hospital 
Hideki OiwaNagasaki College of Foreign LanguagesI intend to use this data for my research on verb semantcs; I am now interested in English verbs of communication.
Ergin ALTINTASTurkish Naval AcademyI intend to use the FrameNet data in improving wordsense disambiguation accuracy.

http://(My email adress)
Julien TaneUniversity KasselI intend to do use frame net for a browsing tool.
Emanuele PiantaITC-irstWe would like to connect the FrameNet data to the MultiWordNet lexical database ( We would also use FrameNet data for shallow semantic parsing, and possibly, information extraction and question answering.
Gil FrancopouloINRIA (France)Within the framework of ISO-TC37/SC4, we work on models of lexicons in order to provide means of interoperability. This work in progress is called "Lexical Markup Framework" (LMF) and numbered ISO-24613 by ISO. We are at the stage called WorkingDraft. There are two editors Monte George (representing ANSI for US) and me: Gil Francopoulo (representing AFNOR for France). The convenior of this group is Nicoletta Calzolari (CNR-ILC in Italy).
Christian HempelmannUniversity of MemphisIdentify passive verbs that are not of the right frame type to mark them as non- cohesive use of voice.
Hana FilipDIscern (SRI International & Spanlink Communications) and Stanford Universitypilot study: automatic labelling of semantic roles
Jorge PosadaDistrital UniversityI would like explore the contribution of the semantic information provided by the Frames, to the QA systems.
Amit KumarMNNITI want to use framenet to understand the semantic relations between words in a natural language sentence and then use this to build a reusable concept map.
Anjan BanerjeeIIT KharagpurAs a reference, to be used in research. Particularly in Natural Language Generation for Indian Languages.
SU NAM KIMUniv. of Illinois 
li gaoMIS, Management School, Fudan University 
Makoto ImuraOsaka Institute of TechnologyI would like to use it in my research in the field of corpus linguistics and also in teaching English.
David HopeUniversity Of SussexI am researching semantic prosody. FrameNet is to be used in the process of demarcating subjective lanaguge from objective language.
Patrick YeUniversity of MelbourneI will compare it with WordNet as sense inventories.
Monis KhanInternational Institute of Information TechnologyWell, I have a hunch that it may be helpful in WSD. Also general analysis of data.
Shu WangUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaUsing FrameNet to provide background concept structure of Natural Language in our project OntoBuilder which is used for extract Ontology from Text
Rachada KongkachandraThammasat UniversityI intend to use the FrameNet data in my Ph.D dissertation as the knowledge representation. I work on semantic-based information extraction. FrameNet seems to be the appropriate one for my research.
Felix WuUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaWe are now working on a semi-automatic ontology buiding system.As you know, there are taxonomic and non-taxonomic relations in the ontology. In the acquition of the taxonomic relations , we have tried the method based on the WordNet,and have some fairly good result.We now facing the difficulty of the derivation of the non-taxonomic relations. The FrameNet data is proposed to used in our system to aid the derivation of the non-taxonomic relations.
endong xunBeijing Language & Cuture UniversityFot Semantic parser
Guergana SavovaMayo Clinic, Biomedical Informatics Researchresearch the applicability of the frame-based approach to represent the functioning status of a patient and extract that information from patient records.
Jose AlmeidaUniv. do MinhoIn scripting (perl) programming of NLP
Rama SreeRashtriya Sanskrit VidyapeethaTo expose our computational linguistic students to different NLP tools
Vasco PedroCarnegie Mellon UniversityAs an external resource for a semantic parser.
Dmitri DmitrievInstitute of Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, RussiaOur Laboratory of Linguistic Technology will compare your results with our semantic metalanguage prototype for Russian.
Dennis AlexanderUniversity of New EnglandI believe that frames can be used to distinguish literal from figurative useage. My specific interests are play. v. Competition (unfinished) and game. n. Competition (not there), but some testing on other words might help me. and enter Alexander in staff search top right
Shelly HarrisonUniversity of Western Australia 
Hijean Kimkorean Bible Universityfor writing the academic paper
John LeeThe Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityFor training and testing of algorithms for extraction of semantic relation information.
Martin WeisserChemnitz Technical Universityresearch into dialogue annotation teaching of computational linguistics/philology & semantics other projects or teaching where semantic annotation or word sense disambiguation may be required
Stephen AnthonyThe University of SydneyFrameNet data will potentially contribute to a mechanism being designed to represent contextual knowledge and the modulation of lexical semantic valence in context.
Antonietta AlongeFacoltà di Lettere e Filosofia - Università di Perugia - ItalyFor teaching
Daniel BuehrerNational Chung Cheng UniversityCompare English/Chinese frames, for use in machine translation research. Research involving question-answering system for junior high physics textbooks. Research involving how well a set of questions covers a given text.
PAPRI SAHAINDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KHARAGPURthe topic is part of my research for analyzing the semantic structure of a natural language sentence.
randolph valentineuniversity of wisconsin-madisonI am always looking for ways to facilitate research on endangered languages (I work with Ojibwe) by gaining from insights from existing projects on English, such as WordNet.
Bernhard Meixner research ...
Youzheng WuInstitute of Automation, Chinese Academy of ScienceWe plan to use FrameNet data for our Information Extraction and Question Anwering.
Deyi XiongInstitute of Computing Technologyparsing and machine translation
rodolfo delmonteUniversity of VeniceExperiments on Automatic Semantic Roles
Fernando MartínezUniversity of Jaenresearch purposes only: Senseval logic form interpretation and semantic rol tasks development of logic prover for QA and dialogue sistems
Andrew SchlaikjerCarnegie Mellon UniversityIn the very short term, I would like to browse the database using the FrameNet Explorer utility developed by Ken Litkowski. Long term uses of the FrameNet database may include the development of an in-house semantic parser component for use with various applications being developed here at the LTI.
Shao DanChinese Language and Literature Department,Peking University,Beijing,ChinaI am preparing my phd paper.My paper is about the Chinese psych verbs.I would like to do some semantic analysis of the verbs and make comparisons between Chinese and other language.So i want to have a look of your reserch.
Benfeng CHENHong Kong University of Science and TechnologyFor English-Chinese Ontology Alignment(aligning FrameNet to HowNet), Semantic Parsing.
Shichun GuiGuangdong University of Foreign StudiesContrastive study of lexical acquisition between English native speakers and Chinese learners of English
Ali Asad LotiaUniversity of MichiganI am working with Professor John Lawler on evaluating the work needed to make a locally available front end to the framenet data.
Baoli LiDepartment of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Universityexplore the possability of using it for term/word expansion.
Petr NemecInstitute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, MFF UK, Prague, Czech RepublicTo compare the frames created within FrameNet with those we create as part of the layer of ontological meaning representation (Functional Generative Description). Furthermore, we wish to explore the possibilities to make use of FrameNet frames in the process of semantic parsing.
Jan ScheffczykUniversität der Bundeswehr München1) Consistency Management of natural language texts 2) Consistency Management within FrameNet itself (click on "research assistants")
Esther Borochovsky-Bar AbaTel Aviv UniversityI intend to read and analyze lwxical items relevant to our analysis of Hebrew verbs
Horace EnearetiredTo build an intelligent conversation program.
Weizu HuangNortheastern Uni.integrated with other corpus and teaching & learning resources.
Pum-Mo RyuKAISTTo catch semantic relations among domain specific terms.
basak mutlumkoc universityI intend to use FrameNet for my thesis research.
Shankar AnanthakrishnanUniversity of Southern CaliforniaWe are looking into various aspects of natural language understanding using both lexical and acoustic data. We are specifically interested in harnessing semantic information for the purpose of machine translation, and would like to explore data driven approaches for semantic labeling of text, which is the first step in building such an MT system. The Framenet data would give us a way to bootstrap an automatic tagger and to build the foundations of a semantic based translator.
Hla Hla HtayUniverstiy of HyderabadEspecially on How to apply in Word Sense Disambiguation.
David ImigMichigan State University 
Shu-mei ChiangNational Chengchi Universityfor semantic analysis of Mandarin Chinese or Hakka
Svetlana HensmanDublin Institute of Technology 
Harri SaarikoskiHelsinki universityTo complement the variety of WSD methods I use in my upcoming WSD algorithm. And to support my feature analysis project investigating the behaviour of existing WSD systems. Possibly use it at teaching.
kiran kumar viswanathamNIT Trichymy project is machine translation for tamil to english and vise-varsa.
Marcia BushICSITo seek funding for the FrameNet project!
Kisuh AhnInformatics Department, Edinburgh Universityexperiment on information extraction
ricardo oUniversidad de AntioquiaInvestigación
Jean-Paul van BelleUniversity of Cape TownIntelligent Agent research (NL interface)
Vlado KeseljDalhousie UniversityI am not really sure. I would first like to explore it. I hope that I will be able to use it in building HPSG grammars, or other kinds of unification-based grammars.
Shakthi PoornimaSUNY University at BuffaloTo analyze semantics of data obtained from the BNC.
Michael ZedelerRoskilde UniversityPreliminary research for master thesis. - click "Find Person"
Petra SteinerEnglische Sprachwissenschaft, University of Erfurt- for contrastive analyses in three ways: cross-"theoretical", cross-linguistical, correlations between syntactic and semantic properties - examples for teaching, possibly small student assignments
Abolfazl Keighobadi LamjiriConcordia UniversityUse restrictions on verbs as a feature in Word Sense Disambiguation.
Kadri HaciogluCenter for Spoken Languge Research, University of Colorado at BoulderI currently work on Semantic Role labeling (SRL) and Information Extraction (IE) from spoken text. I might do FrameNet style SRL and/or use FrameNet style frames and slots for IE.
Chris BrewOhio State UniversityReplication of Senseval-3 Semantic Role task for a graduate seminar
Anna LeontievaMSU, Applied Linguistics 
Andrew DolbeyUniversity of Colorado, Center for Computational PharmacologyI will be using FrameNet data and analytical techniques to build tools for automatic processing of biomedical texts. This processing includes tasks such as Information Extraction, Question Answering, Multidocument Summarization, Thread Discovery, and Conflit Discovery. The tools created will be part of a bioinformatics toolset that my lab is working to build. I envision adding a range of domain specific frames and lexical units, examining valence sets of these lexical units as seen in various coprora, and determining statistical distributions of the valence patterns discovered. This is the topic of my Ph.D. thesis in the UC Berkeley Linguistics Department.
Yuanyong WangUniversity of New South WalesMainly use them to assist word sense disambiguation.
David VickreyStanford UniversityI am planning to use it as training (and possibly test) data for an automatic semantic role labeling system. I intend to "share parameters" between different words in the same frame (i.e., generalize from one lexical unit to another within the same frame). In the future I would like to extend this idea to links between frames (the idea of having a process, such as the "Criminal Proceeding" process, with related frames, is an example of a useful set of links).
Bruce PorterDept of Computer Science, University of Texas at AustinI intend to use the FN data to help with the process of text understanding to aid question answering.
Kyoko OnoKobe City University for Foreign StudiesTo analyze some behaviours of past participle adjectives.
Pierre NuguesLunds Tekniska Högskola, Lund university, SwedenWe intend to use Framenet in the automatic transfer of semantic frames from English to Swedish, and possibly to other languages. The application area is to design system to visualize events (text-to-scene conversion).
Stephen SheadThe University of SydneyI am attempting to apply Frame Semantics to Biblical Hebrew semantics and lexicography. I am developing software, modelled to a certain extent on FrameNet, for creating an electronic lexicon of Biblical Hebrew, and want to use it to analyse a number of frames. I have examined the FrameNet data in working out my methodology and designing my own software.
Huang XiaoxiZhejiang UniversityI will try to use FrameNet in Metaphor understanding.
Li BinNanjing Normal UniversityJust study it.
Li BinNanjing Normal UniversityLearn and study.
Rainer OsswaldFernuniversitaet in Hagen, GermanyPrimarily for investigating whether and in which way the FrameNet frames can be employed to support the semantic categorization in the German lexicon HaGenLex developed at our group.
Francis ChantreeThe Open UniversityI am hoping to use data provided by Framenet to add semantic information to a system that I am developing that notifies writers of requirements documents about potential ambiguities.
Georgi DimitrovTrue Sense NetTo study it
Maarten LemmensUniversité Lille 3Use the corpus-driven data for my research on interaction between lexical and constructional semantics.
George PipkinUniversity of VirginiaResearch into institutional technology assessment on natural language technology
Krzysztof BOGACKIWarsaw University, PolandIn teaching mainly, perhaps also in my personal research
Eduard HovyUSC Information Sciences Instituteresearch for semantics
Takashi KEMMOKUHokkaido UniversityOne of my research questions is to clarify the system of light verbs and semantically equivalent verbs in English. I am going to use the Framenet data to do the research.
Jose-Luis MartinezUniversidad Carlos III de MadridFor research purposes in the field fo lexical semantics
Christopher PhippsThe University at Buffalo, SUNYI am doing research on several constructions in English and I use FrameNet to check if my verbs have already has been described within a frame, and I look for other verbs within Frames to expand my search for related constructions.
Aldrin Freddy Jaramillo FrancoUniversidad de Antioquia - Medellín, Colombia S.A.We´re interested in evaluate the Framenet applicability in our research in software requirements engineering using natural language processing.
Mingyu SunMichigan State UniversityI would like to use it for my current QA project.
Sebastian van DeldenUniversity of South Carolina UpstateExplore how the FrameNet data can be linked into my partial parsing system so that parsing decisions requiring semantic information can be made.
Alex BorgidaRutgers University 
Koichi EmuraThe University of TokyoI want to generate movie-like character animation from text using rules. I would like to evaluate whether the FrameNet is adopted as rules or not.
Claire GardentCNRS, LORIAas a signature for a semantic representation language to be used in a natural language generation system and in a question answering system
Wei LiCymfony Inc.My team has developed a NLP engine (called InfoXtract) with the goal of broad coverage information extraction (IE), over the last 6 years, with support from 16 Air Force and Navy SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grants. This engine can parse English text into logical dependency structures (logical SVO, etc.). We intend to further our research in mapping our semantic parsing results onto FrameNet-like deeper semantic prepresentation in order to deepen the analysis for the purpose of providing a open domain IE that can easily customized to target domains for the use of the government intelligence agencies who sponsor our research.
Leo FerresCarleton UniversityTo gather information about several semantic relations among phrases.
Adela lou I am a chinese student and I will study in this field, so I must search so much information about that to read and understand. I heard that you do it more experter all of the world,that makes me to ues FrameNet data of you. I was very interested in your design about FN,this kind of data make words or chunking can be understanded by computer,I want some FN for chinese though the helping of your FN.
Manfred Klennercomputational linguistices, university of ZurichTeaching in a course called Lexikonaufbau und Morphologie-Analyseverfahren roughly: Lexicon design and morphology analysis
Gary Tan for progamming use
Anastasia Bonch-OsmolovskayaMoscow state University The Department of Theoretical and Applied LinguisticsFor research and teaching
gabriel ben home usage
c cckmittest !
liu xingthe university of science and technologyWe use the FrameNet data as background database of our project for a dictioinary.
Eduard BarbuRomanian Academy Institute for Artificial IntelligenceI intend to use the FrameNet Data as a model for building a Romanian FrameNet.
Robert SwierUniversity of TorontoI use this data for evaluating an unsupervised semantic role labelling system.
Martha EvensIllinois Institute of TechnologyOne of my Ph.D. students is starting a thesis on lexical entries for multi-word expressions. I gave her the papers in the Framenet issue of IJL and suggested that she should use your phrase categories in her work. She is very excited by yuor work (naturally) and is thinking about trying to compose frames for her entries.
Hyun-Kwon KimKorea National Open Universityby referring to the frames interested in the printed form
Ehsan DarrudiIran Telecom. Research Center (ITRC)As a source of commonsense knowledge to enhance the reasoning component in our QA system.
Jana ThompsonUniversity of Texas at AustinFor a "frame" on which to base research into metaphorical extension of verbs.
Rosa GilUPFit will be genial to have data in DAML+OIL or OWL. The idea is to work in the negotiation process and I want to connect it using frames in semantic Web. Also I am working in the idea of connecting to another initiative in semantic web known as WonderWeb, where there is another view of cognitive linguistics. The information will serve to finish my thesis, for non-commercial of course. I am at UPF (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)in Barcelona Thanks for your patient
Alexandros TriantafyllidisUniversity of EdinburghI am writting an essay on verb resources
chandana sapparapu For my academic project work.
Fernando GomezSchool of Computer Science (University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida 
Florian WolfMIThelp build lexical chains between words in a text
Petr SimonPalacky Universitystudy, continue my own research
Shou-de LinInformation science institute, USCNot yet decided
Ana PiquerUniversidad de ExtremaduraFor research purposes
zhijun luuniveristy of memphisresearch

http://university of memphis
Gunarso BSAgency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)Research on the Development of English-Indonesian Web translator
Michael DaumNatural Language Systems, University of Hamburginterfacing the data for a constraint dependency parser
Gabriel BorgesGabrielneed for use xml html ...
Gabriel Oliveira xml ...
Gong Yong education
Alireza PourmomtazLanguage Research CenterWe are working on a Persian corpus and Lexical Database. Your data will be one of our models.
Dick CrouchPalo Alto Research CenterInvestigate integrating FrameNet data into a semantic lexicon of English being used for semantic interpretation of XLE/LFG parses via glue semantics.
Max LouwerseUniversity of MemphisResearch purposes only
John DrakeSydney UniversityI will be using it as part of my honours project, which is on Semantic Resources for Verbs. I will be converting it to a unified XML format, which I will be combining with other resources, and showing that using these resources together can improve the amount of semnatic information that can be extracted.
Jan WielemakerUniveresity of Amsterdam 
Alexander GruensteinStanford University - CSLIadapting dialogue systems to new domains
dejan Silic Non-commercial research
JEE-HYUB KIM To find relationships among concepts.
Ingrid FischerLehrstuhl für Informatik 2, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg I would like to use framenet for teaching AI and Computational Linguistics.
Peter FranzennoneBecome aware of the frames I use
YongEn GongNanjing UniversityWord Sense Disambiguation
Satheesh RamachandranKnowledge Based Systems Inc.We have some government funded research grants (two Phase II SBIR projects) from the DOD that relate to text mining on open source news data. I want to explore the FRAMENET data set to see if we can use some machine learning algorithms on it to calobrate role classifiers. We really appreciate the help. I had filed a request about a week ago, but havent got a response. If needed, either you could call the our company at 979-260 5274, and ask for P. Benjamin, or you could call me directly at 979 575 7149. Thanks Satheesh R. Ph.D.
somsukla banerjeeindian nstitute of technologyfor the purpose of research
Ted PedersenUniversity of Minnesota, DuluthI am interested in measuring semantic similarity and relatedness between concepts. I am curious to see if Framenet provides enough information to make such judgements.
Sherman MonroeNew Mexico State University 
Tatiana KalchevaPaisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv, BulgariaEntirely for educational purposes.
Joan Antoni CapillaUniversitat de LleidaI want to analyze the ways it works, because the project our research group is working at is closely related to yours.

http://not yet available
Chun-Hung WangNCCUdoing WSD
Cynthia ThompsonUniversity of UtahHi, I have already been using the data, see my paper at ECML 2003. I was working with Chris Manning at Stanford who already had the data, so I just brought it here with me. However, I would like to download a fresh copy, to make sure I have the latest dataset. (I am participating in the Senseval role labeling task). thanks! Cindi
Frederick KintanarNEC Telecom Software Philippines 
John RagerAmherst CollegeIn the natural language generation section of a system to help ESL teachers (in Estern Europe) to create games and exercises
Robert BerwickMITTeaching
Kathleen DurantHarvard UniversityI am interested in applying semantic role modeling to RSS newsfeeds in order to identify events,trends and opinions.
Kadri ViderUniversity of Tartu, Department of General LinguisticsTopic of my PhD thesis: Sense Disambiguation of Verbs According to Lexical-Syntactic Information The aim of the dissertation is to study the means, how to disambiguate verb senses according to corpus material, and what lexical functions these verb senses have. The practical output of my dissertation will be a formally consistent corpus-based lexical-semantic database that describes the usage of Estonian language on the lexical-semantic level, where the main attention is turned on senses of verbs.
Wahida BanuCollege of EngineeringFor Selectional Preferences Research
R.Sathish KumarGovernment College of Engineering,Salem,IndiaIntegration in a selectional restriction Research Model. Validate Acquired Selectional Associations
Hector Urroz Hobby... writing software to look at historical texts.
Gert WebelhuthUniversity of GoettingenI am a professor of English linguistics. I am teaching a course on verb meaning next semester and would like to use it in undergraduate and graduate classes and, hopefully, in future research on lexical semantics in the English Department at the University of Goettingen.
Nany KurniaAtma Jaya UniversityTeaching
Tomasz Schmidt I live in Poland. I study law (last year) and I want to improve my English. During my research on www I have found this page. First I would like to test the FrameNet and afterwards I can write you how do I use it.
mdyehia Ragabclaesjoin FrameNet data with VerbNet to extract pattern of a specific domnain
daniel antoheHUMAN LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGY (university of texas at dallas)only for research
kachen tansirichulalongkorn university 
Francesca BertagnaIstituto di Linguistica Computazionale, CNR, Italyresearch
Al MacdonaldRDClookup tables for NLP processing
Jeff SiegelBoston UniversityMainly interested in seeing alternative approaches to problems that I have been working on. Learning about what areas have yielded interesting results and what areas have lead to apparent dead ends.
John VelmanIndependent researcher (retired from industry)I am interested in translating existing systems engineering standards and specifications into a computer based knowledge base. I am exploring existing data and tools that will help me develop a principled way of doing the translation, nearly automatically, if possible.
dimitrios konstantinouUniversity of Ulster, UK in place of WordNet
Simon KrekDZS Publishing HouseI am currently a post-graduate student at the Department of Slovene Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The title of my PhD thesis is Extracting lexicographic information from large corpora. Part of my thesis would be the possible adaptation of Framenet principles for the Slovenian language.,
Matthias KaiserSAP Labs Incbasic research for intelligent interface development
Grace NgaiHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityIn the short-term, for the SENSEVAL-3 competition, in the long-term, for research.
Serge SharoffUniversity of LeedsExperiments in WSD to automate the detection of patterns corresponding to meanings, check the draft of my book at
Aljoscha BurchardtSaarland UniversityIn the SALSA project, using frames for German.
Daniel Puryearnorthrop-grummanBasic research. Trying to determine how best to analyze relationships between tagged entities.
David DuftyUniversity of Memphis I am a postdoctoral researcher on “Coh-Metrix” (, an IES-funded project with Danielle McNamara (PI), Max Louwerse (co-PI), and Art Graesser (co-PI). We are based at the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis. Our goal is to develop new methods of assessing texts using a variety of structural dimensions known as ‘text cohesion.’ The project was partly inspired by the lack of sophisticated measures regarding text difficulty and text quality. For example, readability measures, such as Flesch Reading Ease, use sentence length and word length to estimate text difficulty. Recent advances in computational linguistics and discourse processing provide new methods to assess deep structural text properties, such as argument overlap, and syntactic density. The Coh-Metrix project comprises three goals. Firstly, we are conducting a series of studies to determine which text properties affect comprehension and recall, and to determine optimal levels of cohesion for readers at various stages of reading ability. Secondly, we are conducting corpus analyses to evaluate the cohesion of texts along various dimensions and levels. Thirdly, we are developing a software tool that automatically assesses the cohesion of text. In developing our software tool, we believe that FrameNet may provide valuable information. One of our objectives is to detect causal events in text. We believe that FrameNet will aid us in establishing the words and contexts that mark causal events. FrameNet may also aid in determining distinctions between animate versus non-animate agents, spatial relationships, and structural text cohesion. Our intention is currently to use FrameNet for exploratory purposes, and to establish the extent to which FrameNet may be helpful. We will contact you again if our usage of FrameNet changes. Furthermore, any use of FrameNet will be explained in our software documentation, on our website, and via the software interface. Our hope is that Coh-Metrix will be adopted as the standard in the computational evaluation and analysis of discourse. We hope that FrameNet can assist our efforts by providing us with valuable information about text structure. David Dufty, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow
Valentin JijkounLanguage and Inference Technology group, University of AmsterdamWe have developed a semantic role labelling system and are trying to use it for Information Extraction.
Lauri CarlsonUniversity of Helsinki Department of General LinguisticsOne PhD student in WSD and one Masters student in multilingual generation would need it
Anna RumshiskyBrandeis UniversityFor Senseval-3 task "Automated Labeling of Semantic Roles"
Fei XieUCII intend to experiement with the semantic frame data with Link Grammar parser to create a rule-based or statistic-based syntatic to semantic engine. The purpose of creating such an engine is to identify semantic roles of database queries in natual languages, then translate them into the corresponding database command.
Koen VervloesemKatholieke Universiteit Leuven 
Nina Tudjman VukovicUniversity of ZagrebMostly as source of data for my PhD dissertation in lexical semantics
Nuno SecoUniversity College DublinMy main intersest at moment is to use frame_net in conjunction with wordnet for WSD.
Andres MontoyoUniversity of AlicanteI want to use FrameNet for improve the task of NER and WSD. Also I wanto apply this to Information extraction.
mike murphyDoD/DIAto determine the context of a given sentence and the roles entities of interest that sentence play in the context.
Noam Ben HaimHebrew UniversityI am now into some research on Machine learning methods for SRL. I am also interested in bootstrapping a new FN in other languages using existing FN and Machine learning methods.
Cem CanCukurova UniversityNatural Language Understanding and Word Sense Disambiguation studies.
Gokhan TurAT&T Research LabsAt AT&T Research, we are comparing/analyzing various semantic annotation schemes for natural language understanding. We will use FrameNet data just for Research purposes.
Simon SheuComputer Science, National Tsing Hua UniversityI would like to use it as an example XML database. So, I can issue XQuery against it to extract the desired data. Our focus is on XML query processing.
Yan TsitrinTechnionTo check correlation between english and hebrew verbs SCF.
Antonio ReyesUNAMReading Fillmore´s pappers about "Frame Semantics" in my courses. In addition, I am part of a group of investigation in the area of linguistic engineering and we are interested to tie new forms of implementation of lingüísticas structures to computer science systems.
Hideaki ShirakawaKeio UniversityI am working on Natural Language Processing.I am interested in Automatic Construction of Japanese FrameNet. So, I want to use the FrameNet data for Japanese FrameNet.
Chalermpon SirigayonKasetsart Universitytry to apply with Information Extraction for Thai document
Kevin Parent I am currently doing a Ph.D at Victoria University of Wellington (NZ), looking at how different senses are associated with different formal clues.
Ron KaplanPARCTo investigate automatic mapping from sentence structure to frame representations
pranay dasIIT Kanpur, Indiai want to get help from it for my exams
Jing Yecomputer science department of the University of Melbourne 
Robi TacutuConceptual Modeling Research Group, U of BucharestI would like to develop an intelligent agent that solves simple problems for my 5th year diploma project. The problems are described in natural language. In order to implement a semantic analysis algorithm I would like to use the Framenet Data.
Jeen JeongUniversity of Southern CaliforniaI will parse the sentences and using machine learning algorithm, it will be able to identify the frames in query sentences and corresponding information sentences.
Zhendong DongCASread and study.
Petra SteinerArbeitsbereich LinguistikGenerally: Investigate regularities in language and contrastive behavior in languages Specially: XML-version for examples of annotation; purpose of demonstration for colleagues

Andrea KeneseiVeszprem University Dep. of English 
Martin MehlbergUniversity of Leipzig, Graduiertenkolleg "Universalitaet und Diversitaet"Frame Semantics will be a part in the argumentation of my thesis.
Amit MondalIIT KanpurText Summarization
Duane SearsmithUniversity of Illinois at Urbanna-Champaign, NCSASemantic parsing for information extraction support.
Simone Paolo PonzettoUniversity of Sunderland, UKTraining dataset for an artificial neural network for automatic labelling of semantic roles.
Lei ShiDepartment of Computer Science University of North TexasA project for learning semantic relations among words. We believe that the FrameNet data would be very useful in this project.
Push SinghMIT Media LabI am interested in annotating our Open Mind Common Sense knowledge base with the FrameNet representation.
Agoston TothDepartment of Linguistics, University of Debrecen, Hungary 
Paola VelardiDipartimento di Informatica University of RomeWe are involved in several ontology projects, and we would like to access and possibly use FrameNet data in our automatic ontology learning system OntoLearn.
Althon LinWaikato University NZMy topic is about semantic role assignment, which would refer to Framenet database.
Enrico LuInstitute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.using frame sematic to help NLU
Francesca Neri expansion of ontologies. We are interested in downloading the FrameNet data,to use it,to research purpose,in the description of terminological elements to populate ontologies.
Le Minh NguyenMultimedia Systems Lab School of information Science Japan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyI would like to use it for studying semantic
Marian OlteanuUniversity of Texas at DallasI am interested in using FrameNet in my statistical NLP projects in my university.
Dan ParvazUniversity of New MexicoI have a project I want to do involving information extraction where I would like to use FrameNet in concert with WordNet and some available ontologies (e.g., work done by Teknowledge) to see if I can reduce the number of "false positives" that characterizes state of the art IE.
Hiram CalvoCenter for Computing Research of the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico CityResearch on selectional preferences
Yidong ChenXiamen UniversityUsing the FrameNet data as semantics resource in NLU task.
Kino CourseyDaxtron LabsI am building a english to logic form parser using the link grammar parser as the base. The parser is called Rosetta. I did some initial developement with FrameNet I data and would like to complete the data set and release the parser. Source code and data to be made avaiable free to the general public for download and use at our website.
Ian S EslickResearch Affiliate of the MIT CSAI Lab and also working on a project at the MIT Media LaboratoryWe are exploring the use of common sense reasoning in a system that uses natural language to describe program design and purpose. I believe FrameNet could be a valuable building block for the work and look forward to working with your system more closely.
Hendrik FeddesArbeitsbereich Linguistik, Muenster University, GermanyWe are interested in FrameNet in two ways: On the one hand, at the department, we are currently considering building a parallel treebank with multi-layered annotation including semantic annotation. Having the FrameNet data and the FrameSQL interface available would be most helpful for further developing our project. The second reason is a bit more technical in nature: Next week, in the course of a university seminar, we would like to present FrameNet to our students.
Pascale FungHuman Language Technology Center Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Clear Water Bay, Kowloon Hong Kongresearch purposes in the areas of machine translation and spoken language understanding.
Svetlana HensmanUniversity College Dublin, Irelandapplying VerbNet sentence frames for identification of semantic roles. I would be very interested to compare the data provided in VerbNet to the one in FrameNet.
Derrick HigginsEducational Testing ServiceWe would like to pursue the sort of semantic parsing work that Gildea and Jurafsky began with their recent paper in Computational Linguistics. There are a number of text processing applications in which automatic identification of participant roles would be useful for us, like finding good source sentences from which to create test items.
John BatemanSprach- und Literaturwissenschaften Universitaet BremenEvaluation of the design principles and, where positive, incorporation in domain models for natural language processing.
Hans OksendahlO-X InnovationI am interested in creating a semantic parser generator for Javascript. The parser generator would reference FrameNet data stored in an IndexedDB database. Inputs would be transcripts returned by the HTML5 speech recognition API. I am in the process of applying for a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Science Foundation for this work.